We Have a Secret To Tell You..

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Lil Man Milo
Lil Man Milo - 11 hours ago
Shariva Pradhan
Shariva Pradhan - 11 hours ago
OMG how amazing would it be to have Dan as a dad? Or any one of your favorite YouTubers?

All of us that are alive now and not a child of these amazing people are unlucky.
Gwendolyn Stoll
Gwendolyn Stoll - 12 hours ago
Yaaaaay love you dan and jemma you guys were my frist youtube video every whached and that was in 2015 so i been with you too for every and congrats 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Shendell Gaming
Shendell Gaming - 12 hours ago
Dan we give you the best of luck😁
TARDISfan AJ - 13 hours ago
Congratulations Dan and Gemma Middleton, hope the new addition is happy and healthy!
Sabriah Cruz
Sabriah Cruz - 13 hours ago
Congrats .... wish you be a good dad
Kevin Avila
Kevin Avila - 13 hours ago
Rain Lin
Rain Lin - 13 hours ago
I literally cried after this
Raquel Hernandez
Raquel Hernandez - 14 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊 🥳🎉🎊🎊🥳👏👏🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🎊🎊👏👏👏🎉🎉👏🥳🎊🎊🎊🥳👏🎉🎉🎉👏👏🥳🥳🥳🎊🎊🥳👏👏👏🥳🎊🎊🎊👏🎉🎉IM HHaAaAaaAaAaAaAaAaaAaaAaAaAapPpPppyYyyyY
ClovervoidOfficial - 14 hours ago
M Perera
M Perera - 14 hours ago
Congratulations Dan
Aubrie Love's gacha
Aubrie Love's gacha - 15 hours ago
But I'm also happy*she says as she crys*
Aubrie Love's gacha
Aubrie Love's gacha - 15 hours ago
But but Dan can't he will quit YouTube guys the world is ending
Gäčhå Pęàçh
Gäčhå Pęàçh - 15 hours ago
I don’t no why I started crying while watching this XD
kayla - 15 hours ago
MARISOL SCOTT - 15 hours ago
I literally cannot believe this!!! EEEEEE ASK THE SUBSCRIBERS FOR NAMES!!!
Dora Martinez
Dora Martinez - 15 hours ago
4.3k dislikes they are mean and arrested
ditto 5000
ditto 5000 - 16 hours ago
MannyMaddness!!! - 16 hours ago
finally a kid on dans channel
Splashyhusky Hooker
Splashyhusky Hooker - 17 hours ago
Liv Davis
Liv Davis - 18 hours ago
Wow! This is big news. I actually never thought I would see this. This is awesome.
GM2205 - 18 hours ago
Blue Night
Blue Night - 19 hours ago
Me: Hey, I think I'm gonna revisit some of the YouTubers I watched as a kid *clicks on Dan's channel* Hey, what's this?
*End of the video*
Me: Oh! my! gosh!
Amy Flores
Amy Flores - 19 hours ago
I have been watching Dan over the past 4 years, he has inspired many people including me. To know that I have to move on in my childhood makes me cry. Dan I wish you the best lucky, Jem I also wish you the best luck with your baby. I hope your all doing fine.
Your Fan Amy
ScrewUGuys JK
ScrewUGuys JK - 20 hours ago
Replays back to your song:

“If Dan had a kid he’d call it Pug Man.”
William Travis
William Travis - 20 hours ago
My b-day is in January
Spongeboy mebob
Spongeboy mebob - 20 hours ago
All I have to say is ... Uncle Trayours
IceDew! - 21 hour ago
How lucky would the child be to be a son of a great youtuber. Imagine him just saying to his friends, my dad is DanTDM. His friends wouldn't understand but all the adults would
B Poor
B Poor - 21 hour ago
Dantdm congratulations. You’ll be a great father. Congratulations to you both.
zach games
zach games - 21 hour ago
Congrats tdm
Dat_Sneckie_Boi - 21 hour ago
Great, now the kids teacher is going to have flashbacks to his childhood at Parents Evening...
Bubble Nugget
Bubble Nugget - 21 hour ago
i kew it sorry i was late to comment but i watched it on other account
Caeleb Doherty
Caeleb Doherty - 21 hour ago
We love u and support you dan!! All the way
Super Looper
Super Looper - 21 hour ago
I am so happy for you 😭
ItzNikaWolf - 21 hour ago
Cassandra Lee
Cassandra Lee - 22 hours ago
I hope he is Healthy
Skellee-Ninja67 - 22 hours ago
when he is my age, i will be in my 20s
Jaidyn Avery
Jaidyn Avery - 22 hours ago
I’m so happy for dan
Coltrane Neill
Coltrane Neill - 22 hours ago
ヌヒキAkatsuki-Kun - 23 hours ago
Dan is Amazing
Robert Hart
Robert Hart - 23 hours ago
Alicethewolf Wantsacookie
OMG Dan you're going to be the best dad but I don't have one and I am 8
Evade TrapGod
Evade TrapGod - Day ago
congrats Dan
xX_TheYoutubeMan_Xx plz help
The 4.3k people who disliked are heartless

🖕them am i right
Tacojoe - Day ago
Now I feel old
Sean The Gamer123
Sean The Gamer123 - Day ago
OMG 😱 dan is getting a baby 👶
Zac Gaming FC
Zac Gaming FC - Day ago
Why i did not see this video
I watch dantdm since 2013 till Now. I cried watching this video.
Dishy OwO
Dishy OwO - Day ago
I’ve been watching you since you started your channel and i’m so happy for you two :)
ItsJustMe Sarah
ItsJustMe Sarah - Day ago
My childhood has changed! i mean marriage, break ups, divorce... now children!!!
Isaiah Valencis
Isaiah Valencis - Day ago
THE 20S MY B DAY IM BLEESED and congrats dan
Pogi Kc
Pogi Kc - Day ago
Name your baby tem the emerald boat
Lois loves Harry Potter
Who else thinks there going to be an amazing mother and father I wish the best of luck for both of you ❤️❤️❤️
Fade RIZE - Day ago
What’s the name
Samuel Review plays
Sophie cooper
Sophie cooper - Day ago
Awwwwwww yay u will have the best life with them
Fire Fang
Fire Fang - Day ago
Congrats Dan!!!!!!!!!
Brandi Pevey
Brandi Pevey - Day ago
Congratulations to you
Lorenzo 123
Lorenzo 123 - Day ago
red septiceye james o boy
When he is born
red septiceye james o boy
Make a video of you and your baby playing minecraft hardcore
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