Sarah Sanders Caught Lying. So She Lies Again. | All In | MSNBC

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Tanner Hester
Tanner Hester - 3 hours ago
This is fakes news like msnbc
Levi Brennan
Levi Brennan - 4 hours ago
MSNBC scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.
Levi Brennan
Levi Brennan - 4 hours ago
MSNBC talking about lies and propaganda... that's rich.
G dubb
G dubb - 2 days ago
With this administration countless could be 3 since they can't count at all anyway. Nor accountable for anything
Ronald Harback
Ronald Harback - 2 days ago
Is their any reason to pay attention to this fat pig anymore?? Tell her to get back under her rock!
Irish Knight 1942
Irish Knight 1942 - 2 days ago
Who in the Trumps circle of aides and advisors would know the truth even if it bite them on the nose?
Ethereum ETC king
Ethereum ETC king - 2 days ago
Jim Menard
Jim Menard - 4 days ago
The pot calling the kettle black,u fake news have been LYING for over 3 YRS about our president,u people are Destroying America and trying to DIVIDE AMERICAN CITIZENS and u want America to FAIL BECAUSE U PEOPLE ARE SICK.
Nicholas Holmes
Nicholas Holmes - 5 days ago
She spoke to countless, She don't know many ppl at the FBI. Liar
Trip Soup
Trip Soup - 5 days ago
lol, pot calling the kettle black here
Yahweh LOVE Jehu
Yahweh LOVE Jehu - 6 days ago
OMG! MSNBC has LIED to the PUBLIC for most of our LIVES.....and NOW we know they are JUST not worth listening to them all!
Time 2 stick 2gether !! Thomas
No Sarah, you are not a robot..
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher - 8 days ago
Thats called "a CNN moment " ! lol
Rahamses Galvan
Rahamses Galvan - 9 days ago
She's slimy.
Victoria Kooyenga
Victoria Kooyenga - 10 days ago
What happened to Russia Russia Russia?
Lies coming from the Demonrats don’t count, right?
Victoria Kooyenga
Victoria Kooyenga - 10 days ago
That’s all you’ve got on her? You people are pathetic! As usual!
Terry H
Terry H - 10 days ago
this channel is being trolled by Russians... look at the people who voted it down.. eh mr putin???
David Lewis
David Lewis - 10 days ago
very smart man
John Stover
John Stover - 10 days ago
"A number of people"? Two is a number...
dee dee allen
dee dee allen - 10 days ago
Yet she goes around claiming to be a Christian.
History Lover
History Lover - 11 days ago
Sanders is a dowdy frump with no sense of style. No man will pay attention to her except the criminal in the White House - this is why she's so in love with him. Sickening
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson - 11 days ago
On her way 2 fox news a gift 4 lieing
Neil Morton
Neil Morton - 11 days ago
Her mother must be so proud.
Enrique Treviño Corbalá
Sarah wants everyone to believe she says what she says from her personal experience while all she does in the heat of the moment spew and slip of the tongue (hers) nothing but big flat lies.
Richard Carpenter
Richard Carpenter - 13 days ago
everything about the trump administration really does stink.
Larry Pulliam
Larry Pulliam - 13 days ago
MSNBC - Fake News Liars - They know all about Lying. Remember Russian Collusion ???
Frank Dillard
Frank Dillard - 13 days ago
Sarah sanders thank you for your inspiration #Lady America
Joonas Kaal
Joonas Kaal - 14 days ago
I would like to have her tipsy and in a good mood and find out how she really feels.
Petrus Heigers
Petrus Heigers - 15 days ago
If Pres. Trump is not there will MSNBC still be able to exist? It seems that everybody at MSNBC is occupied with programs attacking President Trump. Is it possible to do something else? Please!!
Vancovermycity - 16 days ago
White thrash
Niqole the Diva Q
Niqole the Diva Q - 16 days ago
2:37 "one is... a number🤷🏻‍♀️" ~Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Dee lightful
Dee lightful - 16 days ago
If you are the paid mouth piece if a Narcissist pathological liar....lying is a integral part of the job🙄
Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris - 16 days ago
That's her down fall since the day she was born.Just as all his minios, she'll be cast away when he or she no longer has any use for them.
Ganzo Hernandez
Ganzo Hernandez - 18 days ago
You know you're loosing once you start insulting at the personal 😂
andy reid
andy reid - 19 days ago
Stop lying girl she love pig feet stew
andy reid
andy reid - 19 days ago
Give her a pig feet sandwich
Stoney Curtis
Stoney Curtis - 19 days ago
Fast forward to 9-1- 2019...
Hucka-Snaders is now working for Fox "news".. (who would have guessed)?
Jon Mclain
Jon Mclain - 21 day ago
She’s a cross eyed low down piece of white trash!!
HUMBLE - 21 day ago
She is mental
Tan Maxwell 45
Tan Maxwell 45 - 22 days ago
Alfa Painting
Alfa Painting - 23 days ago
She is a garbage,Liar !
Real Dudes Party Nude
Real Dudes Party Nude - 24 days ago
So we are paying this woman to lie to us? Don't we have a president who does it for free?
Burak atlel
Burak atlel - 24 days ago
Now she is running for office, yeah another flat out liar in office. She left because she knew it was time to go before her arrest as a felon. Why are we so stupid, law protects people like this.
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgers - 25 days ago
Des Moines United states United nations Russia China United states United kingdom
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgers - 25 days ago
My 6050
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgers - 25 days ago
Set up covered up up and down around the sun and earth with Russia and USA love Bob gene Roger's 482888710 June 3rd 1974 figure that in and out love Bob gene Roger's love all God's creation
robert pineau
robert pineau - 25 days ago
obama was the Liar
Alex M
Alex M - 27 days ago
Fake News! Change My Mind?
Robert Giffin
Robert Giffin - 27 days ago
That right there is no news here.So move on.
Green Meep
Green Meep - 27 days ago
Trump hired her because of that slippery tongue Trump hired her.... Nasy
William Wolfcastle
William Wolfcastle - 28 days ago
She's having hot flashes I think it's menopause Heat of the Moment
William Wolfcastle
William Wolfcastle - 28 days ago
How do you go about filing suit against her for breaking her oath she is under oath right breaking it is a federal offense regardless of resigning or not police officers do it all the time before there tried in court they should be hung
Ali Mohammond
Ali Mohammond - 28 days ago
if u like your doctor ,u can keep your doctor, that was the biggest lie and I didnt hear the left talk about it!
Ali Mohammond
Ali Mohammond - 28 days ago
Obama was a bigger lier, gave $billions of dollar to Muslim brotherhood and nothing to poor black people!
kathy fryer
kathy fryer - 28 days ago
learn to spell,'s LIAR...
Ali Mohammond
Ali Mohammond - 28 days ago
fake navy seal Rob O'Neil is Dylan klebone the fake coloubine school shooter!
John Bell
John Bell - 28 days ago
Will fit in perfectly in Fox!......their viewers are dumb, one-word, sh*tkickers!
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart - 28 days ago
jim swisher
jim swisher - 28 days ago
I love watching Sarah try to dance and stutter at the same time. What a fool!!
jim swisher
jim swisher - 28 days ago
Is lying a contagious disease? Or a prerequisite for Republican acceptance? WOW they're stupid!!!!!!
David Boudreau
David Boudreau - 28 days ago
What??? 0 (zero) is countless!!!
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