Ken Block's Favorite Rally in America: The Rally in the 100 Acre Wood!

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Ken Block
Ken Block - Month ago
What's your favorite rally (in the world), and why?
Khurshid Chaudhary
Khurshid Chaudhary - 7 hours ago
Because of oldi goldi
Khurshid Chaudhary
Khurshid Chaudhary - 7 hours ago
Legend rally
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams - Day ago
Wellsboro (STPR) close to home, very nostalgic. Great memories trekking up in our clapped out japanese sportscars, camping, and rally cars.
HINDBIR GILL - 3 days ago
WRC Finland .. rally heaven if u get it right & rally hell if u get it wrong..ton of fun anyway
Abbas Miyanji
Abbas Miyanji - 4 days ago
Safari Rally! True test of man and machine.
Khurshid Chaudhary
Khurshid Chaudhary - 7 hours ago
I love ken block and my number is also 43
HINDBIR GILL - 3 days ago
all hail Peter Solberg..the only rallyist to give the mighty Sebastian Loeb run for his money..and that was when Loeb was at the peak of his career .. Solberg is awesome..
What you Know
What you Know - 10 days ago
So did he get dnf result for ken?
Adi Bla
Adi Bla - 12 days ago
Where can i see the results of this rally
Murf Rirhke
Murf Rirhke - 12 days ago
Was there and was sorry to see the car break. My first rally event and I’m hooked. Going to drag the toy hauler next year and make a weekend of it. All the best to your team.
Rory Smith
Rory Smith - 14 days ago
At 5:18 you can see me. I'm the one standing along the fence with the shaggy blond hair and a guy standing on the tailgate of a 100 series land cruiser behind me.
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez - 14 days ago
Putting I'm that work! 7 hours. Sheesh
JOE GOMEZ - 14 days ago
Ken your a legend everything you drives a beast even if the car is not running right you drive it like you stole it that's why I've always been a big fan
marvDE - 14 days ago
Iman Sanei
Iman Sanei - 14 days ago
Check my dads cossy out on my IG @imansaneii
Brandon Tanner
Brandon Tanner - 14 days ago
When they do this rally i can hear it from my house the course they take is only about a mile from my yard lol
juul god
juul god - 14 days ago
juul god
juul god - 14 days ago
I love in Missouri
roblox noob was here!
roblox noob was here! - 15 days ago
Who really like ford? Ken block and me i guess
MICRII - 21 day ago
Świetny klip
HighLiner15 - 22 days ago
Ken should have got the Carfox before his purchase!! HAHA!!! 🏁☠🚔
Moudy - 24 days ago
Question... Ken Block how can we go for a drive with you?
Moudy - 24 days ago
Favorite road would have to be Australia and new zealand... ken block have you done the great ocean road yet or Philip island?
John Bruce
John Bruce - 24 days ago
I'm so mad at myself for not going to 100AW this year. Ugggggh!!!
Gavin Layne
Gavin Layne - 25 days ago
Look! it’s my driveway! Haha
Keiran George
Keiran George - 26 days ago
Competed against Petter and Oliver, that must be a funny feeling Ken 😂
PowerSports - 26 days ago
I got video of you on Stage 1. Was sitting on the cliff at Stage 14, waiting for you to fly through the water crossing... and instead you walked behind me, hung out with us, and watched everyone else drive by! Would of loved to see you thrash that water crossing! Maybe next year? ^_^
kenneth arceo
kenneth arceo - 26 days ago
i will watch the driving action of kenblock at washington dc
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 27 days ago
Are you dirt nasty
Major Lee
Major Lee - 28 days ago
xempt. one
xempt. one - 28 days ago
Fuck, whangarei way too far away for me to come see ya.
Emperor Hans
Emperor Hans - 28 days ago
No one wears me! I wear you! xD
Colton Beam
Colton Beam - 28 days ago
Pretty sure I just saw Ken driving down main Street in Park City, slightly freaking out
Jeremy Isaac
Jeremy Isaac - 28 days ago
dhilar channel
dhilar channel - 28 days ago
Good job ken block
TRLWNC1 - 28 days ago
She's in good company. In the book "Record Breakers" by Leo Villa, Malcolm Campbell would push the throttle so hard that he actually broke through the floorboard one time!
