The Life and Sad Ending of Elizabeth Montgomery of "Bewitched"

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WRECK 215 - 2 days ago
REST IN PEACE Elizabeth Montgomery you are truly missed. I'm watching you now your show bewitched 🙏.
Gamer Lord 1000 Offical Channel
I Like Bewitched
matthew moeller
matthew moeller - 7 days ago
Beautiful woman!
West Marksman
West Marksman - 8 days ago
I still love Bewitched 💯💯🙌🏾 Rip sweet Soul
MrSpaz57 - 8 days ago
She and Barbara Eden were two beautiful women in my childhood. Had a huge crush.
Mark from Leeds
Mark from Leeds - 12 days ago
A beautiful lady, Bewitched remains a classic.
Macon 2017
Macon 2017 - 13 days ago
My childhood was happy ...I really enjoy this program Bewitch...
tractor man TP
tractor man TP - 13 days ago
Bewitched was a great show it was fun to watch when I was a child
stainlesslobster - 14 days ago
Wonderful women
corey jackson
corey jackson - 15 days ago
She was stunning to me I was young lol
Philip Maclaren Jr.
Philip Maclaren Jr. - 18 days ago
Fruitloop liberal
variable ratio
variable ratio - 19 days ago
If the glove don’t fit, it is bewitched.
Joking aside, “A Killing Affair” surprised me.
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey - 19 days ago
One of my favorite actresses. RIP.
Diana Guzman
Diana Guzman - 19 days ago
I loved her as bwitched 😢😰🤯💔💔🖤🖤 lady R.I.P love you
Alicia Tur
Alicia Tur - 20 days ago
Very sad. She had quite the career. She passed one year older than me. RIP Elizabeth
Jaerivus McGuillicutti
Jaerivus McGuillicutti - 22 days ago
I was born in 79, caught Bewitched reruns about a decade later, and was so enamored that I went on to watch a great many episodes over time. To this very day I honestly still think she's one of the most "bewitchingly" beautiful women I've ever seen. Hell, I'm in love with her right now.
What an untimely loss.
markmtbrider - 22 days ago
Those eyes and smile....
gerthie - 22 days ago
I loved her
JumboJetPilot - 23 days ago
God Bless her.
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper - 23 days ago
Elizabeth was who I looked up when growing up. Bewitched was amazing I use to think I could do the same twitch! it worked sometimes... God rest her beautiful soul...
Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q
Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q - 23 days ago
She was So Beautiful 😍
Bill Rhoasts
Bill Rhoasts - 24 days ago
She was so beautiful, but fucking creepy in "Lizzy Borden".
Turrican60 - 24 days ago
Greetings from England. A sad but interesting tale filled with some poignant photos, so many thanks for that. I'm 59 years old and loved Bewitched as a child in the 60's. It was very popular here in the UK and was regarded a 'must see' family TV show. It's a terrible shame that such a truly beautiful woman like Elizabeth died so relatively young, especially as I've spent a large slice of my life captivated by those lovely eyes and wonderful smile. Even as a child, I realised that I had a crush on her, but I was probably far from alone. She was a very fine, well-rounded actress without question, but it's as sexy, extremely feminine Samantha that I'll always remember her. There aren't too many famous people in this world that I'd have loved to have met, but Elizabeth is certainly one of them. I hope she's sleeping peacefully. What a lady.
Liz de Lisle
Liz de Lisle - 24 days ago
Bewitched is one of my fond memories from childhood but she was unforgettable as Lizzie Borden.
She was taken far too soon. RIP
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths - 20 days ago
God wanted her more.
TheKeithvidz - 24 days ago
She did documentaries to like The Panama deception - worth it.
TellenThe Truth
TellenThe Truth - 24 days ago
Elizabeth gave us what she could while grinding thru these relationships and the truth of the matter is she clashed with the men her life because of her strong feelings about women's rights, and most relationships falter when that enters the home. Lovely woman though.
zoomzoom885 - 24 days ago
Used to watch the show bewitched as a kid so sad she died of cancer like most famous people do these days
Lesley avery
Lesley avery - 24 days ago
Still missed to this day
Lana Kahl
Lana Kahl - 24 days ago
I remember when I was a kid I would see Serena and think...they sure look alike but they can’t be because her name is Pandora Spocks!😂😂
Paul Gray
Paul Gray - 24 days ago
She was great in Be-witched :)
David Glowacki
David Glowacki - 24 days ago
Nothing about the very interesting events between the lead actor and herself in bewitched,which led to him being replaced.
