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CringeAlert101 - 2 hours ago
are you like 30 or something
Elektron - 19 hours ago
You look like you’re auditioning for a cheap porno...and you didn’t get the part.
Flosstum - Day ago
the ending seems so off...
MilleMarron - 3 days ago
You look so different :-O
Amanda Verduzco
Amanda Verduzco - 3 days ago
Love you girl
Eliana Garcia
Eliana Garcia - 4 days ago
What did i miss?! Why are y’all dragging her 😭😂
ASLAMY - 4 days ago
I’m not sure why people have to be so rude. Jaclyn is a person! She is a human being! Stop being so damn mean to her. Yea she’s trying hard because everyone is starring at her and waiting for her to mess up. Keep doing you Jaclyn! You’re amazing! 😊
Елизавета Халявина
4:34 🤪😂😂
Cheyenne Allard
Cheyenne Allard - 6 days ago
Reading these goddamn comments is a fucking joke. The amount of pure hatred bullshit is fucking insane. Like I understand, she made some shitty lipsticks and didn't say sorry to your standard. She's literally addressed the shit 1,000 times like what more do you y'all want from her??? It's mind blowing. MOVE THE FUCK ON. Get over it. Cry baby ass, spoiled ass, cancel culture ass pieces of shit. I'm sooo tired of looking at the comments and seeing literally nothing but negative hate. It's pathetic and honestly so wack.
Jennifer Blanco
Jennifer Blanco - 7 days ago
Does she do cocaine because she’s like acting like she does. Also all that anxiety she keeps talking about could be caused because of drug abuse. But idk I don’t wanna make accusations like that. Someone should for sure check on her.
Katie Hemphill
Katie Hemphill - 8 days ago
Adam Sandler 🖤🖤🖤
Katie Hemphill
Katie Hemphill - 8 days ago
Tawny or Rock n’ rose by Jordana are my two go to drugstore lipliners, they’re creamy and amazing
Katie Hemphill
Katie Hemphill - 8 days ago
I legit don’t have a mustache but you finally answered why I look like I have one! Hyperpigmentation. Thanks 😭😂
ella smith
ella smith - 9 days ago
I honestly don't understand why people hate so much its actually sad that shit like this goes through peoples minds
AlakakDkaks Jakaf
AlakakDkaks Jakaf - 10 days ago
This is anything but appropriate for school children.
lovetolearnfromyou - 10 days ago
Have you requested a test for Cushing decease? No disrespect please some note symptoms: Signs are a fatty hump or weight gain between the shoulders, weight gain creating a rounded face, and pink or purple stretch marks. These are just a few. If it is just weight gain-which many of us understand Speed Keto is amazing. You are beautiful anyway but consider getting ck for Cushings❤️
lovetolearnfromyou - 10 days ago
Dumb spell check meant “disease”
Arielle Gonzalez
Arielle Gonzalez - 10 days ago
The Adam Sandler “back to school” part is a good throwback! 😂
Paisley Cox
Paisley Cox - 12 days ago
I love you Jaclyn!! Even though I’m young I would love to do something in makeup when I get older and you are the one that made me want to I can’t even describe how amazing you are and how much I love you your the best!!!
Christopher Richardson
Christopher Richardson - 12 days ago
Brooke McKinley
Brooke McKinley - 12 days ago
That still looks like way too much work
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg - 13 days ago
You're 30.
dazzleglam95 - 13 days ago
What’s she injecting into her face? 😭😭😭
unixmonk - 14 days ago
Shameless dog.
Jocef Jose
Jocef Jose - 16 days ago
The thumbnail gives me the mia khalifa vibe.
Melissa Green
Melissa Green - 16 days ago
Why does her face not move?? And look bloated 🤷🏼‍♀️
Alexandra Oliveira
Alexandra Oliveira - 17 days ago
She reminds me of the category bbw
Teresa Alvarez
Teresa Alvarez - 18 days ago
Her laugh is scary
Sinelly Gil
Sinelly Gil - 20 days ago
just know y'all going to hell LMFAOO Dragging her when she's trying
Megan Jensen
Megan Jensen - 21 day ago
“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal”
~Steve Maraboli
Megan Jensen
Megan Jensen - 21 day ago
Oh my heck you are so funny! Your witch impression “Hello! That’s brrright” had me dying DYING 😂😂😂 I rewatched that a thousand times! Keep being your fun self ❤️
Vincent Asatru
Vincent Asatru - 21 day ago
You look like a porn actress. Seriously, gosh, what are you pathetic.
