Trevor Noah Rides a Pain Rollercoaster While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Month ago
Did you catch Sean on The Tonight Show doing Hot Ones with Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez? Check it out here:
Francesca Jennings
Francesca Jennings - Day ago
Trevor a breast
Blackberry4life - 16 days ago
Trevor Noah "Shitting, reminds you that you ain't shit!"
gopal harrison
gopal harrison - 18 days ago
death grips hot onesweees
Raven Hill
Raven Hill - 19 days ago
Get Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see her reactions lol
Z G - 19 days ago
michaelbhs05yb - 26 minutes ago
Damn, the HP rollercoaster still stops mid-ride? That rollercoaster did that even back when it was the Dueling Dragons.
AZiZ - 49 minutes ago
Bring an Indian man he won't have a problem with spicy food
Peter September
Peter September - Hour ago
i cant see Guy Fieri complain on the other episode since he is the King of eating food
Peter September
Peter September - Hour ago
Trevor has a cross on his shoulder like his " twin brother"the weeknd had an a few grammies ago
Peter September
Peter September - 2 hours ago
hell yeab biltong is like our stable sports treat or when on the go, lmao for jou ma se poes , charlize is so cool man like she can do any acting role like the movie of her and seth rogan
delayed mentality
delayed mentality - 13 hours ago
One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard was about shit
delayed mentality
delayed mentality - 13 hours ago
One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard was about shit
Iris Olvera
Iris Olvera - 15 hours ago
If you would like to be a little bitch your welcome lmao 😂
Ectoplastic - 18 hours ago
B hu f
Trisha Kashyap
Trisha Kashyap - 19 hours ago
Credit to Sean. He eats this every day, that clearly takes a lot of spice tolerance.
brianna huddie
brianna huddie - 20 hours ago
when sean said diametrically opposed I instantly said foes and that's how I know I've listened to the Hamilton soundtrack to many times
Jessica Green
Jessica Green - 3 hours ago
brianna huddie thought it was just me!!! Lol. I definitely want to be in that room!!
Kzoo Kid
Kzoo Kid - 21 hour ago
Great episode. I've liked Trevor's hosting the Daily Show since he started, but this kicks up his ranking to the top.
Jonathon Almodovar
Jonathon Almodovar - Day ago
Trevor Noah held this down like an absolute G and these insightful questions are amazing
Bramha Dalvi
Bramha Dalvi - Day ago
We need Reviewbrah on this show
Jeffrey Phelps
Jeffrey Phelps - Day ago
John Dailey could not have picked a better person to take the Reigns well done.
Chrissy - Day ago
They should get Lil Nas X on the show, that'd be hot. no pun intended
mr internet
mr internet - Day ago
Do one where Trevor Noah sucks a gay dudes cock covered in aids blood
Cool Tool Garage
Cool Tool Garage - Day ago
For those losing their minds on Da' Bomb - Total Insanity, I really recommend Da' Bomb - Ground Zero (321,900 SU). Similar [but bigger] flavor and WAY hotter. Da' Bomb - The Final Answer is just plain stupid. I've been using Da' Bomb for over 15 years and it always gets people's attention.
42oodles - Day ago
Trevor flexin' the Patek
Cuervo 1421
Cuervo 1421 - Day ago
He's the only one that I saw eating the whole wings with no water
Frank Mack
Frank Mack - 2 days ago
Trevor's next poo is going to sound like, "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."
Elisa Beltran
Elisa Beltran - 2 days ago
I could definetly take all of those wings
I Am Me
I Am Me - 2 days ago
"This is unnecessary" ☠☠☠ lol
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher - 2 days ago
John Legend is a legend
Frederick Adongo
Frederick Adongo - 2 days ago
Do one with Ice Cube. That will be funny as hell.
Grey Kho
Grey Kho - 2 days ago
Keanu reeves must be come here
Teddy Sherman IV
Teddy Sherman IV - 2 days ago
“No One Shits Cool” - Trevor Noah 2019 😂
Teddy Sherman IV
Teddy Sherman IV - 2 days ago
“You Just Want Me To Ignore That Your Shaking The Last One Up”
Sierra Sierra
Sierra Sierra - 2 days ago
NQ - 2 days ago
Trevor, are you wearing a nautilus?
Evil Incorporated
Evil Incorporated - 2 days ago
I have some local really good biltong specialists near me. NZ has loads of South Africans. Would reccommend it to anyone and everyone.
Ml Mn
Ml Mn - 2 days ago
I like how ballsy it is to wear a white jacket while you're eating wing.
Fortesque Shange
Fortesque Shange - 2 days ago
This guy is smart, he's full of wisdom he should be a motivational speaker
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 2 days ago
I really want to try them wings
McFint69 - 2 days ago
Trevor Noah, corporate shill.
Pettyy Boo
Pettyy Boo - 2 days ago
Now they don’t know where the trophy is 😂😂😂
Lord Fluff
Lord Fluff - 2 days ago
Bring on Aron Ra!
Joe - 2 days ago
he sounded irish in the first 8 seconds
Trevor Hannaford
Trevor Hannaford - 2 days ago
Obviously he like racism right in his face when at the end saying “for a white guy this is super impressive”. Reverse the roles for a second and think how that would turn out
ganggangboiii - 3 days ago
get john wock
Amy Hillman
Amy Hillman - 3 days ago
I would love to see Trevor Noah
Muck Sake
Muck Sake - 3 days ago
'For a white guy', uhmmmm.
Neiman Simmons
Neiman Simmons - 3 days ago
That was fucking amazing!! Another classic guest he won a fan here !!
Star WL Ramirez
Star WL Ramirez - 3 days ago
Trevor Noah is soooo hot!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 3 days ago
This guy is the funniest!!!
Kiha Akui
Kiha Akui - 3 days ago
I think billtong's main problem is it's LOOK, honestly.
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind - 3 days ago
Trev is an open racist towards white people. Should get out of America.
Shane Barnett
Shane Barnett - 3 days ago
Trevor was the "THE MAN" with those wings. Has there ever been a large dab on that last one? SMooth as silk
Arvindraj Loganathan
Arvindraj Loganathan - 3 days ago
Trevor Noah is so wise, he literally made a life lesson from hot sauce. He speaks well, he explains well with so much knowledge and yet so humble. What a man.
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