How I bought my Civic Type R replica for $5000

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Eli Herman
Eli Herman - Month ago
You should set the rev limiter to 9001 so you can say "ITS OVER 9000" when you redline
Frankie Garza
Frankie Garza - 5 days ago
Thats the dub its over 8000 in the original 😉
preludeF20Bking - 16 days ago
Bryce Czirr that’s funny and all until you see allmotor F20b running 10.9 with only 185 ft lbs. meanwhile v8s with 400 ft lbs are stuck running low 12s
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - 23 days ago
Eli Herman But the thing is it would bounce off the limit so actually it would be like 8400 rpm up to like 8900 so it should be 9200
RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} - 28 days ago
vegetta definitely would approve
Davon Mulder
Davon Mulder - 29 days ago
@• SrFuerteGaming • sorry man did the same can't tell you why😂
Carys Alman
Carys Alman - 2 hours ago
Ayee Virginia based? Whereabouts?
GeldySpec - 15 hours ago
Don't believe the ek9 welding myth
Eli Brasier
Eli Brasier - Day ago
Take a shot Everytime he says type r.
Pulusi .T
Pulusi .T - Day ago
Did he just say _"Moojin"_ ......??
Troll Profi
Troll Profi - Day ago
How the f_ck 10.000 or 20.000 for this crap or shitty integra?? Prelude is much better and worth 5000. S2k which is another world next to this overrated cars starts from 10k
FlamerzZz - Day ago made me missed my EK converted to EK9.....
Furness Prime
Furness Prime - Day ago
i hate loud exhaust
TRIPLE E - Day ago
What hatch back is this a ek model cause it has the v tech
Dk_0 - 3 hours ago
96-00 civic hatchbacks are all this bodystyle with the exception of the front end which changed from 96-98 to the 99-00. they usually came with a d16y7 single cam engine(non vtec) or a d16y8 single cam (vtec) the true type r only came with the b16b twin cam vtec engine if im correct, i could be wrong with some of this info but thats the bulk of it
Mujahed Hussain
Mujahed Hussain - 2 days ago
#Amazing 🤑
Mark P
Mark P - 2 days ago
interesting. if a civic type R is anything like the Integra type R, then all your build is missing now is, the factory reinforcements to the chassis.
Lil Spice
Lil Spice - 2 days ago
found a real integra type r for 15k lol who bought that shit for 60k lmao
Chrono Tip
Chrono Tip - 2 days ago
Fine youtube ill fucking watch it.. jesus
killercivic2001 - 3 days ago
Alright... I was gonna mention the extra welding spots, but you got it ^^
Have fun !
Psyox Sounds Studio
Psyox Sounds Studio - 3 days ago
everything has a price, even your life
Sean Smile
Sean Smile - 3 days ago
Car is amazing but please.. please. Clean the reservoirs..
Gamerplays360 - 3 days ago
Lmao you can get these for like 2000$
LaserDisc - 3 days ago
You forgot to change the wheel nuts from 4 to 5
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua - 4 days ago
It’s so cheap modifying cars in america
Chalks October
Chalks October - 4 days ago
You got lucky, from my experience and friends when you buy a car like that for cheap the previous owner plans on stealing it back.
ChryRian - 4 days ago
Neat build. You could have left some of the more subtle modifications on it, like the Mugen valve cover which looked the tits imo, but nice nonetheless.
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee - 4 days ago
What a beaut
DrizzyPNW - 4 days ago
What are the head lights called
Frankie Garza
Frankie Garza - 5 days ago
2k and an 08 TL? Pleeeease lol
Eddie'Z-Madnezz-Garage - 5 days ago
Now im even more inspired to build my EK im buying for $1500 bucks... all bone stock DX 96 Hatch
Eddie'Z-Madnezz-Garage - 3 days ago
Oh yea I have plans on a b18b or k swap no rice brother
SamTheCar - 3 days ago
Please, please, upgrade the engine, don't rice!
