My Mom Goes Through My Phone! (bad idea)

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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart - Month ago
Let’s get this video to 20,000 likes!! Love you guys and sorry for the late upload❤️
jessica For life
jessica For life - 12 hours ago
lexais thebest 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘😗🥰🥰🥰
Steven Tao
Steven Tao - 2 days ago
SniperSd Sid
SniperSd Sid - 6 days ago
your mum is a milf
FARAH MIX - 13 days ago
U got 42k likes on this video
Cainen Hammer
Cainen Hammer - 4 hours ago
Copied off of Brent
بًصّـرأّوٌيِّةّ کْشُـخِـهّـ
And i ask where you came from with such beauty😁
Christina A
Christina A - 8 hours ago
♥️ e
Guy Thomas
Guy Thomas - 9 hours ago
,, Z's 😍
jessica For life
jessica For life - 12 hours ago
Faryaan Khan
Faryaan Khan - 13 hours ago
damn you were so in your childhood 😷
piku tinu
piku tinu - 15 hours ago
here after brent's mom goes through his phone
Wolfy Chan Olivares
Wolfy Chan Olivares - 20 hours ago
You so mean to Brent
Nancy Brennan
Nancy Brennan - 23 hours ago
Your mother is a moron! Definitely the Mom Loser award for inattentive parenting.
Valentina Bitar
Valentina Bitar - Day ago
pleese do a part 2
soul baby
soul baby - Day ago
My mom has snapchat too so i guess moms do
Xoe T
Xoe T - Day ago
My mom has Snapchat
ava g
ava g - Day ago
but so do i
ava g
ava g - Day ago
my mom has snapchat LOL
Maria Maria
Maria Maria - Day ago
You 're mom is aso pretty
Ariel kitchen
Ariel kitchen - Day ago
𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕞𝕠𝕞
speed stacks 199 choo
Ben you are dating Lexi
andri wibowo
andri wibowo - Day ago
lexi is your girl friend right?
Cate Hunter
Cate Hunter - Day ago
7:17 Alex the daddy stokes 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tumali Embuldeniya
Tumali Embuldeniya - Day ago
It's so funny how overprotective brent is 😂😂
Jesus Navarro
Jesus Navarro - 2 days ago
Add me on battlelands "sgzach"
LoVibes - 2 days ago
Lexi is not even in your favorite contacts 😂
Alie Smith
Alie Smith - 2 days ago
7:21 Alex the daddy stokes!????
August Larsen
August Larsen - 2 days ago
His glow-up thooooo
I Love you
I Love you - 2 days ago
You mom looks so younger! She is beautiful!
Jaquelina Shavers
Jaquelina Shavers - 2 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Jaquelina Shavers
Jaquelina Shavers - 2 days ago
You look like your mom a little bit
Kayla Flynn-Uncle
Kayla Flynn-Uncle - 2 days ago
My mum has snapchat
crazyMexicanGirl - 2 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Unicorn Shines
Unicorn Shines - 2 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Keely Delacruz
Keely Delacruz - 3 days ago
I feel really scared for you from the cover😦
Icewolf Studios
Icewolf Studios - 3 days ago
3:02 because she cares for youuuuuu Ben
Ray-Ana-Den Balfour
Ray-Ana-Den Balfour - 3 days ago
Ben your mother is very beautiful and NEVER EVER let Ur parents go through your phone.
Alexandra Can
Alexandra Can - 3 days ago
Does anyone noticed the video of the two ppl kissing? Hahaha 7:01
bangtan AMV
bangtan AMV - 3 days ago
"I actually forgot I had tinder"
Mom: "Whys the calculator with tinder?"
"I keep trying to work out why tf I kept tinder"
Simran Thakurdin
Simran Thakurdin - 3 days ago
How do u get a fake calculator?
Rachel Van Wyk
Rachel Van Wyk - 3 days ago
You and your mom have such a great relationship! 😂
Aaliyah Lemus-Perez
Aaliyah Lemus-Perez - 3 days ago
Moms don’t have Snapchat mom

