Best Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivera Funny Vines Compilation 2019 - Great Vines

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Prince Sultan
Prince Sultan - 21 hour ago
Laugh power!!!!
Chloe Holmes
Chloe Holmes - Day ago
Brent is my favourite you tuber
Do u agree with me
Like if you do 💋💋💋
rjay & ria
rjay & ria - 2 days ago
Can u go on YouTube and type up rjay and ria
•.Gacha_ Echo.•
•.Gacha_ Echo.• - 2 days ago
Lexi always says “brentaaa” and Brent says “lexiaaa” 😆when they argue
Chloe McDonald
Chloe McDonald - 3 days ago
I love them soooooo much lol☺
David Fraser
David Fraser - 3 days ago
Lexi such a pro at dancing
Its_ Alexa
Its_ Alexa - 3 days ago
Lexi is a better dancer than Brent XD
Zoe - 4 days ago
i wish my bro was that old so i can do that xd
Sky 97
Sky 97 - 5 days ago
I just already watched this like a billion times lol
Phil Lynch
Phil Lynch - 5 days ago
Lexi is really flexible and she is a really good YouTube or and Brent
Berenice Meyer
Berenice Meyer - 5 days ago
Lexi is so flexible. Teach me that split please😘
Oginda Plein
Oginda Plein - 8 days ago
ia lïit Lovo
Btjjm bethy
Btjjm bethy - 9 days ago
When your sibling is as wierd as you 😆😆😆
Btjjm bethy
Btjjm bethy - 9 days ago
Siblings dance off
Fox Lover
Fox Lover - 11 days ago
Lexi come to my next show to be my back up dancer
stitch Animations
stitch Animations - 12 days ago
I loved Lexi and Billie bad guy
•.Gacha_ Echo.•
•.Gacha_ Echo.• - 12 days ago
Hey we’re both called lexi my names lexi 😁
Ellanie Aswegan
Ellanie Aswegan - 13 days ago
6:36 the guy in the back was dancing like if you saw it
Cecillia Lindsey
Cecillia Lindsey - 14 days ago
You were on light as a feather
EXTREMIBLE JY - 15 days ago
Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega - 19 days ago
lov vid
Dionne Walton-Ryder
Dionne Walton-Ryder - 19 days ago
4:19 to 4:22 when Brent was walking away from his mom and giggling you could tell he was embarrassed
Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray - 20 days ago
Love u guys
Nafisa DeVerteuil
Nafisa DeVerteuil - 20 days ago
Lexi is a super good dancer wish I could see her in real life
Subhan A
Subhan A - 20 days ago
Lexi is a very good dancer
maria ceja
maria ceja - 20 days ago
I sud to you and sister is funny 😄 I love you
People subscribe to him
Amy Miller
Amy Miller - 20 days ago
lexi is one of the best dancers ive seen!
iLLbrothergames - 20 days ago
Lexi is a good gymnast
Olivia Stone
Olivia Stone - 20 days ago
You see the glasses one then the water balloon
toiwil777 - 23 days ago
Oh wow
Dionne Walton-Ryder
Dionne Walton-Ryder - 23 days ago
I'll hire Lexi as my back up dancer Lol 🤣
Tala Farhat
Tala Farhat - 23 days ago
I love😻 you my boyfriend Please love me
jannae Thomas
jannae Thomas - 23 days ago
Lexi Lexi so pretty
Prank yadin
Prank yadin - 23 days ago
Good 😂😂😂
Kitten Entertainment
Kitten Entertainment - 23 days ago
I need to be a part of the Rivera family!
Josefina Guerrero
Josefina Guerrero - 24 days ago
Did you see the man in the back at6:34
Casey Penny
Casey Penny - 25 days ago
Krystal Maddock
Krystal Maddock - 25 days ago
I luv lexi like If u agree
Oh I also luv brent
CoCo Crazy
CoCo Crazy - 26 days ago
when they were doing break it up................... ben that why you USE your seatbelt
Krystal Maddock
Krystal Maddock - 27 days ago
I luv how on the 2nd 1 there mum went along with it and lexi was like I told u so like if u agree btw no h8
Gacha-girl 123
Gacha-girl 123 - 27 days ago
Brent like always has to the the hype
Amaiyah Nelson
Amaiyah Nelson - 28 days ago
u rock
kaila berrios
kaila berrios - 28 days ago
I know that mall
kaila berrios
kaila berrios - 28 days ago
I wanna visits you
نشاط صيفى
نشاط صيفى - 28 days ago
Real spider or toy spider l scared
Laura K
Laura K - Month ago
Lexi is a really good dancer
Silky Slim Martin
Silky Slim Martin - Month ago
*Mal* *Bertha*
*Mal* *Bertha* - Month ago
11:17 I love high school musical
josh Hawkins
josh Hawkins - Month ago
This letters for Lexi
Lunaplayz_YT 1
Lunaplayz_YT 1 - Month ago
6:36 you see that man behind Brent he does the orange justice
ArrowFlash - Month ago
brent nice dance moves
Eboni Kelly
Eboni Kelly - Month ago
The man in the back with the blue hat and the beard! He was dancing too tap the numbers to see lol
Emillia Andrey
Emillia Andrey - Month ago
Andrew is sooo cute
Cherry Chan
Cherry Chan - Month ago
I never knew Brent did the floss SO much!!! This button is how many people didn't know!!!
Layleh Adhi
Layleh Adhi - Month ago
Lexi’s flexible
Amoy Amoy
Amoy Amoy - Month ago
Trust falls!!!

Like if you will catch me
Megan Long
Megan Long - Month ago
I would :3
Viji Pillai
Viji Pillai - Month ago
You are so lucky to have a wonderful brother 😘
Samuel Mureithi
Samuel Mureithi - 13 days ago
Kat Kelsey
Kat Kelsey - Month ago
Lexi is just like me I love bad guy
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