5 Door Security Gadgets put to the Test

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EL Comandante
EL Comandante - 6 days ago
I use a AK47
Alex Foelber
Alex Foelber - 16 days ago
How'd the 🐺s react
Jack Golden
Jack Golden - 21 day ago
Or just get a dog that’s the best alarm
Jordan Ormsbee
Jordan Ormsbee - 25 days ago
2:25 dog?
Camille Mendoza
Camille Mendoza - Month ago
G4D GAMEZ - Month ago
LIONS Would be great right??
Jason - Month ago
This is a fun video
n. prince
n. prince - 2 months ago
The 1st two door stoppers were best, the rest was junk, trash or impractical.
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher - 2 months ago
Best door security EVER!: connect fuse wire to your door handle and the key hole, make the soil/entrance wet in front of the house and in front of your door.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones - 2 months ago
"Ooooohh! That was scary. Oh, my goodness."
Kavitha bm
Kavitha bm - 2 months ago
Wow it failed
11 11
11 11 - 3 months ago
We have a few of those security bars for wedging against the door. And they work great, I think you just bought an extremely cheep product.
The ones we have were around $30 or $40 each and are made of all metal.
Peter V
Peter V - 3 months ago
If that metal isn’t hardened you can just bend it up and open door.
WimpyEnderman Gaming
WimpyEnderman Gaming - 3 months ago
Andreas Suojanen
Andreas Suojanen - 3 months ago
"The Barracuda" has a nice flaw.. just bend the tabs from the outside... boom
mr jay
mr jay - 4 months ago
What's up everybody...blah blah balahaha blahahahah putting the glasses on
kim coburn
kim coburn - 4 months ago
RNDM_Loop - 4 months ago
The barricade thing at 9:39 was meant for school lockdowns
Pinaki Patra
Pinaki Patra - 4 months ago
In india we have batam (Bengali )for 100+ tears as door stopper 😀😂
Hankerrchipzzz 835
Hankerrchipzzz 835 - 4 months ago
1:22 ooh! That was scary😁😂😂
Ku Dastardly
Ku Dastardly - 5 months ago
Dude, you should've used "Barricade Box" :P
Freestyle games
Freestyle games - 5 months ago
1:52 😂😂😂😂😂
Ahhh Sarado?
Ahhh Sarado? - 5 months ago
1:22 when your wife gets mad at you.
lol21sa - 5 months ago
Plug in batteries bruh😑
Lloyd Dahlen
Lloyd Dahlen - 5 months ago
Mute Falon
Mute Falon - 5 months ago
I have a dog that barks if anyone comes around
Angie Gonzales
Angie Gonzales - 5 months ago
I was asleep listening to asmr and then I hear do u want a a juicy burger?
Ruben Cruz
Ruben Cruz - 5 months ago
I have a 155mm round strapped to the door come and get it...
llud mik
llud mik - 6 months ago
7:45 he got it from wish lol
llud mik
llud mik - 6 months ago
2:37 lol the "footer"
Iluminada Pantinople
Iluminada Pantinople - 6 months ago
May panot dito
Renato Christen
Renato Christen - 6 months ago
Just close the door
Fofe 123
Fofe 123 - 6 months ago
CRIMSONFK 101 - 6 months ago
Boss Time
Boss Time - 6 months ago
Plz start telling us the product name😂
hallhigh21 - 6 months ago
Yo is he wearing a Rolex hat??
Lopunny Gamer
Lopunny Gamer - 6 months ago
Why am I watching this? I am sensitive to loud noises
Leslie Arnelle TV
Leslie Arnelle TV - 6 months ago
thank you thank you thank you!
Lela Eber
Lela Eber - 6 months ago
Thank you for the video. BOOM💥
Lela Eber
Lela Eber - 6 months ago
Someday show your cockatoo. I love parrots, I have 5 of them.
Bhushan Dalvi
Bhushan Dalvi - 6 months ago
Sorry bro, nothing really helped
D Ramos
D Ramos - 6 months ago
*FBI gets battery ram*
Melcome Jordan
Melcome Jordan - 7 months ago
Can anyone guess what I said? Hmmm?
Rawfamalam - 5 months ago
Melcome Jordan crazy Russian hacker
Mandar Namjoshi
Mandar Namjoshi - 7 months ago
drashik chhabra
drashik chhabra - 7 months ago
Adib Nizar
Adib Nizar - 7 months ago
I love the door stopper bur the smaller one 😊
jacob myers
jacob myers - 7 months ago
Po Izzy
Po Izzy - 7 months ago
Cheap chinese gadgeks!
Kim Alexander Kepler
Kim Alexander Kepler - 7 months ago
The dude's funny he got scared of a chirp
Frightmare - 7 months ago
Jesse Florez
Jesse Florez - 7 months ago
The door bar
shane marion
shane marion - 7 months ago
I seen it coming that door alarm bit ya didnt it
KarmaXD - 7 months ago
1:22 OOF
Cindy Lynn Gagnon
Cindy Lynn Gagnon - 7 months ago
My neighbors like your loud gajicks, they were very happy so much they were knocking on my wall when I watched this video during the night. Thumbs up from them too!
Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra - 7 months ago
Use locks for security
Vevine Vianca
Vevine Vianca - 7 months ago
3:46 did he just....(his right hand)
Del Lawrence
Del Lawrence - 7 months ago
These gadgicts are all rubbish, just have your front door refitted so that it opens outwards and put some long screws in holding the doorframe together, they will need a sledge hammer to break through it.
Derwin Moldes
Derwin Moldes - 7 months ago
The short 1 is better..if someone is trying to get in the alarm will keep on ringing even they close tge door.
Exsposiaz Z
Exsposiaz Z - 7 months ago
Ethan Cresswell
Ethan Cresswell - 8 months ago
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