My Mom Goes Through My Phone! (bad idea)

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Ben Azelart
Ben Azelart - 4 months ago
Let’s get this video to 20,000 likes!! Love you guys and sorry for the late upload❤️
Lilli Haugh
Lilli Haugh - Day ago
Will you subscribe to me
Julie Redpath
Julie Redpath - 5 days ago
Ben Azelart can you show your willy
ILoveToronto Raptors
ILoveToronto Raptors - 6 days ago
Lol 62K
Hannah Clary
Hannah Clary - 8 days ago
Ben it's seth
Sucely Diaz
Sucely Diaz - 14 days ago
Brent is my boyfriend
Hannah Bartolomeo
Hannah Bartolomeo - 18 hours ago
Eva is Bret’s girlfriend but new she’s yours lol
Gamer unicorn Yea
Gamer unicorn Yea - 20 hours ago
The last number of likes is who you are
1. Brent
3.lexi rivera
3 pink hair lexi
6. Andrew
7. Caleb
8. Becker (the dog)
9. Eva
jamespgallant - Day ago
Angie Foreman
Angie Foreman - Day ago
my mom has snap chat because the filters
Malik Benjamin
Malik Benjamin - Day ago
Did he call the floss the toothbrush??
Jayden Carter
Jayden Carter - 2 days ago
My mom has Snapchat lol
tjuric tjuric
tjuric tjuric - 2 days ago
Your mum look likes Brent's mum
Cotton Candy Cat
Cotton Candy Cat - 2 days ago
0:03 and 1:26 look at the girl in the top left corner😮😮😮😬😬😬😶😶😶
fam7ily - 3 days ago
Do a prank on your mom
Chad wild clay fan
Chad wild clay fan - 3 days ago
Ben go through your mom's phone pt2
christine brodie
christine brodie - 3 days ago
Quwayne Heslop
Quwayne Heslop - 3 days ago
U and Lexi its more like bexi
Vikrant Sakpal
Vikrant Sakpal - 5 days ago
Ben did you realise your mom looks like Brentwood mom
Pro gamer
Pro gamer - 5 days ago
Umm this is akward
Lesley Mendoza
Lesley Mendoza - 5 days ago
K but my mom has snapchat
ASHLEY M - 6 days ago
Ben what level are u in helix jump iam in 270
Vashun Dennis
Vashun Dennis - 6 days ago
Teach your mom how to play fortnite 😂
Mila Petrović
Mila Petrović - 6 days ago
Mama ti striptizeta😱😱😱
Louis Knows Me
Louis Knows Me - 6 days ago
I wonder what Ben and Brent did after this video lol 😂
Malachi Gibson
Malachi Gibson - 7 days ago
You are cute
Terriona Bennett
Terriona Bennett - 7 days ago
Your face hasnt really changed when u were a kid
Hailee Versolenko
Hailee Versolenko - 7 days ago
At 6:26 of his fake tinder profile read the bio 😂😂
bAnI rAjPaL
bAnI rAjPaL - 7 days ago
do u hv a dad???
roger rohde
roger rohde - 7 days ago
I cringed at 3:55
Tommy One
Tommy One - 7 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Austyn Couture
Austyn Couture - 7 days ago
OMG is your mom the actor from fuller house btw its from netflix
Hannah Clary
Hannah Clary - 8 days ago
Ben it's seth
inass live
inass live - 8 days ago
Press a calculator then there is photos omg so smart
inass live
inass live - 8 days ago
Your mom is cute 😍😍
Evelyn Ruiz
Evelyn Ruiz - 8 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
soha abd elhalim
soha abd elhalim - 8 days ago
Heaven otero
Heaven otero - 8 days ago
Awwww so cute
Nelvin-Jake Flores
Nelvin-Jake Flores - 8 days ago
Engie Elqady
Engie Elqady - 8 days ago
Did they kiss
Some Random Chick
Some Random Chick - 8 days ago
I would throw my moms phone into the pool if I saw a video of her pole dancing
אהרון אמינוף
Ben, stop commenting on lexi’s pictures!! Ouchh..
Mackenzie Ferrer
Mackenzie Ferrer - 8 days ago
My mom says the same thing about me and my bros bfs and gfs 😂 girlfriendfriend
The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers - 8 days ago
Seth Duras
Seth Duras - 8 days ago
My mom has snapchat
Soul Boi YT
Soul Boi YT - 9 days ago
My mom has Snapchat
Edgar Marquez
Edgar Marquez - 9 days ago
Ben really
Sara faisal
Sara faisal - 9 days ago
Your mom is so young
Kimberli Conder
Kimberli Conder - 9 days ago
Read 6:12
Ahmed Tellawe
Ahmed Tellawe - 10 days ago
That was 1 day before my birthday 1 like = one happy birthday to me
Andrea Roman
Andrea Roman - 10 days ago
At 7:03 if you pause the video and look at his camera roll you see a video of two people kissing 😶right above the pictures he took with Carrington
mia nicolaou
mia nicolaou - 10 days ago
i need to know what that calculator app is lmao
CottonCandyKitty 72
CottonCandyKitty 72 - 10 days ago
Exposed... LOL
HUNTER9 WHELAN9 - 10 days ago
check it out
Marwa Amer
Marwa Amer - 11 days ago
I know Brent texted you that text so he could save you from the disaster of your mom going through your phone lol
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