Laine Hardy Part 1 Meet Your Finalists | American Idol 2019 Top 8

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J J - 3 months ago
Insanely good looking guy, he really truly looks like a young Elvis, same accent too and gorgeous singing voice. Girls are going to go crazy over Laine!
Alice Montgomery
Alice Montgomery - 3 months ago
jamie duckworth
jamie duckworth - 3 months ago
Glad Laine win America idol
jamie duckworth
jamie duckworth - 3 months ago
I like his story
Tc 90
Tc 90 - 3 months ago
That girl he played for has extreme hidden attraction for him
jamie duckworth
jamie duckworth - 3 months ago
He is a cute guy
jamie duckworth
jamie duckworth - 3 months ago
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie - 4 months ago
Congratulations, enjoy your exciting new life. You earned it. All your new fans are ready to buy that album. Keep family close. You never gave up. Look at you now. A star.
R Lorenzo
R Lorenzo - 4 months ago
Laine Hardy. The next one WE'LL NEVER HEAR OF AGAIN, like many others that came from that show. Get ready Alejandro "more talent" Aranda. He'll have a much bigger success.
R Lorenzo
R Lorenzo - 4 months ago
@Penny Mathews white privilege has failed in the past. Yes, really
Penny Mathews
Penny Mathews - 4 months ago
R Lorenzo Really???
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Why does he look like Asian?
TheMsAngelaS - 4 months ago
He's a quarter Korean.
Kenneth Uy
Kenneth Uy - 5 months ago
He looks like Scotty
R.D.G. - 5 months ago
I know Laine Hardy can perform Elivs Presley's, 'Fame and Fortune" as good as Elvis. also just as good, "Stuck On You". please Laine, practice and let the world see how talented you are, please. lf I had money to give you to do that, I really, really would. I know you would perfectly do it just as well/good as Elvis himself. You would make Mr. Presley proud i'm sure. !!!!!!! please, please, please!?!?!?!
Helene Smith
Helene Smith - 5 months ago
Heart throb
Ella Zotomayor
Ella Zotomayor - 5 months ago
He did it!!! Laine Hardy won the American Idol 2019!!! Well deserved, Laine Hardy is the most favorite of the majority, young and old, he can sing any song, pop, rock, classic, country, you name it. He is a handsome, good looking young man, presentable, has strong stage presence, awesome voice, very talented artist, humble and polite. I am enjoying his videos here before 2018 AI and after................
cool guy
cool guy - 5 months ago
He is a good looking guy.. He will be a versatile actor, musician, model someday..
Andy Lang
Andy Lang - 5 months ago
Amydhes Jhoran
Amydhes Jhoran - 5 months ago
Laine had q vry nice story on American Idol🤗🤗🤗
barbara shepherd
barbara shepherd - 5 months ago
I know he is awesome and seems like a great kid. But something tells me this is not for him. It seems like he is cut out for the simple life but I hope he is happy with the way his life is going to change and the demands on him. Good Luck Laine
Ae-Cha 애차 Hahn
Ae-Cha 애차 Hahn - 5 months ago
Its really his destiny to win... 😍 Your the best Laine
sefred7 - 5 months ago
What a handsome boy. But I got scared of that alligator.
Anoymous gamer
Anoymous gamer - 6 months ago
He's a sweetheart ❤
Lyn Hat
Lyn Hat - 6 months ago
he looks part Asian!
Liza Aniga
Liza Aniga - 3 months ago
Laine's grandmother is korean
Addison Cooper
Addison Cooper - 5 months ago
Lyn Hat his mom is i think
Janica Clare Martirez
Janica Clare Martirez - 5 months ago
i agree
Teresa Blanco
Teresa Blanco - 6 months ago
Omg I love this young man!!!
You are so beautiful!!
Khataroo - 6 months ago
It's a tough call between Laine and Alajandro. It is my guess that's Alajandro will take it because of his original music and his uniqueness. Laine will have a thriving career for he is quite talented in his own right
PHA Xiong
PHA Xiong - 6 months ago
Sounds like you talk through your teeths... but its definitely cute!!
Erlinda Mella
Erlinda Mella - 6 months ago
Did you say..di ba ?...Filipino's it?
Bonita Marks
Bonita Marks - 5 months ago
his mother is korean
Opya Telan
Opya Telan - 5 months ago
@Laguna Milkman parang koreana.
Chino Chan Chi
Chino Chan Chi - 6 months ago
I think so, he said Di Ba.
Laguna Milkman
Laguna Milkman - 6 months ago
Erlinda Mella, His Mom looks like a filipina
Laguna Milkman
Laguna Milkman - 6 months ago
Erlinda Mella, hahaha! Sounds like. But I think he said “Do I?”
Carolyn Trobaugh
Carolyn Trobaugh - 6 months ago
Laine hardy all the way i could listen to him all day long
Helene Smith
Helene Smith - 5 months ago
Same here
Helene Smith
Helene Smith - 5 months ago
Wish I was younger ❤
R. Nagarya
R. Nagarya - 6 months ago
I believe he WILL win! Keep showing that marvelous got this...
Beverly Hatley
Beverly Hatley - 6 months ago
Laine Hardy!!! Hope this Awesome kid WINS IT ALL!!!🏆
Diana Elmedo
Diana Elmedo - 6 months ago
I had a crush on Laine 😭❤️😍
Sarah Villavicencio
Sarah Villavicencio - 6 months ago
Young Elvis
Teresa Blanco
Teresa Blanco - 6 months ago
Eric Agapito
Eric Agapito - 6 months ago
Oh Laine! Oh Laine!! 👍✌️🥴
Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia - 6 months ago
Rock it more, Laine, don't be shy, you'll win this.
sefred7 - 5 months ago
He won!!!
Kimberly Yalung
Kimberly Yalung - 6 months ago
Why is he so handsome???
Liza Aniga
Liza Aniga - 3 months ago
God's beautiful creation ❤
Kimberly Yalung
Kimberly Yalung - 4 months ago
@Molly Bang OMG. I'm gonna be praising that God for creating him. I just can't get enough of him. Ughhhh ❤❤❤
Molly Bang
Molly Bang - 4 months ago
lol right? ask God or something haha
JC Tomps
JC Tomps - 6 months ago
Laine .. wish you all the best 👍👍👍👍💐💐💐♥️♥️
田中れん - 6 months ago
laine〜〜〜wish you the best( ̄▽ ̄)b✨✨✨✨I will support you( ^ω^ )
Marissa - 6 months ago
Sooo can I get your brother's number? Cause he is handsomeee. As are you but you've got a girl.
Mabel Sande
Mabel Sande - 6 months ago
I am liking your personality.... Whoever wins it's all good. Maybe, it's your time but, this year's American idol has a lot of talents.. Anyone can win.. Guy! You are a full baggage
sefred7 - 5 months ago
He won!!!
kathy kyps
kathy kyps - 6 months ago
Lain is a Chinese or.. he looks like Chinese..
kathy kyps
kathy kyps - 6 months ago
Thanks for the reply.. o I see Korean..
Toni Hagan
Toni Hagan - 6 months ago
1/4 Korean
Hannah B.
Hannah B. - 6 months ago
kathy kyps he’s Korean
WayTale - 6 months ago
Does this mean he made it?
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