Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN'T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)

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Zachary Faraci
Zachary Faraci - 11 hours ago
It's reality is an illusion not reality isn't real
Zachary Faraci
Zachary Faraci - 11 hours ago
It's reality is an illusion not reality isn't real
Syrena Chronos
Syrena Chronos - 17 hours ago
A X O L O T L My Time Has Come To Burn Invoke The Ancient Power That I May Return (Thats What Bill Says Backwards)
Doctor Shark
Doctor Shark - 20 hours ago
0:15 Looks like MatPat gave us a sneak peak at this theory
X×O.D.D core×X
X×O.D.D core×X - 21 hour ago
*We need more gravity falls*
Fawful The Gamer
Fawful The Gamer - 21 hour ago
Mabye with the recording to shake the statues hand could mean that bill obviously controlled Stanley at night and tried to encourage them to shake its hand so he can take the body over of who shook hands with the statue, it’s a theory
YEETBOI GAMES - 21 hour ago
Michel Aoun
Michel Aoun - 21 hour ago
there's also a clue hinting to cipher being stan from the beginning, throughout the show you can spot alot of triangular windows with an eye in them and other bill cipher signs in the mystery shack. it was stan that redecorated and constructed that house after his brother was sucked in the portal,so why would stan put signs of Bill all over the mystery shack? maybe because a part of him might be bill cipher himself..
NB: excuse my english it's not my main language
Indian Wolf101 :3
Indian Wolf101 :3 - 22 hours ago
This is actually awesome!
SquidKid Lauer
SquidKid Lauer - Day ago
I shacked the status hand and I wake up in different places
CHrM King
CHrM King - Day ago
This scared me.
Martha Burt
Martha Burt - Day ago
Roses are red violets are blue. I miss gravity falls. Like if you do too
Hi I animate C:
Hi I animate C: - Day ago
i called the number if kept offering me money
Elimelech Schreiber
Could the memory gun erase the boundary in between Stan's mind and the Dreamscape?
Ayyy it’s me :p
Ayyy it’s me :p - Day ago the book...bill is also right next to Soos...SOOCHIPER
Ditto0415 - Day ago
So wait, Bill asked the Axolotl to reform him so Bill ended up being reborn as Stan?
Lizzy Cerny
Lizzy Cerny - Day ago
Who else called the number
H2OGoku1 The Gaming Goku
Who else called the number
StickGuy - Day ago
Yeah already saw the theory that stan and bill were the same person.
You're not unique
Ibraheem Hussain
Ibraheem Hussain - Day ago
StickGuy cause you did
Lloyd Mathew
Lloyd Mathew - 2 days ago
Gravity falls season 3 is coming and bill chipher mensioned listen to what he said when stan thought he killed him in backwards
Nate Watson
Nate Watson - 2 days ago
so I just watched this show for the first time and now it’s in my feed..
Nope Rope
Nope Rope - 2 days ago
Bill is dead because Stan punched him in the eye at 2:10
Ultra Instinct Shagy
Ultra Instinct Shagy - 2 days ago
In every sound clip Mat used were you also just like "Ya!" when you saw them in the show.
Aleksandar Shavreski
Aleksandar Shavreski - 2 days ago
This made me rethink everything.
Mary Uriostegui
Mary Uriostegui - 2 days ago
And in the last season Bill turns to stone in the left in the forest
Ibraheem Hussain
Ibraheem Hussain - Day ago
Mary Uriostegui different form, different time
Jack Shiels
Jack Shiels - 2 days ago
1:27 wait a minute, gravity falls is set in the same state as the Simpsons. ( watch the Simpsons episode to see)
Gabriela Castillo
Gabriela Castillo - 2 days ago
This scared me way more than it should've 😅😂
Preda Crowl
Preda Crowl - 2 days ago
Bruh it’s been 4 years and I’m still crying over the ending
Moon the Wolf
Moon the Wolf - 2 days ago
Is Bill *really* a nacho?
Find out next time with the Film Theorists!
Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold BYEEEEE
(But that's just a theory, a FILM THEORY!)
