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Shin Higaku
Shin Higaku - 15 hours ago
At basic training, a drill sergeant sneezed and one of the trainees heard it and told the drill sergeant “bless you”, instead the drill sergeant turned around and said, “SHUT UP, you dont have that kind of power” 😂
TheRegart - Day ago
Sargent Skinner!!
henry segal
henry segal - Day ago
I had a camp counselor who was a combat medic in the marines and he made a DS laugh I forget how tho
Chris J
Chris J - Day ago
Fort Leonard Wood, 08. This private asked a during our one of our “death by PowerPoint” sessions “ How can we avoid IEDs, Drill Sergeant?”
The other Drill Sergeants who were there just cracked up, while the asked DS just looked at him for a good few seconds real hard then yelled out “Okay Privates, write this down,”
And he spelled out LEARN MAGIC, to which everyone laughed. I still have that written in my notes and whoever reads that later will probably think what the hell did they teach me in basic.
Dylan Tasch
Dylan Tasch - Day ago
During boot camp the navy used the army’s base for boot camp. When we were assigned our rooms and my roommate said “yo look at this” and he pointed at the back of the door. So I walked over and saw a giant dick drawn out in tape and we called the chief over and he called the division directed and when every single one of them saw it they tried to keep this laughter inside but everyone laughed at it and after that me and the chief and my roommate were all close friends and still are.
Krispy IOS
Krispy IOS - 2 days ago
No. XIV Xion
No. XIV Xion - 3 days ago
I'm still dying at "I'm not standing in another line, drill sergeant."
I'm dying. I need to know how the DS reacted to that.
The Mastema
The Mastema - 3 days ago
I can beat all of that and this wasn't even in the military... When i turned 18 we had to do the tests to see if we were fit for the military (Portugal), at one point the medical exams, this dude in front of mine was wearing his pants while everyone were wearing their boxer shorts or briefs and shit like that, some sergeant told him "the fuck you doing son? take off your goddamn pants!" He said...he couldn't cause he had no boxer shorts, sarge says you can wear briefs...he said he didn't have those either...and asked for a towel... the whole crew was laughing, so was he and the nurses.
f1rebreather123 - 3 days ago
lachlanrools - 4 days ago
1:00 “190meters tall”
Yikes mans got Godzilla on his squad
bleachedkill - 4 days ago
When i was in basic training, while heading to a training exercise, there was a huge spider about the size of an open hand. We all saw it and purposefully avoided it. One drill sergeant decides to poke it but it doesn't move. When we get to the training site, about 200 feet away, everybody hears an enormous scream. Said drill sergeant had picked up the spider and put it on some girl's shoulder. She was deathly afraid of spiders and freaked. Everyone, including 4 drill sergeants bust out laughing while one drill sergeant goes to comfort her.
Joshua Young
Joshua Young - 5 days ago
I guess that schnitzel then became a “Shitzel”
z706 - 5 days ago
__so err__
Cameron Henson
Cameron Henson - 5 days ago
Have a real person actually tell these stories that robot talking is annoying
Dark _Queen666
Dark _Queen666 - 6 days ago
‘Happy sock’
1911 VsGlocks
1911 VsGlocks - 6 days ago
I masturbated alot during OSUT. Always made sure that no DS or anybody wasnt walking around during Fireguard
Skyfirewolf - 7 days ago
“190 meters tall”
*Thomas Jefferson/ Daveed Diggs ‘Whaaaaaaat?’*
Ariel Zilcha
Ariel Zilcha - 7 days ago
Just joined the IDF in last Wednesday,
Laughed so hard especially on the American guy in the IDF
I’m saving this video for when I finish serving
ツtusked - 7 days ago
1000th comment🗿
Spencer Cleaves
Spencer Cleaves - 7 days ago
Not military but I do firefighting and we had a Drill Sargent for 6 months of our training (we did our training at a police academy)
One day after a long day of live fire training, we were washing all the equipment on the truck and scrubbing all the fire hoses we used. A couple of us started singing "hard knock life", before we knew it, the whole squad was in full song and dance cleaning equipment. My Captains and Sargent came into to see how we were doing, my drill Sargent left because he couldn't stop laughing and one of my captains decided to get a video. We still got smoked and had to run, but everyone got a good laugh.
Abigail Slaughter
Abigail Slaughter - 7 days ago
the German window gnome is a true hero XD
Abigail Slaughter
Abigail Slaughter - 7 days ago
when you trip up an instructor and they crack or even break... it's gold
SergeantSilly - 7 days ago
0:55 "190 Meters tall"
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 8 days ago
190 meters tall hmmmm
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art - 8 days ago
0:56 the guy was 190 meters no my G it should be 190 centimeters
Dirga Herdian
Dirga Herdian - 8 days ago
190 meters tall? what are you? a jawa sand crawler?
Therrmal - 8 days ago
“Happy sock” yeah I hope that isn’t what they are talking about😳
GR8R H8R - 8 days ago
DS: Trainee stop making eye contact with me!
Trainee: It takes two to make eye contact Drill Sargeant
CallMeDaddy - 9 days ago
"How tall are you?"
Drill sergeant:

SamuraiVader - 9 days ago
Happy sock?
