I Took my TESLA to MAACO, The Result Won’t Shock You

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randy daudt
randy daudt - 54 minutes ago
Heelo Rich. If you look at their little sign showing the extra cost of materials for painting a urethane bumper cover on this video you will note that they were selling you an Adhision promoter, not an Adhesion promoter. I think that explains why the paint started sliding off of your bumper cover, no Adhesion!!! I use to teach autobody repair and in all my years of working in and teaching I never came across and Adhision promoter!!
Dr Strange
Dr Strange - 15 hours ago
Them rims thoo
Travis k
Travis k - 2 days ago
Don't kid yourself. Maaco doesn't do any prep
Tru Silent
Tru Silent - 5 days ago
6,000,000 how the hell did you get that unlikely number
I Tried
I Tried - 5 days ago
did u buy from manhiem or AAA
itchy AIDS
itchy AIDS - 10 days ago
Usually after sex iam the one who gets billed.
Arturo Bolanos
Arturo Bolanos - 11 days ago
It take 30 days for the paint to cure.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis - 12 days ago
I have watched many of your videos . Thanks for all the great information. I have learned a lot about EV's .The most shocking thing is how Tesla sells used vehicles no pics and ones they do send you looks like a 6th grader took before being let out to recess. The local buy here pay here lot does a better job. I think the most important thing I have learned is there is no such thing as a cheap EV. The most surprising thing is how bad the door handles are and mainly because of waterproofing. Tesla going to build a pickup the will be better than the F-150 and they cant build a waterproof door handle? What will happen when you unload your EV boat and the back end of your EV truck is in the water? EV's has come along ways but if you cant afford a new one with the eight years warranty, then you can't afford one at all. Repairs will eat your lunch and your dinner .Thanks for all the great videos and information.
wheredidileavemycell - 12 days ago
they spelled adhesion wrong.
Stefan - 13 days ago
Jes i bill them 😂
kevin moore
kevin moore - 14 days ago
get a refund
610v - 14 days ago
If it's gonna be covered why spend $426 to paint it ???????!!! 😩
no112358 - 14 days ago
Shitty Speaker...
LootableCorpse - 15 days ago
I'm soooo confused. I thought this was your wife's Tesla for a while now. What happened to your model x?
Harry Hov
Harry Hov - 15 days ago
So rich what kind of Tesla do you have ??
Steven Hands
Steven Hands - 15 days ago
U got robbed paying 426 dollars for that paint job...
Kris keir
Kris keir - 15 days ago
Rich what happened to your roof rack???
A think it looks great on with the primer colour alot of people will disagree but who cares lol
Edward 86
Edward 86 - 16 days ago
Put the newly painted bunper directly on the tarmac.
cyphre - 16 days ago
Maaco definitely doesn't disappoint... with their inevitable failure.
Buttram Goldfinger
Buttram Goldfinger - 16 days ago
dude i'm 61 & maaco has been garbage going back to the middle 60's, when they first came in to Minnesota. there rep is "painting dirty car's, & getting dumb @$$ people to pay them for there crummy-work! "maaco"couldn't paint my toilet seat.
matt bell
matt bell - 17 days ago
Honestly thought you were about to say "but KOVE didn't pay me for this so fuck them"
Skinny2Swole - 17 days ago
goonzquad can paint your ish.
William Woody
William Woody - 17 days ago
You’re a presence on social media-why would you accept this level of incompetence and contempt? If you had called them on it , they’d have refunded your money, but more importantly you’d have boxed their ears in and taught them to respect the people who come after you. When you accept this you fuck us all. You don’t accept mediocrity and cynicism in yourself or your friends. We have a responsibility to stop this kind of consumer ripoff. Very disappointing.Will I be any more impressed by Kove speakers?
Tito - 17 days ago
Ahhhh so thats how she got painted... Good episode...
StanThaBeatMan _
StanThaBeatMan _ - 17 days ago
1 500? The fuck did you expect?
2 Stop being cheep.
3 Not all maco shops are same do research
4 You knew there are better shops.
5 See #1
Myke Ramz
Myke Ramz - 18 days ago
How much did the wrap run you?
systematic101 - 18 days ago
$426 and they do a shitty job? I could do better with the cans.
