5 Door Security Gadgets put to the Test

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11 11 - 8 days ago
We have a few of those security bars for wedging against the door. And they work great, I think you just bought an extremely cheep product.
The ones we have were around $30 or $40 each and are made of all metal.
Peter V
Peter V - 13 days ago
If that metal isn’t hardened you can just bend it up and open door.
WimpyEnderman Gaming
WimpyEnderman Gaming - 25 days ago
Andreas Suojanen
Andreas Suojanen - 28 days ago
"The Barracuda" has a nice flaw.. just bend the tabs from the outside... boom
mr jay
mr jay - Month ago
What's up everybody...blah blah balahaha blahahahah putting the glasses on
kim coburn
kim coburn - Month ago
CanadianAviatorRBX - Month ago
The barricade thing at 9:39 was meant for school lockdowns
Pinaki Patra
Pinaki Patra - Month ago
In india we have batam (Bengali )for 100+ tears as door stopper 😀😂
Hankerrchipzzz 835
Hankerrchipzzz 835 - Month ago
1:22 ooh! That was scary😁😂😂
Ku Dastardly
Ku Dastardly - 2 months ago
Dude, you should've used "Barricade Box" :P
Freestyle games
Freestyle games - 2 months ago
1:52 😂😂😂😂😂
Ahhh Sarado?
Ahhh Sarado? - 2 months ago
1:22 when your wife gets mad at you.
lol21sa - 2 months ago
Plug in batteries bruh😑
Lloyd Dahlen
Lloyd Dahlen - 2 months ago
Mute Falon
Mute Falon - 2 months ago
I have a dog that barks if anyone comes around
Jana fan #1
Jana fan #1 - 2 months ago
I was asleep listening to asmr and then I hear do u want a a juicy burger?
Ruben Cruz
Ruben Cruz - 2 months ago
I have a 155mm round strapped to the door come and get it...
llud mik
llud mik - 3 months ago
7:45 he got it from wish lol
llud mik
llud mik - 3 months ago
2:37 lol the "footer"
Iluminada Pantinople
Iluminada Pantinople - 3 months ago
May panot dito
Renato Christen
Renato Christen - 3 months ago
Just close the door
Fofe 123
Fofe 123 - 3 months ago
CRIMSONFK 101 - 3 months ago
brain boost
brain boost - 3 months ago
Plz start telling us the product name😂
hallhigh21 - 3 months ago
Yo is he wearing a Rolex hat??
Lopunny Gamer
Lopunny Gamer - 3 months ago
Why am I watching this? I am sensitive to loud noises
Leslie Arnelle TV
Leslie Arnelle TV - 3 months ago
thank you thank you thank you!
Lela Eber
Lela Eber - 3 months ago
Thank you for the video. BOOM💥
Lela Eber
Lela Eber - 3 months ago
Someday show your cockatoo. I love parrots, I have 5 of them.
Bhushan Dalvi
Bhushan Dalvi - 3 months ago
Sorry bro, nothing really helped
D Ramos
D Ramos - 3 months ago
*FBI gets battery ram*
Melcome Jordan
Melcome Jordan - 4 months ago
Can anyone guess what I said? Hmmm?
F1 Amrbrt Vids
F1 Amrbrt Vids - 2 months ago
Melcome Jordan crazy Russian hacker
Mandar Namjoshi
Mandar Namjoshi - 4 months ago
drashik chhabra
drashik chhabra - 4 months ago
Adib Nizar
Adib Nizar - 4 months ago
I love the door stopper bur the smaller one 😊
jacob myers
jacob myers - 4 months ago
Po Izzy
Po Izzy - 4 months ago
Cheap chinese gadgeks!
Kim Alexander Kepler
Kim Alexander Kepler - 4 months ago
The dude's funny he got scared of a chirp
Frightmare X
Frightmare X - 4 months ago
Jesse Florez
Jesse Florez - 4 months ago
The door bar
shane marion
shane marion - 4 months ago
I seen it coming that door alarm bit ya didnt it
KarmaXD - 4 months ago
1:22 OOF
Cindy Lynn Gagnon
Cindy Lynn Gagnon - 4 months ago
My neighbors like your loud gajicks, they were very happy so much they were knocking on my wall when I watched this video during the night. Thumbs up from them too!
Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra - 4 months ago
Use locks for security
Vevine Vianca
Vevine Vianca - 4 months ago
3:46 did he just....(his right hand)
Del Lawrence
Del Lawrence - 4 months ago
These gadgicts are all rubbish, just have your front door refitted so that it opens outwards and put some long screws in holding the doorframe together, they will need a sledge hammer to break through it.
Derwin Moldes
Derwin Moldes - 4 months ago
The short 1 is better..if someone is trying to get in the alarm will keep on ringing even they close tge door.
