How Do Habits REALLY Work? (THE TRUTH)

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Huh never thought of it like that.
hamid Gh
hamid Gh - 11 days ago
so the thing that actually causes the habit is its reward. thats what makes it needed and trying to leave it causes brain's resistance
Stariah Somerville
Stariah Somerville - 13 days ago
My habit is shutting people down when they talk about their feelings, or their opinion. I didn't realise I did it until my partner pointed it out. I'm hoping that this helps
Lea M
Lea M - 23 days ago
i got many bad habits , its gonna be a lots of work
Pinky Jain
Pinky Jain - 27 days ago
Osm was really in need of it
The positive replacement ideas really works
Caitlin Cheung
Caitlin Cheung - Month ago
tysm :)
Mr Any1
Mr Any1 - Month ago
Thank you so much for this treasure ..
Md Mohtasim
Md Mohtasim - Month ago
When ever i dont feel like doing something i dont do it this is the habit loop that i created, and the reward will be for comfort. what could be the replacement.any help would be appreciated
Md Mohtasim
Md Mohtasim - Month ago
What about over sleeping habits like oveeeeeer sleeping.please reply
Miniro Sensei
Miniro Sensei - 2 months ago
How to replace fapping to porn:
Go pee (or poop if needed) and watch one of those oddly satisfying videos on Youtube or some meme compilation

How to replace Alcoholism (never tried it so I'm not sure) :
EAT DELICIOUS FOOD. be sure to lose the weight after

How to replace staying up late at night:
Eat a snack. take a shower or bath after and Hug your bed like It's the greatest feeling you ever got in your life

How to incorporate the habit of Training or Studying in your life (or anything):
Get someone to influence you and then Hangout with them while Training or studying. Otherwise get interested in it yourself and find a friendly Rival.
Lil S
Lil S - 2 months ago
The thing is... I don't know what bad habit I could change because... for example, when I'm on my phone, it's because my close friends, boyfriend or family are talking to me. And when I watch informational videos on YouTube I do it because I have time... but sometimes, when I binge watch a series I feel like I'm doing it to avoid responsibilities... And I'm conflicted about this, because I want to find something I can replace with working out a little bit... I don't eat a lot, or badly and I honestly don't really know how to do these things. I guess having a schedule was useful at some point, the thing is, I don't want to stress myself out with it either...

