TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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rachel blacklow
rachel blacklow - 5 minutes ago
I love foxes 🦊 but one ate my chickens 🐓 sooooo sad
Jayleigh Joyner
Jayleigh Joyner - Hour ago
This touched my heart ❤️
yvng kvng
yvng kvng - 3 hours ago
Cynthia Pilataxi
Cynthia Pilataxi - 3 hours ago
Why would you not like this video
Llama_cake Wallace
Llama_cake Wallace - 3 hours ago
( )_( )
( ‘. ‘)
Miss Meme
Miss Meme - 3 hours ago
Happy easter
Philomena Jerabek
Philomena Jerabek - 3 hours ago
I cried this hole Video 😭😭❤️ WE NEED MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE OF THOSE HUMANS ❤️
SuperArianna88 - 3 hours ago
10:25 omg same!!
Isabella McCoy
Isabella McCoy - 4 hours ago
( 0-0 )
I just really want ice cream 😂
#unicorns sguad
#unicorns sguad - 4 hours ago
my mum stole a pack of sausages to feed us when the police turned up they let her go. I LOVE MY MUM !!!
Bts Bangtan boys
Bts Bangtan boys - 4 hours ago
Watch sad videos
Amelia Baumgartner
Amelia Baumgartner - 4 hours ago
Same with me with foxes same with me
The random Kitty corn
The random Kitty corn - 5 hours ago
You are
Going to
Who is

Read the top line
CoolUnicorn Rainbow
CoolUnicorn Rainbow - 5 hours ago
Azzy is to pure for the world❤❤
The Greek Demon Fox
The Greek Demon Fox - 5 hours ago
when she said she liked foxes I yelled "yeeeeeeeeeees finally someone like me!!!!"
Matthew Payne
Matthew Payne - 5 hours ago
I cried during this video because it's so heartwarming and also I thought of how nice these people are and I hope they have a good life this is coming from 12 year old right now and I'm just speechless oh yeah by the way azzy congrats on getting close to 10 million subscribers
Hai Golden NuGgEtEt love
Hai Golden NuGgEtEt love - 6 hours ago
I am trying not to cry
Lois Osorio
Lois Osorio - 6 hours ago
0 0
Sofia Ovadia
Sofia Ovadia - 6 hours ago
I love foxes too
Lois Osorio
Lois Osorio - 6 hours ago
The pizza man gives people how have dog. I have a dog.
Ella Ronci
Ella Ronci - 6 hours ago
I saw that Azzy has a ukulele. does anyone know if she plays?
Colton H
Colton H - 6 hours ago
Wheel truck wheel chair
Kawii Paws
Kawii Paws - 7 hours ago
Why can’t life always be like this
Adam M Bilby
Adam M Bilby - 7 hours ago
🍫¯\_(ツ)_/¯🍫 Boom wala!
Ivan Fierro
Ivan Fierro - 7 hours ago
OMG sooooooooo nice
Betsy Longrie
Betsy Longrie - 7 hours ago
Rose are red
Voilets are blue
There are invisible ninjas
Cutting onions in Azzy room
Heralall Haripersauf
Heralall Haripersauf - 7 hours ago
I'm not crying your are
Jade Garnica
Jade Garnica - 8 hours ago
This I for the BAD PEOPLES
Roses are red Violets are blue I have five fingers and the middle one is for you
Jade Garnica
Jade Garnica - 8 hours ago
I don’t have a dad but at least I can tell my mom I love her.
Loleydo 8
Loleydo 8 - 9 hours ago
Azzy the only seasons in the Philippines are summer and spring there is NEVER SNOW AND IT IS NEVER COLD
Moonlight Diamond
Moonlight Diamond - 10 hours ago
(0 0 )
/ \
Laurie Everling
Laurie Everling - 12 hours ago
Ruben Carandang
Ruben Carandang - 12 hours ago
word of the day
Ava Jackson
Ava Jackson - 13 hours ago
I love foxes too
Abigail Ryan
Abigail Ryan - 15 hours ago
Why are people so kind we need more of these people in this world:)
Karate_girl 45
Karate_girl 45 - 15 hours ago
I'm sorry but 50$ is less than what a turtle is worth
Ava Wimmer
Ava Wimmer - 21 hour ago
My heart TwT
Katherine Thompson
Katherine Thompson - Day ago
My heart.... i cant
Im fine *sniff😢
pianods - Day ago
The oldest man was 109 ???? Ok I’m only 9 but when I was like 6 my Assistant teacher was 110
pianods - Day ago
She’s still alive
Wolf Slayer
Wolf Slayer - Day ago
I live in the philipines and its not cold here philipines is a tropical islend so it dosen’t snow
Sam McCall
Sam McCall - Day ago
I love these videos.they make me cry. So sweet.
Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds - Day ago
My uncle is 10,000 miles away and on Valentine’s Day he couldn’t be there with my aunt so he sent her flowers
That little act made the day of my aunt.
Abbagayle Rose
Abbagayle Rose - Day ago
At 10:43 u feel the same way about foxes, they are my most favorite animal
Like if u agree
angieolivera87 - Day ago
My cousin went through a type of cancer and she was the only one that had ever survived that type of cancer
Fox team Anderson vlogs
I helped a family with no food or money they still had a house tho me and my mom gave them Easter eggs stuff for dinner snacks bread and more hope you see this azzy
Ñįçøłē ¡ Ńøòdłė ¿
Happy Azzy :)
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez - Day ago
I'm sad meh bird died today :( *Cry's in real life*:(
colten brewer
colten brewer - Day ago
Dog 🐕 + cat 🐱 = fox
Avacado Avocado
Avacado Avocado - Day ago
AZZY: I have no words. ‘Is speaking’
The GachaGamer1000
The GachaGamer1000 - Day ago
I NEED to know what band that is! I need to support them for their kindness to that small child :3
And don't worry Azzy, you won't just be a great parent someday...
I bet you will be an AMAZING parent!
Ave Zoller
Ave Zoller - Day ago
How’d she know I was cutting cutting onions..
Phantom Gamer
Phantom Gamer - Day ago
I think this is the try not to cry challenge
Midnight rocks
Midnight rocks - Day ago
My friend is blind and got to go to play baseball with sound and I'm proud T-T
Georgina Brown
Georgina Brown - Day ago

The odd girl horse
The odd girl horse - Day ago
A girl at Chick-fil-A I was with my brother and we had used our manners and had ordered for ourselves and so before we got into our car she came out and said “here you guys go, I wanted to give you guys this because you were so polite and that you ordered by yourself. Thank you guys.” So she had given us a card so we could get a free lunch at Chick-fil-A
Halima Albulushi
Halima Albulushi - Day ago
I created so crazy😭😭
Tshenolo Shale
Tshenolo Shale - Day ago
Aliehsa Lawrence
Aliehsa Lawrence - Day ago
Wait my dead great great grandma lived up to108 so i think she was the olderst lady from australia
Aliehsa Lawrence
Aliehsa Lawrence - Day ago
The Philippines are near australia and new zealand so yeah it is prety hot upthere
Ashlynn Ehli
Ashlynn Ehli - Day ago
My cat was sick and needed to bring him to the vet but I'm poor. Random girl asked me where I lived. 2 days later I got mail from her with enough money to save my cat
Cathy McPeake
Cathy McPeake - Day ago
I used to have a fox that cane in to my garden and we would feed it and at that time my next door neighbour had chickens but the fox ignored them and came to our house
kira pond
kira pond - Day ago
I cried, I cried the most when the dad (I think it was) showed the blind man what was going on during the ball game on a model. I relate to it because I have a great grandmother who's blind and deaf and one time we went to a garden of sorts and she had to touch the flowers to be able to see them, she's also in a wheelchair and she's fading fast (as in dying).
Lily King
Lily King - Day ago
this video was posted on my bday yayyyyy
Razel Villanueva
Razel Villanueva - Day ago
What ther was a flood in the filipins i didint wach the news on our tv im a filipino its true thers difrent kinds of people in our country and ya its cold in the filipins
Adrazado Denise Clare
I leave in Romblon in Philippines
Ophelia's Super world
I do
Caleb Hons
Caleb Hons - 2 days ago
When I saw the chemo one I started crying because my friend went through that and he wanted to be in the army and sadly he passed and his dad got actual soldiers to do a traditional funeral and man I cried so hard.
I just shows that people care.
It'z just Maia
It'z just Maia - 2 days ago
omg god, this hit meh feels!!
