Meduza, Becky Hill, Goodboys - Lose Control (Lyric Video)

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sakel sakel
sakel sakel - 52 minutes ago
estas musicas me fazem voar para o espaço
9⃣9⃣ - 2 hours ago
Luana Rodrigues
Luana Rodrigues - 4 hours ago
Top 👊🎶
jean04100 - 5 hours ago
j'adooooore, en boite ça passe super cette musique
Mozeus Meister
Mozeus Meister - 7 hours ago
o' boi, this track is pumpin'
Tati Tati
Tati Tati - 9 hours ago
I love you this Song. My soul
knight - 18 hours ago
Justin Bieber younger? Same voice
Harry the Musican
Harry the Musican - Day ago
very nice melody real good sound!!!!
женя котляр
Diones Facco
Diones Facco - Day ago
Amo ♥
Giampaolo - Day ago
From Italy 👍
João França
João França - Day ago
Vim pela música do Mc Pedrinho, quem mais ?
IronmanMk58 HD
IronmanMk58 HD - Day ago
Dezember 2019 ?
Bryete Valiant
Bryete Valiant - Day ago
Nice song and sound!
Ana Lorena Zapata
Ana Lorena Zapata - Day ago
Me encanta que uses el mismo ritmo para tus canciones ;3
Carina Jorge
Carina Jorge - Day ago
vai yes hou the you
Sarah Mohammad
Sarah Mohammad - Day ago
When I heard the first seconds I thought it was "Piece of your heart"
Good song btw 😂❤👍
Russian Most Wanted
Russian Most Wanted - 2 days ago
Piece of your heart: Da, da, da
Lose Control: Ah, ah, ah
Da + Ah = Duh.
john bayern
john bayern - 2 days ago
Tudo Sobre o Instagram
Tudo Sobre o Instagram - 2 days ago
Keleskoo - 2 days ago
Matheus Macedo
Matheus Macedo - 2 days ago
Exemplo de identidade musical
Dxxxlxx y
Dxxxlxx y - 2 days ago
am I the only one who thinks it sounds like Justin Bieber? 0:35
AvasDemon - 2 days ago
Элджей & Кравц — Дисконнект
И вы поймёте что эти песни одно целое)
игорь нескородов
@AvasDemon, это был не сарказм. Я очень удивлён.
AvasDemon - 2 days ago
@игорь нескородов это плохо?
игорь нескородов
Ещё один русский комментарий👍👏.
Rk. Kn
Rk. Kn - 2 days ago
The perfect song
Casey Kiss
Casey Kiss - 2 days ago
Nicolas Quipildor
Nicolas Quipildor - 2 days ago
Lose control is really really amazing.!! I can't stop to listen to it.!! Grettings from Argentina.! Y aguante el EDM.!!!
jan tuber454
jan tuber454 - 2 days ago
What music
jan tuber454
jan tuber454 - 2 days ago
jan tuber454
jan tuber454 - 2 days ago
Epicka muzyka!!!!
Eimantas Rutkauskas
Eimantas Rutkauskas - 3 days ago
Can I click Like on video multiple times if I buy premium Youtube account ?
Mason Wells
Mason Wells - 3 days ago
When I loose con
Bruno Plūksna
Bruno Plūksna - 3 days ago
This song is lit, like if you rape repeat.
Xander Beckham
Xander Beckham - 3 days ago
| • ZA&BALI • |

MateiEGay - 3 days ago
Man.. this song and “piece of your heart “ make me really sad 😞 🥺😢 idk y😂🥺
Stat2k - 3 days ago
It's like a part 2 of Piece Of Your Heart
Julia - 3 days ago
Sounds like justing bieber when younger
DIARA MUÑOZ - 3 days ago
Me encantó gracias a elrubius OMG
Zainc - 3 days ago

*On the screen*
Foggy - 3 days ago
This song brings me to somewhere else, love the dry vocals before the drop
Dorly Kehl
Dorly Kehl - 3 days ago
Meduza e Goodboys , tem uma sintonia muito boa para fazer musica !
Unfamiliar s
Unfamiliar s - 3 days ago
The performance at Printworks last night for Afterlife was insane. The sound system playing this was beyond amazing, sounded like a genuine orchestra. The levels of this song was mind blowing
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