Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan - Especially For You

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Loek Lensen
Loek Lensen - 4 hours ago
After 35 years together again. This is about my dearest love and me.
Róbert Èvi
Róbert Èvi - 10 hours ago
CHERRY NGATAI maori girl kiwi NZL
ME TOO L.O.V.E.? OMG..!! 😥 😭
Esneyder Toledo
Esneyder Toledo - Day ago
Roonil Wazlib
Roonil Wazlib - 2 days ago
This music video is so stupid (but I like it)
bunnypasstion bun
bunnypasstion bun - 2 days ago
Love this
Lisa C
Lisa C - 3 days ago
Jason please come home and marry Kylie ♥️
SuperMalle12 - 5 days ago
Det Her er sku da ikke DSB Jan. Giv det nu en chance.
Ram Bautista
Ram Bautista - 6 days ago
they look good together kilig
dudelobe - 11 days ago
Kylie before her hot pants ..damn those hot pants
Selvitia Rosidi
Selvitia Rosidi - 11 days ago
November 2019?
mike whitmore
mike whitmore - 12 days ago
ohh Carol
mateus peterlini
mateus peterlini - 14 days ago
Uma das melhores cantoras da minha adolescência.
mateus peterlini
mateus peterlini - 14 days ago
Kylie the best
Bull Shit
Bull Shit - 15 days ago
miss australia Kylie is still a hottie!!!
Yalezo Mbem
Yalezo Mbem - 16 days ago
😭❤️ good music 👌
Werley Lima
Werley Lima - 18 days ago
lenin malatesta
lenin malatesta - 18 days ago
Peruvian anyone??? November 2019!!!!
Ng Sifu
Ng Sifu - 18 days ago
This song still great, recall many of my past memories
Valdevino Pereira
Valdevino Pereira - 18 days ago
se tivessem se casado esses dois teriam sido um belo casal jason e kylie linda canção ainda escuto em 2019
Charles1234 Charles1234
Charles1234 Charles1234 - 19 days ago
A kylie deveria ter se casado com esse menino faz um casal bonito kkk
ryan karl
ryan karl - 19 days ago
I called my son Jason!
and my baby girl Kylie!
cmdfarsight - 20 days ago
Love this song every bit as much as I did when it first came out.
ron donnis
ron donnis - 20 days ago
hard to imagine this music video morphing into cant get you out of my head. kylie really rocks. love you kylie.
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson - 21 day ago
Great song, but should have been a bigger hit here in the U.S.
Esneyder Toledo
Esneyder Toledo - 18 days ago
This song sold 1.300.000 copies only in UK and but only 30.000 in US
Masriki Priadi
Masriki Priadi - 21 day ago
Indonesian Anyone? ☝️October 2019
Misogi Kun
Misogi Kun - 21 day ago
Only if they have mobile that time.
Seijuro Kujo
Seijuro Kujo - 21 day ago
A 16 years old listening to this
assault and battery
assault and battery - 21 day ago
J M - 23 days ago
Wish can go back in time and live that time of year again..
MrWsfer - 23 days ago
Rodel Cabrera
Rodel Cabrera - 23 days ago
I love this song..still listening and watching oct.2019
Daniela Herisoa
Daniela Herisoa - 24 days ago
Claus Kristensen
Claus Kristensen - 24 days ago
This song still is a hit in 2019🤓😀😉😊👍
Gerson Oliveira de Almeida Almeida
Linda musica
Priscillia Bichat
Priscillia Bichat - 25 days ago
Charles Orikara
Charles Orikara - 26 days ago
Waaaaaay before media....The great old days!!!!...smdh
Cosme Gualberto
Cosme Gualberto - 26 days ago
I love song
Angela Heart
Angela Heart - 26 days ago
Missing that awesome time, the 80s
tvtogether xo
tvtogether xo - 27 days ago
Classic beauty
Z T - 27 days ago
Ash Williams
Ash Williams - 28 days ago
oooh! her face is so perfect!! that hurts!!!
Zahra G
Zahra G - 28 days ago
I want a love like this but we are in Oct 2019!
Rt Fury
Rt Fury - Day ago
That is no reason not to. Embrace this song. It is beautiful.
Muhammad Azri
Muhammad Azri - 12 days ago
Go check japanese cover by wink. You'll gonna really love that vibe
Dean Fitzwater
Dean Fitzwater - 16 days ago
Zahra G true love song
Tota Salmy
Tota Salmy - 26 days ago
only game in 2019 no more true love😔
assault and battery
assault and battery - 28 days ago
She controls him exactly like Marie Osmond controlling Andy Gibb....But hey, what's wrong with that...
Bayan Sophia Mohammed Walid Shadaideh
Especially for you ....
marceloA1313 - 29 days ago
Hyde Park Brought me Here , and Bring to me Love Memories .
assault and battery
assault and battery - 29 days ago
Just joy....
Ken Chan
Ken Chan - Month ago
lostintimeline - Month ago
when pop music was POP MUSIC
jefferson dionísio
jefferson dionísio - Month ago
Fez muito adolescente chorar.
Tania Huq
Tania Huq - Month ago
The greatest love story x
☀️ Sunny Days ☀️
The real question is who remembers this from 1988? I was 13 and Neighbours was the talk of the playground. Everyone loved Kylie and Jason. This song was the first time we heard Jason sing.
Cempaka Ayu
Cempaka Ayu - Month ago
Yeaaaa... i still feel the same .. october 2019 🥰🥰
Joe - Month ago
Joe - Month ago
sik sik
sik sik - Month ago
i love the diva
I'm grateful for the fact that our Jason Donovan, unlike Tommy Page is not a gay!
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
*2019/2020 BRASIL ✅*
rennie don
rennie don - Month ago
dam I do miss the 80s wish we can turn back the clock
9 - Month ago
MYMP really improved this song.
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