Libbey’sLife101 - 2 days ago
8:23 that triggered my tears! I love animals and I HATE how people can just hurt them! Animals/pets are better than people, they don’t judge you, they don’t bully you, they listen, they snuggle with you, they help you when you have had a rough day!! Many people in this world don’t even know what your going through and like actually enjoy making your life more miserable and make you feel like a shitty human being who is wasting space and air on this earth. Also I’m on my period. So I’m crying because of that fuckkkkkl
Libbey’sLife101 - 2 days ago
6:05 omg I gasped I was so happyyy
Lily Burke
Lily Burke - 2 days ago
I feel the same way about foxes
emilybrown559 - 2 days ago
You can cry it's ok we don't care if u do right
The boss bomb
The boss bomb - 2 days ago
Nice ukulele in the background
Nathan Chamot
Nathan Chamot - 2 days ago
Love u Azzy💜💜💜💓
Jaylyn Torres
Jaylyn Torres - 2 days ago
I'm crying tears of joy
GachaMack 77
GachaMack 77 - 2 days ago
Rose's are red
That line is true
Violets aren't blue
GachaMack 77
GachaMack 77 - 2 days ago
I decided to eat and watch this... it's my fault
Dakota Leavitt
Dakota Leavitt - 2 days ago
For the kid who helps stray cats...

Emily Maxten
Emily Maxten - 2 days ago
A Fox ate my chickens and ducks
Amy The DEMON - 2 days ago
I proud to be an Aussie Lel :3
Minty_Berry - 2 days ago
I love foxes too!
Yasmin A
Yasmin A - 2 days ago
I love foxes to
Daniel Espana
Daniel Espana - 2 days ago
I am so proud that man did that, and competed in a body building competition, he would be like Almight from My Hero Academia.
GACHA WolfyRose
GACHA WolfyRose - 2 days ago
i have something to say..

Leah Orr
Leah Orr - 2 days ago
the loads of foxes where we live you will love
Jayden Miles
Jayden Miles - 2 days ago
Omg I love foxes
NredRanger 21
NredRanger 21 - 2 days ago
azzy the flood water hear in the Philippines is cooooooolllldddddd
Paulina Smal
Paulina Smal - 2 days ago
Dear anyone who happens to read this comment:you are an amazing person! 😊You can do anything and
be anything u put your mind to and work towards!💕
“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”
–Harold S. Kushner
Have a great day and spread the love😊❤️❤️💜💜
Flaming Tiger eye
Flaming Tiger eye - 2 days ago
I’m glad there are so many good people in the world
But the people that go pew pew bang bang are just bad
Tabatha Wagner
Tabatha Wagner - 2 days ago
A fox is a cat and a dog
Ferrarikillr 747
Ferrarikillr 747 - 2 days ago
Foxes are part of the dog family.🤯🤯🤯
Nina Ysabelle Alpuerto
Nina Ysabelle Alpuerto - 2 days ago
8:40 its so hot in the Philippines but sometimes its cold
Darkgarex Digital
Darkgarex Digital - 2 days ago
I live in thePhilippines and it is rare for us to have floods.
#RosaGirl36 ღ
#RosaGirl36 ღ - 2 days ago
My faith story:
So in year 2, my friends were absolutely horrible.
My cousin, who is more like a sister to me because she was kinda raised with me cheered me up by taking a rubber purse that was very squishy and made up funny stories about the purse, who she pretended was my ‘friends’ to cheer me up. Usually they ended up dying tho 😂
Sadly she moved to England.
Swirly Q
Swirly Q - 2 days ago
6:30 yes azzy the whole world is touching your ❤heart
Tigerkat 9
Tigerkat 9 - 2 days ago
I have a cat and a dog so a fox is the purrfect animal
Nestoria Delgado
Nestoria Delgado - 2 days ago
I live in fillipines and thats not me bot i wat to save dogs
Kitten Remi
Kitten Remi - 2 days ago
Same I LOVE CATS and dogs equal so a fox is the perfect pet for me
unicorn vomit unicorns Soriano
Im a filipino alot of people die here you incouraged me to give 100 pesos the least i can do
Twiisted Pringle
Twiisted Pringle - 3 days ago
9:40 STRAYAAAAAA 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺🤘🏻🇦🇺💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💚🇦🇺💛💚🇦🇺🇦🇺💛🇦🇺💛🇦🇺💚🇦🇺💚💛🤘🏻💛🤘🏻💛💚🤘🏻💚🤘🏻💚🤘🏻💛💛💚🇦🇺YEW💛💚🇦🇺💚💛
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