The Tour Of Pure Imagination | Gabriel Iglesias

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hunterknight4 - 8 days ago
And then, they fired Susan...that shows how much they value their employees
DeadPool91 - 15 days ago
If anyone finds out can someone tell me or send me a link on where did Fluffy get that AWESOME t-shirt?!
CosplayMemories14 - 28 days ago
Willy Wonka ain't got nothing on that world of pure imagination! I love the Ghost Rider figure!!!! ❤
Robert Delafuente
Robert Delafuente - Month ago
Intense in the most amazing way. So Your best friend is a designer for marvel sculptures 🙏🏽
#FLUFFY #Grabrieliglesias
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez - Month ago
Wo that is amazing i would do anything to check all of those action figures out and take one home. What an awesome tour of sideshow collectibles
Yo mamma OndeeznutZ
Yo mamma OndeeznutZ - 2 months ago
Not into it myself, but badass. Enjoyed the comedy
Doreen Silva
Doreen Silva - 2 months ago
So glad your back I've missed you. You are my #1 comedian no joke!! 😍🤗🙌💃💥💛
rosy rose
rosy rose - 2 months ago
You are so awesome 😎 Gabriel Iglesias
rosy rose
rosy rose - 2 months ago
Sincere Presence
Sincere Presence - 2 months ago
🤣🤣 At 1st glance I thought the title was "The Tour of Pure Immigration." 😯
theresa Berkan
theresa Berkan - 2 months ago
Thanks Fluffy for taking us on the tour your so cool
Artist Mimikyu Girl Gamer
Artist Mimikyu Girl Gamer - 2 months ago
Mark C
Mark C - 2 months ago
Susan's sooo cute
Kinsey Ridling
Kinsey Ridling - 2 months ago
I'm not a fan of comic books but I have to admit that is pretty cool
Sli R
Sli R - 2 months ago
So i want to know who the heck dusts these statues every week.
Alvaro Valdovinos
Alvaro Valdovinos - 2 months ago
Welcome back Fluffy. Carbó te escondas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Santiago Flores Martínez
Santiago Flores Martínez - 2 months ago
Gran comediante saludos desde tu país natal 🇲🇽
RA Bonifacio
RA Bonifacio - 2 months ago
Mind = Blown
Martin Shears
Martin Shears - 2 months ago
Bianca Alvarado
Bianca Alvarado - 2 months ago
Love toy figures marvel ever thing love it @gaberieleglisas
brad kay
brad kay - 2 months ago
Hay cho a cho when you coming to Australia wot we don't exist
Outlawz Coop. Ace
Outlawz Coop. Ace - 2 months ago
Glitch_The_Cabbit 123
Glitch_The_Cabbit 123 - 2 months ago
Gabriel you’re and always Will be my all-time favorite comedian and I understand if you can’t get as much content as people want on your YouTube channel because I respect the fact that you are a busy man and you need to take your time
Eric Yasaratne
Eric Yasaratne - 2 months ago
So a cameo from a thin guy to a FLUFFY!
Marvin Tsukano
Marvin Tsukano - 2 months ago
Luv ya Gabe that was SOOO AWESOME!!!
David Perales
David Perales - 2 months ago
'Me enamore de tu amiga!. es Muy hermosaaa!!!! Cuídate carnal gabriel :)
Naresh Naresh
Naresh Naresh - 2 months ago
Why i dont like Hot Toys ???
Not cool , they just like dolls
Lee Smith
Lee Smith - 2 months ago
Lee Smith
Lee Smith - 2 months ago
Didn't expect this I was hoping for something funny :(
Jorge Gulias Merelles
Jorge Gulias Merelles - 2 months ago
Is there going to be a Fluffy Sideshow Collectible Figure?
Metal Slug
Metal Slug - 2 months ago
She cute, smart, and fun SS
El Hade
El Hade - 2 months ago
Susan looks like an Indonesian
anonymous jr
anonymous jr - 2 months ago
im 12 and ive watched Deadpool 1 and 2
Angel lopez
Angel lopez - 2 months ago
Wow, that was an an awesome video! Keep up the good work
P-man 18
P-man 18 - 2 months ago
You are funny bro plus this is my favorite video of all because you do not know how much I like marvel
Mauro Villarreal
Mauro Villarreal - 2 months ago
4:59 Heath ledger joker in the interrogation room table 🔥🔥🔥
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez - 2 months ago
Anyone else want to Knock all that shit off the shelves?
Mute the silent one
Mute the silent one - 2 months ago
I like those two iron man suits on the left at 0:01
Smart Arse
Smart Arse - 2 months ago
You're a skinny bastard!
karatohongkongcat - 2 months ago
They should make one of u fluffy!!! Now that would be awesome!
Francis D
Francis D - 2 months ago
happylife familylife
happylife familylife - 2 months ago
We are coming to see you tonight!!!!!! FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY
Rene francisco Carballo Calderon
Hola gabriel soy de bolivia conoci tus stands ups gracias a una radio que reproducia audios de los stand ups de comediantes eres el mejor fluffy
Setaimata - 2 months ago
Ray Shabaz
Ray Shabaz - 2 months ago
Oh man, I'll love to come here and show these guys my characters that were inspired by Stan Lee's work. I'll even pay them if they can make statues or figures of them
Hamre's Lion Den
Hamre's Lion Den - 2 months ago
i have that same shirt! I LOVE IT
Karloz KoolMC
Karloz KoolMC - 2 months ago
Im down to hit it....
Karloz KoolMC
Karloz KoolMC - 2 months ago
Sexy Susan... the side chick...
SourPatch_Gamer - 2 months ago
Where can I purchase some of these amazing collectibles?
SourPatch_Gamer - 2 months ago
Where can I purchase some of these amazing collectibles?
