Carla Makes Meatball Subs | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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elzaq - 49 minutes ago
Probably the most comfy cooking show
Diego Castro
Diego Castro - 10 hours ago
david eastman
david eastman - Day ago
Ur grandma would eat the best parts and no one would ever know, then come out and let ppl take what they thought was the best, while she ate scraps
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - Day ago
Oooh it looks so beautiful with the green pesto on the white mozzarella.
Jacob - Day ago
My favorite Carlaisms are "squozen" and "oogy".
Marv D'Souza
Marv D'Souza - Day ago
So happy for the little guy who got to join the party at 5:51
Liza Jane
Liza Jane - 2 days ago
Who makes that White Cast Iron Pot you are using?
joseph kirby
joseph kirby - 2 days ago
Brandon Durepo
Brandon Durepo - 4 days ago
So hungry 😭
yo Clark
yo Clark - 4 days ago
Carla! have you ever watched "Italian grandma makes tomato sauce" and her other videos? She's one of those who feeds everyone then eats in the kitchen. She's a doll!
Everything.Digital - 7 days ago
Also, why does everyone drink water from huge beakers here? I must have missed that episode where they explain it. They reference it a lot and you can see CM swigging in the background at 7:32 but... why?
Everything.Digital - 7 days ago
Has Chris got a book and is it called Chris Morroco: Super Taster and if not why not?
Maria Smythe
Maria Smythe - 8 days ago
"They'll never know how much I ate because no one else was here."
I felt that deep in my soul Carla.
Sabrina Garcia
Sabrina Garcia - 9 days ago
she got tyler tomatoes
Tarif Rahman
Tarif Rahman - 10 days ago
Just thought about it, and with so many of those guys cooking in the test kitchen everyday, it makes me wonder how the test kitchen would smell. Magnificent? Strange? A mix of both maybe?
Fenrir 6 Gaming
Fenrir 6 Gaming - 11 days ago
This show never fails to make me hungry.
Sam Christensen
Sam Christensen - 12 days ago
Can we get a video of Chris getting scientifically tested for super taster traits? More than the Wellington?
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell - 12 days ago
Do Americans just like their food incredibly salty or something?
xiu smiles
xiu smiles - 14 days ago
omgg the buns. not again haahha
xiu smiles
xiu smiles - 14 days ago
"You can get someone to do it for you, I highly recommend it" lmfaooo
Evita - 16 days ago
"Just to get something going in the pan to get it going. We're good to go."
civilizeddiva - 17 days ago
Got a new oven and decided to make mini lobster tails[Costco]. Actually READ the oven manual [cause, we ARE talking lobster tails], and the manual said to leave the oven door ajar while broiling. Lobster tails turned out nicely.
Laretta Johnson
Laretta Johnson - 20 days ago
I absolutely love Carla
Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey - 20 days ago
Oooh it looks so beautiful with the green pesto on the white mozzarella.
Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey - 20 days ago
Carla is the type of person you want for a best friend. She's funny, full of good advice, and a great cook.
TheTsubaKun - 20 days ago
In the face of Carla, all other women are nothing to me.
Joshua Pearson
Joshua Pearson - 20 days ago
@ 2:30
Yo I saw that Ms. Meyers soap, that stuff is the best!
Rachel Ann
Rachel Ann - 21 day ago
It's not a pesto though? Because it doesn't have toasted nuts.
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - 21 day ago
No pine nuts and parmesan, sorry Carla definitely not a pesto
Jeanette Jacobs
Jeanette Jacobs - 21 day ago
7:32 is Chris drinking from a measuring jug? I know theyve said before it's a ba kitchen thing
Baby, DoYouLikeChimbo ?
Baby, DoYouLikeChimbo ? - 22 days ago
Carla is the best, those buns must be the tastiest for sure, even a little charred
Maria Callous
Maria Callous - 22 days ago
ok, celery and not fennel...fennel would overwhelm EVERYTHING
QueenMaxine - 23 days ago
I really love watching Carla’s BA’s Best
Francisco Baraglia
Francisco Baraglia - 23 days ago
Gucci interrupted Carla in the middle of a sentence. That was rude, YouTube
denicekimberly - 23 days ago
As it turns out, pesto is any kinda smacked around bunch of ingredients, so...
Russell Davis
Russell Davis - 24 days ago
Carla you are perfect and I love you
James James
James James - 24 days ago
Actually the green sauce you made is actually called Pistou :) Your meatballs look amazing, by chance do you have a video to acutally make the spicy sausage? I live in Germany and "spicy" is so not a thing here xD
Tori Rosee
Tori Rosee - 25 days ago
I’m I the only one who loved that close up on the ring. Classic and beautiful.
