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3 722
Phoenix Warrior24
Phoenix Warrior24 - 28 minutes ago
Hey does the skin's mouth move when you talk?
tervetuloa suomee k
tervetuloa suomee k - 28 minutes ago
At 0:17 i almost spit my water put of my mouth 🤣😂👌
Rusty - 48 minutes ago
I will play a game whit you fear my name is reactivemaple93
Minecraft Kiddo
Minecraft Kiddo - 54 minutes ago
3:00 music pls?
Andrew Shi
Andrew Shi - 58 minutes ago
Turn speed to 0.25 and pause at 3:00
Angelo,1648,Alien - 59 minutes ago
I swear this lil kid is so adorable
Yo Potato
Yo Potato - Hour ago
5:09 was that mrfreshasian
Gabriella Webb
Gabriella Webb - 3 hours ago
awwwwww he's cuter than the default lol
Cloudy Shroudy
Cloudy Shroudy - 5 hours ago
0:2 to 0:24 *insert sad quote here*
Mobile yuks
Mobile yuks - 5 hours ago
Mobile yuks
Mobile yuks - 5 hours ago
Mobile yuks
Mobile yuks - 5 hours ago
REEZE - 6 hours ago
3:01 quote that flashed was “if u aint a ho get out of my trap house” -isaac newton
Fataltomahawk4 4
Fataltomahawk4 4 - 7 hours ago
Fataltomahawk4 4
Fataltomahawk4 4 - 7 hours ago
Look at your head
GameTeacher - 7 hours ago
Fear on 5:12 it was mrfreshasian
Nahida Nawaf
Nahida Nawaf - 8 hours ago
2:42 he died brooo 😂😍🥵
ツDark - 9 hours ago
Parker Neil
Parker Neil - 9 hours ago
It something called gravity so what goes up must come down
Mark Mazzitelli
Mark Mazzitelli - 12 hours ago
8:38 does Chris say “ahhhh m-mom”
nasrawi naceur
nasrawi naceur - 13 hours ago
for 1 sec i thought the vid finished 3:38
ItsReptile - 17 hours ago
Hey Fe4RLess what video editing software do you use?
Mr EatableBurgers
Mr EatableBurgers - 18 hours ago
And if you ain't a ho get up in my trap house
Ideal Snipes
Ideal Snipes - 19 hours ago
5:09 Is that RNG mrfreshasian
Tracy Coole
Tracy Coole - 19 hours ago
Like👍 if u think FE4RR should do moar vids with Chris 🙏❤️
TRL Fungi488
TRL Fungi488 - 19 hours ago
NubsterStyle - 20 hours ago
5:44 Gravity is offended
It’s missy Vlogs
It’s missy Vlogs - 21 hour ago
I love by my side
ASPEN Kilen - 21 hour ago
F for dhe difalt
Spino Dino
Spino Dino - 22 hours ago
He didn't even know any of the people you mentioned
U never know ᴡʜᴏ ᴀᴍ ɪ
What ur dream duo
Fear and Void=like
Fear and ninja=comment
sup boii
sup boii - Day ago
Insert Inspirational quote
And if you ain't a ho, get up out my traphouse
-Isaac Newton
Ezekiel deg07
Ezekiel deg07 - Day ago
Name of the default is mgngscrew
fLooD - Day ago
This is how many times he noscoped someone
Advance Stance
Advance Stance - Day ago
Wish Kris had a youtube Channel, love that little cute thing 🐿️
BigSizz - Day ago
Can someone tell me the song he uses for sad stuff like the beginning with the fish
Rafael Banting
Rafael Banting - Day ago
DeterminedHacke YT
DeterminedHacke YT - Day ago
Thx to the kick i can help my friend that gets bullied 👍
Magical Sushi
Magical Sushi - Day ago
“And if you ain’t a ho, get up out of my trap house”
-Isaac Newton
That was the insprperationa, quote
Mr. Cringes
Mr. Cringes - Day ago
How u so good. Ur videos r best I watched all ur fortnite videos at least 5 times lol
Ghpro - Day ago
Please tell me what song is this 1:16
syke _Ninja10
syke _Ninja10 - Day ago
Andre GG
Andre GG - Day ago
My Favourite Youtuber ... so funny ... Love you bro #NoHome
Wanna be like you
grdfd - Day ago
3:00 message
PLUB WALK - Day ago
Quote:And it you ain't a ho,get up out or my trap house"
-Isaac Newton
Arlo - Day ago
Fearless you really out here playing with babies😬
Jimmy Major
Jimmy Major - Day ago
You are the best
PandaGamerO3 - Day ago
Face reveal
What is the song at 3:05
Zap antcom64
Zap antcom64 - Day ago
Love your videos bro you cool
_Iny_ - Day ago
Hello Fe4R. Can you give me first win in life? Please i'm default. U're my fav YTber and i love you. Maybe i can play with you?
