OMG Fantastic opening the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Denis_48 - Day ago
The definition of epic opening. Unbeatable.
Giovanni Galantini
Giovanni Galantini - 3 days ago
just one more thing... DR ZAIUS! DR ZAIUS!
"this play has everything"
elroy heesbeen
elroy heesbeen - 3 days ago
Best opening ever of the ESC
Yong Xiong Sim
Yong Xiong Sim - 3 days ago
The best opening of all time.
Renata Voican
Renata Voican - 4 days ago
ALL Channel
ALL Channel - 5 days ago
2015 The Best Contest... Miss this!!
Andrew - 5 days ago
Here after ESC 2019 opening.
I wanted to see again the greatest opening.
Aleksandr S
Aleksandr S - 6 days ago
I'm ready to agree that Mons won just because the next year we saw Petra Miede again and heard "Love, love, peace, peace"
Анастасия Доронина
4.20 who is this??
Анастасия Доронина
+Charles da Silva thank you)
Charles da Silva
Charles da Silva - 4 days ago
He is called "Left Boy", maybe you can find him at FB looking in Google for "leftboy facebook". ;)
blgygntcs89 - 7 days ago
The best opening ever ♥♥♥
Reylo Fan1691
Reylo Fan1691 - 8 days ago
Goosebumps 😱💖
kanagawathy kaliabaratan
kanagawathy kaliabaratan - 14 days ago
Wow Fantastic👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌹
Diego Barajas
Diego Barajas - 19 days ago
Wtf I never knew this existed and I’m so jealous lol. Like legit this looks soo cool and amazing I don’t even know what to say. Is this world peace omg too bad I’m in the USA 😂
El paraguayito
El paraguayito - 19 days ago
In Paraguay Conchita means little vagina 😂😂😂 sorry but i had to tell...!!!
El paraguayito
El paraguayito - 4 days ago
+Vizanti ooohh, thanks, I did not know it!
Vizanti - 9 days ago
Thats why he called his character like that. Wurst means sausage in German.
Joy C. Welcome to Joy's English world!
I'm just speechless... Bravo Europe! Fabulous, Peaceful there. ⭐🌼🌻
From far away in Seoul.
Little Mixer
Little Mixer - 20 days ago
Why there isn't worldvision😭😭😭
I want to hear the name of my Gorgeous country one day
bibina330 - 21 day ago
زمن المخنثين
Anna T
Anna T - 28 days ago
One of the best and warm opening💜
Erblin Hasanbasha
Erblin Hasanbasha - Month ago
Uaau is amazing opening in Eurovision 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kathy Firli
Kathy Firli - Month ago
Well... Vienna is the city of music... We had a reputation to lose! 😂
LazyGibbon - Month ago
Pretty good but nothing beats the 2013 Opening with Loreen and all the kids.
Віка Журавська
Чого воно не збриє бороду ???
Lefteris Mandonis
Lefteris Mandonis - Month ago
Γιατί έχει μουσια
Caio F.
Caio F. - Month ago
Do you guys know if there's any place I might download the instrumental played while the host is calling the countries?
Жамиля Бакытжан
Thats so amazing
Aleka Craftaholic
Aleka Craftaholic - Month ago
Caio F.
Caio F. - Month ago
I love when they call Germany! The instrumental is awesome!!!
Nik Tinder
Nik Tinder - Month ago
Самая лучшая Евровидение это Евровидение 2015 это факт
Pierou ASMR
Pierou ASMR - Month ago
The best opening ever
Ludovicmarie Beauchemin
La chanson Rise like a phoenix est magnifique. J'adore le refrain Out of the ashes seeking rather than vengeance. Ne pas chercher la vengeance.
Ludovicmarie Beauchemin
Conchita ressemble à un Perse. On dirait Jésus-Christ en robe de soirée. C'est comme ça que je vois Dieu: moitié homme, moitié femme. Et c'est comme ça que les premières religions le voyaient.
ellie engel
ellie engel - Month ago
best opening of any euro song contest
boiタル - Month ago
2015: flying drag queen
2019: flying chicken
funkjoker - Month ago
If only the ropes will stand the *test of weight* 2:55 😙😬
boiタル - Month ago
Beyonce the house
Britney Jean IGGZ
Britney Jean IGGZ - Month ago
Queen of EUROPE 👑❤️
Nationalist boy 90
Nationalist boy 90 - Month ago
Best opening after 2012
Andre Sousa
Andre Sousa - 2 months ago
FerNiBu 10
FerNiBu 10 - 2 months ago
Australia isnt in europe continent
FerNiBu 10
FerNiBu 10 - 2 months ago
Eurovision but they all are singing in english...
helle vodue
helle vodue - 2 months ago
Im glad to be european
Rosario Marano
Rosario Marano - 2 months ago
ula nitkowska
ula nitkowska - 2 months ago
Timeturner - 2 months ago
This feeling of elation and happiness is what Eurovision means to me! ❤️ I'm so glad that this spirit of unity and friendship is still alive somewhere in the world.
Grazyna Komanschek
Grazyna Komanschek - 2 months ago
Conchita - Mega Song & Stimme 💕 🎶 🎤 🎸 🎻 🎹 🌐
Ivan Marquez
Ivan Marquez - 2 months ago
I must say the best opening of Eurovision... This is one of a kind opening
Princess Luna
Princess Luna - 2 months ago
3:38 : The joy on the conductor's face is insane T_T
Denis_48 - Day ago
YES! I know, right??? AWESOME. This is such a "perfect" moment!