Also down for the meatball subs. Love myself some food and jewelry.
Rebecca - 25 days ago
With you, until you used burnt buns. Really?
Spencer Allegra
Spencer Allegra - 25 days ago
I love Carla so much!
Djooodie Amazeballs
Djooodie Amazeballs - 25 days ago
This video is like the ultimate foreshadowing video for the future content.
Canned tomatoes (Bianco) - used for the sauce video on making the perfect pizza
Carla bringing up the fact that Chris is a supertaster - that video where he recreates Gordon’s beef wellington
ChinLong - 25 days ago
mama mia that's a spicy meatball
Crickett Smith
Crickett Smith - 26 days ago
I can't believe Carla burned her buns that is something I would totally do
Kevin Krenger
Kevin Krenger - 26 days ago
I Like how Chris is making fun but in The same time he ist vere hohnest in judging how IT IS taste
Philip Sutcliffe
Philip Sutcliffe - 26 days ago
carla ya still pretty
Lauryn D.
Lauryn D. - 26 days ago
So i just finished making these.....and i could literally beat bobby flay with these. SOooo Goood.
XTaitoX - 26 days ago
The editing staff captioned it “basil sauce” and not pesto 🤣 If it ain’t got pine nuts it’s not pesto to me 💁🏽‍♀️
tyranomegosaurus - 26 days ago
all the balls.... lmao!
A - 27 days ago
Proof Carla isn't crazy about carrots Molly. Turnips forever
Jade - 27 days ago
Pesto made with a food processor should be called “presto pesto”.
Patsy Kiniry
Patsy Kiniry - 27 days ago
anybody else call em grinders?
Package Not Delivered
Package Not Delivered - 27 days ago
My little west coast brain can't comprehend why you top split a hero.
Jen Wombat Excelsior
Jen Wombat Excelsior - 27 days ago
I agree w/ Carla's deduction about Chris. It's all in the nose, man. Sniff it, taste it, love it.
Robert Bringardner
Robert Bringardner - 27 days ago
This video was bad for my diet
Alan Morris
Alan Morris - 27 days ago
May I suggest boiling those meatballs instead of frying them... unless you want to be making trips back and forth to the bathroom. Nevertheless, it's a great recipé.
Alan Morris
Alan Morris - 26 days ago
@Sarah Allen Steaming the meatballs is a great idea too! Try to get rid of as much grease as possible.
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen - 27 days ago
@Alan Morris yikes, maybe steaming would work too, not sure why boiling puts me off so much
Alan Morris
Alan Morris - 27 days ago
@Sarah Allen Well, I had a bad experience from frying meatballs. I boil them now, and they're less greasy.
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen - 27 days ago
why? it’s probably less oil than even deep fried food anyway
That Rad Guy
That Rad Guy - 27 days ago
Carla will always be my fave. I tried out one of her recipes for a soup recently and it was actually amazing. I never cook anything remotely that good normally.
Clint 0z
Clint 0z - 28 days ago
Don't like that we didn't get to see a reaction to the taste of the meal ? Ball dropped on this one seen the great pic and clicked then she burnt the buns, couldn't you start again with new buns feed the burnt one's to the chickens
Makkaer1111 - 28 days ago
Wait Wait Wait.
How long did it take you guys to film the pizza episodes 9 months?
Odesza xotwod
Odesza xotwod - 28 days ago
The can of tomato she used was the same one brad and andy used for their perfect pizza sauce 🥴
Vaapad - 28 days ago
Hey those are the tomatoes they used in the pizza sauce. Looks like they found a new BA kitchen favorite.
Makkasu0 - 28 days ago
Living in the UK, I wish I had access to the amazing ingredients you guys use. There are no butchers where I live and no supermarkets stock sausages like this :(
Subscribbled - 29 days ago
12:37 why is Chris seasoning his garbage?
Ima KeepItReal
Ima KeepItReal - 29 days ago
I'm kinda mad she still used the burnt buns
Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin - Month ago
When I was in culinary school one of my colleagues was a super taster too, and I felt the same way Carla does. Like, am I even tasting the food I eat? This guy experiences my entire career on an entirely different level than I do, what the hell am I even doing?
Carla, you're not alone.
Oh, also my brother is one too, but he is one of those "eat to live, not live to eat" types.
