Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

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Zed - 5 hours ago
Anyone else waiting for the Monday Night Football trailer?
EleFantMonty - 6 hours ago
1:46 The Joker is now part of the Star Wars universe.
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR - 6 hours ago
there is a 97.6% chance this will not fail..
gg - 6 hours ago
never tell me the odds!!
Osmar Mendez
Osmar Mendez - 6 hours ago
At 1:08 the music is godlike
mastergreg 5944
mastergreg 5944 - 7 hours ago
How is here after the teaser for the trailer of ep9 ?
GamingSithLord25 - 5 hours ago
when is it releasing?The trailer?
jonathan collier
jonathan collier - 9 hours ago
"We passed down all we know..." When Luke? When did anyone, including you, teach this mystery woman literally a single sentence of how to use the force? I'll even accept some off screen explanation of him explaining the whole thing on a phone call with force ghost Obi Wan. He didn't pass that lightsaber on, he threw it off a cliff😂😂😂
the cartoonist
the cartoonist - 8 hours ago
The Jedi texts. Rey took them with her when she left on the falcon.
Luca Tripodi
Luca Tripodi - 10 hours ago
1:23 lando laugh is the best part
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer - 10 hours ago
Marianela Weberg
Marianela Weberg - 11 hours ago
The Force Awakens The Last Jedi for The Rise of Skywalker.
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria - 11 hours ago
Final trailer in 7 to 9 hours...
Hugo - 12 hours ago
6 months since then.... Where is the second teaser??
Mathias Pedersen Explained
New trailer soon guys ❤️❤️❤️
The Jedi Master
The Jedi Master - 12 hours ago
Cant wait for trailer 3
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins - 12 hours ago
Just appreciate the music, guys. It's perfect
Beatriz Ruiz
Beatriz Ruiz - 15 hours ago
No ones ever really gone
*darth maul walks in*
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - 19 hours ago
Star wars 9
Ric Marina
Ric Marina - Day ago
Who’s here after the final trailer?
Levente Kis
Levente Kis - 16 hours ago
There is no trailer yet... a few hours later
CoolsBreeze - Day ago
I'm glad they released a trailer compared to TLJ where they released nothing.
Nick Cook
Nick Cook - Day ago
Rey is a Skywalker

just go back and watch the second I believe trailer for the force awakens you'll know why
Stay Faded
Stay Faded - Day ago
Who else is watching this the day before the 3rd and final trailer drops?
Iñaki Alvarez
Iñaki Alvarez - Day ago
1:47 it cannot be!!!!!
Iñaki Alvarez
Iñaki Alvarez - Day ago
1:23 lando!?!?
Timberland_22 - Day ago
We want JarJar lmao!JarJae a sith master lmao!!
Laid Back
Laid Back - Day ago
Are they going to use a young, computer-altered version of old Mark Hamill for this?
They did a good job with Kurt Russel in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2.
athansky25 - Day ago
End of a Saga: At last, the Skywalker clan is no more!
This whole thing is about the Skywalker family squabble. 🤗🤗
Steven Kirkeby
Steven Kirkeby - Day ago
Everyone: Theres no way they could screw up a franchise as epic as Star Wars.
Disney: Hold my beer
mastergreg 5944
mastergreg 5944 - 18 hours ago
Steven Kirkeby And indeed Star Wars was never screwed up !
Disney: "The saga comes to an end!"
also Disney: *booked Christmas release dates until 2025 for the Star Wars Sequels*
Cem G.
Cem G. - 10 hours ago
Those are not going to be sequels. It’s gonna be an original trilogy
Mad Friend
Mad Friend - 10 hours ago
@drew hildebrandt too bad the movies are trash
drew hildebrandt
drew hildebrandt - 11 hours ago
Hey, I’m not complaining. Haha to me that’s great! Lol
VIEW8472 - Day ago
If this movie Bombs, which it will, it really will be gone.
Snoke's Missing Hairpiece
No it wont
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski - Day ago
the cartoonist
the cartoonist - Day ago
And miss Carrie fishers last performance? Miss seeing old Lando? Miss seeing how the storyends? Nah...
Snoke's Missing Hairpiece
Boycott 9? How about boycott not having a life you cretin
JM Studios
JM Studios - Day ago
Disney: *Dominates the box office in 2019* SW fAnS: bOyCotT! Disney: Did ya'll hear something?
Amber Abalama
Amber Abalama - Day ago
Hayden BATE
Hayden BATE - Day ago
Who else is going to wait on the Star Wars page for the new trailer on Monday
Hayden BATE
Hayden BATE - 6 hours ago
Kevinnn yes in Australia we have to only wait at 4:45 for the trailer you already know that if your here
Kevinnn - 6 hours ago
Hayden BATE only a few hours left 😄
Tokkun Kim
Tokkun Kim - Day ago
Ah dang it, no matter how the Last Jedi sucked, I'll still be in the theater after all.
Tokkun Kim
Tokkun Kim - Day ago
@Snoke's Missing Hairpiece For force's sake my Lord!! Your hair!! It's... beautiful!!
