The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Heather Courtney
Heather Courtney - 6 hours ago
More Mario Easter eggs yaaaaaaaaaaaay
Tito Huang
Tito Huang - 14 hours ago
more player mode plzzzz
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy - 20 hours ago
it is a zelda or a mario
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy - 20 hours ago
a big nagtie zelda like we hate wtf ist this breath is 1000000% beter
Tyler Heard
Tyler Heard - Day ago
Looks good, but I wish they would have remade a link to the past
wolf keller
wolf keller - Day ago
1:16 mario easter egg
Swift Heart Rabbit
Swift Heart Rabbit - Day ago
Nah, they were in the original. This is a remake.
ensomniiac - Day ago
Nintendo is gonna sell so many consoles in this coming year!
Alessandro Siles Durán
A Link to the Past Remastered XD
Louis-Philippe Taschereau
I completed it so many times on the gameboy. First look, I still prefer the gameboy ambiance and since it looks a lot like "A Link between worlds" I fear it will be a little easier than the original. Well i guess i prefer the 8bit render for that type of games, letting my imagination decide what it really looks like. Still, I think it's a great idea to remake this masterpiece.
Shy Kaiman
Shy Kaiman - 3 days ago
Dafuq, they ruined the art of one of the best old games from Zelda. Link's awakening had a obscure and good art that made this game unique, now looks like another bad wii game franchise, these graphics are for 5 y old kids...bad reading...
Sparky - 2 days ago
Cute =/= for kids.
Clara - 4 days ago
It's so cute 😶💖😍
Kaylied Gamer
Kaylied Gamer - 4 days ago
Another 2D top down Zelda.... looks like a tarted up 3DS game.... sorry Nintendo this is s step back from BOTW.... imo you need to move with the times or you will soon fall flat.
Kaylied Gamer
Kaylied Gamer - 3 days ago
@Jacob Reynolds No never played the GBA version - comment stands - it is just another 2D Zelda cash in imo that looks more suited to a 3DS than the Switch.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 4 days ago
Have you never played this game? Also you’re acting like this is the actual next Zelda game
TheyCallMeBruski - 4 days ago
i like the music
Awesome City Kid 614
Awesome City Kid 614 - 4 days ago
1:24 So Calming
Seth Morrow
Seth Morrow - 5 days ago
I need this theme
TheOneTrueKit - 5 days ago
The theme as it was always meant to be!
Just the tale of a boy with a sword, lost alone on the woods....
But seriously, that harmony and Who ever wrote the Oboe’s part - I didn’t ever know it was missing until there it was
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - 5 days ago
I can't remember the last time I cried or had tears form naturally. Hearing that ending with Marin sing ballad of the windfish felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. My eyes were filled with tears without warning. It was like a sharp punch in the gut and a slap in the back of the head, but without pain nor negative feeling. I've only ever felt tears of sorrow, then nothingness for several years. If this is what tears of happiness feel like, I wish to feel this again.
Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker - 5 days ago
Please nintendo remake all of the classic zelda games especially the oracle games and link to the past
ZumTrum - 5 days ago
Quem me dera que graal online ficasse assim
CrossRoads - 6 days ago
Next a link to the past remake
Sandman552 - 6 days ago
So far, the only thing that I feel is underwelming about the game is the music. I see what they're going for, and it sounds nice, but it doesn't have the same feeling of epicness as the original.
Optidorf - 6 days ago
Nice, can't wait for The Legend of Zelda: THIEF's Awakening.
BLUE MOXIE - 7 days ago
The First SNES Game i ever played, and the Greatest game ever made.
David Resin
David Resin - 6 days ago
That was the GameBoy game, not SNES.
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 7 days ago
For me the most important question is (!!! spoiler alert !!!):

Can you still steal items from the shop?
DylanDude - 7 days ago
lLinkl - 7 days ago
Ahhh, her hair looks good
TRY IT - 7 days ago
hype is real
pørkÿ pįg
pørkÿ pįg - 7 days ago
Semi Order
Semi Order - 7 days ago
why the frick are there goombas.
