Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too Ending Explained & Easter Eggs! Season 5 Episode 3

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Think Story
Think Story - 4 months ago
Who wants Hannah Montana Explained? 😂😂
Gab Perez
Gab Perez - Month ago
Miguel Pires
Miguel Pires - 2 months ago
Writing2o7 - 2 months ago
everything is nothing
everything is nothing - 3 months ago
Only if it's at a murder scene
Promise EDEN
Promise EDEN - 2 days ago
Worst season in my opinion
Rexx Random
Rexx Random - 4 days ago
I loved this episode. It was fantastic and funny. And the only black mirror episode ive watched
Karolina Galla
Karolina Galla - 6 days ago
That makes me watch the episode again 😭👽 will do it tonight!!
AkiraTheGodEater - 6 days ago
This was actually a fun episode. Almost felt like a Disney channel movie but with cursing haha
Omega Kitty
Omega Kitty - 9 days ago
Ha! Like a wrecking ball
Chub Chubz
Chub Chubz - 18 days ago
So....what happened to the doll?
Ren G
Ren G - 25 days ago
"Daddy loves you very much" subbed
Julia V
Julia V - Month ago
You forgot to mention that during the news special where they explain how Ashley is still composing in her dreams, they play a recording of her singing "Anyone Who Knows What Love Is" :)
George TheDev
George TheDev - Month ago
Another easter egg type thing you missed, Saitogemu is the name of the company from the Playtest episode. (9:50)
Karamatsu Girl
Karamatsu Girl - Month ago
I actually like the song they used, on a roll
Jonathan J
Jonathan J - Month ago
I honestly thought the episode would just end with the robot mercy killing her real self and Rachel+Jack would get imprisoned for killing Bear and Ashley.
This sounds weird but its actually refreshing to see it end the way it did for a Black Mirror episode, all the sad endings were getting a bit too bland and repetitive tbh.
Paola A
Paola A - Month ago
Man was this episode a sell out
Paola A
Paola A - Month ago
Essence Knight lol a palate cleanser
Essence Knight
Essence Knight - Month ago
@Paola A yeah I think it was just a pick me up episode before we traveled down back into hell
Paola A
Paola A - Month ago
Essence Knight I’ll give you that they were really depressing and dark
Essence Knight
Essence Knight - Month ago
I think it was great it felt like a movie not to mention it was funny sorry but the black mirror episode's were getting too depressing
Jabriel - Month ago
This episode is probably the best ever bye
aissani imane
aissani imane - Month ago
This s5 is simply awful .....
Nicholas Dergan
Nicholas Dergan - Month ago
I think this was a really good episode. I liked the ending. 😃
Black mirror = dat my shit
Triple-D26 - Month ago
Miley Cyrus has that heavy smoker voice now
MR.Techroid - Month ago
You lying bastard.. there's no timestamps
Captain Crozier
Captain Crozier - Month ago
On a roll is Nine Inch Nails "head like a hole" !!!!
shakeelah gilkes
shakeelah gilkes - Month ago
Ashley o looks like Miley cirus
Kama M
Kama M - Month ago
Black mirror is about the use darkness from present and future with that... when your music.manager have no more use for you...they can simply turn you into a hologram.
Bregje Carolisabeth
Bregje Carolisabeth - Month ago
Miles revenge👿💯
ashwater skydust
ashwater skydust - Month ago
So the song in this that she sings is intentionally supposed to sound like Nine Inch Nails, right? Head like a hole?
Eddie the Trap Gawd
Eddie the Trap Gawd - 2 months ago
Was I the only one disappointed the we didn’t, at the least, see Catherine in a prison jump suit?
Richard Ornelas
Richard Ornelas - 2 months ago explains the truth of this episode.
myoriginalname - 2 months ago
What I don't like about the ending is how Rachel ends up being even more miserable than she was at the beginning while Jack and Ashley are having a blast on stage on that final scene, idk it just seems unfair. Why couldn't they give Rachel a happy ending too?. She sure deserved it more than Jack who was a bitter bitch through out the whole episode.
Essence Knight
Essence Knight - Month ago
I'm sure Rachel is very happy she made friend with not one but two Ashley o's and one lives with her I'm sure she is having a blast as you seer her in the last few scenes naming out with Ashley too
Kamil Abasbekov
Kamil Abasbekov - 2 months ago
What song in the end of episode?
