My Dad Decided To Try Everything In His Last Year

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Andi Cox
Andi Cox - 12 days ago
Love your wids
Andi Cox
Andi Cox - 12 days ago
So sorry for your loss😭😭😭😭😭
EmiilyGreen - 22 days ago
I just liked right away cuz I knew it would be good
Ayo Zacaari
Ayo Zacaari - 29 days ago
Did his dad died
allyssamae subaan
allyssamae subaan - 29 days ago
Koreify - 5 hours ago
As u see this voice is on many of them THIS EXACT VOICE
Leo Uzamaki
Leo Uzamaki - Day ago
His dad was so cool
Wassihun Lesana
Wassihun Lesana - 2 days ago
Um...…..his name is San Lee
lol like the Stan Lee from Marvil
Linda Fitzgerald
Linda Fitzgerald - 3 days ago
My mom had me at 41 and my dad was 49. My mom had my brother at 44 and my dad was 52.
Z BB - 5 days ago
To be honest even if you wete right you need to respect your parents and in th ten commandments it says to respect your parents
yash warrior
yash warrior - 5 days ago
Your dad die or not?
Scypio 81
Scypio 81 - 7 days ago
5:44 Looked in!😂
Incognito Unknown
Incognito Unknown - 10 days ago
Anyone notice they changed the thumbnail multiple times.
Buyka Badaa
Buyka Badaa - 12 days ago
You are fucking lucky that you have a dad like that
Wet - 12 days ago
50 YEARS OLD?!?! My dad got me 19
oopsitsdeleted - 12 days ago
Friend: **coughs**
Actually happened: My friend had cancer and almost died!
Kenease Williams
Kenease Williams - 12 days ago
titanium gamerHD
titanium gamerHD - 12 days ago
My nigga is he still alive.
Like my dads 31 and my moms 32 and I fear of there death everyday beacuse they both have some sort of health problem
SuperDuperGAP 2000
SuperDuperGAP 2000 - 12 days ago
What happened
Renu Renu
Renu Renu - 12 days ago
Well did your dad die or not
Łunatic_ h1ghrise
Łunatic_ h1ghrise - 13 days ago
What music lol
Rasa Strazdienė
Rasa Strazdienė - 13 days ago
my dad is the oposet of your dad but my dad is old like yours
Emily Savochka
Emily Savochka - 13 days ago
This is how many more days his dad will live:
Beloved Bee
Beloved Bee - 13 days ago
anas alaa
anas alaa - 13 days ago
Every like=every time someone's name Is Stanley thay use this voice
em O
em O - 13 days ago
You should have said *AT* *LEAST* *MY* *DAD* *DIDNT* *GO* *GET* *CIGARETTES*
Melita St
Melita St - 14 days ago
Is it just me or did he say "hi, im stan lee"
Kenease Williams
Kenease Williams - 12 days ago
cheepy343 - 15 days ago
Stan lee the createur of the Marvel univers
Rennel Rosario
Rennel Rosario - 15 days ago
This is Stan lee😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫💓💓💓
RSD GAME - 16 days ago
Whoever gave this video a Thumbs downHow would you like if it was you like this if you wouldn’t like it
Kayla Pippin
Kayla Pippin - 16 days ago
That was sad
Doug Elegante
Doug Elegante - 16 days ago
I decided to drink water at 3 AM while dad and mom are sleeping. They woke up

Khadijatou Fall
Khadijatou Fall - 14 days ago
Doug Elegante hahahaha 😂
Eliz Fuentes
Eliz Fuentes - 17 days ago
Ur Stan Lee
Kimmy A.
Kimmy A. - 17 days ago
i actually thik that these actually happened but they just have the same voice actors and stuff,but the stories are real...
TTV Janstar
TTV Janstar - 17 days ago
lydia joshua
lydia joshua - 18 days ago
take mms
egg salad
egg salad - 18 days ago
This almost brought me to tears because I can relate very much. My dad is 53 and I am only 13 and I am scared to death that something like this will happen to him because he works in construction and very hard, and is too old to be doing this type of work.
Yusuf Sillah
Yusuf Sillah - 18 days ago
i heard this voice a million times
Flame Tuxedo
Flame Tuxedo - 18 days ago
Oh hello little boy or MARVEL CREATOR
cyclonemonkey - 18 days ago
It's fine jess dumped you if she was smart she would have asked what the issue was instead of getting mad and she should understand
Aiman Gamer
Aiman Gamer - 18 days ago
This is how many times ACTUALLY HAPPENED used this voice.
Jacob Crawford
Jacob Crawford - 18 days ago
Looks like Morgz revealed the truth to us.
Lavva Lara
Lavva Lara - 18 days ago
isn’t it weird how they all have the same voice 🤨

xwc gamerz raw
xwc gamerz raw - 19 days ago
You are StAN leE
Keyhana Sayer
Keyhana Sayer - 19 days ago
Talk to your girlfriend about your dad, cause In my opinion I would rather spend more of the time with my dad if I could have the chance to again. Girlfriends come and go but you only have one dad. Treasure those memories. You have a year with your dad, I didn’t know that it was my last days with mine 😪
Candice Polvino
Candice Polvino - 19 days ago
I lost me dad at 8
super angel yanez
super angel yanez - 21 day ago
Is your dad stan lee
hOmE YOuTuBe
hOmE YOuTuBe - 21 day ago
This is how many times ACTUALLY HAPPENED has used this voice lol
Soul ZodiacxX
Soul ZodiacxX - 21 day ago
The same sound as a guy named daniel on this channel
Katie Hudson
Katie Hudson - 21 day ago
one time i got a hamster but something awful happened

Iman Nasir
Iman Nasir - 22 days ago
PvZ YEET - 22 days ago
My dad hangs out with me and my freinds and he is super cool
Infinity - 22 days ago
My dad was 50 when I was born too
Intel Primes
Intel Primes - 22 days ago
Stan Lee is Alive
Kirsty Mae Cañada
Kirsty Mae Cañada - 22 days ago
He is the creator of marver
Scorpipine And SnakeVenom
Same with my dad. He hasn’t died yet :)
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