CPFS - 24 days ago
She did a movie called "A Killing Affair" with O.J.? umm...that's weird.
Eddie Phillips
Eddie Phillips - 25 days ago
Loved Bewitched. RIP
Pike Meredith
Pike Meredith - 25 days ago
I loved Bewitched like many others & it's sad to think most of the cast of that show are gone. She was quite beautiful but I believe was a heavy smoker which probably affected her health in later years. I still watch Bewitched to this day. She wasn't that old, very sad. Cancer is an awful thing that my dad died from. She will live on because of this great show.
Johnny West
Johnny West - 25 days ago
GREAT LEGS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Pure Hell
Pure Hell - 25 days ago
I really like Bewitch I saw all the episodes, rest in peace actors and actresses of this fantastic series of the 60's.
June Marie Liddy
June Marie Liddy - 25 days ago
Rick Ricardo
Rick Ricardo - 25 days ago
She was a beauty
Thomas Barksdale
Thomas Barksdale - 25 days ago
I didn't know she was that much older then me she was beautiful.
Teinysha Patterson
Teinysha Patterson - 25 days ago
I used to love watching that show bewitched
Ranty M
Ranty M - 25 days ago
Beautiful and talented girl I used to watch Bewitched only to see her smiling 😊
Jesse Saffold
Jesse Saffold - 25 days ago
that was a fine ass white girl😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
San Diego
San Diego - 25 days ago
Ten hottest TV crushes from the 1960's:
1. Barbara Eden (Genie), 2. Julie Newmar (Catwoman), 3. Dawn Wells (Mary Ann), 4. Donna Douglas (Ellie Maye), 5. Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched), 6. Beverly Owen (Marilyn Munster), 7. Sally Field (Gidget), 8. Barbara Feldon (Agent 99), 9. Marlo Thomas (That Girl), 10. Mary Tyler Moore (Dick Van Dyke Show)....
but Raquel Welch in the fur skin bikini from the MOVIE "One Million Years B.C.", simply blew all others away in the 1960's. 😊
Wilhelm Geisler
Wilhelm Geisler - 25 days ago
Nikki Santos
Nikki Santos - 25 days ago
John Everett
John Everett - 25 days ago
I always wanted to live on Morningglory Circle.
Gerald Greenfield
Gerald Greenfield - 25 days ago
I think she was my first boner. LOL
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams - 25 days ago
She was a gorgeous woman up until the end. I loved this show. I was hoping that Nicole Kidman would be able to do a movie like her. They look a lot a like to me. loved Serena!!
Vikashar - 25 days ago
I heard Dick York and Dick Sergeant were both dicks
10poundnote - 25 days ago
I hadn't realised she passed away at such a relatively young age. Bewitched was a lovely family show of which I watched probably in the early 1970s in the UK when I was a kid.
Kwadwo Holloway
Kwadwo Holloway - 25 days ago
the first TV movie Liz Montgomery did was "The Victim" in 1972, several months after Bewitched's cancellation.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones - 25 days ago
Natural beauty!
steamsearcher - 25 days ago
Loved Bewitched and was so happy to hear of the park!
4 Husbands!!
Turrican60 - 24 days ago
Yes....but 4 very lucky husbands to have got their sweaty little hands on her. I'm jealous, lol!
Ricarus Dogbe
Ricarus Dogbe - 25 days ago
Beautiful from start to finish. Rest in peace.
Justin Ferguson
Justin Ferguson - 25 days ago
Wow I always had a crush on her.
Keenstone - 25 days ago
Are there really any "happy" endings to anyone's life? I mean, you die.
Tina K.
Tina K. - 25 days ago
Robert really loved her for sure.
ken halverson
ken halverson - 25 days ago
That wasn't sad.
D man
D man - 25 days ago
One of the sexiest women,on the planet.drop dead gorgeous
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