Greg Jennings weighs in on Jalen Ramsey's value after requesting a trade | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Jalen Ramsey a good fit for the Chiefs?
C. H.
C. H. - 25 days ago
Nah, definitely send him to the NFC! KC is irrelevant if the GM knows what he's doing
The Boom House
The Boom House - 28 days ago
Anyone else realize that skip is too good at relating every subject to Tom Brady?😂
KomodoDojo - Month ago
Ramsey would be huge for KC, they need him to defeat the pats
Fromthesoleup - Month ago
Nah, best fit for him is the Ravens!
Woozy Swoozy
Woozy Swoozy - Month ago
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius - 10 days ago
3:10 - Drip Bayless Fashion King
Shawn David
Shawn David - 22 days ago
"Blake Bortles things" 😂
Brandon Chen
Brandon Chen - 23 days ago
I actually somewhat agree with Skip, Ramsey is a “me” player in a “we” league
MagnumDB - 23 days ago
First question, Greg - how’s the leg?
Elhadji Cissokho
Elhadji Cissokho - 24 days ago
9:36 Why The Fùç£ he did that FACE. ?!! hahahahaha
James Robbins
James Robbins - 24 days ago
We need him in SF paired with Sherm. Our D would be complete and Sherm could help be a mentor.
Emmanuel-John Turner
Emmanuel-John Turner - 26 days ago
People will never understand swag. Jalen Ramsey has too much swag for the Jags. People are way too sensitive. Because he called some QB's out he's a problem? Was Deion a problem?
Taz Saalim
Taz Saalim - 26 days ago
Some of the facial expressions Shay makes has me dead
juanio - 26 days ago
Skip salty as usual over his beloved cowboys.
Kong Yang
Kong Yang - 27 days ago
The Ref's happened and cost the Jags the game skip on that blown return fumble for a TD if not for that horrible call the Jags would have most likely won that game and gone on to the SB
Deonte Morant
Deonte Morant - 27 days ago
Pittsburgh Steelers Ben out for the season Jalen Ramsey.
Deonte Morant
Deonte Morant - 27 days ago
pittsburgh steelers we need help
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - 27 days ago
Get em Shannon they just hate Ramsey too much that they cant see how great a fit for K.C he would be
ADLERS REYNOLDS - 27 days ago
ADLERS REYNOLDS - 27 days ago
Joey Freitas
Joey Freitas - 27 days ago
How can you focus on what they're talking about with the blonde there?
Geg - 27 days ago
This is how Jennings sounds. “Blah Blah Blah offense”
IC3MAN NFL - 27 days ago
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spacestar28 - 27 days ago
Shannon is right the warriors needed Kd to beat the Cavs the chiefs need to get Ramsey to match the Patriots do whatever it takes!!!!
Z L - 27 days ago
They want to give 2 first rounders to a guy who quit, yeah sure.
ABEL LOPEZ - 27 days ago
We ! We! We! . R u a member of the chiefs or eagles for that matter? 2face
Nolan DeMartino
Nolan DeMartino - 27 days ago
Everyone talking bout Brady but forget they’ve played the 3 worst teams in football
YAYarea 510
YAYarea 510 - 27 days ago
2:12 how you sit during parent/teacher conference when your mama looking at you while teacher talking about how bad you been.
Alexander Aggadi
Alexander Aggadi - 28 days ago
GS beat LeBron without KD.
Cristian Munoz
Cristian Munoz - 28 days ago
How can they afford to pay Ramsay and mchomes
Salamence Hydreigon
Salamence Hydreigon - 28 days ago
3:36 I didn't know football was in Wii Sports.
veng lor
veng lor - 28 days ago
Vikings will give you Rhodes and 1st round
Omar White
Omar White - 28 days ago
Imma have to disagree with everything skip said about Jalen... he chirps as a part of his game. He talks but the locker room loves him. He's new deer trashed his own teammates no matter how bad that QB is
Kristopher Vyvjala
Kristopher Vyvjala - 28 days ago
Odell is not a trouble maker wtf?
Troy Simoneau
Troy Simoneau - 28 days ago
Ramsey will wind up in Green Bay.
Nathaniel Kerns
Nathaniel Kerns - 28 days ago
1 corner is not enough to counter NE, they will just throw away from him. They'll eat you up all day for 7-12y if you sit in zone, and if you go man they'll run the ball down your throat until Gordon or Dorsett gets open on a deep route and there go some chunk plays while the clock is running 8-12m per drive and Mahomme boy paces around on the sideline and Andy Reid mismanages the clock.
