Killing Twitch Streamers Then Donating #2 - Fortnite Battle Royale

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darragh36 - Month ago
1 thing
2 say
3 words
4 you

Use code plu
Boi gamer
Boi gamer - 8 days ago
Rocko Slotho shrimp
FN Venom
FN Venom - 23 days ago
Fuck your self, you copied me, that’s what I say in all my favor tire you tubers who have creator codes videos. Go die in a fucking whole bitch
nob0dy 899
nob0dy 899 - 24 days ago
+Antonio Cfilho Real memester
v r o s k i
v r o s k i - 24 days ago
darragh36 CRRRINGEEE
twitch- Pvlor
twitch- Pvlor - 2 days ago
She has her tits out 🤣🤣🤣
Jean Carballo
Jean Carballo - 2 days ago
Music Master
Music Master - 2 days ago
This is what it takes to get vbucks -get kill by a famous person, dang I want to get kill by a famous person for $100 dang man.
TriggerFinger04 - 2 days ago
5:45 im dead 😂
yours truly
yours truly - 3 days ago
“she has her tits out this is good “ 😂😂😂
Charlie Lark
Charlie Lark - 3 days ago
Faze 10 mil subscribers
Parrallel 55 thousand subs
I mean like wtf underrated plu
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin - 3 days ago
TD Neon
TD Neon - 4 days ago
let me activate my ttv mode
Ancient TK0
Ancient TK0 - 4 days ago
I bet plus want like this
Ancient TK0
Ancient TK0 - 4 days ago
That reaction tho 1:55
Ancient TK0
Ancient TK0 - 4 days ago
Yo I like the killing streamers videos you should do a part 3
Rālk Spams RT
Rālk Spams RT - 5 days ago
Lol why do ppl think that plu’s name is plu 2 when the l l means he’s in parallel lol
LPS SUNSET harly - 6 days ago
Chill out dawg
bobcat 1224
bobcat 1224 - 7 days ago
Hi plu
Chungus ツツ Big
Chungus ツツ Big - 8 days ago
ll= parallel aka. Pair of L’s
Bigman Fill
Bigman Fill - 8 days ago
You and spencer are so good I can not imagine if your better than Tfue and ninja
I. Am. Riolu
I. Am. Riolu - 9 days ago
Fuck off you have 375k subs this kid 100% doesn’t know who u are. You bitch
VivexTV - 10 days ago
Can’t wait till I get big I can’t wait too do this !
iced rays
iced rays - 10 days ago
Sub to me plz
Back Stabber
Back Stabber - 11 days ago
Does anybody else think plu is low key sweet
BIGTNTBOOM - 11 days ago
Hey wondering if anyone could check out a few of my videos and put feedback in the comments as I'm only getting 10-20 views but the clips I get are decent.😃 Thanks
Ckalp mm
Ckalp mm - 11 days ago
Am I tripping or did spencer day “she has her tits out”
Blake Playz
Blake Playz - 11 days ago
When he goes oh my gosh it’s plu two I love him I look up to him... Boi do you his name is plu parallel
Candy - 12 days ago
“plu 2”
FAHD ALSIHAN - 12 days ago
الي عربي لايك🙂.
EMans Life
EMans Life - 12 days ago
“She has her tits out” haha I needed to hear that again, 😂 😂
AG Beast
AG Beast - 12 days ago
she has her titts out
Airforce Clan
Airforce Clan - 13 days ago
1:55 is that a monkey
Fredi Ornela
Fredi Ornela - 13 days ago
Riley Slonaker
Riley Slonaker - 13 days ago
Azar - 13 days ago
To think you gained this much recognition in such a short time. I remember the dare days
Joedebo22 - 13 days ago
"she has her tits out this is good"
4 MrMK345
4 MrMK345 - 13 days ago
Damn hella dick sucking with the first kid
z10 K1LLA
z10 K1LLA - 13 days ago
Hey uh... ply wanna kill me??
Chronic Mario
Chronic Mario - 13 days ago
has 12 kills and killed this dude

He’s honestly not that good
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - 14 days ago
that boy really said she has her tits out fuck this game im crying
Jeff Jeffrwy
Jeff Jeffrwy - 15 days ago
Facecam :tits out xD
Mudvillemade Cj
Mudvillemade Cj - 16 days ago
Spencer “she has her tits out”😭😭😭
TBG FiReLiNe - 16 days ago
5:18 she my friends friend
Haider sweats hard BTW
Haider sweats hard BTW - 16 days ago
Hy plu 2
Lol jk
Zorbs - 16 days ago
Spencer “This is good she has face cam with her tits out” XD
Landen Maupin
Landen Maupin - 16 days ago
5:47 tf Spencer’s she’s got her tits out and everything
Landen Maupin
Landen Maupin - 16 days ago
Calls plu a bot but eats a shotgun barrel
RelapseZ - 17 days ago
Damn I remember the old cod remasters days when you managed “Nava” and we used to chill on PS4
Impala_ sypex
Impala_ sypex - 17 days ago
4:00 omg I died of laughter there omg lol 😂
Mistijk - 17 days ago
Who heard bitch @ 7:09 lmao
Stray II
Stray II - 17 days ago
5:47 Spencer’s mind “Wow this is great for content”
Stray II
Stray II - 17 days ago
If I ever got in a game or played with plu I would be scream “MOM GET THE CAMERA GET THE CAMERA
Jeffrey Lagos
Jeffrey Lagos - 17 days ago
2:20 yo plu I think that nigga’s in love with you tell your gf is she dump got options
ItsPillowb - 17 days ago
5:47 “she has her tits out”
Rflct_Epic - 18 days ago
4:03 😂
Jinx YT
Jinx YT - 18 days ago
It’s not plu 2 it’s plu with two parallel lines for his team parallel
ExxExxExx - 18 days ago
I swear Plu loves his capes.
Rekt Gtr
Rekt Gtr - 18 days ago
WizzMe2 - 18 days ago
Ian Grace
Ian Grace - 19 days ago
“face cam she has her tits out this is good”
RedHoodPlayz - 19 days ago
8:28 he phased through my build

