Yahtzee's Dev Diary Episode 11: The Cleaner

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Escapist - 2 months ago
Hopefully the new thumbnails are a bit prettier and allow you to more easily tell episodes apart now!
- Nick
Thesadsamuraii - 2 months ago
I see you deleting that reaction video from the list because you said the name wrong I see you
LPDani123 - 2 months ago
Hey! Is there a chance for a live dev stream? maybe a special for the last game? I really really wonder whats yahtzees workflow, how the heck can he squeeze in so much polish, most of the time I cant even make a half decent game from my home projects. Cheers!
TheLocust Swarm
TheLocust Swarm - 2 months ago
Being completely honest Yahtzee - you should realy patent these games/mechanics or trademark them in any way, shape or form, because I'm more then sure some hack-indie dev will try and replicate those ideas sooner rather then later, and try to make some cash on them in the cheapest, laziest way possble.
HeyThatNerd - 2 months ago
I feel like this game could actually work as a cheap steam game if a little more content was added
Ash MCcGill
Ash MCcGill - 2 months ago
When Nick can't pronounce Sow correctly...
benjamin Maclaine Pont
benjamin Maclaine Pont - 21 hour ago
I just played the cleaner, and by god it's intense!! well done mate, keep up the good work!!
nikko hewitt
nikko hewitt - 15 days ago
Lots of clips from old LDOs this time
TSH - 26 days ago
How do you full screen hogpocalypse sow
Suppercut2 - Month ago
Me, personally, I loved the concept, but hated the "final" product.

Honestly, the worst part of Hogpocalypse Sow is the targeting. It's really finicky, and having the turning be so floaty does not help it at all. There's situations like if I have two blue pigs on either side of me, and I spin to target the pigs to the left of me, the character instead locks on to the pigs to the right of me using the orange gun, burying useless ammo into them. I also kept wasting ammo on hat pigs because it kept re-firing the hat-colored gun on a single trigger pull. Powerups like Universal Ammo don't have visible timers or any solid indication when they expire, leading to unfair moments of shooting the wrong color at a pig because I shot on the very last frame of the powerup with the wrong gun, which, mind you, it's kinda hard to tell when they stop being colored for that powerup period! Defeat animation is too long and makes restarting when you fail incredibly tedious, I either shouted "get on with it!!" or just closed and reopened the game to skip it. Better idea would be to pop up a prompt asking to restart or quit *while* the death animation played, so you could enjoy your sick gore without driving people who can't get used to the controls mad. And, one final thing that would make the game feel far more fair: _zoom the _*_fucking_*_ camera out_ ! If you don't want players camping in the middle, don't punish them for going outside of that tiny center area by throwing pigs at them before they can react to seeing them on screen! It makes the game feel needlessly claustrophobic, and ruins the """cathartic""" nature of """""gun kata""""" the game was supposed to go for.

alright, bitchy entitled ess jay duble-yu scrub not-a-real-gamer rant done. enjoy cleany game.
Wandergirl108 - Month ago
Did anyone else absolutely lose it when Yahtzee's note came up at the end "I did make the pig noises using myself."? Because I lost my shit at that moment. X'D
Maxxthegreat111 - Month ago
Took me a while but I managed to get past both stage 4 and stage 6 on Hogpocalypse Sow without letting a pig through.

The score attack is pretty crazy though.
God Emperor
God Emperor - Month ago
4:20 is the stress finally coming out, Yahtz?
NeptuneWalker - Month ago
I think Hogpocalypse is your best game yet. This is great.
Dan DPH - 2 months ago
Missed a trick by not calling the game ‘APORKalypse Sow’ :| is it too late to save your bacon?
The Conductor Esplin
The Conductor Esplin - 2 months ago
So basically it's what happens at PETA
Symetrix - 2 months ago
I gave it go. And than another, and another, and I got quite hooked. So much so that I earned the stars for each story mission and 3 stars for the challenge mode on level one. There’s something really satisfying in mass piggy shooting. Best in the series so far! Thank you!
Srećko Čuvalo
Srećko Čuvalo - 2 months ago
Please make this into a full game, I need more.
陈新之 - 2 months ago
Writer, Game Reviewer, Dev Speedrunner, Mr. Abysmal Personality and the Sound Maker of Swines, I present you, ladies and gentlemen, Ben Yahtzee Croshaw
Claxvii 177th
Claxvii 177th - 2 months ago
"The kleaner lady"
CJWproductions - 2 months ago
I think it's amusing to consider the game I thought you were headed towards: You play as a cleaner who sneaks around behind an assassin and makes sure they leave no traces. You presumably have too many tools and your work takes longer than his so it's hard, but you can use assassin abilities like in Dishonored to make it easier
friedipar - 2 months ago
Actualy, there already exists a game that does something like that. It´s called "Roombo - First Blood", in wich you have to kill homeinvaders by arranging accidents and quickly clean up the mess afterwards
ac585318 - 2 months ago
Random thoughts/ideas for improvements on Hogpocalypse should you ever decide to add more to it.

