Netflix Gems No One Is Talking About

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Looper - 29 days ago
What are some great hidden gems on Netflix?
kpop trash
kpop trash - Day ago
Yosdee do you mean kindergarten cop?
John Heitinga
John Heitinga - 3 days ago
Alta Mar
Shaquille O'neal
Shaquille O'neal - 4 days ago
YKLABATYD - 7 days ago
The Wandering Earth was garbage - don't waste 2h, stupid writing, illogical and annoying characters, frequently used phrase "i want my mummy".
Pranav M P
Pranav M P - 8 days ago
La casa de papel 😍😍😍😍
Joanna Fr
Joanna Fr - 7 hours ago
"Gems". 3rd rate writers will never provide such a product. Even when they have a good idea, the material is half an hour at most and they stretch it out into 2 seasons with endless and pointless scenes where weird and insane writers act out all sorts of disturbing private fantasies....ON YOUR PSYCHE.
Khlwxx - 14 hours ago
Animal kingdom, trinkets, good girls, dead to me, dark, when they see us, the umbrella academy and seven seconds are all super good !!!
ashanae carr
ashanae carr - 23 hours ago
I’ve screenshoted the line up of hidden gems. Can’t wait until I can get a break from studying so that I can binge watch. I think I’m most excited about Polar and Iboy.
Fun Addicz
Fun Addicz - Day ago
KewpieGirl - Day ago
geez there's so many hoarder to watch. I just didnt have the time and it making me fat to just watch for hours.
Denni - Day ago
Well. I totally lost my interest to continue to watch since you put polar in the list. Polar is so bad....
Ray_Ping_ miners
Ray_Ping_ miners - Day ago
Why isn't Neon Genesis Evangelion on here?
NYS OIF/OEF VET - 2 days ago
I am mother was trash 🗑.
Stu Wright
Stu Wright - 2 days ago
seen most of these, nothing special at all, low star stuf trying to look interesting, especially wondering earth now thats a bad film
Dmitri Silversoap
Dmitri Silversoap - 2 days ago
Did you want to watch a good movie? well, here is movie on netflix that is kind of like it
Vetman - 3 days ago
I like this title "Netflix Gems No One Is Talking About" because they should not talk about Apostle at all. What bell-end recommended this pile of panther piss. Two hours of my life and four of my friends lives wasted when I asked them to watch this with me. Just God awful please don't speak about his one. Sorry Mack from "Worth a Buy" for using some of your lingo to express myself on this review.
Summer Coolguy
Summer Coolguy - 3 days ago
Znation is SOOOO GOOD I’m so sad syfy cancelled it): netflixxx save Znation🙏🏽🙏🏽
I M IMMORTAL mkk - 3 days ago
man the movie wandering earth is insane. thanks to this channel otherwise i would never have known about that movie.
albo nymus
albo nymus - 3 days ago
at least some of my absolute favs:
The discovery, beasts of no nation, the breadwinner, king of devils island, the brand new testament, waltz with bashir, the men who stare at goats, true detective, hannibal, annihilation, the arrival, etc... dont know if all are still there but i would def watch all of them
Summer Sylva!
Summer Sylva! - 3 days ago
Sweety Pie
Sweety Pie - 4 days ago
3% is such an underrated and ignored series!
Franklin Ruiz
Franklin Ruiz - 5 days ago
More of these vids please!!!! So helpful!!! Thank you!!!
J •
J • - 6 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Dark was pretty slow to me.
GodSon - 7 days ago
I like most people really enjoyed the Marvel shows on Netflix but Disney decided to take away their shows. I believe that Netflix should try to work out a deal with the company that has the rights to DC Comics and see if Netflix can bring some of their characters to the Netflix platform. They can also look at some some Dark hero/vallians books to work on.
Sage - 7 days ago
what about the titans or the titan however they call it?? its a great story line.
Andrew Mosley
Andrew Mosley - 7 days ago
Snowpiercer is a sequel to Charlie and the chocolate factory.
GGG GAMER - 7 days ago
Where's Dark? It's the best show I've seen in Netflix IMO.
Joshua Parkinson
Joshua Parkinson - 7 days ago
Ozark is an absolute banger, and dark as has been mentioned.
Sony X
Sony X - 8 days ago
Dark, dark, DARKKKK... ok comment section m gonna stop video halfway and gonna watch it. Just keep calm.
Jon O
Jon O - 8 days ago
I Poopy
Jose Robledo
Jose Robledo - 8 days ago
Apostle is one crazy movie. I recommend it.
Chootx Hishan
Chootx Hishan - 8 days ago
I have seen these all. Really a good watch ♥️
PlanetJigobotTV - 8 days ago
Thank you for your list they make my movie nights sooooo easy..
rita lux
rita lux - 8 days ago
3%,💓 The Rain😍,...then summer...what happened to monday....cargo...iboy
upsetchair - 8 days ago
There is this Brazilian tv show, I forgot the name but it is super good
Moises Valenzuela
Moises Valenzuela - 9 days ago
All to my list😁
Agree2Disagree - 9 days ago
Snowpiercer is GOAT
IbeenazZ - 9 days ago
I stopped watching this review right after I heard Polar was far better than "John Wick"...
niara fleming
niara fleming - 9 days ago
Yeah ok, so none of the ones I had in mind, great
Irrefutable Matt
Irrefutable Matt - 9 days ago
pffft crouching tiger 2 over night comes for us or furie? please...
Dick Longflop
Dick Longflop - 9 days ago
Fuck yea Pilar was amazing
Jay Dude
Jay Dude - 9 days ago
Everything that succs 👌🏾
Jo Jo
Jo Jo - 9 days ago
Jo Jo
Jo Jo - 9 days ago
Tom Mccarthy
Tom Mccarthy - 9 days ago
A lot of these aren’t on Netflix in Britain
invrplayedb4 - 9 days ago
I couldn't even get close to finishing see you yesterday. I gave it 40 minutes to turn into something and suffered through horrible acting.....
God, Your lord and savior
Iboy isnt a gem
DeeDoubleYou - 10 days ago
Lol iboy is not a good show 🤣🤣🤣
bkstacker 247
bkstacker 247 - 10 days ago
I want to hear what Neil degrasse Tyson would say about the wandering earth
sherlocks-mind - 10 days ago
Come on CARGOOOOO don’t fail me now
Marialcy Pena
Marialcy Pena - 10 days ago
Bad blood is sooo fuking good!
Crispy Chick
Crispy Chick - 10 days ago
I just came here to see if I’ve ever watched any of these movies lol
Andrea Lukac
Andrea Lukac - 10 days ago
Dark is an amazing show, masterpiece. I wish more people would recognize it, because it deserves so much more than most of the shows out there.
Yeo Ma764
Yeo Ma764 - 10 days ago
I HIGHLY recommend Erased, it's an anime on Netflix and literally so good
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