Arnold C Subastil
Arnold C Subastil - 2 months ago
i thought it will end like all that's happened was only made on ashley's creative part of her brain, then her aunt created a movie out of it, i dunno, some episode broke me, srsly
RpgBlaster - 2 months ago
*Happy Ending*
Sam - 2 months ago
Patrick Flynn
Patrick Flynn - 2 months ago
it's a bass
Richie Dee
Richie Dee - 2 months ago
Its about Britney Spears
Quentin Lahure
Quentin Lahure - 2 months ago
Um, i think jack plays a bass
Hey It's Ghezie
Hey It's Ghezie - 2 months ago
I like the way you explained it and the perspective you've shown. You have a keen eye and good analysis. I totally agree
mylonelyweekend - 2 months ago
This episode reminds me the life of Britney Spears
neemguy81 - 2 months ago
I heard NiN immediately while she was 'composing' the song. Then I heard the second and thought: "Wait a second, what's going on?"
James - 2 months ago
Feels like i just watched a hannah montana episode. So when's Ashley Too 2 hitting cinemas though?
army:once:elf:exol multi
army:once:elf:exol multi - 2 months ago
A lot of edgelords in the comment section.
Black Mirror made the right move here. If they keep popping out dark and mysterious content it will get old and boring. They mixed it up on purpose.
Not to mention the point of BlackMirror is that it doesn’t really have a concept besides technology and society.
I see a lot of people saying it isn’t dark enough, fair enough not your cup of tea. But people don’t realize that the exploitation of artists happens literally all the time. The drugging part too.
I mean Britany Spears, a literal breathing human being, is being used like a piece of machinery.
karwane1 - 2 months ago
Least favorite episode but yeah never knew Miley Cyrus actually sounds like a crack whore.
Spud Man
Spud Man - 2 months ago
This was a weird one
Takemura Mikuo
Takemura Mikuo - 2 months ago
This was an interesting story to watch indeed but didn't feel like a Black Mirror episode at all
Josh Liam
Josh Liam - 2 months ago
I kept waiting for the dark and twisted ending to this episode but instead it was kind of inspiring! I loved it.
salone gal
salone gal - 2 months ago
I was disappointed by this episode...
David Butler
David Butler - 2 months ago
San Junipero is a lesbian shithole
megan nicole
megan nicole - 2 months ago
This really didn't feel like a Black Mirror episode and for that reason, it's not my favorite. But it is an awesome criticism of Disney and their exploitation of young stars. It does a good job of being that
DmanDice - 2 months ago
Another useless, moronic dad on TV. How typical. And this episode felt like a Disney/lifetime movie. I literally forgot what show I was watching.
DmanDice - 3 months ago
I believe every single thing that happened to her happens to many in the music industry. And im fine with getting called names for believing it lol. 🤷🏽‍♂️
furtivete f
furtivete f - 3 months ago
The dad character with his unrelenting determination to sell his trap was one of the more enjoyable things in this episode
sarella - 3 months ago
yall are so simple minded, saying how this “wasn’t like a regular black mirror episode” and “it’s like a cliche teen boppy tv show :(“ ... yes. that was the point. the little cliches, the odd happy ending, the cringe. almost like... hannah montana? miley gave the director and writers a lot of personal info about her experience with disney. ever think of the mice theme? i think this was a huge call out to disney and the way they treat their child stars. it’s all reflective of a typical disney kids drama episode, for a reason. and that’s why it’s exactly like other black mirror episodes. it’s sneaky. honestly, it’s really smart.
Sam - 3 months ago
Nina BEN
Nina BEN - 3 months ago
'A trip to demonetized city' 😂😂
ICS 12
ICS 12 - 3 months ago
This is literally K-Pop in a nutshell, but instead of managers, it’s entertainment companies!
a. n.
a. n. - 3 months ago
Mika Rimex
Mika Rimex - 3 months ago
Can we at least make this into a full series?? This shit was like one of the best episodes
john divine
john divine - 3 months ago
Miley Cyrus is ascending to a higher consciousness
Belen ZG
Belen ZG - 3 months ago
this episode actually reminded me of mileys life lol poor girl
Belen ZG
Belen ZG - 3 months ago
thats not a guitar but okay
Alex Torres.
Alex Torres. - 3 months ago
this episode reflects a giant problem in the music industry.
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze - 3 months ago
Miley shoulld do cosplay.
StringBreaker - 3 months ago
u missed one easteregg though.. right after the 6 month time skip theres a commercial about the "grain" playing in the background :)
StringBreaker - 3 months ago
am i the only one bothered by the fact that its NOT A GUITAR! gahddamnit
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