Savage Antelope
Savage Antelope - 7 days ago
Why is there a chain chomp
wolfslullaby - 7 days ago
I wish the last few seconds on the video were longer
tfg.neonspinne - 7 days ago
Juu Jika
Juu Jika - 7 days ago
Cutest Zelda game, saddest Zelda end.
Abel Tamaca
Abel Tamaca - 8 days ago
Here's my $$
Dubard Mickael
Dubard Mickael - 8 days ago
Pokémon with the same style ....
•Izzu cat Chan•
•Izzu cat Chan• - 8 days ago
Me: hey look young link your "new" smol friend
Young link: *I have my masks*
K Fink
K Fink - 8 days ago
Nintendo should just stop making new Zelda games. Who needs them when you can capitalize on nostalgia and resell the same games five times?
K Fink
K Fink - 7 days ago
@DylanDude Didn't even know they did. My b, I don't keep up closely.
DylanDude - 8 days ago
It’s not like they just announced a new major entry, or anything...
Ozarazil - 8 days ago
I hate this game i hate it so much i hate it hate it!!! Dude this whole game is such a dick move!!!
Ozarazil - 6 days ago
@Joeda 900 I get why people like it, im just a person with childish tastes. I can't stand the end of the game, just cant haha i mean, to me the end of that game will always be a huge dick move...
Ozarazil - 6 days ago
@Jacob Reynolds Of course i have...
Joeda 900
Joeda 900 - 8 days ago
This game is actually one of the best zelda game out there
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 8 days ago
Have you even played it?
MaladroitColors - 8 days ago
Fart at 1:03
You’re welcome
GoldenFantasia - 8 days ago
welp, time to beat the original.
Look at!! That cute bby Link!!! I'm in love!!!!
isabella alva
isabella alva - 8 days ago
I cannot wait!! Coming out 9/20/2019!!
Sugarfreak - 9 days ago
Feels very plastic
HS_Magma - 9 days ago
Goombas in Z E L D A.
The shocker
The shocker - 9 days ago
DylanDude - 8 days ago
It was already on 3DS.
The shocker
The shocker - 9 days ago
on switch
Mastered UI goku
Mastered UI goku - 9 days ago
Now THIS is zelda
Satanas Luciferi
Satanas Luciferi - 9 days ago
Not a big fan of links face but its a great game none the less
Rush IV
Rush IV - 9 days ago
I just want Windwaker on switch :(
oh Ikaros
oh Ikaros - 9 days ago
Can they just make a game with the vibe of twilights princess again
oh Ikaros
oh Ikaros - 8 days ago
@FrozenPotato botw graphically was pretty bad tho imo the pastel filter is a huge turnoff for me personally. ive seen the trailer and maybe its gonna be darker but idk never played more than a few hrs on the first one
FrozenPotato - 8 days ago
oh Ikaros they are right now look at the botw 2 trailer
per son
per son - 9 days ago
this looks like one of my japanese animes
Devil'sAdvocate - 9 days ago
This is the Zelda I grew up on. I can't get into "third person" Zelda. Day one buy for me
Irie Reviewer
Irie Reviewer - 9 days ago
20th September 2019 - release
Dek 05
Dek 05 - 9 days ago
I bought the original game in my switch just before watching this...
Dek 05
Dek 05 - 9 days ago
(i got depressed
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch - 9 days ago
is more a remaster, a remake i would of liked would have been copying over botw's engine and adding new shiz and putting him on a huge island with a remaster of the plot
DylanDude - 9 days ago
That wouldn’t have worked, and this is still a remake.
Mylon Anthony
Mylon Anthony - 9 days ago
This game look fun
holy hecc
holy hecc - 9 days ago
should’ve called it Link’s Reawakening
Raul Enzo
Raul Enzo - 9 days ago
earthbound remake
Far Beyond Gamer
Far Beyond Gamer - 9 days ago
Can’t wait for the e3 release!