Mike Icee
Mike Icee - 18 days ago
5:47 Maaco SOLD you "Adhision" instead of adhesion... it looks like the primer peeled from the sanded bumper cover! WOW
Aware M
Aware M - 19 days ago
Could have paid another 150-200 for a perfect paint job
Mark Von Bumblebutt
Mark Von Bumblebutt - 19 days ago
Burn at the end was good.
Saint Robert's
Saint Robert's - 19 days ago
Your commercial locked my screen, I'll make sure that never happens again...
Devin Vanoutrive
Devin Vanoutrive - 19 days ago
Y'all don't know bout that Earl Scheib...
David Hotrum
David Hotrum - 19 days ago
You shudda bought primer rattle cans. Did you learn your lesson?
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb - 19 days ago
Maaco buys their paint by the trainload so they get it for pennies, and the employees of the local ones i've seen get paid by the job and not by the hour. So the paint cost is nil and the employee does the work for a few dollars. They actually make more money because of the volume than any regular shops could even come close to.
They always advertise the cheapest job to get you in the door and then proceed to tell you that your job is special which will take more time and money. Example: their base full paint job is single stage paint sprayed after just a quick wash with scuff-stuff and a scotch brite pad. Then they blow it dry, tape it up and paint. Takes about 15 mins. Shoot it through the drying room, detape, wash, and call the customer. This is usually $300 and the painter can do 15 to 20 of these a day.
Any bodywork is then added to the cost at very inflated prices for anything extra from above.
If you have a cheap car you want to freshen up to sell and don't care about quality then this is a good scenario. This is how a lot of small car dealers make a killing. I have never seen anyone go there and come out happy with the quality of the cheapest paint job on the planet thinking they would do the same quality work as a normal shop that has to pay half of the bill to the paint store for materials.

You always get what you pay for when it comes to paint and body work.
globular ninja
globular ninja - 20 days ago
It looks great
Natron AW
Natron AW - 20 days ago
Iono where you live, but macco where I’m from wouldn’t even give that bumper back to you. they’d reprep and respray that thing in a heart beat.
OBG70 - 20 days ago
I own an auto collision repair shop that is one of the highest rated in Southern California. I paint bumpers for $600.00 with life time warranty against defects in paint and workmanship. This of course excludes sand damage, rock chips and owner abuse. What you showed in the video was horribly over priced for what you got. Next time go to a local family operated body shop like mine.
INCC74656I - 20 days ago
i work at an after-market shop. ive seen vehicles come in from macco and its pretty terrible. have two customers right now who are in law suites with them. ive seen them slather bondo over panel gaps to hide them, half assed glue jobs on patch panels, they claimed on one vehicle to 'replace all rusted panels with new' and all they did was cover the rust with bondo and spray over... they are a terrible shop. i would buy an inflatable paint booth and do my own before i took anything to macco...
StealthEagle - 20 days ago
Vote trump!
Edvar S
Edvar S - 20 days ago
Wow, MAACO are shit. Thanks for the heads up.
Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen
They got you for 500 smack's son
Time to call a lawyer
nobody - 20 days ago
as it turns out- spraypainting at home would have been cheaper
Michael Lindley
Michael Lindley - 20 days ago
As you know. Maaco charged you for something they didn't do. Plus I do quality work. And I only charge 300 for a bumper. You got robed hard. id sew Maaco.
Jason GUNN
Jason GUNN - 21 day ago
Scott Lay
Scott Lay - 21 day ago
lmao i love rich's humor.
perry92964 - 21 day ago
if your not happy with the job call the main office they will call the shop and repaint your bumper properly i used to work at a macco and we would never give a job coved with fish eyes to a customer not to mention all the dirt
James Van Riper
James Van Riper - 21 day ago
My Maaco paint job pealed like that too.
Ben Renner
Ben Renner - 21 day ago
We could have done that job at my shop for about $260 out the door [independent body shop] and it would have looked better than factory... why maaco exists still amazes me 🤔
Jr's Garage
Jr's Garage - 21 day ago
Should have gave money to charity
harrygibus - 22 days ago
MAACO don't pay retail for paint and probably buy 55gallon drums of base to add colorant to.
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