LIFE WILL HIT YOU - Best Motivational Video

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Ben Lionel Scott
Ben Lionel Scott - 4 months ago
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Motivation Energy
Motivation Energy - Hour ago
Life Ishard
Life Ishard - Month ago
I'm hitting that wall..I'll be back when I break that wall....I deserve that and I'm gonna have it..
Mr A
Mr A - 2 months ago
Are you allowed charging others for work that isn't yours?
Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed - 3 months ago
@Chris Bello Also Eric Thomas
Motivation Energy
Motivation Energy - Hour ago
Its life - Better days in 2020
Tobias Rodriguez
Tobias Rodriguez - Day ago
Muy lindo lo q dice pero le falta estribillo
Dianna Harris
Dianna Harris - 5 days ago
Some time life will hit you with a brick wall in your head but never give up. Sometimes the great thing is on the other side of fear, pain, negative effects and suffering but never give. Life is too short to waste time on a thing that does give you the best opportunity for happiness. Go and do whAtever that makes you reach for success and your dream goal. Ho for it and never give up. Try, try and never stop trying. God is with you and just believe you can do. You can do it .
Zaillien Krien Vega
Zaillien Krien Vega - 8 days ago
Today, i hit the wall. It feels like I can't see ahead of it, but with this motivational video I will engrave this to my heart and strive
اصيل عبدربه
اصيل عبدربه - 8 days ago
Remains good I accept
Sam Curren
Sam Curren - 12 days ago
One day I will have 1 million people watching my videos. Mark my words
Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison - 12 days ago
keep pluggin away brotha
Az Z
Az Z - 12 days ago
I watched this before go to toilet
El Said
El Said - 14 days ago
I believe!!!!!❤️
Amruta Patil
Amruta Patil - 14 days ago
So inspiring dat last line was it truly touch my heart " dat i deserve dis n i am gonna have it ".
billy kenny
billy kenny - 15 days ago
I'm fighting in a half an hour after watching dis vid I got this
Josh Moeller
Josh Moeller - 18 days ago
im at rock bottom homeless broke alone but i wont give up i gonna try as hard as i can to try to have a successful life im not gonna let anyone stop me
Carlos Virves
Carlos Virves - 18 days ago
Spencer - 19 days ago
I'm broken... but still fighting. Till I die, I will fight. I don't care if my legs give out, and I have to drag myself forward, I will not lose. God will get me out. Sometimes the wall that's in your way can become the thing you lean on for strength.
Potato Rekt
Potato Rekt - 21 day ago
And if you keep hitting that wall, here is what happens to you;

Max Latimer
Max Latimer - 22 days ago
It’s not about how hard u hit it’s about how much u can take and keep moving forward- Rocky
Bianca Gavilanes
Bianca Gavilanes - 24 days ago
who is the person speaking
Lonaj Gamer
Lonaj Gamer - 24 days ago
Get over it. This is life. Welcome to the fucking world 🌎
GTX_ HAULS - 26 days ago
You'r already in pain......don't quit............ Get a reward from it
phillip cairns
phillip cairns - 27 days ago
What is the wall?
melissa heaton
melissa heaton - 28 days ago
Love love love love love!!!
PileOTrash - 29 days ago
When you have to go in front of the class tomorrow
ANIL DEMİRER - 29 days ago
I Love And Enjoy Life
I Love And Enjoy Life - Month ago
Amazing content!
Luke Brizendine
Luke Brizendine - Month ago
I’m about to hit a big wall. Wish me luck brothers
thewhateveryt - 21 day ago
good luck╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮  ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯ 💧        💧
F W - Month ago
Why would ppl dislike this
Tim - Month ago
I feel like I just hit the wall at 15, I know there are many walls to come. I think I am ready for them but when they hit I won't be ready. Thanks to these videos I keep going no matter what because time never stop even if you stop.
Jheez Heez
Jheez Heez - Month ago
Thank u
Ted s
Ted s - Month ago
Can't wait tillbi come out of the other side
mohammed mahtaab
mohammed mahtaab - Month ago
Dr Joe joe 8872
Dr Joe joe 8872 - Month ago
Watched this before getting out of bed to feed the cats.
EminemBeats - Month ago
I need this so much, just watched it before starting the day & getting out of bed - although I don't know what I'm starting. Almost cried watching this video & I'll probably have to watch a motivational video every day before getting out of bed... I'm 24 & I'm probably at the worst period of my life I've been so far. I have no clue what I'm doing, where I'm going & who I want to be in the future. I'm sitting in this hole feeling like I can't get out. I sleep till 11-12am because I have no direction, & when I wake up I don't want to get up because I feel no sense of my life right now & no motivation. I wake up & I ask myself: 'Why am I even getting up, to what, what's the point..??'. I would love waking up at 5-6am with a smile on my face knowing that I have drive & motivation & a goal or a cause. But I don't, I'm stuck in this trap & don't know how to get out...😟
Hope You have a great day guys...👍
EminemBeats - Month ago
@Franko Kash what do You exactly mean by that?
Franko Kash
Franko Kash - Month ago
EminemBeats break yourself. Slam yourself into that wall over and over and over again until you break that wall and break yourself... and you will evolve.
TheLJEffect - Month ago
Les Brown & Eric Thomas dropping words of motivational wisdom. Thank you❤🙏
WizZard - Month ago
Some of us don’t just hit the wall....... some of us bounce off the wall a whole bunch of fucking times.
Not_Carsonツ - Month ago
I hate this video because of this 0:52
The Unknown
The Unknown - Month ago
We are all in this together
aboutblank - Month ago
Phonie ...
M M - Month ago
If I hit a wall I’m gonna spray painting on it
Call me Snowyy
Call me Snowyy - Month ago
로데릭Rod - Month ago
Exam starting today and yet I'm still on youtube🤷‍♂.... Rip my school grades😭 anyone can help me get off from youtube?
Hey there
Hey there - Month ago
itzzyaBoii Josh
itzzyaBoii Josh - Month ago
If you hit the wall. Get up. Smash through that wall
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