Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 months ago
SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:
Swordking Master00
Swordking Master00 - 2 days ago
Carla Davis
Carla Davis - 7 days ago
Get Charles Barkley on here
Feankie Soto
Feankie Soto - 14 days ago
can you do John cena😃
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok - 29 days ago
Shaqmis really big. Wow.
cat error sans
cat error sans - 2 minutes ago
His a meme now
lil timmy 420
lil timmy 420 - 13 minutes ago
Hey you should have David dobrik on the show
Daze Rosalin
Daze Rosalin - 43 minutes ago
"Can I dip this in some milk?" 😂😂
mostwanted chichi
mostwanted chichi - 49 minutes ago
I'm a big fan of your show and I know your stuff is hot I don't trust you so I brong my own milk

Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander - Hour ago
Dam i wan to try dis i love hot & spicey food
St. Jerome
St. Jerome - 3 hours ago
Omg those wings are the same size as his fingers.😳
Jordan Rosdahl
Jordan Rosdahl - 3 hours ago
I thought Shaq was very rude and disrespectful this whole episode... I never knew he was so weird.
NickInfante1992 - 3 hours ago
Somewhere out there Charles Barkley is laughing his ass off at this
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy - 3 hours ago
Shaq: Im Guaranteed a will not make a face
Shaq: *Makes face*
darius chaney
darius chaney - 4 hours ago
Get Tom brady
Me: opens a pack of gum in class
Everyone else in class: 18:30
YOLOBOY6969 - 4 hours ago
Did he say the black Steph curry lmao
jews in the chamber circa 1945 (colorized) 18:49
HawkinsGaming H20
HawkinsGaming H20 - 5 hours ago
18:30 Chris Hansen come out of nowhere
The monster Legend
The monster Legend - 5 hours ago
His voice deep!!!
the random dude
the random dude - 5 hours ago
[Shaquille O'Neal ; 0:57] [also Shaquille O'Neal 11:19]
Andre Seanez
Andre Seanez - 5 hours ago
Kansas don't know how to do hot wings...A second later Shaq makes a face haha
Salem Vedder
Salem Vedder - 5 hours ago
He ded meme
enderman playzs
enderman playzs - 5 hours ago
enderman playzs
enderman playzs - 5 hours ago
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat - 7 hours ago
The Water Activated It...
Joel John
Joel John - 7 hours ago
damn you can sense sean's fear as shaq starts feeling the heat lol
aminatu - 7 hours ago
Shaq was cool, but man these vids are boring....
TheGodOfClickBait - 7 hours ago
18:30 when your fucking your bosses daughter but you remember your self employed
Nephtalie Paul
Nephtalie Paul - 8 hours ago
Y’all should have Nick Cannon , The Rock and Kevin Hart together ,
David Buckner
David Buckner - 8 hours ago
Cant believe he didn't do the last dab disappointed big time
b r a n d i v i l l e g a s
Shaq: °.°
Cooper Santiago
Cooper Santiago - 8 hours ago
99 % of comments are about 18:30 1% other
Joyoto - 8 hours ago
21:59 when you see your teacher in public for a split second
Steven De Mesa
Steven De Mesa - 8 hours ago
i fkin died when he said “im the black steph curry”😂
ACI - 9 hours ago
“Shaq tries to not make a face”

Also shaq in the thumbnail: Makes a face
J H - 9 hours ago
these 18:30 comments are killing me
Longasgiraffe - 10 hours ago
18:30 when dad pulls out the belt
Brandon Topicz
Brandon Topicz - 10 hours ago
Shaq for president 😏
TheAxzom - 11 hours ago
funny he wont talk about how he's a freemason
Benichou Mohamed
Benichou Mohamed - 11 hours ago
18:30 when u kick someone's ass and he later show up with his older brother
TG1982 - 11 hours ago
16:07 timberlake 🤣
Davis Luengthada
Davis Luengthada - 12 hours ago
18:30 when u see 20 other memes just like this one
Bin Hen
Bin Hen - 12 hours ago
Không cay không về
random boi
random boi - 12 hours ago
*a clip of this is a meme*
dcbsmt - 13 hours ago
It's hilarious how tiny the wings look in Shaq's hand.
Tony Castle
Tony Castle - 13 hours ago
I really love this man
Ali Dangou
Ali Dangou - 14 hours ago
18:58 you fucker 😂😂😂
Tifiq qq
Tifiq qq - 14 hours ago
18:30: When your parents ask to check your search history
Tifiq qq
Tifiq qq - 14 hours ago
• •
FETCH THAT BITCH - 14 hours ago
19:18 after a blow job
a thing
a thing - 14 hours ago
Ant Man: nice video
Victoria Oniskevich
Victoria Oniskevich - 14 hours ago
"Kansas don't know how to do no hot wings, KaNsAS, And I oop, I apologize Kansas" 18:20
ejpoole31 - 16 hours ago
SHAQ straight up FLEXXED on Bill dawg! ‘Get that up outta here!’
dayle Johnson
dayle Johnson - 16 hours ago
That face lmao 😂
Sebastian Nikkolas
Sebastian Nikkolas - 17 hours ago
When someone roast me: 18:42
戴劭名 - 17 hours ago
The size difference reminds me of thanos and avengers.