For speed running and gameplay in general, you could make pigs spawn faster/slower depending how quickly they are killed, maybe breaking up spawning into sections with a few seconds in-between so the level isn't beatable in a matter of seconds.

So that it isn't completely static and automated you could also spawn pigs in random positions within a small XY range, so that they come from the same general direction but the player will still have to aim instead of muscle memorise precisely.

I think pigs in the later or additional stages could also spawn in pretty and satisfying patterns... For example have pigs continuously spawn opposite positions of each other on something like a 2D vector, positioned in the middle of the screen, which rotates clockwise so that the player also has to slowly spin around and shoot. Even shooting a number of times in the same direction could be satisfying.
SolarFlair - 2 months ago
This one sounds like a winner to me. That socially acceptable meter concept is really good.
Tony Jeff
Tony Jeff - 2 months ago
My only problem with the game are the power ups. They will spend themselves even when I pause the game.
Leonader - 2 months ago
I can't get hogpocalypse to work with my nintendo switch pro controller
firefox5926 - 2 months ago
2:14 great now all you need to do is add in in game currency to buy new colours for the hats and put it up on apple store and you'll be the next candycrush...
John Spiegel
John Spiegel - 2 months ago
I love this series, and I like that it's initial concept all the way to finished product. I have no programming knowledge, though. I'd love to see thought process of how to code something.
Waldo Wizz
Waldo Wizz - 2 months ago
“Clean Conscience”? “Clean deeds done dirt cheap”?
Yamuimo Fate
Yamuimo Fate - 2 months ago
Precise language was "myself"
Uniler - 2 months ago
Cute, somebody has done some diggin'...
godmaster20 - 2 months ago
Yahtzee saying “track” will never be the same after hearing his audiobooks.
J Roscoe
J Roscoe - 2 months ago
The use of Let's Drown Out clips still makes me happy.
Wilbur Cobb
Wilbur Cobb - 2 months ago
finally, he's getting down and dirty with unique movement systems.
ALL GAMES should have at least one of those - it's a hallmark of the art
ItsHyomoto - 2 months ago
I think anyone who does enough game development will end up at least somewhat fascinated by speedrunning. I think random elements are still important in their own way to provide uncertainty and reward, but I also think that relying on it as a core game mechanic ultimately makes a game feel flat and shallow. The countless parade of roguelikes suggests there's a large market for them, but as I'm fairly sure Yahtzee has alluded to countless times, while a random world might be fascinating from a technical level, it can easily be dull from a practical one. Or to put it another way, I think it's at least appealing to temper the reliance on randomness for the sake of consistency. The game may not be endless, but it may be endlessly more satisfying.
Skyking549 - 2 months ago
4:20 what the fuck XD.
Andrew Earl
Andrew Earl - 2 months ago
Gah! Cleaning lady! *this triggers me, men can clean too*
b - 2 months ago
Yahtz could you please make this available on the xb1 store
Ian White
Ian White - 2 months ago
Oof, that Let’s Drown Out footage around 3 and a half minutes hit me harder than I was expecting it to
Sam - 2 months ago
Why didn’t I get a notification for this?
Hyper Kin
Hyper Kin - 2 months ago
Free Hat McCullough
neongamer 1344
neongamer 1344 - 2 months ago
Can we please pick up body parts with the vaccum cleaner and shoot them out a window
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Tzisorey Tigerwuf - 2 months ago
🎶 Sadie, the cleaning lady - with trusty scrubbing brush and pail of water.... 🎶
kilroy987 - 2 months ago
I like how you explore different concepts of gaming. These are things I've thought little about because I've only had ideas for games but haven't actually made any. You tend to get more concrete in your designs when you get some real product out.
Jaron R. M. Johnson
Jaron R. M. Johnson - 2 months ago
For an added gameplay mechanic, consider a vacuum cleaner which can, at will, be switched back and forth from suck to blow. This achieves your goal of using the vacuum as the projectile weapon, but the player could theoretically make use of the blowing mechanic as a form of propulsion, sending them around the map at increasing velocity depending on how far they travel in a straight line without colliding with anything in the environment.
Additionally, what about environmental hazards? That might get rid of the repetitive notion of "pick up heavy thing, shoot heavy thing at victim," and give the game a more Hitman-esque feel, where you analyze the room and what it contains (Cleaning a kitchen? How about some knives! Cleaning a broom closet? How about a broken broom handle! Cleaning a pool house? How about... a flame thrower!)
At any rate, great work. Huge fan. Loving this series.
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