The Future of the Channel, and You. [Walk with Grey vlog]

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Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd - 2 hours ago
Dude your fans are nearly all students
Harry Budge IV
Harry Budge IV - 11 hours ago
What about full-time students with a full-time job?
Mae Mae
Mae Mae - Day ago
No face why
Taylor Montgomery
Taylor Montgomery - Day ago
Ok grey with that thicc ass, damn
iamaplatypus 1234
iamaplatypus 1234 - 2 days ago
I wish you good luck in the future. I love your vids and I see that you put a lot, like A LOT of effort into them.
Call me Sky
Call me Sky - 2 days ago
I love you grey but give me your liver
Anime 0716
Anime 0716 - 2 days ago
I really wish I could donate! When I have the money, I will try because I love you and your channel! also, I don't remember when but, I Googled a fact and CGP grey came on Google for the answer!
Greater German Empire Mapping
Xyneex Technologies
Xyneex Technologies - 3 days ago
Next time, show us your face, then I will sell my house and donate. :)
meilovemeo - 3 days ago
I am a student but with a decent job so i will sign up, thank you for being an awesome creator. Any of your new upload will make my day and the next many days when i rewatch
Caution - 3 days ago
You have exactly 4 million subs
Sharma ji ka launda
Sharma ji ka launda - 3 days ago
IDC make more vids and get sponsored
Keina Draca
Keina Draca - 4 days ago
College student here. I was watching your video, thinking "yeah, I am sure I can find a way to throw money towards CGP Grey each month, hang on, spreadsheet time" and exactly then you made your comment towards students. You are awesome man, I love you all the more for that comment, but I will still support you if I can find a way.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith - 4 days ago
I say sell out. A couple ads here and there...ehh so what.
Ralphatality - 4 days ago
as a student, it was really nice to be encouraged like that, thank you, i'll donate as soon as i can :)
Wi Fi
Wi Fi - 5 days ago
Congratulations on 4Million subs!
Owl. - 5 days ago
that road trip video was actually really nice, honestly. If sponsored vids are what we need to get more good shit like that, well I'm down. Either way all of your content is amazing.
David Alexandrovitch
David Alexandrovitch - 5 days ago
One month later and he's still not back this assumes he put a 12 gauge round down his throat. Ive never heard someone overly stress a YouTube career as such difficulty. Try a 60hr a work week grey and see how you feel. How about you make a video on how honored you should be?
Eli Lewis
Eli Lewis - 6 days ago
I’m sorry I’m in school and no money
[CLASSIFIED] - 6 days ago
I’m still waiting for the Native reservations from the federal land video
Code - 7 days ago
no u
Dascede - 7 days ago
That was a beautiful walk.
mermaidpotato - 8 days ago
Well, I just started a PhD program, so I guess it'll be a hot minute before you see any of my money. But I hope sincerely that you're still making weird new cool stuff that makes me think and laugh when I'm on the other side of it.

Also, honestly, thanks for the exemption. Like some other folks in the comments, I occasionally get a little existential about where my time vs money is going. But also food is important.
Faz Man
Faz Man - 8 days ago
Man his animation skills got much better. It looks so real
Art - 8 days ago
There's one thing that stops me from supporting many YouTubers: Patreon. I hate it with passion. On the other hand my favourite content creators with PayPal have my financial support. I'm not asking you to to use exactly PayPal (though it would be nice). But please, give us alternatives.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - 8 days ago
Still waiting for that reservation video.
Heeh Heh
Heeh Heh - 8 days ago
So close to 4 million!!!!
Kristophb - 8 days ago
This may not be the best place to ask, nor do I know if you even tend to read the comments under your videos -- but I'm curious about Nebula tv and how it fits into your income. I only found out about Nebula a couple days ago, and a number of my favourite content-creators are on it, so I've been thinking about a subscription. I'm curious though, is income from Nebula better for creators than YouTube, hypothetically assuming the same number of subscribers watching the video? I cannot afford to Patreon every single channel I watch, but I would like to support creators more than YouTube does. I hope Nebula is a solution, I just want to hear from the creators that it is worth doing before I take the jump. If you're able, I'd love to have an answer.
sreedevi mydam
sreedevi mydam - 9 days ago
You set aside the American Indian reservations in every video about America, saying “that’s an o so sensitive sensitive topic for another time.Now is that time to make a video about the o so sensitive american Indian reservations.