Николай Златев
Mat Pat in episode 5 in season 1 dipper sees a flying brain. Could this be the real brain of grunkle stan
Zelda Todoroki
Zelda Todoroki - 3 days ago
I miss Bill a lot
Zelda Todoroki
Zelda Todoroki - 3 days ago
I, personally really like Bill as a character even though he's a villain .
Ingrid G
Ingrid G - 3 days ago
Wich means hes not dead
Ingrid G
Ingrid G - 3 days ago
Bill death backwornds says he may be back
Fortnite Toys
Fortnite Toys - 3 days ago
Stan+bill=still I love math
Depressing Vibes
Depressing Vibes - 3 days ago
I got the joke tho bUt ThAnKs fOr aSsuMeInG
cocoa chocolate
cocoa chocolate - 3 days ago
The exact theories i made😂 BILL is alive!
Alana C
Alana C - 3 days ago
the patterns on the trees look like bills eyes!
Islamic Videos
Islamic Videos - 3 days ago
I thought... If bill was with Stan's memory... Then when Stan's memory came back, wouldn't bill come back because he was part or Stan's memory, meaning he was still in the mindscape and in Stan's mind, right?
maureen geegan
maureen geegan - 3 days ago
Gadiel M
Gadiel M - 3 days ago
It me or bill sifer the illuminati
Assassin Army
Assassin Army - 3 days ago
Well when it says anything time a different place or something like that I think it means that he went back in time to posses gruncle stan from when he was a child
Joe V
Joe V - 4 days ago
So Bill was reincarnated as Stan? Hmm... it WAS to absolve his crimes, so it may be a self-atoning time loop.
pokemon trainer Dom
pokemon trainer Dom - 4 days ago
Matthew Patrick: Aaaaaand cut.
k sg
k sg - 4 days ago
I can't stop watching this theory; it is my absolute favorite film theory. I wish there was more.
Vincent Ly
Vincent Ly - 4 days ago
The Bill Cipher Saga ("Dreamscaperers"-"Weirdmageddon" (three-parter episode)):
*"Sock Opera"
*"The Last Mabelcorn"
*"Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future"
*"Weirdmageddon" (three-parter episode)
**"Weirdmageddon Part 1"
**"Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality"
**"Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls"
The T.U.M girl rocks Anya
Da evil Doritos powers
Entering dreams
Chaos manipulation
Nightmare manipulation
Temporal manipulation
Weirdness manipulation
Body possession
Body projection
Reality warping
Infinite power
Weather control
Pythical sheilds
Mental sheilds
super speed
Limb multiplication
Size changing
Can pass through objects
invunerable(If choosing to be ,only in pythical form)
invinsible(in phythical form ,when choosing to be)
Can gain info from looking at things
voice changing
matter changing
Matter muniputlation
control over space,matter,and time
Nigh ominpent
He also has a death snap which he was going to use on Mabel , when he had dem both in his hands he said “I’m gonna kill one of them now!just for the heck of it!” And chooses between dem while saying ini mene Miny You! And was about to snap his fingers showing he can kill something wid just da snap of his fingers
Energy blast
changing things to stone
And mind control
Also;^; if Stanford accepted why did he shake his hand to let him into his mind when he could have just told bill?it would have been easair for Bill once Stanford agreed instead of getting tricked
Abdullah _213
Abdullah _213 - 4 days ago
I don’t understand why gravity falls producers ended it
If u know why please reply 2 me it’s driving me crazy
Abdullah _213
Abdullah _213 - 2 days ago
Koala Bear Army Thank you I’m glad he ended it ,Ending it is better than making gravity falls trash content
Koala Bear Army
Koala Bear Army - 2 days ago
Because Alex the creator wanted to he said “the show was just supposed to be about one epic summer and I wanted to end it before it lost its original spark” also he put his blood, sweat, and tears into the showing exhausting him he barely slept because he did the writing alone along with voicing 2 major characters (Stanley and Soos), a semi major character (Bill), and miscellaneous side characters
LiamG Animitions
LiamG Animitions - 4 days ago
It's truth !!!! Like if u agreed ?