Hugo Mayen
Hugo Mayen - 2 months ago
DarkOnyx98 - 2 months ago
Love how he was respectful in wanting to share what the womens restroom looked like, but he asked her. He went anyway but only after they gave him permission.
Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox - 2 months ago
That was so cute. He morphed into an 8 yr old boy. So dang adorbs.
Gusty Sheep
Gusty Sheep - 2 months ago
It’s heaven for nerds
Alison Gunther
Alison Gunther - 2 months ago
Anyone else read his shirt? 😍
clout doge boge
clout doge boge - 2 months ago
Sergio Alcantar
Sergio Alcantar - 2 months ago
She has a white last name but she looks incredibly Hispanic, or Mexican.
cristian albornoz
cristian albornoz - 2 months ago
pls someone tell susan i have always love her but i didnt know it until now. also is she single or believes in polygamy? #thankUFluffy
Baruch ben Avraham
Baruch ben Avraham - 2 months ago
Let's here it for the fluffy kids in all of us. It's like a candy store. WOW! When are you coming to Israel?
Saul Sandoval
Saul Sandoval - 2 months ago
brandiemchurch - 2 months ago
Meho Kahrimanovic
Meho Kahrimanovic - 2 months ago
Get those guys to do a statue of you fluffy
Yaboiscrupy 664
Yaboiscrupy 664 - 2 months ago
Wearing each other’s merch UWU
Strepsiades14945 - 2 months ago
Then always be Pikachu!
all mighty
all mighty - 3 months ago
Oh ...I have lost my Piggy bank ....
John Medley
John Medley - 3 months ago
that place was awesome Fluffy!
Thrash476 - 3 months ago
>fluffy wearing Deadpool shirt
>strange wearing fluffy hoodie
I see what you did there
Rage 'N Engage DeltaoneMythic
Ya dude fucking update your shit 🤣🤣 we arent in 2012 no more lmao xD
Jeremy J
Jeremy J - 3 months ago
Fluffy just landed the ultimate sponsor.
05:10 FTW "Epically Amazing Spectacularness"
Amanda Glenn
Amanda Glenn - 3 months ago
I absolutely love you I just seen your show in Portland was amazing thank you for always making me smile .wish I could have met you in person maybe one day lol
William Morales
William Morales - 3 months ago
Wow that was great. 👍🙏✌️🌞😎🏎🍻
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown - 3 months ago
austin pecota
austin pecota - 3 months ago
I saw Fluffys show for the first time in Portland the other day and it was amazing
Gator Productions
Gator Productions - 3 months ago
i thought u where going on tour
Johanson Kessay
Johanson Kessay - 3 months ago
That was cool.
Cheers fluff stuff. Glad to see something a little more up to date. I've seen the Netflix special by the way. Good job dude.
Jose Perez
Jose Perez - 3 months ago
Pure talent!
Decent balderas
Decent balderas - 3 months ago
If you ever find yourself single gabriel
Thats totally girlfriend material
Soyyek - 3 months ago
So I'm guessing there is a whole bunch of guys dusting off all of those figures every day, huh?
kubel83 - 3 months ago
Wouw people complain that you don’t give enough free stuff is just sad... People are really becoming greedy and selfish. Give the man a break guys. He is really busy working his ass off, to entertain YOU!!! Seriously show respect.
Willie Williams
Willie Williams - 3 months ago
Yo hommy ....about your “One show fits all” kind of like SUCKS you use the same shit all the time is not fun anymore its boring when you were younger you used to be hilarious not anymore you’ve being using the same material ...... it’s time to change ....... cuz you’re beginning to suck .....
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry - 3 months ago
I'm here to tame some strange.
Rj Wolf
Rj Wolf - 3 months ago
I’ve seen so many marvel statues that I would love to own!
Humble Be9st
Humble Be9st - 3 months ago
The man child in me just cried heavy tears of joy. That's was the coolest shit I've ever seen.
The Wyld Hawk
The Wyld Hawk - 3 months ago
how come u don't have any videos with ur girl or Frankie in them?
Cole Pabilona
Cole Pabilona - 3 months ago
2:09 - Alien vs Predator? LoL
Mathew Hamlim
Mathew Hamlim - 3 months ago
Do more so cool
animebossbeatsHD - 3 months ago
Gunner Kurek
Gunner Kurek - 3 months ago
Noah Sanchez
Noah Sanchez - 3 months ago
I don't get how people can afford to collect all these, and still pay the bills. I'd have to sell one of my kidneys to buy one of those!
Marina S Antonsen
Marina S Antonsen - 3 months ago
I would melt or fall apart in some way
Sunset Flicks
Sunset Flicks - 3 months ago
Hey susaaaan.. u single? Lol
alexhernandez49 - 3 months ago
MR0birdman - 3 months ago
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - 3 months ago
Hay Gabriel Iglesias can you do a special in Minnesota Minneapolis
Mike Robles
Mike Robles - 3 months ago
furDaLuLz - 3 months ago
Fluffy, please lose some weight, so you are healthier and we can get to enjoy you longer!
World Ahoy!
World Ahoy! - 3 months ago
I was hoping that this video will contain European dates for a new tour... but this was also pretty cool. I'm not mad.
Casey Hastings
Casey Hastings - 3 months ago
Tour of imagination damn
BL Lover
BL Lover - 3 months ago
I need more 😂
robin & bernhard
robin & bernhard - 3 months ago
Every time i see gabriel i see manny from modern family gabriel can easy play manny lost Brother
Mr. Variant
Mr. Variant - 3 months ago
1:14 lol Gabriel is the hulk. Didn't know strange was a legit last name lol I feel like Spider-Man fake names?
H0ll0w360 - 3 months ago
You should make a video with Jack Black
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