Blankey McBlankerson
Blankey McBlankerson - 9 days ago
I'm shocked your channel hasn't been demonetized yet, like every other awesome channel on Youtube.
huswsimonbla - 9 days ago
God hearing him talk about what students should do/accomplish in their time makes me want to kill myself as I feel I havent managed any of those
Peter Sheppard
Peter Sheppard - 9 days ago
As soon as I get out of college, I'm adding you on patreon. :)
Shaair Basit
Shaair Basit - 9 days ago
Can you make video on country like india or pakistan why they are poor and what to do. Thanks
Bubole40 - 10 days ago
Not a student. I do have a question though. At 01:07 in the video I really wanted you to take a few more steps forward. I'm wondering if you have a full head of hair.
Easin Sheikh
Easin Sheikh - 10 days ago
I want with subtitle in English.... all your videos....
Sothas - 10 days ago
You have the voice of an angel.
KeRen Tan
KeRen Tan - 10 days ago face... whatever. *sniff *
Joseph O'Donnell
Joseph O'Donnell - 11 days ago
Damit I’m a student
Nicks - 11 days ago
What state are you in? Or does anyone know, I love those pine trees I'd love to live there someday. I mean theres mountains but I dont think those are North Carolina mountains. Too flat, maybe Georgia. Idk dood but its beautiful
Cr1ngy - 12 days ago
still waiting for native reservation video
Joel Andrews
Joel Andrews - 12 days ago
Given that:
1. I have no idea what I'm talking about
2. People in the comments say that your Patreon is earning a lot more than a doctor's salary
3. Your videos are really expensive in both time and money
I draw the following three conclusions:
1. You could probably quit your full-time job or arrange for a part-time job
2. You have will probably be able to pay a mortgage, bills, equipment and food
3. This comment will probably be never read, lost to the infernal depths of the internet, to be consumed like a leg of ham left in nature, slowly but surely.
The dark Side
The dark Side - 12 days ago
Oh f you I’m donating even tho I’m a student
Billy Bungate
Billy Bungate - 12 days ago
Grey : Help on Patreon
Me : Ok grey uploads means its not much per month.
Grey : Unless your a student.
vZEskimo - 12 days ago
Can we expect a video from you on the current events in Hong Kong?
Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion - 13 days ago
You are a bit to woke to support. I hope you open your mind and start to see the world more completely.
Habbi - 13 days ago
I thought he was breaking up with us 😭
Karlelian Raindeer
Karlelian Raindeer - 13 days ago
oh no my american money cannot be gifted to this man in Britain
Milo S
Milo S - 13 days ago
fedora The explorer
fedora The explorer - 14 days ago
What kind of student
Salem's Cave
Salem's Cave - 14 days ago
NEETS need not apply
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - 14 days ago
I’m waiting for him to hit 4mil
Doctor Games101
Doctor Games101 - 14 days ago
It is ok, CGP if you cannot do Youtube anymore. There is always Bitchute. Check out that website.
Kirt Kirt
Kirt Kirt - 14 days ago
But... You're on 34K per MONTH
karera ken
karera ken - 15 days ago
i am totaly impressed,u just have that thing that makes me wanna keep pushing till i make it
Abdallah Bahgat
Abdallah Bahgat - 15 days ago
dude u awesome
Len3032 - 15 days ago
I don't do patreon is there another way to support you?
Vénuz Blaster
Vénuz Blaster - 15 days ago
Almost 4M+ Subs!
Jae Jun Ha
Jae Jun Ha - 15 days ago
Dude, your so humble and understanding of our personal finances. Your sense of duty as a creative independent businessman and sense of compassion for those who can't necessarily afford your services. You and "Super Eyepatch Wolf" will eventually be my first youtube donations.
Caolan - 15 days ago
i mean man seriously like 400000 isint enough for 2 videos a year?
I like Green
I like Green - 15 days ago
Go for financial sense. I don't care about ads and sponsors.
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