WTF! Man Utd Want Aubameyang & Athletico Want Xhaka! | AFTV Transfer Daily

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Arswendo Nugroho
Arswendo Nugroho - 18 days ago
I'll sell him for nothing less than 90M
ewan bird
ewan bird - 22 days ago
I love arsenal but we are a joke and if we sell auba Now and especially to Manchester United I’m done stop following football
Victor Sichalwe
Victor Sichalwe - 22 days ago
Liverpool sold Suarez and Continho to rebuild Liverpool. and who are we holding on to? Xhaka and Mihkitayran? I wish Emery could spend that £45million he has on Saliba and Tierney. Then with other sells look at rebuilding other positions. Prioritize defence
ISCO - 25 days ago
How to start an Internet fight

Tottenham is better
netweed09 - 20 days ago
No, just say Xhaka is amazing and should stay at Emirates
garisan sarvananthan
garisan sarvananthan - 25 days ago
Why does it trigger me so much that keep spelling ATLETICO wrong?
TheNo1N1gga - 25 days ago
1000 more till one mil!
jeff okello
jeff okello - 25 days ago
NEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!.... selling aubameyang to man utd is suicide
Hugo Willson
Hugo Willson - 26 days ago
100+million for auba
Lennox Mate
Lennox Mate - 26 days ago
I rate Aubamayang. He’s a great finisher. Let’s be honest though. If you get an offer between £80m-£100m you have to accept it. He’s 30 years old. Lacazette is the better all round player. With the transfer kitty being so small Arsenal need to sell to strengthen elsewhere.
If you didn’t have Lacazette I’d say no way but you do have him. Promote Nketia to the first team as support and use the money to strengthen in defence and midfield.
Van Persie was different. You were still contenders then. You are in serious danger of falling away at the moment. Sell an asset. Buy young players. Turn them into stars and sell them and strengthen again.
This is what you need to do for 5 years to get back up there without your owner investing. Facts.
silas232003 - 26 days ago
This is whole arsenal thing is silly - easy fix - sell ozil, mustafi, lichtsteiner, kosciely, monreal, jenkinson, elneny, mkhitaryan, welbeck, ospina, chambers and replace those players with quality.
Stephen  Foot
Stephen Foot - 26 days ago
Talksport sh## stirring again they do it every year
saheed soleye
saheed soleye - 27 days ago
We can’t put anything past Kroenke
W cannon
W cannon - 27 days ago
Robbie..... I dont think we should sell anymone like Xhaka a first team player we do not have great depth to the team he would be a good rotational player yes we need players especially in the defence but we also need player to rotate if someone is injured, ill etc. Let's get these defenders in and promote the young players who are great talents.
Haribo 73
Haribo 73 - 27 days ago
This Maurice fella?? Being outdone by a second rate German team.. Bayern Monchengladblach!! That's extremely embarrassing for a club that is supposedly one of the biggest in the World 😠😠
Mariott91 - 27 days ago
If United wanted Aubameyang, would we do Aubameyang for Martial, Bailly and £20 million?
Md Ali Akkas
Md Ali Akkas - 27 days ago
Sell Xhaka but not Aubameyang please
Murphy moe
Murphy moe - 27 days ago
Would like Abumayang he is a great striker
Gard3nFr3sh2 - 27 days ago
80 Mil and Paul Pogba for Auba, lol. We will throw in Mustafi for Free.
SG - 25 days ago
How about you win the premier league then we will give you pogba
Gajendranath Chattopadhyay
Kroenke out ..
HowlBeast - 27 days ago
Neymar!! With no CL lol
HowlBeast - 27 days ago
jose aky
jose aky - 27 days ago
70-100m you can see the dollar signs forming in the arsenal boards eyes.