Ch1kita Spinderella
Ch1kita Spinderella - 21 day ago
Ehhhh....I'm not a teenager so instead of a "back to school" look, what about a "5 minutes or less" look or an"8am college lecture" look or a "i'm running late for work cuz I kept snuggling with my dog" look! =) OR can you take like ONE product and use it for multiple take a bronzer stick and use it for bronzing, eyeshadow and lip...minimal time/minimal products. That would be cool.
Skylar Johnson
Skylar Johnson - 21 day ago
Her face looks so much bigger from the fillers and lies...
Zombie Bones
Zombie Bones - 23 days ago
The better use of your time would be refunding people who bought your nasty cheap std infested products.
Kendrah Van Dyken
Kendrah Van Dyken - 23 days ago
Why are people so damn hateful? I'm actually sick to my stomach seeing all this cyber bullying. She is a literal human being. Stop being so rude!
natalie schroeder
natalie schroeder - 23 days ago
is she ok.. like mentally
Vaida RaeLyn
Vaida RaeLyn - 24 days ago
3:46 video starts
Toxic Audio
Toxic Audio - 24 days ago
Is there no expired lipsticks?
Nurul Syasya Sam
Nurul Syasya Sam - 25 days ago
Jaclyn! ♥️♥️👍🏼👍🏼
that’s it, you need that. some good vibes, you’re doing great, it’s okay everything will be fine!! Don’t listen to these keyboard warriors, they will keep on destroying you, you don’t owe anyone any explanations anymore, do what makes you happy ✨✨
ANNA MORALES - 25 days ago
Seriously thousands of ppl with nothing better to do than hate and talk shit in the comments but ya watched the whole video😂
DukeUniversityGirl - 27 days ago
Stop being so mean. Y’all aren’t perfect either!
Mariah Bear Cloud
Mariah Bear Cloud - 28 days ago
lol whatever I actually loved this video 📝💞😂😍
Kim Colo
Kim Colo - 28 days ago
Billy Madison lol
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose - 29 days ago
Is she going hard on the cheek fillers or something?
Alena Vikernes666
Alena Vikernes666 - 29 days ago
This looks more like a thotty school girl look (or at least in the thumbnail it does) why are you trying to encourage teenage girls to dress in such a slutty way?
Also girl wtf is wrong w your face? It’s so puffy?
Alena Vikernes666
Alena Vikernes666 - 29 days ago
Uh do you realize ur like 30 or
Stefanie Hamacher
Stefanie Hamacher - 29 days ago
The comments on this video disgust me
Stefanie Hamacher
Stefanie Hamacher - 29 days ago
I had THE SAME problem with my L’Oréal telescopic.
Danielle Henry
Danielle Henry - Month ago
Ok so does she have eyeliner tattooed on?!?! Has to, there's NO WAY she doesn't, didnt put any on and you can clearly see it 💯💕😍
Anita Cudiamat
Anita Cudiamat - Month ago
This was so uncomfortable. Wow.
Marian Kalika
Marian Kalika - Month ago
Jaclyn is literally so good at ignoring all the hate and handling her personal business calmly.
Nene - Month ago
are you trying to hide a pregnancy?
Shiny Singh David
Shiny Singh David - Month ago
Jaclyn Hill needs Johny Sins❤️😂 #sorryjaclyn
Marissa Anastasia
Marissa Anastasia - Month ago
Can we get a count on how many times she plays with those damn pigtails?
Peyton Nirdock
Peyton Nirdock - Month ago
Lmao she thinks target is a drugstore but I thought it was boujee
Pretty Sparkles
Pretty Sparkles - 29 days ago
Lol it’s not
Katelyn Presleigh
Katelyn Presleigh - Month ago
This isnt my favorite video or look by Jacklyn but she has taught me SO much. Say what you want about her but she is BOMB at makeup
Rhia x
Rhia x - Month ago
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg - Month ago
What school are we talking about. Last time I checked no one under 20 used this much makeup and ponytails, let alone "show too much cleavage"
Doreen - Month ago
Siz you look and sound crazy as fuck.face is literally a bowling ball.this video is a MESS.just stop.
Crystal Honey
Crystal Honey - Month ago
Who ate Jaclyn ?
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