fortnite added the YEET PISTOL

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LazarBeam - Month ago
Donna Garland
Donna Garland - 5 days ago
When you crouch as shoot it doesn't knock you back
Jack Marriott
Jack Marriott - 9 days ago
YEET 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Ozay Ar
Ozay Ar - 23 days ago
Streamer btw
Hoppel 1235
Hoppel 1235 - 29 days ago
We need 10 mill
Evan Noh
Evan Noh - 29 days ago
So close to 10 k likes
theawesomedevil - Hour ago
Do you want to play together fresh
theawesomedevil - Hour ago
Hi do you want to play Fortnite together
Curtis Ostendorf
Curtis Ostendorf - 2 hours ago
Crouch to escape being knocked back
paul mezger
paul mezger - 3 hours ago
Matthew Ritz
Matthew Ritz - 7 hours ago
Classic Lazar getting carried by fresh
Joel DeVries
Joel DeVries - 12 hours ago
anybody else notice the apple in the air at 8:15?
kiki Chan YT
kiki Chan YT - 12 hours ago
Anyone notice the floating apple?
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - 13 hours ago
Darragh Walsh
Darragh Walsh - Day ago
8:17. Is that an apple in mid air?🤔🤷‍♂️
Preston Scheibel
Preston Scheibel - Day ago
Battle starts. Cue intensifying music!
Michele - Day ago
You yeeted on that guy that was insane
Michele - Day ago
You t
The MOBILE Gamer
The MOBILE Gamer - Day ago
Tran Phuong Anh
Tran Phuong Anh - Day ago
1like=100$ for lazarbeam
Tran Phuong Anh
Tran Phuong Anh - Day ago
apple king
apple king - Day ago
,lazar beam stop putting so many ××××ing ads *****
Niramol Chalodhorn
Niramol Chalodhorn - 2 days ago
U can crouch to stop the knock back
Hawk RC
Hawk RC - 2 days ago
D13NO - 2 days ago
8:16 there's a flying tomato
Callum Moss
Callum Moss - 2 days ago
If you crouch it won't launch you
Power of the Gomes
Power of the Gomes - 2 days ago
LAZARBEAM its actually 69 well you are a dropout
ZKorpion09 - 2 days ago
Whatever lazarbeam wants fresh gives.
Kingcainy Extreme
Kingcainy Extreme - 2 days ago
Very nice
Ian Blakeman
Ian Blakeman - 2 days ago
kacy heer
kacy heer - 3 days ago
R.I.P loot lake
lingonpotatis 872
lingonpotatis 872 - 3 days ago
Extreme Bass Boost
Extreme Bass Boost - 3 days ago
Today is update day😃 [legendary infitary rifle]
Adael Torres
Adael Torres - 3 days ago
I got an add
Len Dabney
Len Dabney - 3 days ago
Nice Thumbnail
The Experienced Gamer
The Experienced Gamer - 3 days ago
U need to crouch and then shoot in order not to fly away
michaelangaloe - 3 days ago
Nek minet
lilpetes TV !!!
lilpetes TV !!! - 3 days ago
My mate killed fresh 😂
Damian Montes
Damian Montes - 4 days ago
Why does fresh call lazar Lachlan
Liam’s Lair
Liam’s Lair - 4 days ago
*Lazarbeam Is A Bloody Legend And The Yeet Boi*
Pdi Cargo
Pdi Cargo - 4 days ago
YEET grenades
solen 1
solen 1 - 4 days ago
I can never keep track of your code. I had Lazar in there for 2 weeks??? Is that wrong currently
Alessio D Alessandro
Alessio D Alessandro - 4 days ago
Play battlands
M4tTy 1523
M4tTy 1523 - 4 days ago
Sean Peck18
Sean Peck18 - 4 days ago
If you were a gun what gun should you be I’d be a semi auto aliens blaster
QWSD VFR4 - 4 days ago
If u crouch and shoot u don’t knock back
Geoff Spratling
Geoff Spratling - 4 days ago
Did anyone see the apple at 8:18
The Game Vault
The Game Vault - 4 days ago
As long as you know how to use it right the flint lock pistol in fortnite pretty much acts as a weaker 2nd half to the double pump. Just think about it, the most damage it can do is 76 while the shotguns deal a base of 110 but deals twice as much when striking a headshot. So if you're holding onto a weaker shotgun and you encounter someone, use the flintlock right after firing your shotgun and there you go double pump revived.
Darren The Potato
Darren The Potato - 4 days ago
Rip there were minors and he took the bigs
Alex Evans
Alex Evans - 5 days ago
BTW GAMING - 5 days ago
Did anyone else actually notice how fresh killed someone who’s name also starts with RNG
Quotable Gaming
Quotable Gaming - 5 days ago
He was launched back by the pistol, into the storm and he trapped himself because he didn't want you to get the kill...