Osman Mustaf
Osman Mustaf - 27 days ago
Hell No. No way
Gevel Robinson
Gevel Robinson - 27 days ago
If we lose Auba to Man U, I'm done. Arsenal would be done
SSBFan - 27 days ago
I might consider selling him abroad for a hundred million, lacazette down the middle and then either ESR or Nelson on one wing and some huge name on the other
Ernest Carmasol
Ernest Carmasol - 27 days ago
Always rumours with Arsenal 😞
Aoife Kavanagh
Aoife Kavanagh - 27 days ago
All right mate aubameyang is good but 100 mil for a 30 year old I don't think so
Kamal Prasad Luitel
Kamal Prasad Luitel - 27 days ago
No way how can sale oba he is arsenal super star
Joba Jobu
Joba Jobu - 27 days ago
Trade auba for martial + rashford..
Tesfay Halibo
Tesfay Halibo - 28 days ago
The only players I don't wanna see leaving Arsenal in any sort of price are laca, Lucas, Leno and Nelson any player out of the rest I would sell them for profit ofcourse Auba is a good player but if any club except spurs ( shit club ) come to get him with 80 mil and plus I would definitely sell him
Josef Richter
Josef Richter - 28 days ago
LOL no, they don't
Mikel Rob
Mikel Rob - 28 days ago
We should have spent the stadium money on a Vieira replacement! Or maybe a doctor that could help diaby recover man.
Hikidun M
Hikidun M - 28 days ago
If strikers with the productivity of Auba were easy to get, Manu will not target him.
So they paid £80m for Lukaku but offer £70m for Auba? No sales whatever the offer.
epic Gamer123
epic Gamer123 - 28 days ago
No I would sell him for 140 nothing less
Dr Parxlysed
Dr Parxlysed - 28 days ago
maybe swap deal for lukaku plus 20-30m get ziyech kimpebe and a LB
shamsham1983 - 28 days ago
Its ok to sell arsenal players to city and not united?? What is wrong with arsenal fans
Hail Hail The Celts Are Here
Kieran Tierney would walk into our first 11, he’s one of the best talents in Europe at the moment ,
Kacper Krzykowski
Kacper Krzykowski - 28 days ago
I don’t think we need Salibur, we have Kristian Bielik coming back from loan who had a great season for Charlton and is tearing up the u 21 Euros with Poland
Brian McGlennon
Brian McGlennon - 28 days ago
MKR Gaming
MKR Gaming - 28 days ago
Kalidou Koulibaly would be the perfect transfer for Arsenal.
SalahSaadSalah - 14 days ago
He’s like 85mil minimum no way they can get that money
Red Rain
Red Rain - 28 days ago
Why is the fans so blind , Arsenal’s defence is leakier than a sieve . 70 million can get 2 world class defenders . A 30 year old striker who can help fix Arsenal’s defence is a good trade off . Too many seasons with a weak defence has ruined this once mighty club .
Ethan Tobias Edits
Ethan Tobias Edits - 28 days ago
James Ward-Prowse as a replacement for Ramsey? still a young player, getting better each season, English, great at set pieces and has premier league experience, personally think he’s very underrated
Anurag Jha
Anurag Jha - 28 days ago
If we sell Auba, I will stop supporting Arsenal till the board is gone. No matches No Nothing for real.
Mark B
Mark B - 28 days ago
30yr old aubam yes sell sell
E Azmi
E Azmi - 28 days ago
Swap him for rashford.
FBI - 28 days ago
im selling him 180m pounds he is better than every man uted striker currently but im keeping him
parth arsenal
parth arsenal - 28 days ago
arsenal needs to look at s.koita a Mali international from u20 World Cup looks special .. almost Messi like movement
Gaga Assalam
Gaga Assalam - 28 days ago
If you look at it Robbie Arsenal should sell Xhaka coz he would suit the same style of Spanish football he tried hard in the Premier but never worked for him so bye bye Xhaka thanks for the momery
Keith English
Keith English - 28 days ago
Aubameyang is 30 years old and if we could get 70 million for him I'd let him go. We have made the mistake of letting contracts run out and getting nothing for the player before.
Cian - 28 days ago
Wasn't Wenger "talking" to Mbappe's dad before we signed Lacazette
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