The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12

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C L - 10 hours ago
Please tell me how this trailer is stimulating your female demographic -- how are you getting the Mrs. to approve a debit in the checkbook, for Disney+ (on top of ESPN; ESPN+; the NFL Channel; HBO; and, Showtime), as opposed to saving the money for Black Friday and Christmas?
Railhog Productions
Railhog Productions - 12 hours ago
This is the John Wick of the Star Wars universe
Mrs Kiwi
Mrs Kiwi - 14 hours ago
Gus 😂
jim jimjim
jim jimjim - 14 hours ago
A long time ago in a galaxy Burr Burr away.
wittylibrarian - 17 hours ago
now let's see Herzog narrate a documentary on suicidal porgs.
Tom Griffiths
Tom Griffiths - 18 hours ago
Sir Bantz Alot
Sir Bantz Alot - 20 hours ago
So far so good , awesome trailer,, can Disney actually get something right ???
Level Up Lounge
Level Up Lounge - 20 hours ago
They can make a dark kinky Mandalorian series, but yet they cancelled the Clone Wars season 7 for being too dark?
Collided Worlds
Collided Worlds - Day ago
When Several guys are fighting for the same girl
He Jinkai
He Jinkai - Day ago
‘Bounty hunting is a complicated profist’
Zombie Juice
Zombie Juice - Day ago
Breaking news: local mandalorian too badass to die.
NinjaCat - Day ago
Can we just stop and wonder why everyone moves like action figures?
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams - Day ago
it's not a star wars movie without someone losing a limb...
and i can tell a lot of limbs will be lost here
MiSta BlackJack
MiSta BlackJack - Day ago
It's been two months and just saying that sentence out aloud still sends shivers down my spine.
E Sab
E Sab - Day ago
Love everything about this trailer.
Terry Oliv
Terry Oliv - 2 days ago
I m afraid
DaBelgje - 2 days ago
one more month
Hitso Orvonen
Hitso Orvonen - 2 days ago
Reminds me of Daft Punk, the way he doesn't speak anything but looks so awesome.
Stubby Nubs
Stubby Nubs - 2 days ago
This actually looks good. Can't wait to watch it on Stremio.
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - 2 days ago
Coming soon from Walt Disney Pictures.
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - 2 days ago
Star Wars the Mandalorian coming in theaters this November thanksgiving.
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - Day ago
Isaac Perez its a series
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - 2 days ago
Can wait to see that movie
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - Day ago
I know
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - Day ago
Isaac Perez That‘s a show
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez - 2 days ago
With the Empire defeated by the Rebels just before the Civil War was only the beginning just then someone wanted to collect the price on their head, The Mandalorians Bounty Hunters.
3771ᄇᄌVᄐn SLK 天 照
g1yugioh - 2 days ago
They're gonna pull a samus aran on us. The mandalorian's identity will be hinted at and we could possibly hear a male voice, but in the end we will finally see that it was a female all along. Nothing wrong with it, just a guess since this is Disney.
Ripper1-1 - 2 days ago
Closing the door on the dude at 1:15 set the tone for the show in under 3 seconds
Charles - 3 days ago
would be nice to hear timeura morrisons voice as the mando
Jack B
Jack B - 3 days ago
And we can’t watch it here in the UK
Niko Lukowicz
Niko Lukowicz - 3 days ago
I am way more hyped for this than I am for episode 9
Dave Cullins
Dave Cullins - 3 days ago
This must be very early in his career - his helmet neither has that huge chunk missing or the many scratches.
Samuel - 2 days ago
It's not Boba Fett.
Daniel Moe-Hee-Cah
Daniel Moe-Hee-Cah - 3 days ago
Star Wars: Help me "The Mandalorian" your my only hope
GVega - 3 days ago
who else gonna pirate it
bran man
bran man - 3 days ago
Bruhh thats Pedro Pascal 🤣 badass
DarthRex45 - 3 days ago
I’m a simple man of simple needs and this is one of them but tell me. Why is Keanu Reeves not the actor for the mandalorian
fryingscotsmanful - 3 days ago
Well oh boy
Rebecca Pearce
Rebecca Pearce - 3 days ago
The hype though
What channel is it on?
Jaime Pina
Jaime Pina - 3 days ago
So pumped for this OMG! I can’t freaking wait!!!
sermonem - 4 days ago
plottwist : He takes off his helmet and it's Keanu Reeves
Awesome 66
Awesome 66 - 16 hours ago
Sad dog noises
LordTNT 911
LordTNT 911 - Day ago
What have I stumbled into? 😐
sermonem - Day ago
ironkaider Yes, he would complete contracts by snaping his fingers :)
MiSta BlackJack
MiSta BlackJack - Day ago
That would break the internet forever.
Julius KIm
Julius KIm - Day ago
Sung Min Cho
Sung Min Cho - 4 days ago
Hey disney! More chinese! Thats where money comes! Free Hongkong dude
dsm gaming
dsm gaming - 4 days ago
well im going back to illegal site's
EliteCloneCaptain - 4 days ago
*starts rumor* Boba fett's Son?!
Ben V
Ben V - 4 days ago
This looks and feels awesome. Rise of Skywalker feels like they're desperate to repair the mess they're in.
Doo Nutt
Doo Nutt - 4 days ago
Will they have on Netflix??
Rod Hand
Rod Hand - 4 days ago
Now this looks interesting......
d0su - 4 days ago
What confuses me is why is it shot in 21:9 if it's mean for home streaming? VERY few people have ultra-wide displays, a negligible amount have TVs or Projectors in that ratio...
The Enginar
The Enginar - 4 days ago
so this is the reason that boba fett movie cancelled...Disney you have one chance
A certain red panda
A certain red panda - 4 days ago
Can't wait. This is the stuff I live for. I hope it won't disappoint.
Blagovest Zlatev
Blagovest Zlatev - 4 days ago
0:41 - old billy redface burr
LR2k8 - 5 days ago
Disney have made the same impact on the Star Wars universe, as the iceberg did to Titanic.
Dave Cullins
Dave Cullins - 5 days ago
What does he even do with his money?
Master Mirror Sung
Master Mirror Sung - 3 days ago
Fuel is apparently very expensive after the Empire collapsed.
Dave Cullins
Dave Cullins - 5 days ago
The bounty hunter who gets to somehow become 130 in legends.
Scipio - 5 days ago
Disney: we ain't gonna tell you who he is muhahah...haha...action figures coming soon...
Samuel - 2 days ago
Action figures being produce are completely unrelated to knowing the name of a character...
Tequilaboum - 5 days ago
Plot twist, the soldier is a woman.
Damian Wayne
Damian Wayne - 5 days ago
Dope if he gets the dark saber
Andrew Gerety
Andrew Gerety - 5 days ago
This trailer looks pretty good but I think I’m still gonna pirate it Disney you can’t stop us all
Agustinus F
Agustinus F - 5 days ago
star wars "not so fan" : no oldie skywalker? its bad!
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 4 days ago
Agustinus F Star Wars without a Skywalker works.
Green Spleen Submarine
Green Spleen Submarine - 5 days ago
Please be good please be good please be good
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 5 days ago
I'm signing up just for this. ☕
some dude
some dude - 5 days ago
M-A-N-D-A-L-O-R-I-A-N! I know it is really mickey mouse under that helmet.
Hassan Alamoudi
Hassan Alamoudi - 5 days ago
The mandolorien is a female version of boba fett
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 4 days ago
Hassan Alamoudi The actor is Pedro Pascal and why should it be „a version of Boba Fett“.
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