TheKingofTerrorZ - 9 days ago
Unpopular opinion:
I fucking hate these emotionless Reddit review channels. Go watch @EmKay instead
Chris Mathews
Chris Mathews - 10 days ago
10:31 “Death Vader”
elferny420 - 10 days ago
Guile in the thumbnail though
Achilles - 11 days ago
I had an ex special forces sergeant for my DI and while we were standing at attention, my buddy sneezed so hard the persons beret flew off their head and landed a couple feet away. My DI initially beasted us for moving while at attention but immediately had a huge grin and had to turn around for a couple seconds. He said in his 20+ years in he’s never seen this happen before
SinerAthin - 11 days ago
190 meters tall
100kg heavy

Dude must have been a giant straw man.
Matthew Cantu
Matthew Cantu - 12 days ago
I trained at Fort Benning. My platoon barely dodged a smoking. We were the only ones who didn't have contraband in the company.
Luckily for us the guy in our platoon who did have it was at the infirmary and didn't get searched
UGkMultiplayer - 12 days ago
might be the funniest thing ive seen in a while lmaooooo
Just a Guy
Just a Guy - 13 days ago
Our drill instructor told us to get tight.
Platoon: Aye aye sir!
Rct. John: these recruits remain tight at all times sir! Everyone including our drill instructor lost it.
(note: this was towards the end of bootcamp)
Aj Ben
Aj Ben - 13 days ago
Someone called my DS by his first name . Everyone said oh shit . He responded “ do we hit the Titty bar together ? We friends now ? Don’t ever call me that again in your live , fucking drop” he turned around we lost our
BINU_LetsBeNew_ _
BINU_LetsBeNew_ _ - 13 days ago
The compliment one had me dead
Paladin - 13 days ago
We had a cheese board to keep our company information on it. I was squad leader and responsible for it for a week. One day I fucked up, left it behind. Drill Sergeants pull my squad out onto the trail and starts screaming at us all. Then walks up to me and says “are you going to say something?!” I reply to my squad, “no one move, he can’t see us...” he stared at me and started to smirk and said “I can fucking see you!” My reaction was “man these ACUs are shit!”
Swordtail Lagiacrus
Swordtail Lagiacrus - 13 days ago
One time in basic the drill sergeant said he would never smile so a few days later this one recruit who was really small In height (around 150 cm) went up to him and said in a childlike voice "daddy can you give me your popsicle" followed by the sergeant laughing so hard you could hear him across the base. All the recruits were laughing as well. I still remember this like it was yesterday
Tyler Wong
Tyler Wong - 13 days ago
Lmao, looking at the comment section and my sides are hurting from laughing so much.
Tavish - 13 days ago
second one is stolen .....
Ethan Wynne
Ethan Wynne - 13 days ago
10:47 A 20 mile run? Even the 82nd, with their high ass PT standards, don't do that many miles. So how do you expect some to believe a basic training company with a bunch of weak privates, who can barely hold a 60lbs ruck for 5 miles, run 20? Some of these stories are bs and it's clear as day
Max2ds - 13 days ago
599 ft 👦
600 ft 🚶‍♂️
dean cable
dean cable - 14 days ago
0:30 I lost my crap that was hilarious 😂
John JustJohn
John JustJohn - 14 days ago
Why tf does this guy have 7 ads on one video
Pablo Cubiles
Pablo Cubiles - 15 days ago
And then everyone laughed
A H - 15 days ago
We had a recruit slip and fall in the rain room and our DI laughed. It was his first cycle and he had bad beating.
Ein Niemand
Ein Niemand - 16 days ago
190meters tall. Wtf xD
I love controversy
I love controversy - 17 days ago
not a soldier but...
Redwolfxx - 18 days ago
I made my Drill Instructor laugh couple of times, we were told only to reply Aye Sir for everything no matter what, one day when we were prepping our Bravos, ironing and preparing for inspection. When i accidently left mine on hanger by the ironing board, when i was waiting for someone else to finish with their uniform, so they asked whos it was, forgetting it was mine, they shouted at me saying "is that yours?!", i instantly without hesitation yell back "AYE SIIRR???" In a form of a question, As i was turning my head, realizing i left it, i Yelled back again "Aye Sir!" I bolted to grab it as fast as i could, and hook it back on my bed rack, as i turned around and got back on line, out corner of my eye i see my Drill Instructor take off his hard hat, cover his face with it and he him shake out trying to hold laughter. This caused a chain reaction of snorted laughs, un controllable giggles, and recruits desperately trying to keep straight face, Bootcamp was full great memories, no regets, gets way better when you embrace the suck
PROPHETQUAKE - 19 days ago
I had a drill in basic that was our DNC instructor and never smiled. We also had a SPC that had a really complicated name so we just called him linen like our bedding. So one day she told me to go get linen and I got pretty ballsy and being apg with my pg in tow we decided to go get bedding and bring it back to her.(the smoke session would have been worth it) when we got back to drill with the bedding she just flipped both of us off and walked away laughing then told us bring the person next time.
Juice Squid
Juice Squid - 19 days ago
Person on Reddit: there were 68 of us eve-
TheEarth IsFlat
TheEarth IsFlat - 19 days ago
Oh good lord he sneezed
Unpronouneable - 21 day ago
When I was in cadets we were doing drill and we were having a brake and someone asked what time it was and the acting sgt said it was “911”, the other flight sgt started laughing and so did everyone else
Gabe Kerr
Gabe Kerr - 21 day ago
0:51 190 meters tall? That’s a big boi
D Awesome
D Awesome - 23 days ago
1:04 just listen
SheMoans_Markk - 23 days ago
the pulp fiction one got me😂😂😂
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