Preshant Kevish Kharag
Preshant Kevish Kharag - 2 months ago
Its the best eurovison opening ever 2015 was a amazing ESC Proud to be europian the best ESC intro and shows ever
Cheesus - 2 months ago
4:55 I watched it frame by frame but I still don't get how he disappeared.
Somone said at 4 58 you can see the guy running at the one aide from the stage but i cant see it 😥
Goenavund - 2 months ago
All lip-sinc
Jack The Dragon
Jack The Dragon - 2 months ago
American Idol is like the best show Europe:check Uerovisoin America:OMG how do u have so much talent Europe:YOU WILL NEVER KNOW
1 year later
American idol is canceld cuz every one watches Uerovisoin all year and America is Begging to join
Sheryar Sadozai
Sheryar Sadozai - 2 months ago
Wait! Why is Australia on the European countries list?
caty moonlight
caty moonlight - 2 months ago
Because it watched eurovsion 30 years without beeing part of it it's a little thank you present from Europe to be part of it
Sassi Kllr
Sassi Kllr - 2 months ago
Who's here because of left boy?😍😁
4:24 Was this guy Luke Christopher??
veronica cuello
veronica cuello - 3 months ago
That man is horrible, in this world people are going to answer for how much they cause scandal in kids
God is Conchita Wurst
God is Conchita Wurst - 3 months ago
Кончита лучшая ❤️
Garvit Kingdom
Garvit Kingdom - 3 months ago
it's like LGBT Pride
Nico Covas
Nico Covas - 3 months ago
Vive la différence : je suis intolérant avec les intolérants !
Wida Ebrahimi
Wida Ebrahimi - 3 months ago
Excuse me not hate he or she
Izumi- fifareach
Izumi- fifareach - 3 months ago
Why I'm I crying
Kafei - 3 months ago
I really love this opening ! But i do think they could have skipped that "rap-in-a-hat"
Dorelus Sandra
Dorelus Sandra - 3 months ago
Nasiii Salioska
Nasiii Salioska - 3 months ago
i was the girl with the white t-shirt next to the boy with the black t-shirt in the 1st row
Mary Fher
Mary Fher - 3 months ago
Este es el opening que más emociones me ha provocado, el mejor
eliel luna
eliel luna - 3 months ago
Best opening ever!!!!!!!
CEDRICKB - 3 months ago
a cross between Glee and lords of the rings
Laurent Doucet de Courtuy
Laurent Doucet de Courtuy - 3 months ago
gorgeous opening ! @laurentD2C
untergehermuc - 3 months ago
Alone how the countries are called. With this pervasive pathos! Superb!
Judit Németh
Judit Németh - 3 months ago
Super !
Estênio Bordon
Estênio Bordon - 3 months ago
Maravilhosa!! I love !!!
JN M - 4 months ago
SouthoftheUniverse - 4 months ago
I CANNOT wait until I'm old enough to move to Europe
Ema kostic
Ema kostic - 4 months ago
Hanafi Muhammad
Hanafi Muhammad - 4 months ago
RB4K - 4 months ago
I preferred this opening to the 2016 opening, this opening felt more like a Eurovision opening with the choir and orchestra.
Pussi Allergie
Pussi Allergie - 4 months ago
Was soll ich sagen...... I love you
Mr.Bernji - 4 months ago
2015 was sooo awesome! I watched the Show and Vienna was a really good place for it. The City of Music. And the actual politic is bad. i hope Austria will be a good and awesome country again soon. the Austrian people normaly are really nice and polite!
thx for this awesome Show and thx that Austria and vienna could Show how beautiful they are!
EUROPE I LOVE YOU! we are strong and we are good! We are a Unite and we are unstopable!
Sebas Dejoves
Sebas Dejoves - 4 months ago
3:24 i want Conchita pass from my window flying like this
BernieT 12
BernieT 12 - 4 months ago
Who is that 4.30
Lindon ESC
Lindon ESC - 4 months ago
You Worth
You Worth - 4 months ago
Jordan Douglas
Jordan Douglas - 5 months ago
omg y he so extra wan?
NAMiSTAN QAZAQ - 5 months ago
JN M - 5 months ago
Absolutely INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!
MOD - MAJ - 5 months ago
He is amazing *-*
— madddyyy —
— madddyyy — - 5 months ago
I could watch this on repeat for hours and it will still give me goosebumps... best ESC opening ever!!
abc cba
abc cba - 5 months ago
Ольга Весна
Ольга Весна - 5 months ago
Так красиво начиналось, а потом на те... Как говном в лицо кинули
Caesar Karma
Caesar Karma - 6 months ago
Armenia 🇦🇲 ♥️
Ian Bryant
Ian Bryant - 6 months ago
This is just spectacular... it’s just like a dream...
Jiraporn Jiraporn
Jiraporn Jiraporn - 6 months ago
It's look like olmpic. Great.
noArFo - 6 months ago
КОНЧИТА и дети, лучший коктейль, наша европа.
RAVAFILM - 6 months ago
Yaron Cohen
Yaron Cohen - 6 months ago
One of the best esc opening, respect music, big climax, beauty. Always come back to enjoy watching it.
Thorsten Dörnbach
Thorsten Dörnbach - 6 months ago
3:15 er/sie/es macht den Helene Fischer-Move
Hannes Fuchs
Hannes Fuchs - 7 months ago
It‘s Vienna baby! My home!!:D
JN M - 7 months ago
Раяна Товсултанова
дебил в юбке
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