James Olinares
James Olinares - 9 days ago
What's the name of the song playing in yhe trailer?
DylanDude - 9 days ago
Title Theme - Link’s Awakening. The theme at the end is the Ballad of the Wind Fish.
irishgamerartistgirl - 9 days ago
I’m devastatingly disappointed ☹️
irishgamerartistgirl - 8 days ago
DylanDude hahaha I’m so hyped crazy how it was the same day hahaha
DylanDude - 9 days ago
Well that last reply of mine became outdated practically immediately.
DylanDude - 9 days ago
irishgamerartistgirl I mean, it IS just a remake, so hold tight. We probably won’t see that new Zelda for a while, though.
irishgamerartistgirl - 9 days ago
DylanDude ah I see I thought this was the next big release haha not as dissapointrd now
DylanDude - 9 days ago
irishgamerartistgirl This is just something to hold us over until the next Zelda (which we know is in development) can be released.
donny dutchmen
donny dutchmen - 9 days ago
A Link to the past was also an amazing game on the 3DS! I really liked the painting on the wall ability.
And this game looks awesome too! This game and Luigi's Mansion 3 are both joining my collection!+
donny dutchmen
donny dutchmen - 9 days ago
@DylanDude yes sorry losing track of the names by now :))
DylanDude - 9 days ago
You mean A Link Between Worlds?
Tony Queen
Tony Queen - 9 days ago
What do wee want... A link to the past remake... when do wee want it!! last week.
Jcy Usi
Jcy Usi - 9 days ago
This must be a joke!
DylanDude - 9 days ago
Jcy Usi You should probably look at this: This is a remake.
Jcy Usi
Jcy Usi - 9 days ago
@DylanDude This can't be the new announcement of Zelda.
DylanDude - 9 days ago
What’s wrong?
Jamal Richardson
Jamal Richardson - 10 days ago
The thumbnail looked like a sao game
Subliminally Multicultural
IT was the best 2D zelda gam of all time and now it's KING in 3D
King CleCle
King CleCle - 10 days ago
It's confirmed it's going to be at the E3! Only 1 day remaining to see more of it!! 🤩😻😻❤️❤️
ZeldaBoy - 10 days ago
Just give us a release date on E3 Nintendo!!
loan dothithanh
loan dothithanh - 10 days ago
I think Breath of wild is better
Joeda 900
Joeda 900 - 8 days ago
This is a remake, it's not a big contest....
Gluten Frei Neuland
Gluten Frei Neuland - 10 days ago
Ist es schon draussen?
Noah Schmaltz
Noah Schmaltz - 10 days ago
This is a big downgrade from breath of the wild I’m completely disappointed
FrozenPotato - 10 days ago
this isn't a sequel to botw, its just a remake.
Sparky - 10 days ago
You’re comparing two completely different games.
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 10 days ago
Can we get a release date? Please and thank you
Hitnrun 66
Hitnrun 66 - 10 days ago
They brought back the old school zelda approach
DylanDude - 10 days ago
Probably just for this remake, though.
Bad Chamnel
Bad Chamnel - 10 days ago
Thafuk nintendo thank you
hugo 4363
hugo 4363 - 10 days ago
Rewatching this, it looks way different then I remember.
Xo Phantomz
Xo Phantomz - 10 days ago
Nintendo this is not what we wanted
DylanDude - 8 days ago
@Majora Majora's Mask was a much smaller game, and used a formula which would not work with Breath of the Wild. Even if we've just seen the game, it will likely not be out for another two years at least.
Majora - 8 days ago
@DylanDude reusing assets, like they did for Majora's Mask.
Majora - 8 days ago
@Xo Phantomz they just announced one
DylanDude - 9 days ago
Xo Phantomz How would they make a sequel in just two years? Breath of the Wild took at least five to develop.
Xo Phantomz
Xo Phantomz - 9 days ago
Why not a breath of the wild sequal
Mastermind8908 - 10 days ago
The tears... THE TEARS!! I hear Marin's hum and I felt like I was gonna cry.
