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Roxxsaurus - Month ago
What do you guys think of today’s fake designer buys? I’m quite pleased with what I purchased although it was so difficult to bargain with the sellers in London! I think I’m getting more confident at bargaining though so that’s a bonus 😂👏🏼
Millieee Mollie
Millieee Mollie - 22 days ago
Roxxsaurus u should go bovingdon market it’s way cheaper and better
Laura Pennington
Laura Pennington - Month ago
Discounts are the best😁
Lexi - Month ago
go to manchester or paris x
Lexi - Month ago
you should go to paris xxx
Tobes Dan
Tobes Dan - Month ago
I wish I could be there. I went to London in 2013 and never saw nothing like this
Pulung Tatin
Pulung Tatin - 4 days ago
Fake but still expensive 😒.....n the shopkeeper says as id its the original piece
Elyas TG
Elyas TG - 6 days ago
1:27 it’s Versace
victoriahorses100 - 8 days ago
I think she was very patronising and rude in this video
Briana Bouvier
Briana Bouvier - 9 days ago
What's the difference between £ and Can$? Lol
Briana Bouvier
Briana Bouvier - 9 days ago
Damn sell me that bag on postmark😂💍
Katherine Emma
Katherine Emma - 9 days ago
Come to Manchester Cheetham Hill area and try the fakes there! It’s just a long road opposite HMP strange ways and full of fake designer shops x
Turbo gig Woof
Turbo gig Woof - 10 days ago
They will ban you from those shops. They give you a designer look for cheap and you bait them on YouTube.
aesthetic vsco
aesthetic vsco - 12 days ago
At 1:28 I'm pretty sure that's Versace but I'm cheap so I don't know about these things
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls - 15 days ago
And I oop 👽
Nickie B
Nickie B - 16 days ago
Literally go to Manchester there is like loads of houses u go in and there is loads of face stuff for so much cheaper, just check it out it's mad with it all
TheBellePost - 16 days ago
You should do a video with collin abroadcast:)
Amelie Li
Amelie Li - 22 days ago
bargaining is not quite a right thing to do
Vxtoria B
Vxtoria B - 22 days ago
That belt was Versace
Jaclyn Calandra
Jaclyn Calandra - 23 days ago
They would go lower if you stopped saying how nice it was.
Sienna Bromfield
Sienna Bromfield - 23 days ago
Laura Johns
Laura Johns - 24 days ago
I love how you’re being so upfront, they take the mick! Good gal xo
Selina Quien
Selina Quien - 24 days ago
omg yo
omg yo - 25 days ago
1:35 its versace honey learn
person xie
person xie - 25 days ago
1:29 Versace I think
Molly Dickens
Molly Dickens - 25 days ago
It also depends on what time of year you go! If it’s busy they don’t bargain much because they know there’s loads of people around, but if you go in winter or when it rains, they bargain a lot more as it’s quiet and they want money! Xx
Fanta Donata
Fanta Donata - 26 days ago
The brent is versace
Lily’s Life
Lily’s Life - 26 days ago
I managed to get a Gucci belt from 20 to 8😂✌🏻
Diana Sobko
Diana Sobko - 27 days ago
so I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t have a british accent or because I know how to bargain- but I had such an easy time over there and get to all the prices that i wanted to get
Elfy Elf
Elfy Elf - 28 days ago
Living in hk Is actually really expensive. Some places in hk cost more than london. They're just more desperate in hk :(
Deya - 29 days ago
I don’t think they were selling too high or ripping off for a replica. Yeah, it’s not the real deal but it looks very close to the real one for $25? That’s not bad. Anything higher than maybe $40 is a rip off but the prices were fair! Original prices would have costs in the hundreds if not thousands. For the phone case $10 isn’t bad bc you would’ve paid a lot more than that for the authentic item! Also, they did try to negotiate, but you declined their offers. It’s a fake designer market, which needs to be kept in mind. You can’t go in there expecting to get things for almost no cost! They are trying to profit off of it.
sup_ monica
sup_ monica - 29 days ago
I went to China town in NYC, and the replicas were poor quality and wayyyy too expensive. Like $50 for a terrible LV wallet.
Debbie Fenn
Debbie Fenn - 29 days ago
Given the relevant authorities pursue sellers of fake designer goods, I'm really surprised that these guys sell them openly without anyone from trades descriptions etc on their case.
the street myth
the street myth - 29 days ago
I really don’t like bargaining in stores even in the market ...you can ask for a better price but offering to give less than half price is ridiculous! These people have to live they don’t get their stuffs for free I mean...
