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15 677
Jc - 13 hours ago
Post 2 videos a week. Hek you should go on reality Tv so people really know the hell you dealt with..
Or, Video it yourself..
Jc - 13 hours ago
I love your videos and this is great one! I wish I had this when I was going to school. Another thing..about the bullying; keep posting and keep your head up. Your videos can help others from cyber losers .we all love you Jaclyn Hill.
Louise R
Louise R - 21 hour ago
Idk if you eating too much and it went to your face or you got too many fillers. But really not looking good 🤨 give some of that money back to your customers and stop putting it in your face
Vanah89 - 21 hour ago
Ugh just go away already #annoyed #stfu
Courtney Bomkamp
Courtney Bomkamp - 21 hour ago
Jaclyn you are one of my absolute favorite beauty idols and I’m in love with your make up looks. I wanted to reach out to you personally because I have a story I want to share with you. I am getting married in a couple weeks and due to some unfortunate circumstances I don’t have much in the way of family support. I think you are a beautiful individual and I would love to connect with you about makeup because even under these unpleasant circumstances your videos make me smile and I want to learn all I can to try to look beautiful at my wedding.
K S.
K S. - Day ago
This doesn‘t saves time 🤷🏻‍♀️you need much more longer when you use concealer as foundation (Btw i would never do it, my face would look like shit) same with bronzing with foundation 😅🤦🏻‍♀️
Peggy Phelps
Peggy Phelps - Day ago
The only way that I can get this message out there to other women on behalf of Jacklyn is this platform I don’t do twitter or instagram I think it hateful ! Please women stop body shaming and dragging other women down we are never going to break that glass ceiling or have women as President . We tear each other up when we make mistakes it’s like a mob Jacklyn didn’t handle the lipstick problem the best she should have but give her a break. If that had been a man with a product and the same thing happen it would have been different . If a guy had gained weight a bunch of men would have never said anything . Let’s wish Jacklyn the best on her next product she brings out rally around her circle the wagon for support .
Elisa Castro
Elisa Castro - 13 hours ago
Why do we have to stop because we're women? I'm under no obligation to pretend to like her because I'm a woman, nor do I have to withhold my say because it isn't supportive. Ironic how you claim women should love other women, yet women who don't agree with you should shut up.
Virginia Mejia
Virginia Mejia - Day ago
So much hate it’s disgusting! I will never understand why people watch if you dislike them. Either way you fucking haters are making her money by watching.
Coco R
Coco R - Day ago
This is like a fever dream, looks like she's forcing herself to keep on talking cuz if she stops she's going to start crying, getting 2007 Brintey vibes here.
Lisa Van wyk
Lisa Van wyk - Day ago
Tired of all of the negative comments. If you don't like it don't waste your time watching it.
Nicole Head
Nicole Head - Day ago
Jaclyn QVC Hill.. where are you and what's for sell next?
KTD - Day ago
Love !!
Taluhnted -
Taluhnted - - Day ago
Back in 2015 I remember Jaclyn talking about the redness around the nose and I was confused cause I didn’t have it back then 😑 now I can relate😰
Savannah Sellers
Savannah Sellers - Day ago
Y’all are all a piece of shit , she didn’t do the lipstick thing on purpose, it was an accident, she has done so much positive things and you guys don’t realize that what your saying hurts other people, and half of y’all haters didn’t even buy a damn lipstick so mind yours that PAYS you 💯💅🏼
KelseyMckay - Day ago
Easy, folks. We've progressed from "expresso" to espresso! Baby steps, mk? 💜
Skylar Johnson
Skylar Johnson - Day ago
The lab she had her lipsticks made at just had three people taken to the hospital for a chemical reaction....
Karen Katona
Karen Katona - Day ago
If you don't want to see and hear what she's putting out there, why not offer a positive suggestion. Trying to out smartass one another is boring. Jaclyn has gained weight. She said so. Big deal. Lots of people self-medicate with food. I admire her courage to keep trying. It's so easy to bash someone on social media. Easy, and cowardly. If you can't or choose not to support her, why not wander off to someone you can support. Beating up on someone when they're down is just pathetic. If you're not above that kind of thing, you should be. Rant over. Peace out.
ARMY BLINK - Day ago
She doesn't look like the same person at all the only thing I can recognise is her voice 🤔👀
Christina Protze
Christina Protze - Day ago
Billy Madison. Also I love nyx lip liner
Konstadina Dafni
Konstadina Dafni - 2 days ago
Britney Spears looked better at her 2007 break down
Lady Katrana Prestor
Lady Katrana Prestor - 2 days ago
Sooo, she wants to start over... like nothing happened =P
Kitty Smith
Kitty Smith - 2 days ago
Why is she acting like nothing happend? ??
Kathryn Whitbeck
Kathryn Whitbeck - 2 days ago
Sweet Jaclyn, did you forget you’re cancelled?
CringeAlert101 - 2 days ago
so are you gonna refund the millions of moldy lipsticks you sold or are you just gonna act like a massive scandal didnt happen?
Heidi - 2 days ago
The more hate you spread the more bad is in the world 🥺
Elisa Castro
Elisa Castro - 13 hours ago
The more people ignore the wrong done to others, the worse things get.
Shelby Bedgood
Shelby Bedgood - 2 days ago
We need fall makeup tutorials/looks please!!!
goblinoid - 2 days ago
How can this channel exist? Who watches this crap?
