Making Eye Contact with People then Locking My Car Door

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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations - 29 days ago
Re-edit/Re-upload because monetization issues. This edited version removes us lighting fireworks (my best guess of the problematic scene).
0:02 Keeping the Environment Clean

1:25 “What’s 3% of my bill?”

3:37 New Shoes

6:06 Making Eye Contact with People
then Locking My Car Door
9:58 Putting lipstick on a pig
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle - 8 days ago
💄 on 🐖 = Animal cruelty
Seza not Jeza Belle
Seza not Jeza Belle - 8 days ago
Its still demonetised
Emma ツ Sader
Emma ツ Sader - 14 days ago
Vlog Creations put a reverse card from Uno when you pay for something! credit: Natalie Childers
Fatal Union
Fatal Union - 21 day ago
Why do you got JoogSquad out in skeeter drain tryna say its "Haunted woods" get your peeps. I grew up in them woods, thats my neighborhood, keep that bullshit out
Triple light Vlogs
Triple light Vlogs - 21 day ago
Jabattack gaming
Jabattack gaming - 10 minutes ago
0:05 When a janitor glitches out and spawns at the beach
Mary May
Mary May - 34 minutes ago
7:43 his willpower to not look at that ass is so admirable 💯🙏🏽 God knows I would have at least glanced 😂
GR reviews
GR reviews - 5 hours ago
10:10 "you wanna know how I got these scarss?" "You see my father's friend was a prankster, so one night he came over and instead of going for random people he took the lipstick to the edge of my mouth, and you know what he said? Well I'll tell you, he said" "why so sad, let's put a smile on your face!" "I love it when you smile" "and so he pulled up to give me a nice big smile!
Sarah Key
Sarah Key - 10 hours ago
There’s now a pig that looks like the joker. God help us. 🃏
Sarah Key
Sarah Key - 10 hours ago
ChannelTV - 10 hours ago
😂😂😂😂 the door lock one is hilarious
Kpop stans are annoying
Kpop stans are annoying - 13 hours ago
The lady in the thumbnail look
Like lisa guerrero
young Express
young Express - 15 hours ago
From 6:47 to 6:50 he got the Kawhi Lenord laugh
Moiz Burhani
Moiz Burhani - 22 hours ago
7:44 booottyyyyyy🍑🍑🍑🍑
10:10 do you know how I got these scars
Dusk0nerSA - Day ago
Thanks for cleaning up the beach. It was overdue for a good mopping. 👌👍
Monster_ 330
Monster_ 330 - Day ago
Dude I love your videos!
JT - Day ago
you should’ve surfed with the car door
George Cung
George Cung - Day ago
Paul walker is that you with that charger lol
SpongeBob NiggaPants
I would be scared to get in a swamp in Florida
Lukie - 2 days ago
You better of got that girls number that wanted to clean up the environment with you
Millissa Ramsay
Millissa Ramsay - 2 days ago
Who is here from memeuless?
Raymond Heenan
Raymond Heenan - 2 days ago
Hey man you should totally pull up to a fast food restaurant and try to order food while your music is blaring but only once you get to the pay window
Laker Fan
Laker Fan - 2 days ago
I'm surprised this cops didn't pull you over
M R - 2 days ago
That cop 👮 4:32
lv amv
lv amv - 3 days ago
Trump had to have sent the guy to mop the beach just waiteing on someone to sweep the forest
HUB JUB - 3 days ago
That laugh 😂
Staci Mack
Staci Mack - 4 days ago
That laugh after he said he brought his car door so he could roll the window down
Vegan Sauce
Vegan Sauce - 4 days ago
Anyone here from Memeulous (Memeuless)?
kayleb kuchenbecker
kayleb kuchenbecker - 4 days ago
Watch out there’s a cop at 4:31
Mozu God
Mozu God - 4 days ago
Random comment
Kent Gonzaga
Kent Gonzaga - 5 days ago
crazy ones
L1quid - 5 days ago did anybody else notice that the guy in the background looks exactly like big daws
Why you Lurking
Why you Lurking - 5 days ago
Just waiting to see his face in a Florida man headline💀✅
Thrash Pandas
Thrash Pandas - 5 days ago
The lipstick on a pig part reminded me of my ex girlfriend
Solo - 5 days ago
Lol I laugh before watching just seeing the title 😂
Max Aflack
Max Aflack - 5 days ago
Ross: Takes shopping cart into car shop Mechanic: Hello? Ross: Yeah i needa go shopping this weeken and i need and oil change and on my way over i got a flat tire Mechanic: ...
Edgar Garza
Edgar Garza - 6 days ago
When you were little and you got new shoes and think that your goin to run faster 🤣 4:00
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 6 days ago
"Can I help clean the environment too?" What a stupid bitch. Definitely drinking the kool aid
Danny Barrera
Danny Barrera - 6 days ago
Those reactions were soooooo fcking funny!
Kyle Thisse
Kyle Thisse - 6 days ago
Breaking news
Florida man dies of heat stroke when the ac breaks in his car
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 6 days ago
Ohh its one of those videos
Panda Gal
Panda Gal - 6 days ago
I came looking for copper but i found GOLD
Logan Hill
Logan Hill - 6 days ago
The magic word is you look like a snack to turn girls into cheese buggers
Lil Tech
Lil Tech - 6 days ago
This shit is trash fuck autoplay why did this garbage even pop up? Lmfaooo
isaac montgomery
isaac montgomery - 6 days ago
Please put the engine on a shopping cart 😂
johnnyOG rap
johnnyOG rap - 6 days ago
lmao the way the waiter kept repeating 3%...? he was in such shock
Saul Franco
Saul Franco - 6 days ago
Rent a car and come back with a fake crashed car that looks the same as the rental
Envoy of Mortality
Envoy of Mortality - 6 days ago
7:30 , i like
ZigzagNemesis T
ZigzagNemesis T - 6 days ago
How can you dislike this
Tim Hanby
Tim Hanby - 6 days ago
Cheeky cameraman zooms in
thierry. - 6 days ago
Idk why but he looks like a Bird
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow - 6 days ago
It's the restaurants job to pay the employees the right salary, this tipping on demand is for the birds. Glad I live in a country where tipping is not expected, where common sense reigns.
Sky high gaming
Sky high gaming - 6 days ago
2:44 he has a belly piercing
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