Well too bad cause I do to check what your doing

Sure probably lying
Lowri Yapp
Lowri Yapp - 3 days ago
What is that calculator album app called?
Emily Laura
Emily Laura - 3 days ago
Is anyone else annoyed that the video is 9 mins and 1 second long 😬😠
Kittycorns Yasss
Kittycorns Yasss - 3 days ago
My mom has snapchat 😂
Dori The beauty
Dori The beauty - 3 days ago
Carmen Alley
Carmen Alley - 3 days ago
Love you so much
Lisa Gowen
Lisa Gowen - 3 days ago
My mum does
Peanut Butter Baby
Peanut Butter Baby - 3 days ago
Jeelan Jilu
Jeelan Jilu - 3 days ago
Ben and his mom looks so alike thou😂😂😂
Rosemary Bardales
Rosemary Bardales - 3 days ago
"Who am I" "Who is this" Why is that me
Kate Oliviia
Kate Oliviia - 4 days ago
ur mom looks like DJ from fuller house
Amber Aviles
Amber Aviles - 4 days ago
My mom has snapchat
Diamond Royster
Diamond Royster - 4 days ago
brent yu have a crush on ava
Sophia Bell
Sophia Bell - 4 days ago
exposed brent
Pamela Reyes
Pamela Reyes - 4 days ago
You look like my mom
Maia-Katinora Pruden
Maia-Katinora Pruden - 4 days ago
Ben: Oh uhh (makes excuses)
Mom: finds way to make ben feel conscious
Sadia Haleema
Sadia Haleema - 4 days ago
You copied Mr Brent very special guest he said that too
lyss suzanne
lyss suzanne - 4 days ago
I’m sure you’re not in every day life but, in this video, you’re low key rude to your mom
RoBlex Go
RoBlex Go - 4 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Danda Martin
Danda Martin - 4 days ago
I have the same ringtone for my mum because she moans if I don't answer so I have to have something loud and bulky
Hailena Bieber
Hailena Bieber - 4 days ago
ninjahype11 gaming
ninjahype11 gaming - 4 days ago
ok is your mom a striper
Nicki I
Nicki I - 4 days ago
My mom have Snapchat .
Tyler Purvis
Tyler Purvis - 4 days ago
Do a part 2 please
Dukies1968 - 4 days ago
Love you guys you’re the best
Deion Elliott
Deion Elliott - 4 days ago
Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin - 4 days ago
My mom has Snapchat never say moms don’t have Snapchat cause that is mean
Alexa Davidson
Alexa Davidson - 4 days ago
Ur mom is pretty
Nakeshia Paschal
Nakeshia Paschal - 4 days ago
maya bay
maya bay - 5 days ago
1:18 tells his mom how to work the “Calculator”
His Mom- “OMG”
Him- “ i’m over this video already”
Me-why would you show her if you actually didn’t want her to see?
GUCCI GANG - 5 days ago
WE ALL KNOW YOUR A TRUE SISTER!!! (p.s. the merch is what gives you away) srsly dude 😂❤️
Nios Crytic
Nios Crytic - 5 days ago
My sis name is kai
Pika Nite
Pika Nite - 5 days ago
My mom got snapchat
Mckenzie Reincke
Mckenzie Reincke - 5 days ago
My mom has snapchat
Brooke Thoren
Brooke Thoren - 5 days ago
My moms name is jill
Arjun D.
Arjun D. - 5 days ago
looking for a james charles fan
Mia Hines2
Mia Hines2 - 5 days ago
I thought he was dating Lexi why dose he have tender
ITS ROSE! - 5 days ago
Okuhle Khanyile
Okuhle Khanyile - 5 days ago
I have a crash on Ben
loulou c vlogs
loulou c vlogs - 5 days ago
My mum does
Lexi and Ben sitting in a tree k....I....S.....S.....I....N.....G
Carys Kasprzycki
Carys Kasprzycki - 5 days ago
OMG read the bio of the random tinder profile pause at 6:23
Elle Chestnut
Elle Chestnut - 5 days ago
Your mom is low key more of a teen then you😂
Brandi Thompson
Brandi Thompson - 6 days ago
I have Snapchat and I am 29
Jaya Key
Jaya Key - 6 days ago
Jaya Key
Jaya Key - 6 days ago
Eek 😬
Aiden Dickson
Aiden Dickson - 6 days ago
at 6:42 ben is wearing sisters underwerar we got a james charles fan
•Potato Land•
•Potato Land• - 6 days ago
Is it just me or is it his mom is really cool
XxD-Gamer09 - 6 days ago
Ooooooooh Brent salty!!!!
Metallic Lover
Metallic Lover - 6 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Damian King
Damian King - 6 days ago
Brent's mom looks similar to Ben's mom. Like if u agree
Kiwi Gatchaverse
Kiwi Gatchaverse - 6 days ago
Ben's mom and Brent's mom look EXACTLY alike!!!
Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge - 6 days ago
2:28 Brent is going to kill u
Leah Granato
Leah Granato - 6 days ago
Wait why douse your phone have tinder when your dating Lexi you know Breant would be mad at u to
Leah Granato
Leah Granato - 6 days ago
Your moms so cool with what u take photos of
Kdoughnut M
Kdoughnut M - 6 days ago
You copied Brent. He did this challenge.
Bahnett Bah
Bahnett Bah - 6 days ago
Who thinks Brett or Lexi should go through his phone?
Hanna Alodji
Hanna Alodji - 6 days ago
Haha fortnite and Helix Jump
Pournami Anirudh
Pournami Anirudh - 6 days ago
Your mom is soo beautiful
BE HAPPY 2 - 6 days ago
Mom exposed you and Lexi she's grate
Kelvin Foil ester I am so
I love ben
Kelvin Foil ester I am so
The one that has him with the bdanan around his neck is so handsome
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