Making Eye Contact with People then Locking My Car Door

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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations - 5 months ago
Re-edit/Re-upload because monetization issues. This edited version removes us lighting fireworks (my best guess of the problematic scene).
0:02 Keeping the Environment Clean

1:25 “What’s 3% of my bill?”

3:37 New Shoes

6:06 Making Eye Contact with People
then Locking My Car Door
9:58 Putting lipstick on a pig
nick cheatham
nick cheatham - 2 months ago
Come on man you cant do that cat lock thing with black people that comes off as really racist lol I'm not even trying to kill the mood lol
Cole Perkins
Cole Perkins - 4 months ago
Check out @BoostedBoiz they have gas powered shopping kart
Seza Belle
Seza Belle - 5 months ago
💄 on 🐖 = Animal cruelty
Seza Belle
Seza Belle - 5 months ago
Its still demonetised
Мне скучно
Мне скучно - 5 hours ago
What kind of grown men act like this. I did this kind of stuff when I was 7
Мне скучно
Мне скучно - 5 hours ago
This reeks of fake laughter and histrionic personality disorder
Me fast man
Me fast man - 9 hours ago
Go check out boosteboiz, they already made a shopping go cart.
Smiffdogg init
Smiffdogg init - 17 hours ago
You remind me of the dude out of step brothers 😂😂😂 can’t remember is name lol
nateross14 - 23 hours ago
The blonde dude...... George Clooney and Super Dell Schanze had a love child.
Marcus W
Marcus W - Day ago
Why a beach? You should do that at like drive thrus or at a school as it lets out.
john smith
john smith - Day ago
The door lock bits priceless
jose151348 - Day ago
Hey you should do the gamestop prank again it was halarious
JohnnyFingerlove - 2 days ago
I bet these two idiots make man on man sex crimes with each other.
Adnan lexus
Adnan lexus - 3 days ago
I give this video thumbs up just because you clen the beach
TurkeyBaster12 - 4 days ago
Ross is such a great actor. He needs to become a star in hollywood
Vipinz - 4 days ago
Ross where tf did you get a car door?
Miranda Flores
Miranda Flores - 6 days ago
Pig: *has lipstick on*

The Joker: Are you challenging me?
Everyone else: *surprised pikachu face*
Mackenzie - 6 days ago
I love how he knows proper technique for mopping
IDont3ven3xist - 3 days ago
A very under appreciated skill😆
G - 7 days ago
I found my spirit animal
idk what username to use
i really hope people don’t think you’re doing that if they were people of colour
Zachery Graves
Zachery Graves - 7 days ago
When you completely have ran out of ideas for YouTube videos 🤣
Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry - 7 days ago
Ask people if they got poopy in there butt like ya know treat dem like a baby
Mark Dockstader
Mark Dockstader - 7 days ago
Haven't even started the video and I already love you for this. Ross for president 2020!
xxpyroxx75 - 7 days ago
6:36 thats either her son. or its some younger guy fucking some dudes wife.
dodo basuki
dodo basuki - 8 days ago
I love when grown up men acting like they're 17
MV408 - Mobile
MV408 - Mobile - 8 days ago
2:37 are we gonna ignore the fact that he was flexing his tits😂💀
Liam Gordon
Liam Gordon - 9 days ago
3:58 *go ahead and test them out honey*
Nixce - 9 days ago
7:15 it took me 5 minuites to understand that he’s not in a car lmfao😂
Джошуа волисын
Some of this dudes videos just hella funny.
Jorge Minjarez
Jorge Minjarez - 10 days ago
First Lady prolly thought you were racist
mb421 - 10 days ago
Car door prank funny as hell...
Nutcase201 - 10 days ago
At first I was wondering wtf is wrong with these guys? Them I saw the license plates
C C - 10 days ago
Idea for content: go to subway, order as if your at McDonald’s and ask for McDonald’s items.
Bob The guy
Bob The guy - 11 days ago
Leland Harper
Leland Harper - 12 days ago
I swear these guys are never not high
DerKaefer - 12 days ago
That’s the Joker Pig😂
Adam Daniel
Adam Daniel - 12 days ago
PETA: Am i a joke to you?

PETA: Nvm, you're good.
Fellow Brethren
Fellow Brethren - 12 days ago
You’re laugh makes things 10x more funny
Norge_Squad - 12 days ago
4:12 that face was serius scary XD
Stix - 12 days ago
4:27 anyone else notice the cop
caRnAGE - 13 days ago
Pigs like, you wanna know how I got these scars?
caRnAGE - 13 days ago
Have an empty gas can and toss it to people. Take it back and tell them thanks, I just really needed to pass gas.
Deon Du Plessis
Deon Du Plessis - 13 days ago
You are so childish. Laugh about the stupididity of your jokes
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