Time For A Change

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Tess Morgan
Tess Morgan - 9 days ago
kuc Z Bronksu
kuc Z Bronksu - 10 days ago
You make me so happy
Thank you
I Am Always Changing
I Am Always Changing - 11 days ago
Love the cacti, though, so cute
Mariah  Del Valle
Mariah Del Valle - 15 days ago
"Performance issues" 💀😂
Oddi Miseinen
Oddi Miseinen - 22 days ago
This video made me feel like I'm chatting with a friend amd made me smile so much. Phils videos literally give me hope for the future, watching them feels like sitting in the sun
Izzy Fackrell
Izzy Fackrell - 25 days ago
0:08 2019 is treating me badly
Sophie Gale
Sophie Gale - Month ago
Sophie Gale
Sophie Gale - Month ago
Mack riggs
Mack riggs - Month ago
I think im extra emotional today because I cried when I saw lion.
UnicornSlayer895 - Month ago
He didn’t say no to a d*ck he just said it didn’t fit the aesthetic he’s going for 👀
Rose C
Rose C - Month ago
Phil swore at least twice in this video, if you count ass as a swear
A Bean
A Bean - Month ago
We have the same bedsheets
Sebastian Andersson
Sebastian Andersson - Month ago
6:07 Finally. He can now be open with us concerning his hidden desire for naked handstand men.
duolingo bird kills non bilingual bitches
tbh i still can’t believe my tweet is in this
kiwi - 2 months ago
phil swearing is so weird but i’m here for it
Pan!c on
Pan!c on - 2 months ago
Cuddleing cactie at night
Joe Mancini
Joe Mancini - 2 months ago
Time for a change? Hmmmm look in the replies of my video.
isabella ahuactzin
isabella ahuactzin - 2 months ago
Wow new vid tomorrow 😤😤🖐
isabella ahuactzin
isabella ahuactzin - 2 months ago
Just giving an algorithm boost for his new video 😌✌️
Maisy13 - 2 months ago
Just re-watching this, and didn't catch it before, but why is the pickle still in your house? Yeet its yodeling ass.👍👌
XxSave_the_turtlesxX - 2 months ago
Play Dance Central! (Not the new crappy vr one though!)
XxSave_the_turtlesxX - 2 months ago
If u still do Dan vs Phil do Dance Central as a Dan vs Phil!
XxSave_the_turtlesxX - 2 months ago
Omg when Phil swore though! 😂
Alesha Borbo Kilayko
Alesha Borbo Kilayko - 2 months ago
the amount of references to penises in this video is truly awe-inspiring
Alesha Borbo Kilayko
Alesha Borbo Kilayko - 2 months ago
im gonna say it as many times as you need to hear it, philip
if we ever meet in person i will literally fight with my FISTS until you believe it!!! (๑و•̀ω•́)و
Panic! At The Disco Edits!
At 3:20 Phil says “bitch” nooo Phil whyyyy
yeahthatsme - 2 months ago
I luv u
renata bliss
renata bliss - 2 months ago
I thought capricious was a type of cheese...
Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor - 2 months ago
Seeing if mine is working 🥰
Pan!c on
Pan!c on - 2 months ago
I also love dinosaurs
Pan!c on
Pan!c on - 2 months ago
English language degree is coming into good use
MalachiTheAdventurer - 2 months ago
Love the set.
Emla Lamm
Emla Lamm - 2 months ago
The 'this is me ' at 1:28 got me. XD
Laura Rosales
Laura Rosales - 2 months ago
That Vanjie button
gigi goodlander
gigi goodlander - 2 months ago
maybe he'll fucking drink out of the socially acceptable vase
nobody nobody
nobody nobody - 2 months ago
No join feature here 😓
Niamh - 2 months ago
*Wait is Phil secretly the guy from the chubbyemu video who drank the lava lamp?* 😂😂
Eleftheria Müller
Eleftheria Müller - 2 months ago
tHaT onE iS TicKliNg mY noT YoDelLiNg PiCkLE? ?
val ochoa
val ochoa - 2 months ago
i love u
sarah kucana
sarah kucana - 2 months ago
You should put pokemon memes in your backround
Mack riggs
Mack riggs - 2 months ago
Phil better be proud, I literally went oUTSIDE and got a bloody job to get a cactus by my name
(Still havent bought it yet because I spent like 100 dollars on merch)
Léon and Greyson
Léon and Greyson - 2 months ago
2019 has tried to kill me 14 times
inSane_giRl 33
inSane_giRl 33 - 2 months ago
2019 has been ok
Like the first day of the year I threw up so
Reagan Butrum
Reagan Butrum - 2 months ago
4:05 did he actually just say that
Lol Idk
Lol Idk - 2 months ago
Sarah Rink
Sarah Rink - 2 months ago
y'all remember when we all cried over dan laughing in the back at 9:12? dark times.
kria allison
kria allison - 15 days ago
oh woah i just realised so small
Veg x Fruit
Veg x Fruit - 2 months ago
ash schwebel
ash schwebel - 2 months ago
If only we knew how little of a change this would be in a few months time... 🥺
Rox Davo
Rox Davo - 2 months ago
He should do a roommate tag/Q&A with Dan
Abigail Bailey
Abigail Bailey - 2 months ago
cecelia rose
cecelia rose - 2 months ago
you guys out here naming your cactus
i'll name mine dog
Anya O'mahony
Anya O'mahony - 2 months ago
Finally, he realises. He should stop using metaphors!!!!!
ToribbleJustice - 2 months ago
I have a suggestion for something to dip your feet into:
A large tub full of tiny fish. They eat the dead skin off your feet and they become smooth.

I swear, I'm don't have a fetish for feet. 😂
jessafire _
jessafire _ - 2 months ago
do a video designing dan membership emojis
jessafire _
jessafire _ - 2 months ago
also wanted to comment to see my cactus
Isabella Campos Matson
Isabella Campos Matson - 2 months ago
phil this video was kind of weird
Isabella Campos Matson
Isabella Campos Matson - 2 months ago
Zoe White idk lol he was a little weird
Zoe White
Zoe White - 2 months ago
Isabella Campos Matson what
sabbi a
sabbi a - 3 months ago
So I’m in band and we have this thing we call “dance party Fridays” so basically after school they play music and have disco lights and all kinds of random stuff to remind everyone to pick up their instrument to take it home over the weekend (also there are like really high ceilings in the band room) so anyway the band director bought one of those things for dance party Friday’s and put it up (we named it Jeff by the way) but it was too frickin massive and was way to tall 😭 so yea now we just have one of those things hanging in the corner of the room like a flag creepily staring at us at all timea
yodelphan - 3 months ago
i'm so here for phil saying "bitch", "goddamn" and random penis references
Ashbo B
Ashbo B - 3 months ago
Hahaha it’s droopy, performance issues.
Sky Krasher
Sky Krasher - 3 months ago
I love how after all this time he still has Lion in the background.
Faith S
Faith S - 2 months ago
Sky Krasher, his undying loyalty is heartwarming
Gold Bold0
Gold Bold0 - 3 months ago
Oh Timothy I'll display my *SINGLE BLADE OF GRASS*

This is the quality content I signed up for 👌 I have been a fan of you and Dan for like a month and I'm in love with you both! Thanks for making me smile ❤️
Emi Shelher
Emi Shelher - 3 months ago
"That one is tickling my not yodelling pickle"?!?!?!
- Fran -
- Fran - - 3 months ago
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