Janzen Santiago
Janzen Santiago - Month ago
She used the same tomatoes in the making perfect pizza sauce episode!!!!
Mara Henao
Mara Henao - Month ago
I see you fellow Philadelphian, no one else calls hoagies hoagies.
dobbsiancant - Month ago
can't wait for molly's cookbook 'stay in your lane!'
Richard Nuylan
Richard Nuylan - Month ago
Chris has the god's tongue.
Zyl Jung
Zyl Jung - Month ago
That brand of canned tomatoes later is the winner of Andy and Brad's tomato sauce for their best pizza
Lunch Box
Lunch Box - Month ago
6:28 who else peeped the same sauce as the one in making perfect👀
Jj Jj
Jj Jj - Month ago
I have never seen andy more uncomfortable that lifting a sandwich to his mouth, desperately wanting to use a knife and fork
Nona Mackenzie
Nona Mackenzie - Month ago
honestly, supertasters are pretty common (vastly more so in children and pregnant women because evolution) and while there are specific tests you can do to find out if you are one, the easiest way is just like take a sip of black coffee. If it's unbearably bitter, you're probably a supertaster.
Sincerely, the person whose senior research project in college was supertasters.
P.S. like 25% of people are supertasters. 50% are tasters (which means like they can taste bitterness but it's not like crazily gross). and 25% are non tasters (which means they either can't taste bitterness at all or it's just really faint)

I used to be a supertaster but have become a non taster, which is great when I accidentally burn grilled cheese from getting distracted, because I can't really taste the burnt. Also I can chug black coffee. It's a real power move.
Michael Appler
Michael Appler - Month ago
I spy that Bianco DiNapoli. Wonder where Carla got the tip to use that kind of can tomato... :)
slubert - Month ago
Isnt Pesto... Paste in italian? is toothpaste then dentepesto? :O
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina - Month ago
Anyone else disagree with 3 balls per sub???
beluch - Month ago
I don't wanna watch anybody else but Carla!
Jacob Nash
Jacob Nash - Month ago
This channel is the Marvel of cooking, thanks for having likable personalities but the charm of an office environment. You make people want to work with you.
Cliff P
Cliff P - Month ago
There a party in my tummy!
Crystal de swardt
Crystal de swardt - Month ago
You wouldn't put a carrot in- but would you put a turnip in, Carla?
Brandi Hair
Brandi Hair - Month ago
More Carla and Chris! Yay!
Madelyn O'Donnell
Madelyn O'Donnell - Month ago
Gosh I love her!! She’s so funny and cute. Also a great cook! Such a joy to watch
Iaian Farlee
Iaian Farlee - Month ago
Carla is just the best
i.rodriguez - Month ago
9:55 Traditional Pesto only uses 4 ingredients: Basil, Olive Oil, Pine Nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano... NO GARLIC. But you can add any ingredients you like, like garlic. I personally like to mix the basil with baby spinach, and I like to mix the Parmigiano Reggiano with Pecorino Romano. Some times I substitute the Pine Nuts with any nuts I may have at hand... like almonds or pecans. But I think that at least the 4 traditional ingredients should be present in it be a pesto.
OllieMooed - Month ago
"the first sign of thinking you're smart is thinking you're dumb" is this the new version of socrates saying "the only true knowledge is knowing you know nothing?"
Guillermo Yanez
Guillermo Yanez - Month ago
I made this recipe with homemade rolls. It was awesome! Thanks for sharing!
James Chan
James Chan - Month ago
should just call it Carla Can't Count show
jack76787 - Month ago
'Little guy you get to come to the party' thought you'd never ask, Carla.
Chantal Renee Hayles
Chantal Renee Hayles - Month ago
heyyy the canned tomatoes from brad and andy's Making Perfect episode
Mindy Paige a walk through Torah
Could you guys do some kosher recipes? I am learning, but it's not a style I am familiar with. Thanks
Jade hering
Jade hering - Month ago
When u understand where the canned tomatoes came from 😳😳
cameron slater
cameron slater - Month ago
Those are the tomatoes from the sauce episode from the pizza series, I feel lied to
Pat Thomas
Pat Thomas - Month ago
No parm?
Joe R
Joe R - Month ago
It isn't pesto if it doesn't have pine nuts in it.
Hey Jude JudiC
Hey Jude JudiC - Month ago
Alex Tapisevic
Alex Tapisevic - Month ago
Having a crush on Carla... She cannot be my mom, but my older sister... is something wrong with me?
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown - Month ago
LOVE Carla, