Tee Grizzley - Young Grizzley World (ft. YNW Melly & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

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Justin P
Justin P - 15 minutes ago
This song should be more popular than old town road 🚫🧢
Crazy4Nicki143 - 2 hours ago
They all went so hard . Same message. Good rap
Colton Gordon
Colton Gordon - 7 hours ago
This song should blow up
CocaPolarBear - 9 hours ago
Kill Stab Die Die
PhatGirl Rita
PhatGirl Rita - 9 hours ago
I bet the vibe and energy when they was in the studio recording was sick 🥵🥵🥵🥵 I hope melly gets out, I really want to attend a concert and see them record this video ...
young lord
young lord - 12 hours ago
The whole song fire
young lord
young lord - 12 hours ago
Best song on the album
Ziggy Zae
Ziggy Zae - 13 hours ago
Boogie fucked up this song no cap 💯
Alex Luís
Alex Luís - 14 hours ago
This sh**t is 🔥
Yellow King
Yellow King - 21 hour ago
need a melly only version
Imari Parkman
Imari Parkman - Day ago
Mac Mezi
Mac Mezi - Day ago
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez - Day ago
“Homie got life he call everyday I don’t know what to tell em” if you know you really fucking know
1st Nuggeo
1st Nuggeo - Day ago
2:52 is that part of the beat or did somebody really get a text message?
Eli Walsh
Eli Walsh - Day ago
“They wait for the bus and throw me right under”
Eli Walsh
Eli Walsh - Day ago
I played this everyday for a week
Fresh 116
Fresh 116 - Day ago
Fax on Jah
Mikael Beets
Mikael Beets - Day ago
A boogie part weak asab
Zekzek Zek
Zekzek Zek - Day ago
Got damn tee my dawg doing life idk wat to tell em felt tht ish
Aleksandr Gauthier
Aleksandr Gauthier - Day ago
It's a Draco in the back of the car
And the police here behind you
Better do what you do, better run, or skrrt, skrrt, skrrt
Boy, you better run......
Devan Graham
Devan Graham - Day ago
Is melly saying “ I got a knife now”?😂😭
Amy Bassett
Amy Bassett - Day ago
He said he got a 9 hour flight
734Southside BagBoyz
Devan Graham dawg I thought the same 🤣🤣🤣
Bloody Shoes
Bloody Shoes - Day ago
The only song where someone out shined Melly.
Steve Harold
Steve Harold - 7 hours ago
@Bloody Shoes You sound dumb rn Kanye is miles ahead of Melly. You probably 9
Bloody Shoes
Bloody Shoes - 12 hours ago
Steve Harold he did not!
Steve Harold
Steve Harold - 23 hours ago
Kanye Outshined Melly on Mixed Personalities
Furi - Day ago
This beat legendary
two stroke
two stroke - Day ago
A boogie ruined the song fuck yall talking bout
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor - 2 days ago
My nigga Melly coming home #FREE MELLY
Cooper Reynolds
Cooper Reynolds - 2 days ago
Bro this song is straight fucking heat and grizzley props to you man
Tyler Biggs
Tyler Biggs - 2 days ago
Is melly charged yet
Elegant Elliott
Elegant Elliott - 2 days ago
xFrigid - 2 days ago
Cant say boogie aint snap🤭 ⛽️
GLEE 1800 716
GLEE 1800 716 - 2 days ago
Real rap no cap
Javion McGhee
Javion McGhee - 2 days ago
When melly said he got a 9 hour flight 3x at 2:49 its the best part of the song
Javion McGhee
Javion McGhee - 14 hours ago
3G SB - 17 hours ago
Long ass flight 😂
Hamzah Shafi
Hamzah Shafi - 18 hours ago
Sebastien Sanon
Sebastien Sanon - 2 days ago
Melly was just proven innocent ✊🏿💯
Clutch handla
Clutch handla - 2 days ago
aye fire fr fr , but also check out my music and videos , leave your positive comments and share plz also sub i will be grateful and in return the favor by elevating the vibe and move the culture ahead facts and promise peace and god bless ~ clutch handla
Üñïqüë Gåbrïël
Üñïqüë Gåbrïël - 2 days ago
Melly and Boogie sound FIRE as hell bruh😍💯👑🔥
Nick Darling
Nick Darling - 2 days ago
But we all know grizzly was the best
ItsLilnoclout 14
ItsLilnoclout 14 - 2 days ago
melly, tee grizzley, a boogie, j cole??
D Ramos
D Ramos - 2 days ago
The hook 🔥
Heather Cox
Heather Cox - 3 days ago
Raffi Melkonian
Raffi Melkonian - 3 days ago
i love
Spectral Atomic
Spectral Atomic - 3 days ago
my nigga got life he calls every day i dont know what to tell him

damn that hit
Antonio Priester
Antonio Priester - 3 days ago
If u like melly like this
Preston Williams
Preston Williams - 3 days ago
We was rich 2 years ago now a nigga in the middle of the road on angle dust🤔
FBI ReaL - 3 days ago
Yo why dis slept on
Navi_Gang - 3 days ago
Free Melly ✊🏽👌🏽
Bryan Mendoza
Bryan Mendoza - 3 days ago
nicosofresh23 - 3 days ago
At 2:35 I thought he was about to take the Lego movie song🤣
Jamaican Egyptian
Jamaican Egyptian - 3 days ago
This shit dope as fuck. All them niggas went hard.
Peenuts - 3 days ago
Melly carried this track like he carried his charges
Jay FromJerz
Jay FromJerz - 4 days ago
You can always count on a boogie to bring a good vibe to a feature and great melodies.
XxTPuppyxX - 4 days ago
Lawrence Kaufman
Lawrence Kaufman - 33 minutes ago
Too bad melly aint gettin out any time soon...
Bernadette Grimm
Bernadette Grimm - 4 days ago
Melllys part tho fire
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