Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

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Epic cool thanos
Epic cool thanos - 5 hours ago
我想吃掉你的大脑=a want to eat your brain
deon rardin
deon rardin - Day ago
peanut butter
peanut butter - Day ago
japan attacked Singapore
Irsen Oldac
Irsen Oldac - Day ago
I need to go to the lonely cafe
Build a boat Video with tint
*japan makes a jumping robot* *a few days later* *japan makes a jumping car*
Triplets Noel
Triplets Noel - Day ago
Imagine his editer looking trough his footage for bang.
Sanjay Khandekar
Sanjay Khandekar - 2 days ago
3:27 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sanjay Khandekar
Sanjay Khandekar - 2 days ago
Ohh the intro 😂😂
BTW I'm an Indian and Japan is India's bst fr. 😁
Chou User
Chou User - 2 days ago
Jack Titus
Jack Titus - 2 days ago
I think in Japan they eat KFC on Christmas Eve
ItzVortz - 2 days ago
All of that like where i live

Alisa S
Alisa S - 2 days ago
hello I'm Japanese/こんにちは
Jualain Stary
Jualain Stary - 2 days ago
Haven't went to Japan but I'll like to
Zaydrian Pillay
Zaydrian Pillay - 2 days ago
Do a only from SA
Hana Casimina
Hana Casimina - 3 days ago
I speak Japanese こんにちはわたし日本人じゃないけど日本語喋られる if you understand this comment please comment on this comment on this comment and also at 7:34 it’s not wasabi it’s green tea there’s also a small English part saying “green tea”
Gugu Khumalo
Gugu Khumalo - 3 days ago
It weired
Gugu Khumalo
Gugu Khumalo - 3 days ago
suzy hypptv
suzy hypptv - 3 days ago
Hey Tal next time go to Malaysia cause there you will find the most tallest building in Asia and there is so many awesome and tasty food you need to try.
Nazu - 3 days ago
Peach Flavored Fanta? well i can't find one in my country but i bought that one during my trip to Japan and it tasteee so gooooddd
oh and there's also One Piece (anime) cafe and they even have a Thousand Sunny Cruise (the ship from One Piece anime), Ghibli Museum AND EVEN A MUSEUM FOR CUP NOODLEEEESSS!!!!
bri dark cookie slime
bri dark cookie slime - 3 days ago
My friend was born in Japan so I'ma ask her if these are real
Brady Smith
Brady Smith - 3 days ago
They have pineapple Fanta in Ireland
Joe monster Martinez
Joe monster Martinez - 3 days ago
Gacha Star
Gacha Star - 3 days ago
Panda Raindrop
Panda Raindrop - 3 days ago
Someone do a naroto
Ardalan Hamarashid
Ardalan Hamarashid - 3 days ago
aqilah zakaria
aqilah zakaria - 4 days ago
It is actually green tea kit kat not wasabi....anyway love your vid
Anh Dinh
Anh Dinh - 4 days ago
Are u an A.R.M.Y ( BTS fan) ? I find SHOOKY wearing a black baseball cap on the shelf.
Olivia - 4 days ago
Stacy & Kurt Steger
Stacy & Kurt Steger - 4 days ago
.V●ᴥ●VV●ᴥ●VV●ᴥ●V( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)V●ᴥ●V( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)V●ᴥ●V( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)▼・ᴥ・▼
omar gamer
omar gamer - 4 days ago
I love your vids but can u not slow down your vid with talking and memes please?!
Dinie Mohd Rosli
Dinie Mohd Rosli - 5 days ago
Malaysia also have some of these features 😬
intelligent Human
intelligent Human - 5 days ago
Blue light is better cos colour blind people cant tell the different between red, amber and green but they can see blue perfectly
Karriann Harford
Karriann Harford - 5 days ago
I'm 7
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 5 days ago
Actually, it's not just in Japan
There are a few capsule hotels in Singapore.
My aunt stayed in one of them
Ryan Guy
Ryan Guy - 5 days ago
I haven’t gone to japan but i want to go
FuzerReaper Gamer YT
FuzerReaper Gamer YT - 6 days ago
6:54 who else have this even know its not from japan
Gamer Alisha
Gamer Alisha - 6 days ago
The first fact is also in india
Fire-t_rex82 Fire_clan
Fire-t_rex82 Fire_clan - 6 days ago
Fire-t_rex82 Fire_clan
Fire-t_rex82 Fire_clan - 6 days ago
Luna Watanabe
Luna Watanabe - 6 days ago
My parents are Japanese I went to Japan milllion times
Mathew cintron
Mathew cintron - 6 days ago
Sakura is from naruto
Lynne Neill
Lynne Neill - 6 days ago

5 4 3 2 1
Lynne Neill
Lynne Neill - 6 days ago
Espanol asogo mania magaso
Jumar Dalioan
Jumar Dalioan - 6 days ago
Worst intro
Alison Norsen
Alison Norsen - 6 days ago
I have a tv screen thing in my car. I live in the US. It's not only in Japan. They LIE!!
DeadlyふKiller gamer
DeadlyふKiller gamer - 6 days ago
Rast Nas
Rast Nas - 7 days ago
Make this like button blue if you speak Japanese
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen - 7 days ago
Japanese makes anime.
2. I have tried the silent karaoke
Jaxon Hall
Jaxon Hall - 7 days ago
Bofelo Masukusuku
Bofelo Masukusuku - 7 days ago
Iris Rijke
Iris Rijke - 7 days ago
These Kit kats are not only in Japan I got them too and I live in Taiwan
Anita Downer
Anita Downer - 7 days ago
SirBKing - 7 days ago
I have never bin in japan
Pinky pop
Pinky pop - 8 days ago
NicoleCat900 - 8 days ago
I neeeeeed shiny glasses
cutie kitty
cutie kitty - 8 days ago
I'm half japenese
fhdersg 000
fhdersg 000 - 9 days ago
Looga Monica that how to talk Japanese
Erica FunFun
Erica FunFun - 9 days ago
CHIKENZX PUBG - 9 days ago
100 subs no videos Pls sub
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