TTV.EndGameZz - 4 days ago
I legit cried at the end of gravity falls
I’m so happy the story continues
Stefanie Keisler
Stefanie Keisler - 4 days ago, youre a real fan arent you
DREAM4CAST -_ - 4 days ago
What if he is trapped in cycle going back every time
Joe V
Joe V - 4 days ago
Yeah, I just posted something similar: to atone for his sins, Bill was reborn as Ford's twin and defeats himself. Self-atoning time loop.
U r A ThOt LiKe Ur MOm
U r A ThOt LiKe Ur MOm - 4 days ago
well,at least I know there's gonna be a third season for gravity falls?
CloudyCarley - 4 days ago
Disney be wildin 😳
iPad apple
iPad apple - 4 days ago
oof u knew it
iPad apple
iPad apple - 4 days ago
hey u know what the bill’s reverse death message?
נדב סטרטינר
נדב סטרטינר - 4 days ago
Damn you're good
Illyse Kaplan
Illyse Kaplan - 4 days ago
I watched the part in reverse and heard “A-X-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return, in this universe”
Ash - 4 days ago
I’m gonna be honest, that one episode where the wax figures came to life scared me out of watching Gravity Falls for a hot minute. Now I play danganronpa, Fran Bow, and Sally Face. Nice.
Alex Mora
Alex Mora - 4 days ago
What if when you shake the staue hand it realeasess Bill Cypher into the reall world
Michael Lotz III
Michael Lotz III - 4 days ago
Who else thinks Stan’s recordings sound like Rick
Almos Naoro
Almos Naoro - 4 days ago
Bill is part of the uluminoty
Drifter 1221 YT
Drifter 1221 YT - 4 days ago
Again that’s not just a theory it’s true
Abdullah EL-Brawany
Abdullah EL-Brawany - 5 days ago
The first time I heard these I thought...
*A different form* = Dorito
*A different time* = Rick and Morty
void da shy gurl
void da shy gurl - 5 days ago
I miss Mable...wait
What if Bill is looking for the same people with the symbols of the heros Mable's star dippers pine tree Wendy's coolness and much more...what if he was trying to remake gravity falls
What if Bill when the memories came back it turned to that statue
Hope I helped
The nane
The nane - 5 days ago
Petition for gravity falls movie
Cre8ive K9 2068
Cre8ive K9 2068 - 5 days ago
This went deep
Freidrich Fajardo
Freidrich Fajardo - 5 days ago
Who is here watching after minecraft game theory videos
Hippos Don’t Bounce
Hippos Don’t Bounce - 5 days ago
cheeezy_cheesus delicious
hmmm... are you BILL?
Abbhay Singh
Abbhay Singh - 5 days ago
Nope the guy who owns doritos is bill
Victoria Velazquez
Victoria Velazquez - 5 days ago
The Illuminati
retard aka lex
retard aka lex - 5 days ago
2034 anyone?
OCE_William Nguyen
OCE_William Nguyen - 5 days ago
Can Bill Cipher control the TARDIS??
The BattleRoyaler
The BattleRoyaler - 5 days ago
I would shake the statues hand
EDIT: Every time I watched the Gravity Falls introduction I always heard the backwards talking and affiliated it with the cipher wheel that appeared right after
cainéal cosplay
cainéal cosplay - 5 days ago
like what was in smile dip..?
BestBoiPyroYT :3
BestBoiPyroYT :3 - 5 days ago
Holy god this scared me to [REDACTED]
Panayiotis Panayiotou
Panayiotis Panayiotou - 5 days ago
tupac is like gravity falls:something great that everyone things isnt over😭😭😭
Nightstar The Gamer
Nightstar The Gamer - 5 days ago
Matpat: these are his last words
Me:NO, his last words are "STANLLLLY!"
Wettus - 6 days ago
0:39 that was brilliant matpat
Fornitegirlomg102 -Subscribe
Omg nooo bill is ugly
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