TBNR Fan - Day ago
dO U pLaY RobOX
Carolina Szoke
Carolina Szoke - Day ago
3:01 "And if you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house" - Isaac Newton
Carolina Szoke
Carolina Szoke - Day ago
@I like memes meme lol i didn't see it but thanks for letting me know
I like memes meme
I like memes meme - Day ago
Lol this is a copied comment
Maki BTW
Maki BTW - 2 days ago
Jonas Mikenas
Jonas Mikenas - 2 days ago
You always make me laugth... Cant stop for now
Loyal Phaze
Loyal Phaze - 2 days ago
6:42 my favorite this 😂🤣🤣
latrell hoffman
latrell hoffman - 2 days ago
Fe4r Stoopid I’m not going to let you get the chance Void:sToOpID I’m NoT gOnNa LeT yOu GeT tHe ChAnCe
Milki_ _
Milki_ _ - 2 days ago
8:01 - 8:15

Christine Munoz
Christine Munoz - 2 days ago
I have the fish skin
Sue Kaur
Sue Kaur - 2 days ago
Thank you for winning the game for me
Seth Olsen
Seth Olsen - 2 days ago
Chris is number one
MischiefGod _
MischiefGod _ - 2 days ago
NinjaTilt - 2 days ago
1:16 what is dat adorable song
Ali Khalil
Ali Khalil - 2 days ago
This guy really likes actual default
Tom Webster
Tom Webster - 2 days ago
dude what is up with your head!?!? laughin to much
Ricky Bligh
Ricky Bligh - 2 days ago
Ricky Bligh
Ricky Bligh - 2 days ago
Ricky Bligh
Ricky Bligh - 2 days ago
Ricky Bligh
Ricky Bligh - 2 days ago
Chris smash the like button
Kerem OG
Kerem OG - 2 days ago
Was that ninja
Pickled Tacos
Pickled Tacos - 2 days ago
i love that kid
micke falk
micke falk - 2 days ago
Q Fortnite videos
Q Fortnite videos - 2 days ago
8:01 mini sixnine
plix 897
plix 897 - 2 days ago
8:01 stupid🤣🤣
Gaming Pro
Gaming Pro - 2 days ago
2099? Anyone
Catherine Mohan
Catherine Mohan - 2 days ago
Poor default
Jonas Ramirez
Jonas Ramirez - 2 days ago
Please do more vids with Chris he is soo funny
big chungus
big chungus - 2 days ago
5:08 i think you got killed by mrFreshAsian
Cason Scates
Cason Scates - 2 days ago
Everyone in this chat friend kingcason3335 no caps
Kj Lewis
Kj Lewis - 2 days ago
Kid:it’s flat
Hammad Munir
Hammad Munir - 2 days ago
Hey bomb
Marcus EDMONDS - 2 days ago
Love the inspiration
iiGoingUnLimited - 2 days ago
The Earth is roughly a sphere.
Felix - 2 days ago
00 00 2x speed
Felix - 2 days ago
4 28 2× speed
Azavian Bagsby
Azavian Bagsby - 2 days ago
Yo I like that ending bro
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki - 2 days ago
You love Josh A, don't you?
PS Fortnite Gaming
PS Fortnite Gaming - 2 days ago
Lil_nugget 205
Lil_nugget 205 - 2 days ago
10:04 the most cutest laugh I’ve ever hear 🥺
monzell hughes
monzell hughes - 3 days ago
Isaac Newton was a true O.G/Thuglife
Sharky ee
Sharky ee - 3 days ago
At 5:11, that could’ve been MrFreshAsian
Luis Cortez
Luis Cortez - 3 days ago
What is the song in name at 3:00
Elijah Wilson
Elijah Wilson - 3 days ago
Who also thinks that at 5:15 mr.fresh Asian killed him
carina tiglao
carina tiglao - 3 days ago
Who do you think is better Void. Moon (Chris) vs Connor
Like if ur Chris
Comment if ur Connor
Anthony Navarro
Anthony Navarro - 5 hours ago
Kenneth Coulter66
Kenneth Coulter66 - 6 hours ago
Dana Almanza
Dana Almanza - 3 days ago
Chris is soooo cute yooo
GamingFnafArcadego1730 Preciado
the brite bomber's face
Gabriel Pantoja
Gabriel Pantoja - 3 days ago
I like how fe4rless plays in PC servers and he sometimes gets real defaults but I play in switch and mobile servers and I get ttv tryhards
Angelo,1648,Alien - 58 minutes ago
Gabriel Pantoja wdym i play switch servers and I get bots most of the time
Ezekiel - 3 days ago
Hold the fuck up, so fearless won for that default but he didn't get the umbrella? then he got it at 4:06
Rafa Hdz
Rafa Hdz - 3 days ago
5:10 fresh killed him
Tbone3426 - 3 days ago
5:11 i think that was mrfreshasian that killed
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