Does anyone have any ideas?
benmoussa youcef
benmoussa youcef - 2 months ago
the best page that i have seen in my entire life.
PortableXombie - 3 months ago
I was listening to this while doing the dishes. I had the window open. My neighbors now probably think I have a porn addiction. Great video though! Thank you for this series. I am working my way through it
Ali Zakaria
Ali Zakaria - 3 months ago
Awesome bro thank you
Ethan Perry
Ethan Perry - 3 months ago
I think I’m addicted to YouTube videos
Bout Bout
Bout Bout - 3 months ago
Amazing channel..thanx a lot🌸🌸💃
Deagal_Remyr - 3 months ago
Thank you.
Justin Engelby
Justin Engelby - 4 months ago
Que + Routine = Reward
Rishabh Gupta
Rishabh Gupta - 4 months ago
Brain sounds like Erik Cartman.
Bull Jordan LLC
Bull Jordan LLC - 4 months ago
love the fact that this guy can talk about everything openly. pretty impressive actually.
Pbnj11 Decor
Pbnj11 Decor - 4 months ago
I feel like my fiends are better than me in every way.. looks, smarts, talents.. I’m 10. I can’t work, I can’t get money for pretty clothes, shoes or room stuff.. I’m ashamed off my family.. but hopefully this course will help me stop thinking this trash.
Wyatt Bradshaw
Wyatt Bradshaw - 6 months ago
I should turn to jokes
boilingleech8 - 6 months ago
Im not losing this time
MBA - 6 months ago
I dont know what my rewards are. I don’t enjoy myself after masturbation so I’m lost
Dmytro Kachkovskyi
Dmytro Kachkovskyi - 6 months ago
Guys i have a problem . I can't wake up from first time. I always continue my alarm . This problem is bother me for a year. When i wake up first time , i just really want nothin , just continue snoozing.
Ally Pelayo
Ally Pelayo - 6 months ago
My brain feels attacked
Kevin Paredes
Kevin Paredes - 7 months ago
I need this video in spanish f*ck....
The Boiz
The Boiz - 7 months ago
Honestly your an amazing person thank you for all the great information that you give for free I truly do feel you and people like you make the world a better place
Soheila Azadi
Soheila Azadi - 9 months ago
Wow amazing lessons, I can't wait to see the rest of it
imran zakir
imran zakir - 9 months ago
Great video
MightyFrostDragon - 9 months ago
So if i am telling my brain what it should do, Who am i? What is ordering my brain around? O.o
The wealth of Athena
The wealth of Athena - 10 months ago
Your videos are best
The wealth of Athena
The wealth of Athena - 10 months ago
Thanks alot
mike - 10 months ago
This changed my life! I could never stay sober, if i managed a day it truly felt like an accomplishment. coming up to 6 months now. Not a drop.
I have never bought in to help groups and I have always laughed at people like Improvement pill, how wrong I was. I'm a different happier more focused person now, Thank you.
Johnny Miramontes
Johnny Miramontes - 10 months ago
Is porn addiction that serious that it's mentioned 70 times in here haha great video otherwise
Avish Amin
Avish Amin - 11 months ago
How to replace the routine of masturbation habit??.
Avish Amin
Avish Amin - 11 months ago
how you have replaced your routine of porn habit??Tell me...
Cheong Jia Hui
Cheong Jia Hui - 11 months ago
Okay. I'm going to write down all the cues, routine & rewards for my habitssss.
Godly Holistic
Godly Holistic - 11 months ago
is that how my brain sounds?
Professor Maven
Professor Maven - 11 months ago
I've been taking cold showers for more than 1 year now. I don't know how long it takes to create a habit, but to me, It took a pretty long time for it to be 100% effortless.
Alyssa Travis
Alyssa Travis - Year ago
I’m addicted to making bad decisions
Krista Noelle Barril
I’m breaking the habit of using animals byproducts by making compassionate choices and decisions. Putting that out then to help make it stick 😬
ballooney jr
ballooney jr - Year ago
what is the cue for eating?
Fj Perez
Fj Perez - Year ago
can youstop saying porn i put thi videos while im taking a shower and the neighbors already know that im a porn addict : (
arun panickar
arun panickar - Year ago
Amazing 🍀
Jorge Luis Didoné
Jorge Luis Didoné - Year ago
Subtitles in spanish, please
fawaaz hendricks
fawaaz hendricks - Year ago
Why the brain sound like Donald Trump though lmaoo
Ray Waller II
Ray Waller II - Year ago
Thank you for these helpful videos
Nihad Mohammed
Nihad Mohammed - Year ago
Read The Power of Habit, fantastic book!
Ayub Khan
Ayub Khan - Year ago
Only i sea wow.
Gene Cubitt
Gene Cubitt - Year ago
im wondering if we have to completely leave our addictions? as in video games, im addicted and suffer the negative consequences, but is it possible to play from time to time and enjoy the benefits without suffering from the neggative aspects of addiction? and if we fear our addictions so much that we dare not even go near them, do not still have power/controll over us?
would love any oppinions or information about this if anyone knows anything would be much appreciated!
Gene Cubitt
Gene Cubitt - Year ago
just started the course - wish me luck! also if theres anyone elso whose just starting out, maybe we could share our experiences/offer support. like they have that support network in AA. hit me up!
ThatMagnetMan - Year ago
We are what we do repeatedly therefore greatness isn't an act but a habit ~Some Wise Old Guy
Thokchom Alen
Thokchom Alen - Year ago
Kindly make a video on how to wake up early.
Jan Dude
Jan Dude - Year ago
I love porn man
emDawg - Year ago
Are there any other binge eaters here? I binge eat and I hope this can actually help because I don’t actually know what triggers my binging. It’s hard to note a cue but it got me thinking that when I do this, I’m not conscious until halfway starting. This would still apply the same way correct? Even if it’s a habit that strikes every other day?
Hüseyin Bulut
Hüseyin Bulut - Year ago
What I learned from this video is your brain is a junkie.
Mayen - Year ago
Hahahaha, why does the brain have to sound like a stuffy old little person? That made me laugh, thanks.
Rohit Tota
Rohit Tota - Year ago
This...this makes a lot of sense.
Naveen Raj
Naveen Raj - Year ago
How Do Rabbits REALLY Work?
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