Edwin Olvera
Edwin Olvera - 5 days ago
this is your typical dude that drinks monster at every sunday cars and coffee
WeAreWatching Yu
WeAreWatching Yu - 5 days ago
Anyone can ask whatever price for what ever they are selling... Don't mean you are gonna get it. Resale value might be like $3500. I have never seen any type r sell for 60gs or even 10k. Lol not even full real shipped from Japan jdm cars. Maybe like 5-7k and that's a BIG MAYBE
WiCCED CALi - 5 days ago
What dumbass pays 5k for a CTR rep smh
Andrew colbourne
Andrew colbourne - 5 days ago
In Ireland 5000 dollars is mad we can get them for a good deal with only 50000 miles on the clock clean for under 1000 dollars I've even seen them for 350 dollars
Samuel Nicholson
Samuel Nicholson - 4 days ago
for an actual Type R?
Noise Control
Noise Control - 5 days ago
dont get rid of the read rear bracing and your lowercontrol arms thatwould be not smart they make your rear more nimble and less bodyroll just paint them silver
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua - 4 days ago
Bobby Devine
Bobby Devine - 5 days ago
am i the only one who saw the kyle can?
Morgan Hape
Morgan Hape - 5 days ago
I seen you in Nova Scotia!!, and I’m just watching the video now,
Hooch - 6 days ago
Wait, Jspec Richmond?
Chee_Ezy - 6 days ago
I need a John in my life 🙄
Nicholas Horta
Nicholas Horta - 6 days ago
Great build and amazing car respects 🤟 nice real nice 👍
Freeman miracle
Freeman miracle - 7 days ago
amazing work.
Ari gold
Ari gold - 7 days ago
props on the color choice.
Rui Dias
Rui Dias - 7 days ago
NSA - 8 days ago
He should've made it Yellow, Cause them black rims would go nicely with it. But still, Type R's with That White Is Beautiful.
ROBLOX RULES - 8 days ago
Are u a purist
corone2018 - 8 days ago
Yeh and the price will go up the longer you keep it in good condition 👌
Randy Huang
Randy Huang - 9 days ago
that paint job along would of been worth 4k without the help of a friend….
Z4KX101 - 9 days ago
They're about 5k in the UK
MichaelCoolGuy86 - 10 days ago
At the end of the video.... "...thank you for watching my For Sale Ad. I will now wait while my email floods with offers"
xxkillerflyxx 420
xxkillerflyxx 420 - 10 days ago
Legit taking of aftermarket parts to put shit stock ones on and why remove the air filter that was like 100 hp 🤣
Nemanja Draca
Nemanja Draca - 10 days ago
Yea he ain’t get that for 5 grand suck a fat one
Regg - 10 days ago
ShadowFox37 - 7 days ago
This video hasn't even been out for a month...
Cristian Rosales
Cristian Rosales - 8 days ago
No sir 😂
Finesse - 8 days ago
perfectly describes it...
Nan Ferio
Nan Ferio - 10 days ago
Wonderful bro.. Vtec ON 👍👍👍
Rodrick Wiggan
Rodrick Wiggan - 11 days ago
Looking great bro
mariopic - 11 days ago
basicly same thing i did to my old ek but made is silver type r traded it for an 02 wrx with 116k on it
Kojiwafu - 11 days ago
sidemirrors needs replacing
Lewis Sherlock
Lewis Sherlock - 13 days ago
Awesome stuff, my man! A car is worth so much more, personally, when you have done most of the hard work yourself.
Bootleg Si
Bootleg Si - 13 days ago
Where did you find the brake lines you buy? I can’t find them for my ek.
Moto Daddy
Moto Daddy - 13 days ago
@upbadge slutshaming
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith - 13 days ago
So question is when is it gonna make it out to a NASA event? I wanna see this thing rip vtec on track!
Ari Romain
Ari Romain - 13 days ago
Love the ek
RobMon - 13 days ago
Old wheels were better
Blake_tomo - 13 days ago
FINE YOUTUBE im finally watching it relax
T SERIES SUCKS - 13 days ago
Sike, told ya! It's not a type R. Well, not really..
Jwrecka - 13 days ago
Nice rebuild etc but DON'T call it a type R, it's not a type R's asshole. No disrespect to your car or build but just make it a nice tidy Civic that looks like a Type R, don't put the badging and everything on it. That's like putting M badges on a BMW trying to call it an M3 it's just embarrassing.
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