Quotable Gaming
Quotable Gaming - 5 days ago
Johanzen Mora
Johanzen Mora - 5 days ago
I plundered that chick so hard wtf
Angel Gaming
Angel Gaming - 5 days ago
Crouch for no backfire
ShAdow - 5 days ago
Lol if you crouch it doesn’t nock you back
Kot Lee
Kot Lee - 6 days ago
Fortnite is bulshit
Harris Family
Harris Family - 6 days ago
8:16 how is there a floating apple under the N.W part of the compise
Benjamin Wages
Benjamin Wages - 6 days ago
Crouching cancels the launch from the gun
liz Ortiz
liz Ortiz - 7 days ago
Von Jensen
Von Jensen - 7 days ago
Yeee t
Jamie Kitchen
Jamie Kitchen - 7 days ago
If you crouch when you shoot it won’t throw you back
Randy Wolfe
Randy Wolfe - 7 days ago
Lazarbeam's hair is so messy lol
Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler - 7 days ago
That's so funny!!
Benjamin Federle
Benjamin Federle - 8 days ago
I love update day
Allanah Christensen
Allanah Christensen - 8 days ago
My two favorite youtubers combined and YEEY YEET YEET
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson - 8 days ago
Kuskids Adventures
Kuskids Adventures - 8 days ago
Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet yeet
XXXNatebro_65YTXXX - 8 days ago
Fresh probeably hates you because you have to play with him so you get carried
XXXNatebro_65YTXXX - 8 days ago
He said i plundered that girl and im like haha that was one funny joke lol
Fun With Phill
Fun With Phill - 9 days ago
Bruh if you crouch and shoot u wont get knocked back
Kelly Mason
Kelly Mason - 9 days ago
may i see you in feal life
Miran 2010
Miran 2010 - 9 days ago
Ismail Lewis
Ismail Lewis - 9 days ago
Day before this it was me bday
The S Twins
The S Twins - 9 days ago
8:15 there is a floating apple
Harrison Ross
Harrison Ross - 10 days ago
I like the way you edit out all of the times you get knocked
Gangster Lucas Awesome Vlogs
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Lazerbeam: Like
Ninja: Comment
siaron marshall
siaron marshall - 10 days ago
8:15 floating apple
Xe 2z
Xe 2z - 10 days ago
I love this gun in save the world
Rebecca Abbott
Rebecca Abbott - 11 days ago
G fix s 5th
iiSxpremezz - Roblox & More
I like the gun, most the time I get 1 shots
Kano The Volcano
Kano The Volcano - 11 days ago
Lazerbeam when you fell by fresh you lost 69 hp 😅
Lizzie Playz
Lizzie Playz - 12 days ago
OHHHHHHHHH I’M INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
暁Ichimatsu暁 - 12 days ago
*haha lazar just killed a kid in one of my discord servers that pissed members off at **5:52*
GAMER FROST - 12 days ago
i tried the pistol its cool i got 5 kills with the pistol but total kills 12
Crimson_Koebe - 13 days ago
If you crouch when you shoot the flintknock pistol you don’t get launched back
Philip Pearce
Philip Pearce - 13 days ago
Chris Hickman
Chris Hickman - 13 days ago
Gold Version
Gold Version - 13 days ago
Here with uncle Lenny
I couldn't figure out A clever name so its this
YEET your way into my discord
Anna Lilja Gunnarsdottir
Anna Lilja Gunnarsdottir - 14 days ago
Best ga
Asgard Playz
Asgard Playz - 14 days ago
Katherine Hole
Katherine Hole - 15 days ago
ArtinFortnite Gamer
ArtinFortnite Gamer - 15 days ago
Fuck boi
Dankboi 555
Dankboi 555 - 15 days ago
Dankboi 555
Dankboi 555 - 15 days ago
That's a yeet circle for you
super Hasib0001
super Hasib0001 - 15 days ago
Ur the best love u
Meme Slayer
Meme Slayer - 15 days ago
The gun is complete dodo
• Prince Zomboツ •
• Prince Zomboツ • - 15 days ago
It's actually really good
ChoccoMilkyBoi - 16 days ago
If you crouch you don’t get knocked
Kladlax _
Kladlax _ - 16 days ago
I’m watching YEETBEAM
Nakshatra Londhe
Nakshatra Londhe - 16 days ago
Car racing
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson - 17 days ago
Add BareFootTea2591
Gabriel - 17 days ago
I kill someone with that gun, and I’m a bot
:person I kill

Weaker Links
Weaker Links - 17 days ago
If you aim it stops the recoil
Mossab Mashra
Mossab Mashra - 15 days ago
+Weaker Links I'm not being toxic I'm just stating a fact...
Weaker Links
Weaker Links - 15 days ago
Why you bein toxic
Mossab Mashra
Mossab Mashra - 15 days ago
its not both if you aim u still get recoil try it in creative+Weaker Links
Weaker Links
Weaker Links - 15 days ago
It’s both
Mossab Mashra
Mossab Mashra - 17 days ago
its if you crouch
Adam Davis
Adam Davis - 17 days ago
Road to one Mil!
Jackson Young
Jackson Young - 17 days ago
Neck minute
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