Mayo god
Mayo god - 9 days ago
kefka3 - 10 days ago
I wish Link didn't look like a tiny plastic vault boy figure.
DeathShadow123 - 10 days ago
imagine this game
DylanDude - 10 days ago
You mean, something that wouldn’t work?
Barr3LtoURdome - 10 days ago
this is the most pointless remaster you can cant change a GOAT game id rather play the pixelated game than this weird looking one
DylanDude - 10 days ago
Pointless? This remake is fixing key gameplay issues with the original. Not everything is about graphics.
naoual sami
naoual sami - 10 days ago
Nicolás Rodrigo Cruz Camacho
El nuevo link=
Link plastelina.
Gareth McLovin
Gareth McLovin - 11 days ago
I'm now getting a switch 😎for this and Mario kart
Gareth McLovin
Gareth McLovin - 6 days ago
@Gay Mexican With a Lisp Thanks I will check it out😊
Gay Mexican With a Lisp
Gareth McLovin get breath of the Wild best game on that console
TheDaxter11 - 11 days ago
can someone explain to me why mario enemies like goombas and chain chomps are in this game?
naoual sami
naoual sami - 10 days ago
The whole game is a dream
NoobieSnake - 11 days ago
This Link looks like a Ditto transformation...🤔
A T - 11 days ago
This looks terrible.
Joeda 900
Joeda 900 - 8 days ago
*Amazing there I fixed your opinion
DylanDude - 10 days ago
How so?
naoual sami
naoual sami - 10 days ago
Default Boi
Default Boi - 11 days ago
If only the new Pokemon game have this kind of graphic......
SFIT2000 - 11 days ago
Ohhh that theme at the end
Dylan DaKing
Dylan DaKing - 11 days ago
*chain chomp has entered the chat*
*goomba has entered the chat*

Hey - 11 days ago
n word
Owen Cass
Owen Cass - 11 days ago
Flashbacks to link between worlds
Olivier Béland
Olivier Béland - 11 days ago
Being my first and favorite, cool!
SkyCSGO - 11 days ago
L3O - 11 days ago
Remastered or remake ?
Hugo - 11 days ago
jay oh
jay oh - 11 days ago
Showed this to my dog it turned into a flying one eyed. Beast that blows flames out his pooper.
michael j
michael j - 11 days ago
just started playing BOTW
Gameslord - 11 days ago
Donovan Phillips
Donovan Phillips - 11 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to start a petition to have Nintendo make a Zelda anime.
Sandy Kumiko Kurai
Sandy Kumiko Kurai - 11 days ago
Kittah mawistik, necpaktia tlein in Nawatl
Raylon Adames
Raylon Adames - 11 days ago
Its like the minish cap but animated instead of 8- bit
naoual sami
naoual sami - 10 days ago
@Sparky gee i wonder why
Sparky - 11 days ago
Or... like the original Link’s Awakening?
Rani San
Rani San - 11 days ago
If nintendo slowly does all the zelda games from first to last on Switch i will be really happy.
FlytePvP - 11 days ago
I mean its Zelda... but I wish the art style was different, it looks like like link between worlds which was my least favorite Zelda game. I don't want to be nitpicky, but I wish they made another game like breath of the wild or twilight princess.
naoual sami
naoual sami - 10 days ago
That a remake
FlytePvP - 11 days ago
I’m young-ish, so I never really was able to, and my mom who surely has, never brought the game or the console to so I never got the chance sadly
Sparky - 11 days ago
Have you ever played Link’s Awakening?
Patrick - 11 days ago
Robin Light
Robin Light - 11 days ago
Why does link looks like he belongs at Elf practice
The Dude
The Dude - 11 days ago
Never played the old one.. But i might play this one
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 7 days ago
Links Awakening is a really good game that aged well. Regardless which version you´ll try out, if you like Zelda games, you´ll like Links Awakening for sure!
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