Ana Santapau
Ana Santapau - 29 days ago
Versace is the belt you didn't recognize.
Hattie Lambert
Hattie Lambert - Month ago
@Roxxsaurus its Versace
be witched
be witched - Month ago
£8 for a phonecase its not much t all! Normally phone cases cost 15 or even 30£
Maggie Jiang
Maggie Jiang - Month ago
I’m learning so many bargaining skills from watching your videos 😂
Also a lot of times these sellers have already agreed on a fixed price to sell these products in order not to undercut each other and allowing them to sell at high prices.
SenMallika - Month ago
He used the lighter because if it was plastic it would've burned up!
SenMallika - Month ago
Hong Kong is the second most expensive place to live in the world, WAYY above London :P
No hate, just thought it's important to point out!
I think receptiveness to bargaining is more a feature of Asian culture, which is why you felt the difference.
Afsana Begum
Afsana Begum - Month ago
Ohhhh I live in Camden but it's upsetting how I didn't see you 😭 mkae sure you come next time ❤️
Google User
Google User - Month ago
Love the pink bag; suits you best.
Google User
Google User - Month ago
"why you don't want the one that says CG?"
"Because it says CG and not GG."
"You can't have everything for £15."
. . . [2 minutes later] -- sells it to her for £15.
Mary Scammell
Mary Scammell - Month ago
I love going to Camden market
Aarati Yonjan
Aarati Yonjan - Month ago
How many times did she say fake😂
eh? - Month ago
1:33 Versace darling
maddie Rickhuss
maddie Rickhuss - Month ago
Hey Rox!
There is this new app called Vova where they have loads of fake designer stuff really cheap! Please do a haul video of it and review!!! Xxx
Filipina - Life in Uk Gardener
I'm coming there wowwwwww
Filipina - Life in Uk Gardener
Would love to go there
Leonora Rozenbaha
Leonora Rozenbaha - Month ago
Can someone please let me know where in London this market is ?
Liv NYC - Month ago
Leonora Rozenbaha camden town
Beyza Yilmaz
Beyza Yilmaz - Month ago
Your edits are coool
Aina Marie
Aina Marie - Month ago
1:28 its versace
beckii_jx - Month ago
Your so funny 🤣🤣 bringing up the threads 🧵
Mia Corish
Mia Corish - Month ago
They are asking for £40 and ur asking for £15 they have to make money ya know u cant always get wot u want.
Mia Corish
Mia Corish - Month ago
@Liv NYC oh srry i thought it was real woops
Liv NYC - Month ago
Mia Corish it’s fake,it’s not worth 40
Chloe Lou
Chloe Lou - Month ago
Me and my friend got two phone cases for £5 when they were supposed to be £6 each, so when her mum asked the man how much it was, she pretended that the man said £5 for both and he just had to agree 😂
Rachel Schekall
Rachel Schekall - Month ago
Love these videos
Army Yeon
Army Yeon - Month ago
I'm sorry but what's the song at the beginning?
Chanice Obrien
Chanice Obrien - Month ago
Go to bury new road in Manchester !!!!
Alex Beliebs
Alex Beliebs - Month ago
1:31 vercase
Liv NYC - Month ago
Alex Beliebs versace*
Georgie Kaye
Georgie Kaye - Month ago
me trying to make myself feel special = **800th*comment*
Jana Deni
Jana Deni - Month ago
like i literally can’t stand your face and voice and everything but idk why i still watch you 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Liv NYC - Month ago
Jana Deni don’t watch her then
Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes - Month ago
You shouldn’t spend any money on Camden. These guys are disgusting and are in a lot of trouble with the police. I used to date on of the guys in the stalls u went to, and they are not legally allowed to be selling this. They are drug dealers, and in the flats above the stalls they deal and stash their cash and drugs, hence why the shops only accept cash. Just wanted let you know.
Andrea Brodahl
Andrea Brodahl - Month ago
Where in london is that?
Andrea Brodahl
Andrea Brodahl - Month ago
Liv NYC okay thanks
Liv NYC - Month ago
Andrea Brodahl camden town, it’s camden market
its_shades room
its_shades room - Month ago
I was there like yesterday and Camden is amazing
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