After that, they put a wooden board under the gas pedal... ;)
Vitor zica
Vitor zica - 28 days ago
Alguém br
MT Bil og Motorsport
MT Bil og Motorsport - 29 days ago
I can't wait for the next episode. Haven't been this hyped for a new build since the Gym3 Fiesta. (Yeah, the Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck are great, but I am a rallycross guy through and through)
1DjScarface - 29 days ago
Detroit where?!?
Paul Rodrigues
Paul Rodrigues - 29 days ago
What a guy Ken seems to be. All about the fans. Ijust watched him stop what he was doing to interact with fans. About the water on the course pressurizing under the hood. One of the funniest things I've seen in a rally was the top Subaru team at the time just had a new body that year (front end looked like an Edsel) He hit a water crossing and the whole front end exploded.
1quickdub - 29 days ago
This dude looks like the guy from ViceGripGarage
Brando Bro
Brando Bro - 29 days ago
I love the camera angles you guys chose to demonstrate e star and kens driving. Ken with all of his fans is so humble, love the Hoonigan Racing Crew! ❤️
Viktor Tegelberg
Viktor Tegelberg - 29 days ago
ha ha. The helmet sits very well on the head 2:18 😅
TheRoel75 - 29 days ago
Wide roads and not many corners ... I get it 😂
Mini Corndog
Mini Corndog - 29 days ago
I was there, from Missouri and that was a blast can't wait till next year.
Camodo is the best!!!
Camodo is the best!!! - 29 days ago
That is rally cool
FreakshowFapper - Month ago
Damn this got me so hyped for my first gravel rally this year in 6th of April!
WilsonJW 82
WilsonJW 82 - Month ago
Always love watching Ken go flat out. The sound of the car when it finally gets some traction in third is awesome!! Keep it up and no doubt you got this.
Stacy Reid
Stacy Reid - Month ago
Looks like a good time and Lucy's co-driver is extremely pretty " Kristi "
Jono Edwards
Jono Edwards - Month ago
FrankMurphy - Month ago
Car looks good, go get a donk from M-sport, all the best
Steven Harley
Steven Harley - Month ago
Was Ken drunk at the end?
sleeksm4 - Month ago
Forest thank you for the hospitality at the 100aw rally. Got 4 posters from u and walked over to ken to have em all signed. You are a god send thanks brother!
Trevor Weimer
Trevor Weimer - Month ago
Has anyone answered the question?
Bigger Cat
Bigger Cat - Month ago
4:55 "He's my biggest fan"
louiandrews7 - Month ago
you and Terry Grant are the best
Enduro Pietrzejowa
Enduro Pietrzejowa - Month ago
Ken Block doesn't age
Miguel Dominic
Miguel Dominic - Month ago
Curious, how much experience does Ken have working on cars?
Rulue NFMM
Rulue NFMM - Month ago
That's definitely amazing! Ken, you should compete for Dakar Rally maybe someday. What's the vehicle you prefer for Dakar Rally?
colony haze
colony haze - Month ago
Ford problems fixed or repaired daily
Sergey Komarov
Sergey Komarov - Month ago
The Cossie look's amazing!!! GO Ken! GO!!!
Will Nicholson
Will Nicholson - Month ago
Love those turbomac wheels.
UltimatexInstinct - Month ago
Ken: I’ve won 7 of the last 8 races here, but I don’t think there’s a chance of me winning this year
Hipstercat - Month ago
When are you coming to Detroit to demos Ken?
wannabecarguy - Month ago
2 events that no longer exist.
Barstow to Vegas
Rim of the world, California
The road to Vegas is open ,it's worth the drive. I've done it.
Gary Wait
Gary Wait - Month ago
Joys of rallying or racing a cossy , big pain in ass but you gotta love a cosworth
manofknowledge1000 - Month ago
escort cosworth is my favourite car since I was a kid the local drug dealer had one. He unfortunately got shot and is dead but I have always remembered the car and besides that the escort cossie is the most badarse boy racer car of the 90s and therefore ever!!! cant wait to see more of it when you get t fixed!!!!
big - Month ago
starting off bad makes ending great even better, i have high hopes
Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray - Month ago
New cossie best car ever. Favorite rally. Wales rally. Why. I live in noth wales
Chris Hanley
Chris Hanley - Month ago
No clips of that rally lexus? Smh
Randallsixx13 - Month ago
Go team Lucy!
