Lanterna - B minor

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Cover Ace
Cover Ace - 5 months ago
Αφιερωμενο σε εναν ερωτα μοναδικο!! 17/4/2019
Dimitra Giannakopoulou
Dimitra Giannakopoulou - 11 months ago
Νίκος Πετρουλάκης.
nowianman - Year ago
I have been inspired everytime this melody hits my eardrums, thanks
ibrahim frasheri
ibrahim frasheri - Year ago
Me thuani nje arsye qe te mos pelqehet kjo melodi !?!
Terry Barham
Terry Barham - 3 years ago
Damn, it shimmers . They must have listened to a lot of that dark shimmering 4AD stuff like This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, and Jif Juzz. Fuck I'm old !
Yasin Senyurek
Yasin Senyurek - 3 years ago
so beautiful.
Eckhard Sommerfeld
Eckhard Sommerfeld - 3 years ago
Yes !!! Like i told to JEROME,S music, this is art . So the question i ask is , ‘‘ when the school of trad. and chansoninterpreted Folklore and indigen tribe music, in Boston highschool of art , direct by prof. dr. Loane director of national and traditonele new folk and tribal historic sound and music. ´´ who declares the music of ROME and some you hear now going ways of there own, but ,like he noticed,._._./ in a very high unique and own styled way, he speaks of important new chanson-music !!! I want to hear this music by next European chanson-contest. I m european , i give money , you too , so i think we damm, get the right too hear music that is art . I not longer pay one cent for eurononsense music to piss by ! festival of european chanson culture. It is nothing when the artist who give live and soul for us and our music. At last: the musicans ,you all know them. Its time to give this artists , the place THEY DESERVE !!! European chanson festival can help if real artists can play there music. Music i a gift ,._._. And a good artist get the right , that we show some respekt. Gruesse an uns gleiche ,in diesem meer der dumpfheit und des gutmenschentums, ihr seid da ihr ANDEREN, thanx eckhard '
Dimitris Psihogios
Dimitris Psihogios - 3 years ago
Darjan Kostic
Darjan Kostic - 3 years ago
Holy Shit!
Sara Koutroumanou
Sara Koutroumanou - 4 years ago
so old school...perfect.
halfpipefreak - 4 years ago
beautiful music !
Noartist - 4 years ago
134 thousand views, and that was just me
udo goger
udo goger - 4 years ago
humanadia - 4 years ago
I hope Plant Eater has a Lanterna t-shirt.
Beste Terzioğlu
Beste Terzioğlu - 5 years ago
MeLexdy - 5 years ago
Great song, i ve been trying to find info about this band for the past decade...
ABC - 4 years ago
Try Google, it works. ;-)
DrKonman21 - 5 years ago
''διαστημικά'' υπεργαμάτο κομμάτι από τα παλιά...τα δικά μου παλιά...
Kat Karsecs
Kat Karsecs - 5 years ago
Oh, how I yearn for that crisp, dreamy floaty 4AD sound of the era of my younger days. Just. Like. This.  *le sigh*
DrugzRKoool - 6 years ago
Play this song at my funeral
Ioulum - 6 years ago
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Lowell Thomas, Jr. - 6 years ago
Not the same "Lanterna" song they taught me in Stuttgart when I was about three or four years young ! lol
dale taylor
dale taylor - 6 years ago
Great track and recording.!
LemonZeppelin - 6 years ago
I want this song to be played at my funeral.
Patrik ein
Patrik ein - 6 years ago
Song is so chill
Irina B
Irina B - 6 years ago
Wandering through this wild, mild side of youtune, I found some great instrumentals for a potential song I could write. But there is just too much... how will I ever make up my mind? I guess I'm gonna try to complete every single materpiece I have ever discovered. God kkep me on the right track and never let me seek for perfection somewhere else. I'm fine right here.
oKuRiizMa - 6 years ago
TheZackw419 - 6 years ago
nice chords!
Jezus Annro
Jezus Annro - 6 years ago
muy buena
Al Self
Al Self - 6 years ago
No description available.
stabvenom - 6 years ago
Outstanding and amazing!
Marcoanticz - 7 years ago
YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING GUYS, fantastic song..melody and rhythmic are perfect!
PilgrimTitan - 7 years ago
I like people to live and then its you
Ahmet Kabakbas
Ahmet Kabakbas - 7 years ago
OMG.. I'm high now and i can see the colors of this song..
btw. i have synesthesia since birth.. But.. It's beautiful..
Auditory Driving
Auditory Driving - 7 years ago
Rebecca Li
Rebecca Li - 7 years ago
this makes me want to cry but lately a lot of beautiful music does that to me.
arfranando - 7 years ago
i like rap and this...
joseph ciorra
joseph ciorra - 7 years ago
didn't think i was going to like it, i was wrong
Auditory Driving
Auditory Driving - 7 years ago
Amazing :) It has this rolling quality that never feels repetitive...:)
Taypan Erduran
Taypan Erduran - 7 years ago something...
jbones1987 - 7 years ago
whoever disliked this is most likely into rap
s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n
Nah, they probably just have bad/no musical taste. I LOVE a lot of rap, and I hate a lot of it too. Same goes for instrumental music like this. This group happens to be fantastic.
Marcin - 7 years ago
TheBassilly - 7 years ago
the masters of delay......takes us to another trip.
Karol95lh - 7 years ago
I want this umbrella! wonderful... song of life... *-*
VERITÁLIA .CHANNEL - 7 years ago
LI Trad
LI Trad - 7 years ago
@uspsionic Are you sure? I am sure they got to say it in the Credits. :/
utydvh - 7 years ago
Jubba the Hutta
Jubba the Hutta - 7 years ago
what is the name of the album?
Pau Redondo
Pau Redondo - 8 years ago
Hermoso! :')
PurplePunch - 8 years ago
just heard this song on some video and i used shaazam to tag it! awesome sound!
LemonZeppelin - 8 years ago
Aspa Stackhouse
Aspa Stackhouse - 8 years ago
I just discovered them!Great music!Do they have any site in order to follow them?
PeterbossPT - 8 years ago
good example of how to make good music without a single word...
this way we don't hear bulls#|t of how much money, cars, houses, drugs and chicks they have..
A. Shareef
A. Shareef - 8 years ago
what an intro. one word. AMAZING!
Han Fuehrious
Han Fuehrious - 8 years ago
The picture, if anyone is still looking, is Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock. It's done by curlytops, and is on their deviant art page.
yesimnosytoo - 8 years ago
I don't remember how I discovered the name, but first time I've heard this song was in "Catch me if you can" trailer... It was 5 seconds that haunted me for over a year!
Melissa Woodall
Melissa Woodall - 8 years ago
Mihai Oprean
Mihai Oprean - 8 years ago
@uspsionic omg!!! i remember the episode...this song...the suv rolling on the desert road...
Baronos10 - 8 years ago
Jimmy Ramone
Jimmy Ramone - 8 years ago
I ADORE THIS so young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stefanos Nosak
Stefanos Nosak - 9 years ago
Magic feelings !!!
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