I Took my TESLA to MAACO, The Result Won’t Shock You

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Robert Huber
Robert Huber - 9 hours ago
Ric If you had never had a tesla and knew not much about them and were going to buy a used one (cheap like you) What would you buy?
Md Device
Md Device - 2 days ago
Lol, you got scammed hard at MAACO.... they maaaaaaco'd your ass.
iJaegerBomb - 4 days ago
They fucked you with no lube... I’d be getting my money back
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - 6 days ago
I love watching your mistakes, and how well you deal with them, even better than when everything goes perfectly.
Joel Maxwell
Joel Maxwell - 8 days ago
Scholarly Reader
Scholarly Reader - 12 days ago
I know your time is valuable but you need to speak a little slow , you sound like mumbling.
Jairo García Seminario
Jairo García Seminario - 14 days ago
Send the other person a bill. LOL
reKar Trustee
reKar Trustee - 15 days ago
Bate and switch = macco
vincent gagliardi
vincent gagliardi - 21 day ago
I am too cheap I would pain it myself
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy - 27 days ago
Adhesion promoter...not adhesion assurance..which I think some company should invent right away...such a huge loophole for a product. All they have to say is "imagine how bad the finish would have been without it!"..
Of course I'm kidding
Or am I ?
apache jai
apache jai - 27 days ago
Uh-Oh. Looks like you took your car to Maaco LOL I just told my age.
Enachi - 28 days ago
What wrap color did you go with?
Steven Bollinger
Steven Bollinger - Month ago
A $179 paint job that costs over $400 sort of reminds me of a $35,000 car that actually costs $50-60,000 or so. Does Maaco also have fans all over the Internet angrily explaining how it does so only cost $179, and that business about over $400 is FUD from CNBC and Big Oil?
Liam Stoulil
Liam Stoulil - Month ago
Adhesion promoter to do a bumper is a 20$ can and the primer is another 20$. I sell auto paint. They suck bro. You could blast it in your garage with single stage and get a better result
Francisco Vera
Francisco Vera - Month ago
I do 20k paint jobs all the time and I recommend Maaco all the time.great job for the money.simple formula if u need better paint job then just offer them more money,trust me they can handle it.
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson - Month ago
You should learn how to paint cars. I think you would be good at it.
Dogphlap - Month ago
Maaco ? Shouldn't that be Mako like the shark.
Arick Dyrdal
Arick Dyrdal - Month ago
Try Mike’s Autobody in Malden next time.
Stoned Göst
Stoned Göst - Month ago
That same Bluetooth speaker is sold under multiple brand names.....look up BOHM speaker on Amazon...same exact speaker for $39.99.....Look up SoundPEATS on Amazon ....look up TRELAB HD55 on Amazon ....all cheaper
ROCKET HOBBY - Month ago
I paint cars professionally and you sir have been ripped off
꧁៚luŦι៚꧂ ꧁៚lu៚꧂
Moving surface what is that
Ricardo F
Ricardo F - Month ago
Maaco sucks totally.
indusrtial - Month ago
"reach out to samcrac which he will in turn call vtune to do the job for him". Hilarious! I've been waiting for you to make a little dig at him after he has been on you.
hootbutler - Month ago
11:27 🤣🤣🤣
Crifstar - Month ago
does tesla use zip ties or did you use them to hang that original bumper
some random guy
some random guy - Month ago
I love how he gets his bumper painted then gets the car wrapped so it looks like it's in primer anyway haha
Stephen Dunn
Stephen Dunn - Month ago
Uh-Oh, I got it done at Maaco. I had the misfortune of having a car fender repainted there. What a joke.
whitehope - Month ago
The quality of maaco varies by location. Most of the cheap paint specials are using single stage paint that is around 40$ per gallon. Maaco caters to the out of pocket repair market focusing on older cars that only have liability insurance. The Riverside California location is known for painting alot of hotrods and a descent price with above average results, I have seen a few finished jobs. You are definitely not going to find glasurit or house of color at maaco if you get lucky you might get nason quality.
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker - Month ago
MAACO Specializes in hiring
paint booth bafoons that don't know their Job whatsoever.
