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TTV pandadubs
TTV pandadubs - 11 hours ago
I think that tunnels from gta all though I’ve never played it but it looks like something from gta
Paveshan Naidu
Paveshan Naidu - Day ago
Where the huracan
Sage Brar
Sage Brar - 5 days ago
Old need for speed heat and the crew wild run
Chris Newkirk
Chris Newkirk - 6 days ago
Gran turismo 3 for PS2
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - 10 days ago
Almost 2 million subs😁😁😁👍👍👍 proud of you guys I love your channel
Tc 90
Tc 90 - 10 days ago
Best part
HnR Maleone
HnR Maleone - 3 days ago
Tc 90 I agree best sounding car ever Dave was like wow and he see’s the car all the time lol
Syborg Playz
Syborg Playz - 12 days ago
driving sim
Jackson Perry
Jackson Perry - 15 days ago
that tunnel is from forza horizon 2
Bada Boom
Bada Boom - 17 days ago
How can yall film and drive in front of cops without getting pulled over?
Yahveh Olivo
Yahveh Olivo - 17 days ago
And like a topical Dave he's freaking lost dam dave why are you making team lambo kid making us look bad
BloodCat - 17 days ago
1:02 song name?
Chris Dudley
Chris Dudley - 18 days ago
Brycen Davenport
Brycen Davenport - 19 days ago
Bugatti is favorite colors
NORCAL DESIGNS - 20 days ago
Such a kicka$$ video
Depressed Kid
Depressed Kid - 20 days ago
18:00 GTA San Andreas
J Findley
J Findley - 24 days ago
Gran turismo
Kyle Richter
Kyle Richter - 25 days ago
Call of duty
Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain - Month ago
Who invited parkar?😆😂😂🤣
Andy Gomez
Andy Gomez - Month ago
Can I join you guys with my Lancer? 😂
_ kkomnyang_
_ kkomnyang_ - Month ago
김치 김치 김치! ㅋㅋ ( kimchi kimchi kimchi lol ) that's not that much strong words haha >_
DIY Willis Official
DIY Willis Official - Month ago
Forza Horizon 2
Call me Jrdn
Call me Jrdn - Month ago
What radios do you guys use to communicate? I’m a driver for a body shop and they would be perfect for talking to the other drivers at my job!! 👌🏼
Samd Witch
Samd Witch - 2 months ago
So not the sex appeal?
Arrow IIW
Arrow IIW - 2 months ago
Forza horizon 1
jack cook
jack cook - 2 months ago
gta 5
Blake Grant
Blake Grant - 2 months ago
Alex and Parker together? O man
Pato Swag
Pato Swag - 2 months ago
gubberfuck - 2 months ago
Holy shit I recognized that tunnel before he even said it. I think I remember it from Gran Turismo 3: A - Spec
Luckless - 2 months ago
Dave should start dating Emilia
Zen Master
Zen Master - 2 months ago
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker - 2 months ago
That tunnel was in need for speed why I know I have all the games of need for speed and it was in midnight club as well
The Mighty Fork
The Mighty Fork - 2 months ago
The tunnel is from NFS Rivals
TheRemz0901 - 2 months ago
What.is.this.BEAT at 4.55??? anyone knows please?
Justin Depas
Justin Depas - 2 months ago
Need for speed
Ajmir Sid
Ajmir Sid - 2 months ago
I drove on this road in gta v
Rafael Magalhães
Rafael Magalhães - 2 months ago
Wiz Clan
Wiz Clan - 2 months ago
That tunnel is in grand turismo 5
Saige Bertolas
Saige Bertolas - 2 months ago
Top gear
joao rodrigues
joao rodrigues - 2 months ago
I dont understand how these guys are young and so rich. All social media?!?
They cant have all good ideas at that age, and be driving around in 400k cars
Ethan S.
Ethan S. - 2 months ago
Damon’s car sounds incredible. LP-640 best sounding car of all time
Ale _attic
Ale _attic - 2 months ago
that tunnel is in the game Need for Speed Rivals
xXJBrutalXx - 2 months ago
the red Ferrari with the gold wheels is straight fire
TripodS - 2 months ago
Forza Horizon 2
MrPrimitiveThorn - 2 months ago
Crusin USA Had that bridge also.
Tristan Hofer
Tristan Hofer - 2 months ago
Isn't that tunnel in nfs hot pusuit (2010)?
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme - 2 months ago
Love the new drone shots man
Definitely stepped up
Chris Calisay
Chris Calisay - 2 months ago
And ik why she wears sun glasses she be high as hell and got the munchies
_LaunchpadderJasen _
_LaunchpadderJasen _ - 2 months ago
Dave I believe it’s in Forza Horizons 2
Nfinity gaming
Nfinity gaming - 2 months ago
I love d drone action
JimJones KoolaidCO
JimJones KoolaidCO - 2 months ago
forza @dave
Smeggy - 2 months ago
@4:21 Filming Dave using his phone whilst driving and then uploading it to the world....that's real dumb!
Nearly as dumb as using your phone whilst driving.
Xene Martel
Xene Martel - 2 months ago
Today's Activity Log: 1. Subscribed to almost every single YouTube Creator in this video (some of them I couldn't find. Double checking though), 2. Signed up on DDE's website, 3. Subscribed on DDE's website for a year, 4. Signed up on DDE's shop website. I really look forward to the day I buy that SVJ Roadster.......and the 720S......and the 488 spider......Roadster first; that's a requirement. Hopefully I'll run into you guys someday! Stay epic everyone!
Swerve - 2 months ago
Houston is that you?!? Oh wait, I bet that guy didnt buy his at 28... Probably leased too since Corsta is the only one that can own things around the car community
Captinn Funkerz
Captinn Funkerz - 2 months ago
Chris Mcdonald
Chris Mcdonald - 2 months ago
3:33 Dave looks like you have no rear bumper 😂too nice for Dave. Love the videos
Joseph Christensen
Joseph Christensen - 2 months ago
THE RY {official}
THE RY {official} - 2 months ago
Wow super car 🖤🥴
buddypalthesilly - 2 months ago
Damn I had much love for Houston and Royalty Exotics before all this craziness but one thing I am thinking is no matter how successful Houston might be, Damon seems like such a people person and one with lots of important friends within the car community. I wonder if Houston was somewhat jealous of this and maybe a little sour?
Grant Bailey-Rodriguez
Grant Bailey-Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Y Did we not see Amelia do her push ups
C Jey
C Jey - 2 months ago
sad i cant afford this insane merch ;(
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