Me: boi
M Chipz
M Chipz - 3 days ago
Lol I know he didn’t even build a ramp
Twintorches2_0 - 13 days ago
Lmao I rewinds it I was like hold up what did he say!😂
Sneekz 7
Sneekz 7 - 20 days ago
I don’t think he‘s that good, yaiks
ツJelloz - 20 days ago
"She has a face cam her tits are out yea this is good" 😂😂😂😂
Kdubbsavaqe LK
Kdubbsavaqe LK - 20 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I use code plus and u should too
lewd ѕaмa
lewd ѕaмa - 21 day ago

*does plu use aimbot?*
LukeOG - 21 day ago
Who came in chat to talk about the first reaction
FBP_mo1dcu1 - 21 day ago
*StReAm SnIpInG*
doorbell ringer1
doorbell ringer1 - 21 day ago
Hunter Korczykowski
Hunter Korczykowski - 21 day ago
Dang, you love capes!
matthewthegamer976 - 21 day ago
Why do they hate on people when they find good loot?
Itdo Whiplash Crowder
Itdo Whiplash Crowder - 21 day ago
When u kill a Ttv let’s gooo
ExoticSavxge - 21 day ago
so no ones gonna talk about the clip 9:42
Finnese SZN
Finnese SZN - 21 day ago
You made a whole video of about how your names isn’t plu 2 the lines are parallel and people still call you plu 2😂
6ix9ine Garrett
6ix9ine Garrett - 11 days ago
Psychos,alt -
Psychos,alt - - 22 days ago
Why do girl streamers show their tits like cmon
Havoc - 22 days ago
The first one is funny
Kristoffer Nielsen 4
Kristoffer Nielsen 4 - 22 days ago
Go plu
Its Swifty
Its Swifty - 22 days ago
It’s a chimpanzee
Hi I’m Mexx
Hi I’m Mexx - 22 days ago
Bro let me try out for plu trust me I’m insane
Sensei E.K.H
Sensei E.K.H - 22 days ago
Lmao "She Has Her Tits OUT"
MEMES R MY LIFE BISH - 22 days ago
what was that pickaxe at 9:00?
Todd Wilkowski
Todd Wilkowski - 22 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue u r a fake fan unless u use code PLU
IMPULSE DrsYt - 22 days ago
FittenG Yt
FittenG Yt - 22 days ago
You fazed though my floor woooooobwat how 8:26
XPK_ISO_GOD-YT - 22 days ago
TT RAIN TT - 22 days ago
Spencer goes she has her tits out 😂😂
Xtreme_ madnessYT
Xtreme_ madnessYT - 23 days ago
Everyone use code plu I get double v bucks
GoPro Today
GoPro Today - 23 days ago
It's Pluuuu!!! It's Pluuuu!
Oh really? Never heard of him, srry
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha - 23 days ago
you’re the least toxic player in parallel
Hxriis - 23 days ago
He is the legend of fortnite
xMeeps_ - 23 days ago
Damn. Crazy that Sane Plu was a thing. glad to see how far you came!
Guthrie Wilson
Guthrie Wilson - 23 days ago
That girl u killed that's a f*CKING GUY
AiG1992 - 23 days ago
What headhunter skin is that at 4:48 ?
White pants.
ErikzTurtle - 23 days ago
Dang! PLU is the GOAT 🐐
Fornite God
Fornite God - 23 days ago
Here from 20k :)
ToXiC EditZz
ToXiC EditZz - 23 days ago
When he gets killed “man this kid isnt even good after he sees plu’s name “omfg its plu holy sh!t he so good i look up to him” bro just be real clout chasing ahh boi
worst956 - 23 days ago
You make me want to have ttv in mybname
VDS_impervious - 23 days ago
this man plu is funny af 4:03
Jake Mertoboom24
Jake Mertoboom24 - 24 days ago
10:42 tfue scrims be like
Sihi Gassama
Sihi Gassama - 24 days ago
I use your code brother
Sihi Gassama
Sihi Gassama - 24 days ago
Ya a hoo
SaV Sear
SaV Sear - 24 days ago
Plu code activated 🤠🤠
goodbrossmx - 24 days ago
Im An UnDeRaTeD CoNsLe PlAyEr GrInDiNg tO cHroNic
Im gOatED

cant tell im mocking them
Jake Carr
Jake Carr - 24 days ago
Out of wisdom I have something to say to you
Use code plu
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