Making Eye Contact with People then Locking My Car Door

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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations - 4 months ago
Re-edit/Re-upload because monetization issues. This edited version removes us lighting fireworks (my best guess of the problematic scene).
0:02 Keeping the Environment Clean

1:25 “What’s 3% of my bill?”

3:37 New Shoes

6:06 Making Eye Contact with People
then Locking My Car Door
9:58 Putting lipstick on a pig
nick cheatham
nick cheatham - 8 days ago
Come on man you cant do that cat lock thing with black people that comes off as really racist lol I'm not even trying to kill the mood lol
Cole Perkins
Cole Perkins - 2 months ago
Check out @BoostedBoiz they have gas powered shopping kart
Seza Belle
Seza Belle - 3 months ago
💄 on 🐖 = Animal cruelty
Seza Belle
Seza Belle - 3 months ago
Its still demonetised
Emma ツ Sader
Emma ツ Sader - 3 months ago
Vlog Creations put a reverse card from Uno when you pay for something! credit: Natalie Childers
// youniverse
// youniverse - 8 hours ago
6:44 and 7:49 I love how you laugh at your own jokes 😭💜
Cautiously Optimistic
11:19 better than what he usually does - sprays SHIT out his ass from all that baking soda he drinks🤷🏻‍♀️💩
Garry Maxwell
Garry Maxwell - Day ago
this is so funny
Sniper Hacker
Sniper Hacker - Day ago
6:38 how did they get that shot
Christian Haug
Christian Haug - 2 days ago
Try the shoping cart idea
Chicken Cereal
Chicken Cereal - 2 days ago
You need to own that white Dodge Challenger my guy it fits you
Anggi Prasetiawan
Anggi Prasetiawan - 2 days ago
maximum power
maximum power - 3 days ago
6:54 so dis how everybody camera man be lookin when yall inna car recording
brat pit
brat pit - 3 days ago
el conejo perez de mesero
Tommaso L Fois tLf
Tommaso L Fois tLf - 7 days ago
A gas powered shopping cart would be the funniest shit
Viral Clips
Viral Clips - 8 days ago
My 2002 lincoln had those locks
SirAlexanderIII - 9 days ago
Is chris his brother??
Syed majid
Syed majid - 9 days ago
He looks like Steve o
Kev Bo
Kev Bo - 10 days ago
Diy Enlightmentpath
Diy Enlightmentpath - 11 days ago
How long these DUDES BEEN OUT?!! I regret just discovering them.. They funny, very talented and Witty as Fuck!
Mister KB
Mister KB - 12 days ago
merica lmao
ThatPandaGirl Playz
ThatPandaGirl Playz - 13 days ago
All that went threw my head when he rowed threw they thing that said alligator was
(That is not safe please don’t fall)
Roblox - Techogram
Roblox - Techogram - 13 days ago
Trippy Sloth
Trippy Sloth - 14 days ago
You look like a cross between Adam 22 and bill burr in the thumbnail
Kenia Molina
Kenia Molina - 15 days ago
It’s funny seeing white people get so offended because white people like to lock their cars 6 times when they see poc
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez - 15 days ago
Go to a barber shop and when they ask you what cut you want show them a pic of a guy with a beanie
Tariqqvlogz Jr
Tariqqvlogz Jr - 15 days ago
Hussy Secret
Hussy Secret - 15 days ago
They are probably thinking the camera is a sniper lmao
Sneering - 16 days ago
6:19 he said that’s racist
David Gomez
David Gomez - 16 days ago
Blueface could learn a thing or 2 from these guys. Pro mopping skills bruh. Beach and river. Excellent!
CALIBER - 16 days ago
0:15 don't take drugs kids
Scott Kolp
Scott Kolp - 16 days ago
Nice Costco socks!
Jeremy Backus
Jeremy Backus - 17 days ago
You should of also pulled out the key fob and locked your door and would be even better if you could set your car alarm. "Beep" "Beep"!!
Jeremy Backus
Jeremy Backus - 17 days ago
4:31 cop rolls by right after he runs around 🏃 🏃
Tyler Scheurer
Tyler Scheurer - 17 days ago
Bruuuf is everyone from Florida
xbondjs II
xbondjs II - 18 days ago
@boostedboiz on YouTube had a motorized shopping cart to do a prank like that
LittlexxMan05 Gaming
LittlexxMan05 Gaming - 18 days ago
When your phone is on 1%
Micheal Coulson
Micheal Coulson - 18 days ago
2:35 did he even notice he was moving his pecks?😂
Josue Nunez
Josue Nunez - 18 days ago
I live really close to that area 4:29 I wish I can meet you
DrPrefabz - 19 days ago
My dad says if I hit 1 mil views on my recent he buys me a gaming pc
Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home - 20 days ago
Friend: What did you do over the weekend?
Me: I mopped the beach
Jan Gyr
Jan Gyr - 20 days ago
For some reason I think this guy is low key racist and don’t like black people
MARLEE - 20 days ago
LMAOOOO "its hot out here so i brought my car door to roll the window down😂😂😂😂"
bigboy123123 - 21 day ago
In the thumbnail the lady looks like smurf off animal kingdom
Dat Boiii
Dat Boiii - 21 day ago
3:59 just your average Chick-Fil-A employee on training
Mama Only Son 520
Mama Only Son 520 - 20 days ago
Dat Boiii 😂 Ha!
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith - 22 days ago
7:18 😂
Jack Villagrana
Jack Villagrana - 23 days ago
Here you go
Leisure Gaming
Leisure Gaming - 23 days ago
give me the kees lol he is a funny dude.
Jose Tolentino
Jose Tolentino - 24 days ago
First guy probably thought Ross was racist 😂😂
Avi •
Avi • - 25 days ago
And I hate me*
Gabe-88 - 26 days ago
roxy garner
roxy garner - 27 days ago
i’d kill to hangout with these guys 😂
Bryce Van Gorder
Bryce Van Gorder - 27 days ago
"Locking door after making eye contact" proceeds with 6 minutes of bs before the title is satisfied. Fuck yourself
SpeedyBoi Phantom
SpeedyBoi Phantom - 27 days ago
4:28 I shot sprite out my nose 😂😂😂
Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot
Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot - 29 days ago
'They're nice. I like 'em." *hardcore sprinting."
Ralltheidstaken - 29 days ago
At 3:39 I was expecting her to say “sir please, I’m 16”
Tyler Bergen
Tyler Bergen - Month ago
Car door at the beach so you can roll down the window lmao must be polish
Robinized - Month ago
Don’t do the lock thingy on other people that are not white, they might think your racist.
So Chill
So Chill - Month ago
The door at the beach had me in tears lol
GSH entertainment
GSH entertainment - Month ago
*cough cough* 7:42

All I'm gonna say
DannyTheGamerPR - Month ago
All I'm gonna say..
bruh moment
bruh moment - Month ago
As a person who saw the comment suggesting this I am able to confirm this is an amazing video.
niklas visic
niklas visic - Month ago
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi - Month ago
VIXX = 24
Itt Ptime
Itt Ptime - Month ago
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