KATY PERRY'S Favourite Auditions On American Idol! | PART 2 | Idols Global

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Raj Mishra
Raj Mishra - 22 hours ago
I love you
adam spence
adam spence - 4 days ago
Luke can choke on 1,000,000 fog, donkey, etc..... dicks! Fuckin douche
adam spence
adam spence - 4 days ago
Luke Bryan trying to up the ratings, then talk to him like he's a dog what a piece of shit
Kimchi! !
Kimchi! ! - 12 days ago
Yes, this is my *Favourite* audition to Katy.
Existentielle Tamahagane
Katy and Trevor= 😍💖❤💞💗😊
Magdalena Suciati
Magdalena Suciati - 25 days ago
I love the three judges, you really lovely guys, so sweet, so kind to the candidates. all of you are incredible,, I love you all,, all of you have good heart.May Jesus always bless you and be with you...
Febry Yetty Rahel Purba
Febry Yetty Rahel Purba - 25 days ago
Nicee banget sis, keren banget😍
ibrika aye aye
ibrika aye aye - 27 days ago
Katty -trevor u r so hot .
Trevors g.f-omg(leaning her ear towards the door) is Trevor in the right place.,!!!lol
John C
John C - Month ago
I consider myself a tough army vet, but this good and awesome performance is awesome and it brought tears, these 2 best friends are going to the top
Chayon Kuchayon
Chayon Kuchayon - Month ago
katy perry so prettehhhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭
J F - Month ago
Awww Katy is so sweet this is why We love her
Randy Wyatt
Randy Wyatt - Month ago
I have been watching these auditions for a long time & I have to be honest. I think Maddie Zahn is the most beautiful girl I have seen to this day. ( and the video I just saw befor hers was the girl in the bikini) Funny though, I can't remember her name.
purple Santiago
purple Santiago - Month ago
I didn't know Jacob wysocki was auditioning oh wait it's just noah
Random person Lol
Random person Lol - Month ago
Someone bursted my heart 😩
Wijaya Kusuma Ida Bagus Putu
Look at how trevor’s girl kisses him in front of everyone. Yuck
Ellie Stoffel
Ellie Stoffel - Month ago
smh using Marcus as a sob story
Claudette Zamarripa
Claudette Zamarripa - Month ago
Wig?......yeah..w i g
عامر روداني
عامر روداني - Month ago
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وأبـغـى أبـشـركـم🥳 أنــي حـصـلـت عـلـى مـعـلـومـات كــثــيــر مـفـيـدة🤩 هــتــنــفــعــكــم كــثــيــر ومـجـربـهـا شــخــصــيــا ونــفــعــتــنــي✅
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laney !!
laney !! - Month ago
Wait but... why did Alyssa bring her guitar when she didn’t use it?
Esther Lylianna
Esther Lylianna - Month ago
Americans Idol judge way much better than BGT judge or TXFUK
Drew Tuber
Drew Tuber - Month ago
00:06 how young are you lol
Cat lover2019
Cat lover2019 - Month ago
That last audition.... WOW!
Riuk Corilious
Riuk Corilious - Month ago
That second audition he's just like a young ralphy May
Riuk Corilious
Riuk Corilious - Month ago
That first audition melted my heart
The God Apollo
The God Apollo - Month ago
The first one made me cry so hard 😭😭😭
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
These r the best judges ive ever seen...
September J
September J - Month ago
Wow the first girl is amazing!!! I want to listen to her songs right now!!! I'd so buy her album !!
Carol Be
Carol Be - Month ago
Omg just go and marry Katy cmonnnnnnn
Carol Be
Carol Be - Month ago
Hhahahahhahahahahahaha im crying so hard , his girlfriend went to kiss him because she get jealous ahahahahhhhhhh
Carol Be
Carol Be - Month ago
Trevor: I respect you so much
Olivia Ward
Olivia Ward - Month ago
Maddie Zahm is so amazing oml im crying marcus is so sweet!
Miranda Gaby
Miranda Gaby - Month ago
This woman touch me inside...🎈🧚‍♀️💘
Amir Omar
Amir Omar - Month ago
13:33 busted!!
ηeverland - Month ago
The second guy is me. alpacas are life.
D-VLOG - Month ago
Ice Age
Ice Age - Month ago
One of my best friends has Down syndrome. Truly the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He doesn’t like singing but he likes hanging out with the football players😂 They accept him of course.
Eto & Lelo Composicoes
It's the best Singer in the world today https://youtu.be/vQfzskgD63Y
Era's life of memes
Era's life of memes - Month ago
:) i love them especially the 1st ppl
Saroj Thapa
Saroj Thapa - Month ago
Alpaca !? Hahaha
BLACK CUBE - Month ago
NZia Naushin
NZia Naushin - Month ago
How good they are with general people! 😍 when Simon,Paula,all of the previous judges were a little bit rude 🙄
Remedy 4 Reality
Remedy 4 Reality - Month ago
She had to kiss her boyfriend like Katy’s better back off!!!
Anti Media
Anti Media - Month ago
The first girls beautiful voice matches her kind heart and personality. She's wonderful. We need more people like her!
Juana Rodriguez
Juana Rodriguez - Month ago
Ok but where the f is catie turner???1
Sarah Deeb
Sarah Deeb - Month ago
I love Katy perry she’s so cute gushing over the contestants
Tedious person
Tedious person - Month ago
the first one is so wholesome :D
Joonie UWU
Joonie UWU - Month ago
The first one is so adorable, I can't :')
Sara S.
Sara S. - Month ago
Yess! Yess! She has a greatt voice!
junior subero
junior subero - Month ago
I so beautiful and stuning
Andrea Grande
Andrea Grande - Month ago
It's just perfect,perfect baby ! That's perfect ! 🖤🌹
Maddison Chin
Maddison Chin - Month ago
17:48 aww her dads reaction was so cute
jessie zenir
jessie zenir - Month ago
the first one 🥺🥺❤️❤️
CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !!
Why did she bring a guitar if she didn't use it, just why? Sksbaojojx
Mi p Manrique
Mi p Manrique - Month ago
The first audition the girl has a big heart ❤️ I have a baby sister with Down syndrome and this is really humanity of what she’s doing to her Down syndrome best friend I love the way she is, she’s beautiful inside and out more people should be like her no doubt I just loved watching the way she treated him, it made me cry so bad
Lou Del
Lou Del - Month ago
Damn big boy was awesome.. Wig
Brxgh - Month ago
Trevor his girl was so jealous😂
NOAH'S MOMMY2012 - Month ago
She made sure that Katy seen her kiss him. You see how she looked straight at Katy's way before and after kissing him?
Erika Wright
Erika Wright - 2 months ago
The power of music. Beautiful people
jonathan colon
jonathan colon - 2 months ago
That girl Ragu ......omg priceless...... million dollar voice
David Galaska
David Galaska - 2 months ago
Thank you for a great production 😊 👍❤️
Saturnalia xx
Saturnalia xx - 2 months ago
aw the first girl can rlly sing!
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