Snoke's Missing Hairpiece
Of course you will
501st Clone
501st Clone - Day ago
Who is here after the episode 9 official trailer ?👌
Jose Santos
Jose Santos - Day ago
star wars saga comes to an end? u must be joking u dont have the rights to end a franchise like this, open your eyes
Joshua - Day ago
Brother Juul
Brother Juul - 2 days ago
Disney ruined Starwars, George Lucus’s is the best director
The Humanity
The Humanity - Day ago
Eps 1 and 2 have some major flaws, but I don't ever see Disney creating any Star Wars movie that can even compare with Revenge of the Sith. At least Episodes 1 and 2 felt like Star Wars though and a part of a bigger saga and story, these new ones just feel like you're watching a cash cow for Disney.
Gloria Smith
Gloria Smith - 2 days ago
All these movies don't have lecacy
mastergreg 5944
mastergreg 5944 - 18 hours ago
Gloria Smith Just like the first one when they first came out
RCaIabraro - 2 days ago
Rise of Skywalker = reincarnation of Vader
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - 2 days ago
Will ben solo will sing
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge - 2 days ago
Ben solo rise of Ben solo
Asian Sans
Asian Sans - 2 days ago
“No ones ever really gone.”
Clone from Star Wars battle front 2 trailer : *Sector is clear.Not Clear, Not clear!*
Aks_135 - 2 days ago
Hope this movie is good, after the blunder in episode 8. Fingers crossed
Marcelo Ferreira
Marcelo Ferreira - 2 days ago
VII: A New Awakens
VIII: The First Order Strikes Back
IX: Return of the Sith
BadFellas 01
BadFellas 01 - 2 days ago
At this point it would be nice to think that Carrie Fisher was never gone.
athansky25 - 2 days ago
Vader: I am your Father.
Luke: Noooo !
Emperor: I am your GrandPoppy.
Rey: Nooo ! 😱😱😱
Divine Hotline
Divine Hotline - 2 days ago
"No one is really gone"
- The emperor's new grove 2
Chris OConnor
Chris OConnor - 2 days ago
if they screw this movie up....i will never watch another StarWars movie again...the last one was atrocious...and complete sad.
Chris OConnor
Chris OConnor - Day ago
I read the Bane books and would like to see a movie regarding Darth Bane...if they make it good. I like Rogue One...and Solo. I just hope Disney hires some real StarWars aficionados to work with them on making future movies....they bought something special...I just hope they don't kill it by accident.
Chris OConnor
Chris OConnor - Day ago
I just expected so much more from Luke...and all the hype about Snoke and he was a huge let down. Luke was supposed to be the most powerful force being in the Galaxy and he acted deathly afraid and when he finally came to..he didn't even flex the power of the force...All the fear everyone had about Snoke....Snoke never did least Palpatine did stuff. I was worried learning Disney owns StarWars...they did a great job with Marvel but seems to drop the ball with StarWars...which I don't understand why. Strangly so many people disliked the prequels but I really liked them..they helped me understand the force and what it is and how it I never got from the old three movies..
Snoke's Missing Hairpiece
The last one was amazing. Stay home. No one wants debbie downers in the theater with them
Fernando Dember Laguna
Fernando Dember Laguna - 2 days ago
Oh so you are going to watch it? Then why all the hate towards the other movie, I'm sure you were one of the idiots saying you will never support the movies again, hypocrite
athansky25 - 2 days ago
Waitin' around for SW 9 trailer #3 🤔
The Entertainment world
It's coming this Monday on ESPN. i can't wait.
Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard
0.25 speed at 1:32, everything i see on the background is a Venator class Star Destroyer with the red strips
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark - 3 days ago
Narrator- No Ones ever Really Gone.
Scottish ping
Scottish ping - 3 days ago
Lego_ Lancer
Lego_ Lancer - 3 days ago
Episode 7 was a huge deal when it was revealed, now we’re at episode 9 and the only reaction I got was “really? There’s another one?”
JM Studios
JM Studios - 2 days ago
It's a trilogy.
The Judged
The Judged - 3 days ago
Kathryn Woeppel
Kathryn Woeppel - 3 days ago
Onward Christian Soldiers!!!
BILLY - 3 days ago
why are they saying it's the end of the saga , when the title is : the rise of skywalker , this means sh*t is just rising!!
Dr. Emmett Brown
Dr. Emmett Brown - 3 days ago
"The Saga comes to an end?" no way lol house of mouse has too much bank rolling on these movies.
Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng - 4 days ago
whats with all the panting in sw trailers?
Adam Mada
Adam Mada - 4 days ago
The most demoralizing fact is that Luke Skywalker literally was better utilized in South Park imagination land ep3 where he was a mentor to butters than he was in the latest Star Wars movies. Let that sink in, South Park used Luke Skywalker better than these agenda pushing failures did in actual Star Wars.
Fernando Dember Laguna
Fernando Dember Laguna - 2 days ago
Bro I get you don't like the new movies, but why are you here then? I'm sure there is a subreddit or website filled with people with same opinions as you.
SyplayZz - 4 days ago
The community: So Star Wars is over?
Star Wars: well yes, but *no*
The Jedi Master
The Jedi Master - 12 hours ago
So sad that john Williams retires but everything in this world nears its end
SyplayZz - Day ago
M.K.M. kinda pumped, but scared at the same time
M.K.M. - Day ago
It's the end of the "Skywalker Saga", and the last film in the franchise that John Williams will compose the score to. Now it's time for the next entry and saga...
Patrick Oliver
Patrick Oliver - 4 days ago
How many peoples mouths dropped when the Senate laughed
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