Laura Segura
Laura Segura - 2 days ago
Why does she remind me of quagmayor from family guy.
Hg24k - 11 hours ago
Hahahaha!! Best comment yet!
bernicesbeauty - 2 days ago
All these keyboard bullies....damn.
Rosy Rocha
Rosy Rocha - 2 days ago
U had fun with this video. That's great. I wasnt to into the blush. But everything else was great. God bless u jacklyn. See u in the next upload
Eunice Audian
Eunice Audian - 2 days ago
this makeup look took like 30 minutes, and I think i will spend that time for some more sleep rather than putting 5 pounds of makeup on
Eunice Audian
Eunice Audian - 2 days ago
she looks like mrs puff from Spongebob Squarepants movie. like there's 5000 cotton balls stuffed in her face
Joy Fully
Joy Fully - 2 days ago
... she's 30. Thumbnail is a porno ad. She hasn't addressed her lipsticks. I'm out. ✌🤸‍♀️
Prod. By Nikblor
Prod. By Nikblor - 2 days ago
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with her? Lmao
Prod. By Nikblor
Prod. By Nikblor - 2 days ago
Her mental health is in decline...
rita - 2 days ago
I'm sorry for my hair? What about you being money hungry and selling bad prodects
Sarah B Gomez
Sarah B Gomez - 2 days ago
I think shes pregnant! I mean her face is full and boobs are too. Congrats if you are girl 😍
Ana Lowe
Ana Lowe - 2 days ago
she’s giving me Trisha Paytas vibes lmao
Soukaina Jemmali
Soukaina Jemmali - 3 days ago
Why people are so mean to her?!!! I read some comments, and all of them are so destroying!! She's human guys! She may did a mistake, but nothing I say NOTHING deserves all this hate!! I'm shocked... if you don't like her anymore so DON'T watch her vidéos, don't buy her products and unsubscribe its EASY... But DON'T HARASS her, you don't know how people can react
Please, try to be Nice
Cee Jay
Cee Jay - 3 days ago
She definitely is masking something....what it is I donno but I think she needs more time away from social media! Social media can be so cruel and she already said she had a hard time dealing with all the hate surrounding her lipsticks. One month is not enough time to cope with all the backlash...take some time away and really focus on your mental health....YouTube ain’t going anywhere
I’m sure she can make a healthy comeback the same way Laura and Manny did. There is room on YouTube for everyone...but you must have thick skin and a strong mental health to do it or the people on here will literally kill you...with words.
It doesn’t help that we’re all here sending her awful comments....but she set herself up for it when she decided to complain about a “defective” product when her herself were selling defective lipsticks.
Take care of yourself FIRST Jaclyn then come back to us! We wanna see a truly happy healthy Jaclyn
jen6227 - 3 days ago
The comments on this video are appalling. The relentless nastiness and blatant bullying of this person is disgusting. Just remember, no matter what she has done, she is still a PERSON with feelings. Think of the impact these disgusting comments have on her mental health. People are just so horrible and nasty. God forbid you could be nice or better yet, how about just say nothing if you can't say some thing nice.
Britney Allen
Britney Allen - 3 days ago
She is obviously going through a break down, and maybe it’s what she needs to find herself because the money,fame,and society beauty standards really isn’t doing her any good at this point.
Labra Doodle
Labra Doodle - 3 days ago
You could use the money you got from acting as Pennywise the clown in It chapter 2 to refund ppl maybe??
Marie Joy Magsumbol
Marie Joy Magsumbol - 3 days ago
Why does a lot of people hate her so much? What did she do? Can someone enlighten me??
Melissa Melissy
Melissa Melissy - 3 days ago
I hope you guys are having an amazing day! 💜
My younger sister has just started out on YouTube and she feels like giving up, if anyone could comment or like her video it would mean so much❣️❣️❣️
Thank you xxxx
Jung Kim
Jung Kim - 3 days ago
Hey Jaclyn, glad to see you making make up videos again. Don’t let the negative comments get to you❤️
jessica - 3 days ago
Damn it YouTube! I didn't get my notifications
Mayra Barroso
Mayra Barroso - 3 days ago
Hi Jaclyn😊
Nubia Flores
Nubia Flores - 3 days ago
22:16 people who bought her lipsticks
Josie T
Josie T - 3 days ago
Those ponytails do not seem like a good idea
savywavy - 3 days ago
i hate that she's uploading videos and act like her lipstick drama never happened (like bruh she didn't even address the rumours)
Mary Mav
Mary Mav - 3 days ago
In Damian's voice "That's why her face is so big, it's full of lies"
Katalina Rosalie
Katalina Rosalie - 3 days ago
What the fuck happened
Makeup by Preet Somal
Makeup by Preet Somal - 3 days ago
Can anybody subscribe me for no reason ❤️🥰??
Anna - 3 days ago
Love this video!
Rachel Kitts
Rachel Kitts - 3 days ago
Wow the weird giggles she’s Think she’s a few books short of a library
Peyton’s videos
Peyton’s videos - 3 days ago
glitter forever spiral is coming i think 🤔
아누Anu - 3 days ago
Ya'll know, the reason why she can't do refunds is coz the money's gone on her face's fillers.
J R - Day ago
아누Anu she actually gained weight, but okay pull that reach out
Andrea T
Andrea T - 3 days ago
Unpopular opinion: I actually feel terrible for her 🤦🏽‍♀️
Mary Susan Moore
Mary Susan Moore - 3 days ago
Love you Jaclyn!
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