Sexy Therapy (2014) full movie comedy

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Sharyn Francis
Sharyn Francis - 15 hours ago
Good movie...but the guy although he made the right decision to be there for his parents is a little lost in life.
Longcha Naga
Longcha Naga - 2 days ago
Shitty movie
spread humanity
spread humanity - 3 days ago
It's cold in New York ..
Nethan : ho ! Thanks for the weather report ..
Thomas Lucia
Thomas Lucia - 3 days ago
I (kind of) grew up watching Linda Lavin, and always thought of her as an adequate actress, adequate talent. But I happily admit to being deeply moved by more than one of her performances in later years - this being one of them. She is a gifted performer, and she has an innate ability to bring your emotions to the surface and wrap your heart around her little finger. With mere (facial) expressions, she can either warm you to your soul or break your heart. She can also frighten the hell out of you! I salute her and her magic, her craft, her abundant gift.
Emina Srdanov
Emina Srdanov - 4 days ago
filmovi bez prevoda kome trebaju
Jumana220 Abdirahman
Jumana220 Abdirahman - 4 days ago
Wooow its a great movie but I don't Agree the title
Nelly Mwachai
Nelly Mwachai - 4 days ago
if you have the nerve to say this movie isnt a it does not have a bit of comedy in it..then your sense of humour is too dissapointing😂.
okay i dont get why people say the ending was was quite clear..nathan moved on with his life he finally understood his my own point of view erica wasnt good enough for him (nathan) that this movie is superdope i feel like it need a lot of knowledge to understand it.yep.
Gabriella Savova
Gabriella Savova - 5 days ago
Wtf.. so boring
Greiguci Wootchie
Greiguci Wootchie - 6 days ago
Love this feel good movie.
Greiguci Wootchie
Greiguci Wootchie - 6 days ago
Free movies are the new little black dress.
Thabo Micajr
Thabo Micajr - 6 days ago
Great movie. Just do not agree with the title.
iamjervz feb princess
iamjervz feb princess - 6 days ago
I was waiting for the date to bad
ChillnScoop Ice cream
ChillnScoop Ice cream - 7 days ago
does anyone know about the soundtrack in the movie?
Cynthia Lopatin
Cynthia Lopatin - 6 days ago
You have all displayed at the end of the movie, after all the titles!
Nah rose Cuet
Nah rose Cuet - 9 days ago
July 10 2019
karena apus
karena apus - 9 days ago
Slow movie, no big message in it, no breaking point, not so good acting.....if you have time to waste you can watch this movie , but if you want to see something worth it this ain't the one.
vincent tou
vincent tou - 10 days ago
anybody scrolling down the comment ....
searching for the title of da movie😁
Cassie Luv
Cassie Luv - 9 days ago
Lol me too
Nariza De Mesa
Nariza De Mesa - 10 days ago
Nice movie and family
Ivdomiko Channel
Ivdomiko Channel - 10 days ago
Reads the comments before watching the movie☺😊
AllNamesAreTaken - 10 days ago
Its a good movie, likeable actors and touching story but it felt like it was missing something or maybe that's just how it was supposed to be.
Lanna Brue
Lanna Brue - 10 days ago
Nw watching
Shivani Kapoor
Shivani Kapoor - 10 days ago
It's a very emotional movie .. must watch guys, love from India.
Rohit Rohit Kumar
Rohit Rohit Kumar - 9 days ago
Shivani Kapoor 8887759436
Mila Ka
Mila Ka - 11 days ago
Very nice movie, makes you appreciate your family with their weirdness more.
Sanjana Chauhan
Sanjana Chauhan - 11 days ago
Lovely movie......
Marck Lm
Marck Lm - 11 days ago
it made me love my parents more 💞 and for bonus finding the right woman 😅
Barby Cake
Barby Cake - 12 days ago
Am i the only one left wondering WTF at the end? Theyre not going to ElmWood...he's dating...
Magi love this music too much Magi
Wish I was back home like will give my mum a big kiss 😊miss you sweet mum
scam artist
scam artist - 13 days ago
How is realistically life, grate movie.
Lata Surya
Lata Surya - 14 days ago
I slept halfway though😏
lovely whatsapp sataus Aisha
O r sexy
ifeoma brown
ifeoma brown - 15 days ago
I love love this movie.... Got me glued to my screen all thru👍👍👍👍
Leslie Rindel
Leslie Rindel - 18 days ago
Kinda special movie ❤️
Leslie Rindel
Leslie Rindel - 18 days ago
The title is so not it It nearly put me off
Allyson Henrie
Allyson Henrie - 16 days ago
Yea me too. Sounds like the editor they described in the movie....
Leslie Rindel
Leslie Rindel - 18 days ago
A movie that has a real proper ending ❤️
shikha holkar
shikha holkar - 19 days ago
Full of love👐🏻really touched!!!
Shades Shades
Shades Shades - 19 days ago
loved the feel!! 💞
let's do it now
let's do it now - 19 days ago
Nice 👍
Taieep Unter
Taieep Unter - 20 days ago
The will be light at the end of the tunnel .Just wait a little longer and try harder that's it.
my lyrics
my lyrics - 20 days ago
Who's watching this movie in 2019?
Courteney Equestrian
Courteney Equestrian - 9 days ago
Jorna Smith
Jorna Smith - 9 days ago
same here🤔
Shenaz Shariff
Shenaz Shariff - 10 days ago
jazita jaafar
jazita jaafar - 20 days ago
Good story line. Great actor
Maureen Mutuku
Maureen Mutuku - 21 day ago
It made me miss my parents. I should visit the soon.
Hubert Synrem
Hubert Synrem - 21 day ago
I don't understand a thing
Savior Flaire
Savior Flaire - 21 day ago
They saved alot of money on wardrobe . . . . The lead actor hasn't changed his outfit once !
super cell
super cell - 21 day ago
so...can anyone tell me how this is a comedy movie....and that too....a sex comedy?!🤔🙄
Lucas Vidana
Lucas Vidana - 22 days ago
It was good & please stop asking if people read the comments before they watch, it is really dorky you ask that.
Defcon 1
Defcon 1 - 22 days ago
Allyson Henrie
Allyson Henrie - 22 days ago
Seriously!!!! I hate when writers do this? It's not called suspense, it's called 'ran out of ideas'. It could have concluded in so many ways. Still awaiting the climax.....
Nelly Mwachai
Nelly Mwachai - 4 days ago
Allyson Henrie the ending was okay...thats how movies should end....whats the purpose of it if they are gonna end it for you... i mean it was quite clear...
Genie chan
Genie chan - 22 days ago
Love the subtlety of this movie. Real life situations you can relate to.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 22 days ago
The real title is "A Short History Of Decay".
Priyanka Bagale
Priyanka Bagale - 19 days ago
Thank you. I was wondering about it. Sex therapy doesnt seem like a fitting title for this film.
mohammed bilal Z
mohammed bilal Z - 23 days ago
End is in wrong place, this movie could have continued
Jan B
Jan B - 23 days ago
I don't know any people that say the F word so much to each other. Swearing for our family is reserved for when you bash your thumb with a hammer or similar. It's so juvenile and ugy to swear so much....tirade over - will watch a bit more....I must be bored!!!!!!
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