Exsposiaz Z
Exsposiaz Z - 4 months ago
Ethan Cresswell
Ethan Cresswell - 5 months ago
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 5 months ago
2:35 Goodbye doggo😂
Norm Edwards
Norm Edwards - 5 months ago
Boom! :)
David Nasr
David Nasr - 5 months ago
Attach a popsicle stick to the shorter one, it works
The Honey Badger
The Honey Badger - 5 months ago
The second to last one on Amazon?
I Dunno
I Dunno - 5 months ago
the eabster
the eabster - 6 months ago
That was scrrrarriey. Lol lol lol
atharva Khirid
atharva Khirid - 6 months ago
You is a joke
Arnev Vaswani
Arnev Vaswani - 7 months ago
I see ur videos since the first one
Gaudium Felidae
Gaudium Felidae - 7 months ago
One door stoper and a tube of gasoline please
Prophet Paul
Prophet Paul - 7 months ago
I LOVE YOU DUDE. You are funny
G Grass
G Grass - 7 months ago
I Miss the Boom‘s
Remy Dubbel D
Remy Dubbel D - 7 months ago
Hay boyzzz
Boba Fett
Boba Fett - 7 months ago
The door slider locker but should have a plate that goes up in the back plus more holes and diffrent removable hookplates for the doorframe
guthy - 7 months ago
Hawokki - 7 months ago
The barracuda door stopper... Very nice, until someone bends the flat corner up and in the middle.
With a crowbar I bet it would be easy to do with some muscle.
BOSSMAN_FTW - 7 months ago
Who’s watching when he posted the trailer aka marriage btw love you Taras
Richard Bowles
Richard Bowles - 7 months ago
It's funny because the dogs at the door 😂
The Scripters Gaming!!!
The Scripters Gaming!!! - 7 months ago
Hahaha i laugh until i sleep hahaha
Felix Dahlqvist
Felix Dahlqvist - 8 months ago
I like how every place in his house is his labalatoy
Lyrical Thunder
Lyrical Thunder - 8 months ago
8:00 Isn't that what locks are for?
Murilo Silva
Murilo Silva - 8 months ago
Eu uso um Marea turbo atrás da porta, ou seja, quem entra explode kkkk
Gabriele Danila
Gabriele Danila - 8 months ago
2:37 dude let your dog in😂😂
musicain 265
musicain 265 - 7 months ago
Lol I know right the dog keeps on trying to get in
Mm Bw
Mm Bw - 8 months ago
Poor dog who tries to come inside
MIguel Berumen
MIguel Berumen - 8 months ago
JeanneOnYoutube - 8 months ago
James Downes
James Downes - 8 months ago
Door wedge is my favourite.
Ek Rene
Ek Rene - 8 months ago
By far the funniest video😂 I lost it from 7:12- 7:53
AWWSOM PUGGZ - 8 months ago
I just use a gun....
Deepa Joshi
Deepa Joshi - 8 months ago
Mybiglongbananna - 8 months ago
àhhaahahhaah the dog trying to come
spanish4real - 8 months ago
What about one you can lock from outside so that you can use when you go on vacation
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 8 months ago
i find that the best gadget here are the 3 dogs
Jordan Nava
Jordan Nava - 8 months ago
Why is your voice so weird like you
SteamyyTTV - 9 months ago
Doors in europa are much stronger than in america
megazwatcher - 9 months ago
those little alarms are to quiet and you can just switch them off in seconds
megazwatcher - 9 months ago
how strong are the L shaped parts on the outside, can a burglar cut them with a hack saw or bolt cutters?
ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ɢʀɪғғɪᴛʜ
I have firearms, I'm good
Fathur Rahman
Fathur Rahman - 9 months ago
Nothing perfect
010 - 9 months ago
why you shaking?
Billy Oi
Billy Oi - 9 months ago
Hey crazy Russian hacker. Quick question. Have you ever tried the fork lock system? If you haven't would you ever try different types of forks on which works best?
-- Billy Oi
FTC Clan
FTC Clan - 9 months ago
My school has these in every room Incase of a shooting!
U52IR - 9 months ago
1:53 😂🤣🤣
Cindy Roman
Cindy Roman - 9 months ago
1:22 😂
D58 Gaming
D58 Gaming - 9 months ago
The door stoppers, 1 is meant for doors that are like, lower and on ground
E.S. L
E.S. L - 9 months ago
The last one is for a business to let them know they have a customer
HS - 9 months ago
SnoopzzBoo - 9 months ago
Marry me
Baran 1907
Baran 1907 - 9 months ago
The one Gadget Is for German doors
CommonSoldier101 - 9 months ago
Now no one will catch you masturbating.
216david !!
216david !! - 9 months ago
I just put a spike trap on the ceiling
miley the giraffe
miley the giraffe - 9 months ago
Hey guys welcome back to molopolotols. Is that what he says ?
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