604 811
12 584
Thorn - 5 hours ago
John Mcmillan
John Mcmillan - 7 hours ago
51.59 😂🤣😂🤣
xPKH MC - 7 hours ago
Haty Khan
Haty Khan - 8 hours ago
I guess 24:27 the girl really loves some Nigerian huh? 😂
ps4_king 04
ps4_king 04 - 8 hours ago
Anyone know her @? 6:04
UZ Meliodas
UZ Meliodas - 8 hours ago
the irish girl just wanted to show off
arsenal snap
arsenal snap - 9 hours ago
I need her instagram 1:59 pls
Rohit - 10 hours ago
5:09 18:43 29:54 32:15
Johnny P
Johnny P - 10 hours ago
wat does 49:26 mean pls
Kiyotion James
Kiyotion James - 11 hours ago
The part your all here for 31:23
Jonathan Diego
Jonathan Diego - 12 hours ago
ahahahah "I see dead people"
Candy Gamer
Candy Gamer - 13 hours ago
I just imagined them saying I don't know my left and rights and then they go to the date section instead of the rejected section
A Nich
A Nich - 13 hours ago
8 adverts..... Whatever JJ... I watch this for the other guys...
Super noodle headed fool with bad taste in shirts
Mason Fenske
Mason Fenske - 13 hours ago
Mason Fenske
Mason Fenske - 14 hours ago
Brooke H
Brooke H - 14 hours ago
Why are they so creative with there intros to the lady's
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor - 14 hours ago
9:12 That Joke was Ruthless Bruvv 😂😂😂 at least a little interest and joke tho 😉
the pimp
the pimp - 14 hours ago
Now We Just Need 10,000 VS 100 Holiday
ibrahiim yusuf
ibrahiim yusuf - 15 hours ago
Vikk is kinda wearing the same thing as last time😂
General Grievous
General Grievous - 16 hours ago
Audio of a Trex at 22:52
remdawg1234567 snap chat
remdawg1234567 snap chat - 16 hours ago
24:57 do I even need to say owt
Ristic100 - 17 hours ago
omg whats the background music at 24:35 omgg pls
Devious_24k - 19 hours ago
LillChuff - 19 hours ago
OliverTheMagicMaker - 19 hours ago
Could anyone tell me what she's saying at 17:49?
Ava-Hunt Birch-Balkin
Ava-Hunt Birch-Balkin - 19 hours ago
Did I really just watch that
Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen - 20 hours ago
abigail 6.04 is actually so sweet lemme date her
iSoappe - 20 hours ago
honestly these are hilarious
Danyaal Ahmed
Danyaal Ahmed - 21 hour ago
Girl with flaws
Girl with flaws - 22 hours ago
Yo it's hard to pull off an all-over. Simon is rocking it
Gus OC
Gus OC - 23 hours ago
oh harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Isaac Ingram
Isaac Ingram - Day ago
23:34 Harry runs like Abe from Abe's Odyssey
Thomas 854
Thomas 854 - Day ago
28:58. Poor Vikk
Hilarious Skits
Hilarious Skits - Day ago
I feel like I have seen her before in the 1st tinder video 3:12.
The Ultimate One
The Ultimate One - Day ago
Girl in 18:53 is trying so hard to be sassy
itsBoltz - Day ago
Imagine not knowing what Minecraft is
Gaming with Raffy
Gaming with Raffy - Day ago
Wow harry isn't late Good job harry!!
Sartaz Ihtisham
Sartaz Ihtisham - Day ago
What does jj mean at 43:20
Travis Goss
Travis Goss - Day ago
*Me trying to interact with any female*
G Barker
G Barker - Day ago
G Barker
G Barker - Day ago
XEXROX - Day ago
yungurl23 1
yungurl23 1 - Day ago
The second girl is hilarious lol
rim zak
rim zak - Day ago
omg I actually watched the whole video
Matotomato Tafoski
Matotomato Tafoski - Day ago
Ksi 2:49 aa
Chanittakarn Phatanakulpaisarn
Ok Want a riddle?
I am 14 and I have a crush on this BOI
But my mom said I have to to be 81 to date 02 to marry
Is she right? Why?
Q - Day ago
the second girl was hilarious.
EvNArchy - Day ago
Masoud Rahshani
Masoud Rahshani - Day ago
The ugliest bitches had the biggest attitude 😂😂😂
Abz Ras
Abz Ras - Day ago
the reason why Ethan gets shut down is because he is so forceful when saying his line, pointing at them and putting emphasis on certain words.
Gifted Tq
Gifted Tq - Day ago
Quick time events be like: 9:10
Sledx 1
Sledx 1 - Day ago
Toby says all these nice things but gets rejected
I'm a Potato
I'm a Potato - Day ago
He was going to say that she was worthless lmao 😂😂😂
Italicc - Day ago
almost every girl dresses the same and wears too much makeup..
Ps & Qs
Ps & Qs - Day ago
simon should’ve said “Simon says swipe right”
Apgaming - Day ago
My boy cimon
XPHELBL - Day ago
Love the minecraft jokes
KaiManTubeHD ROBLOX & More!
WAIT VICK? ITS VICSTAR NO WAY! IM A FAN! What is he doin here lol
Jish AFish
Jish AFish - Day ago
KaiManTubeHD ROBLOX & More! I joking right
Henrik John
Henrik John - Day ago
4:35 the synchronized weak knees drop
Hashem Khawaj
Hashem Khawaj - Day ago
Someone ahould use sheldon cooper's green lantern lantern line for pick up
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