OneTime 38
OneTime 38 - 17 hours ago
Shaq: 2:40 Kobi and I didnt have differences. Ppl need to understand that.
Shaq: 3:00 even tho Kobi and I had our differences...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣
Landon Cat Productions
Landon Cat Productions - 17 hours ago
Kansas don’t know how to make no hot wings. 2 seconds later: AHHH
Akash Saraan
Akash Saraan - 18 hours ago
Y'all should get Kawhi in here.
Beth Adkins
Beth Adkins - 19 hours ago
This just reminds me why I've loved Shaq for the last 25 years. ❤
anime fangirl
anime fangirl - 19 hours ago
Max Mannberg
Max Mannberg - 20 hours ago
18:30 when the quiet kid with a trench coat shouts ive had enough in the back of class
pein williams
pein williams - 21 hour ago
Next time u call shaq , the guy will be like take the sauses away after every bite.
sneh lata
sneh lata - 21 hour ago
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde - 22 hours ago
17:30 easy for a millionaire to say lol
GotDemNoscopez - 23 hours ago
Get fucked by our local hot sauce
PeachMilk - Day ago
When you about to nut but then you hear the doorknob jiggle
Captain Bassman
Captain Bassman - Day ago
When you're home alone, sneeze and suddenly hear "bless you."
Colby Reller
Colby Reller - Day ago
When you’re in the hospital for a little cold, but then the cast of The Avengers shows up.
OneCrimsonBoi - 2 hours ago
Colby Reller 😂😂😂
Blastable - Day ago
18:30 when you feel the turtle head peeking out of the butthole in public
smozu enterprise
smozu enterprise - Day ago
am pissing on pant watching these videos
Rayvin - Day ago
18:30 when you at school and a gunshot goes off down the hall
Austin Hope
Austin Hope - Day ago
Shaq is such a great guy
LOZY PLAYR 1 - Day ago
the thumpnill looks like shaq is saying
“And i Opp”
Alan D
Alan D - Day ago
See if President Obama can join in on one of these!
I_Fuzed The_Hostage_Again
Most spent in Walmart? MrBeast where are you
Devin Doverspike
Devin Doverspike - Day ago
9:40 Mr.Beast intesifies
Pumpkin Shibe
Pumpkin Shibe - Day ago
*ᴷᵃⁿˢᵃˢ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʰᵒʷ ᵗᵒ ᵈᵒ ⁿᵒ ʰᵒᵗ ʷᶦⁿᵍˢ*
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch - Day ago
Shaq is a punk, can't even finish the wings then has Sean eat all the sauces on one wing calling it "shaq sauce" what a hypocrite.
Jane Jenkiez
Jane Jenkiez - Day ago
I wanna see Ice Cube on this so bad
icky lark
icky lark - Day ago
this is great. can we please get Tyson?
Sai venkatagirish
Sai venkatagirish - Day ago
the wings look so small in shaq's hands
Hudiyunglee - Day ago
The minute shaq knew he fxxk up 11.21
Juggernog Soda
Juggernog Soda - Day ago
"Man can neva be hot"
Tavo Lemus
Tavo Lemus - Day ago
18:30 Shaq taking a shit after the interview, and discovers that there's no toilet paper.
Atrophy Queen
Atrophy Queen - Day ago
I feel bad for not knowing you have a doctorate before now. that's awesome. I knew you are funny, kind, charitable and of course athletic but wow. you really are a fully well rounded man and a wonderful role model. more power to you Dr. O'Neil and God bless
215julz !
215julz ! - Day ago
215julz !
215julz ! - Day ago
These faces he makes are sooooo funny 😆
[中國]Devil? - Day ago
18:30 when a big black man feels the spice
Sonny Tats
Sonny Tats - Day ago
Absolutely hands down the greatest episode ever.
SergioRedz - Day ago
Shaq (RE: Kobe): We never had differences
Also Shaq (RE: Kobe): Even though we had our differences
AshleySupressed - Day ago
Best 31:09 of my life
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker - Day ago
When you say your not gonna make a face 14:48
Eldorado Manchuria
Eldorado Manchuria - Day ago
This was not a good episode. Commend Sean for keeping it together. Shaq is like a weird, dick of a guy, definitely the son of a drill sergeant. Didn’t appear to have much respect for the host, though
Sam Sefil
Sam Sefil - Day ago
What a champpppp. Not only for NBA but a true gentleman
CaulyGaming YT
CaulyGaming YT - Day ago
18:30 when you try to do a 10 hour challenge like Mr. Beast but realize that you were never recording.
Aidan Belz
Aidan Belz - Day ago
Bring the guy who tried vegetables for the first time because he thought celery was spicy
Tran Gia Hoang
Tran Gia Hoang - Day ago
What if...the crew of Vat19 tries the Hot Ones? I mean, they quote “eating spice like is our job”.
Munchy - Day ago
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He is thanos
Ducksong 55555
Ducksong 55555 - Day ago
How does it feel to become a meme because of Chicken
Alexander Asignar
Alexander Asignar - Day ago
11:21 meme time
Black - Day ago
18:30 When you're tapping a pregnant girl and something grabs your hammer.
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