The.#1 T
The.#1 T - Month ago
Can't believe Ken is as old as my dad.
tjingers - Month ago
LSPR or no balls
2011metalmaniac - Month ago
unlucky dude, i imagine it was pretty embarrassing. Never mind cant make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.
Love and respect your taste for the old UK Fords sir.. I've had a 92 Escort RS for over 20 years now.. Still love it..
Exade - Month ago
Nice, you didnt crash :D
wotever99ninynine Hamilton
cool, theyre coming to new zealand! i dont know why rally isnt bigger over here, its a great sport and we have great roads for it, its certainly popular in its own right, but the media never covers it etc. its all rugby rugby rugby. nothing else. the all blacks are great and all. but there are other sports out there that deserve attention too...
Al Borland
Al Borland - Month ago
Ken please come back to the Sno*Drift event!
Lawless -08
Lawless -08 - Month ago
I went to a motorsport collage in the UK called Myerscough and we serviced along side Kens wife’s car on the promenade of Blackpool for the North West Stages.. I think the car must have been on loan as I didn’t spy anyone 😄
Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman - Month ago
Mexico’s a tough rally, but awesome!
Here’s to New Zealand ✊ 🙏!
NoGoMunich - Month ago
Beste Auto optisch der Escort cossi
Quinton Williams
Quinton Williams - Month ago
Hands down the best looking cossie
TheSpeeddemon265 - Month ago
I really love that these events are documented through video cuz the only source that I had was Instagram.
That sucks that it broke down...
Alexander Berg
Alexander Berg - Month ago
Yassss! Ken your the man
ColinBruice - Month ago
Clinton David
Clinton David - Month ago
So bummed I couldn't make it to the rally. It is awesome seeing Ken and everyone on my home turf. I have flew down countess gravel roads. Best times ever!
Justin Beckstrom
Justin Beckstrom - Month ago
So when does the Cossie livery come out on Forza? Been using it in game and loving it but can’t find any good liveries and I’m not very good at making them.
Rawny Jee
Rawny Jee - Month ago
Can we get more helmet cam clips in the videos with like a replay of the slides when showing the scenes?
JSmooVE3990 - Month ago
Ken Block doesn't fake anything for cameras I think that's why I like watching him.
Adam Danielson
Adam Danielson - Month ago
I would love to see some raw in-car footage of a stage
paul savage
paul savage - Month ago
Great content guys
Zach Benedetti
Zach Benedetti - Month ago
@hoonigan Will there be a best of 2018 compilation soon?
Nice to see a fiesta out there ripping it up!
Paris Edwards
Paris Edwards - Month ago
Lol dude in the back at 6:05
Broc Christensen
Broc Christensen - Month ago
Lucy was really late into stage 15 it was fun to follow her in the sweep truck for sure.
Bill Maris
Bill Maris - Month ago
The guy hiding behind his wife at 6:02.
DOMINIC Dunn - Month ago
Somebody take a guess of how many people were just there to see Ken.
kimchi frank
kimchi frank - Month ago
So awesome!
Johan Sidén
Johan Sidén - Month ago
What part failed? We wanna know some more of the tech behind it, what kind of engine is it etc? 😊
Johan Sidén
Johan Sidén - Month ago
+Ken Block I see. I hope you solve it in time for NZ, I also like the attention to cleanliness of the car prior to shipping it over there and you mentioning that there isn't really any idea putting a new engine in there when you don't know the problem. This might seem normal to alot of folks but fact finding and error searching is so important to not spend lots of money and time doing the same thing over and over again.
Ken Block
Ken Block - Month ago
Johan Sidén We aren’t sure yet but it looks like a detonation issue.
James Nichols
James Nichols - Month ago
26 people that hate life dislike this video.
d pizzle
d pizzle - Month ago
I love how you call him the HHIC
MAGA TRUMP20/20 - Month ago
Love ken block he's the Ford man
Kamrin Milburn
Kamrin Milburn - Month ago
Yeehaa guys!!!
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