XYUNG_SAVAGE YY - 28 days ago
He put the team on his back
Eddington BearHead
Eddington BearHead - 29 days ago
Collective sigh 3:02
five0threeEJ - 29 days ago
Everybody talking about "Ramsey to Chiefs..." i think Green Bay will swoop him up. Their Defense looking scary and they feeling like they can take the NFC North over Chicago this year. Pair Ramsey with Jaire Alexander and Kevin King... thats one of the best young secondarys in the league.
Alec Moriarty
Alec Moriarty - 29 days ago
I hope the chiefs do get Ramsey because they’re gonna need him. They aren’t gonna be able to put up 40 points against this Patriots defense like they did last year. They’re gonna need playmakers on both sides of the ball to make it past Brady and the Pats. Gonna be interesting to watch, that’s for sure
Amahn Smith
Amahn Smith - 29 days ago
Who wins? The team or the quarterback? Make up your minds
WC 'Strawberry' Fields
WC 'Strawberry' Fields - 29 days ago
Shannon at 9:36
Oh My
III BAKURYU III - 29 days ago
Chiefs, Jaguars, Colts, Bears, Texans it DOESN'T MATTER!!!! TOM BRADY AND THE PATRIOTS ARE STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!! 20 YEARS 2001-2020 IT"S NOT GETTING OLD ANYTIME SOON!
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw - Month ago
Lol skip butthurt about Jalen hating on the cowboys
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw - Month ago
Willie Rouse
Willie Rouse - Month ago
Greg Jennings actually makes a case for why the Chiefs should trade for Ramsey.
Jean Fau
Jean Fau - Month ago
Chiefs lost to Pats in AFC title game because of the refereeing
jackie liuk
jackie liuk - 28 days ago
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson - Month ago
C’mon skip sugar Ray & Ed ball hawking Reed. Shannon quickly put him in his place
Israel Marcial
Israel Marcial - Month ago
Dee Ford cost KCC the afc title and potentially the super bowl
Blake G
Blake G - Month ago
Jalen Ramsey,Kendall Fuller,Tyrann Mathieu,Frank Clark and Chris Jones?This is a good fit
Dathen Holley
Dathen Holley - Month ago
That's 2 much
Matthew Mockabee
Matthew Mockabee - Month ago
I just love Shannon lol😂😂😂i hope they don't taint his image
GodSlayer2369 - Month ago
Save your picks. Patriots arent losing to kc either way. Build over the next 2 to 3 years and dominate once brady is gone.
Derek Gatson
Derek Gatson - Month ago
I would love for him to go to Kansas City because I want somebody to beat the Patriots know disrespect to the Patriots because Tom Brady is the goat but I want to see a Superbowl without the Patriots
Derek Gatson
Derek Gatson - Month ago
I think that a place where he should go is buffalo
Derek Gatson
Derek Gatson - Month ago
Jalen Ramsey is a great corner but I watch the last game with Tennessee and Jalen made plays in that game but look after every play that Jalen made I didn't see other defensive players congrats him on his play and he didn't give them the opportunity because he went away from them maybe I'm wrong somebody let me know
KomodoDojo - Month ago
Chiefs should definetely make that trade
Christian Wise
Christian Wise - Month ago
when Jalen gets to a d coordinator that'll let him lock up all game and not just press bail in cover 3 he'll shine even brighter
Jrock420blam - Month ago
With AB off the Patriots this would probably lock them into the SB. I don't know if Ramsay could have stopped AB but he can sure get Gordon or Edleman, no Gronk safety valve anymore
Alex Negrete
Alex Negrete - Month ago
the disrespect on Keenan Allen is real
reality1212 - Month ago
“He going to prayer service with that look” 😂
Steve Steele
Steve Steele - Month ago
Why would the Jags take KC’s late 1st round picks? Raiders hold much better cards plus he wants to play in Vegas. But is any player worth two 1st round picks?
bioLarzen - Month ago
That things about Brady couldn't be stopped by even Ed Reed and Ray Lewis might have been the single stupidest remark Bayless has ever made... as that was exactly what hapened the last time Brady played against those two... and in Foxboro...
Craig Leeks
Craig Leeks - Month ago
Ramsey will be a good counter to Antonio Brown... if Chiefs meet the Patriots in the playoffs
jackie liuk
jackie liuk - 28 days ago
No more AB. Jags arent giving KC anything. Never. Especially for 2 late round 1sts. They want early round 1sts especially in rebuild. They will need to get some good players to contend with KC after trading the best CB. Cmon now. They ain't doing it. Hes going to an NFC team. I'd bet anything on it.
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