DK 265
DK 265 - Month ago
You get what you pay for
Nicolas Andersen
Nicolas Andersen - Month ago
Those painters ripped you off big time
Gunnberg85 - Month ago
How much weight did the wrap add?
JoeCnNd - Month ago
If you're getting it wrapped why not just paint yourself?
mac berry
mac berry - Month ago
Maaco should have gone out of business or at minimum changed their name like Comcast or Time Warner. I don't know which one changed their name but they are both famous for bad service
spafro101 - Month ago
So after all that they still wrapped it 🤣 so many fuck ups in this video. If Macco bumps up the price to 500 you could've went to a real paint shop and paid that. Oh wait then you can't put Macco in the title for the few extra views.. I understand now.
Thats Fucking Awesome
Thats Fucking Awesome - Month ago
400 bucks for what?
a whiteman
a whiteman - Month ago
It aint a bumper if its on with clips. More like front trim or valance lmfao. This would be so much different to work on than my bronco.
C Bear
C Bear - Month ago
Rich, the amount of money you try to "save" by choosing the cheaper options always ends up costing you much more.
Either have an actual proffesioanl do it, or as they say, if you want to get things done right do it your self.
Let's Do This
Let's Do This - Month ago
Watched a few of your vid's, pretty educational and fun to watch. Then I started watching this one and within the first 45 seconds you threw in a sex joke and threw in a joke about the cost of your labor being millions of dollars, that was enough for me to make this comment and subscribe!
S Kane
S Kane - Month ago
10:58 😂😂🤣🤣
Darkness - Month ago
15 hundred a piece for those shoes without the grip. Wow!
The Blue GTR
The Blue GTR - Month ago
Is it me or does the Tesla look like the kid Tesla in the start
r2d23kk - Month ago
Just discovered this channel and it is great!
randy daudt
randy daudt - Month ago
Heelo Rich. If you look at their little sign showing the extra cost of materials for painting a urethane bumper cover on this video you will note that they were selling you an Adhision promoter, not an Adhesion promoter. I think that explains why the paint started sliding off of your bumper cover, no Adhesion!!! I use to teach autobody repair and in all my years of working in and teaching I never came across and Adhision promoter!!
Dr Strange
Dr Strange - Month ago
Them rims thoo
Travis k
Travis k - Month ago
Don't kid yourself. Maaco doesn't do any prep
Tru Silent
Tru Silent - 2 months ago
6,000,000 how the hell did you get that unlikely number
I Tried
I Tried - 2 months ago
did u buy from manhiem or AAA
itchy AIDS
itchy AIDS - 2 months ago
Usually after sex iam the one who gets billed.
Arturo Bolanos
Arturo Bolanos - 2 months ago
It take 30 days for the paint to cure.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis - 2 months ago
I have watched many of your videos . Thanks for all the great information. I have learned a lot about EV's .The most shocking thing is how Tesla sells used vehicles no pics and ones they do send you looks like a 6th grader took before being let out to recess. The local buy here pay here lot does a better job. I think the most important thing I have learned is there is no such thing as a cheap EV. The most surprising thing is how bad the door handles are and mainly because of waterproofing. Tesla going to build a pickup the will be better than the F-150 and they cant build a waterproof door handle? What will happen when you unload your EV boat and the back end of your EV truck is in the water? EV's has come along ways but if you cant afford a new one with the eight years warranty, then you can't afford one at all. Repairs will eat your lunch and your dinner .Thanks for all the great videos and information.
wheredidileavemycell - 2 months ago
they spelled adhesion wrong.
Stefan - 2 months ago
Jes i bill them 😂
kevin moore
kevin moore - 2 months ago
get a refund
610v - 2 months ago
If it's gonna be covered why spend $426 to paint it ???????!!! 😩
no112358 - 2 months ago
Shitty Speaker...
LootableCorpse - 2 months ago
I'm soooo confused. I thought this was your wife's Tesla for a while now. What happened to your model x?
Harry Hov
Harry Hov - 2 months ago
So rich what kind of Tesla do you have ??
Steven Hands
Steven Hands - 2 months ago
U got robbed paying 426 dollars for that paint job...
Kris keir
Kris keir - 2 months ago
Rich what happened to your roof rack???
A think it looks great on with the primer colour alot of people will disagree but who cares lol
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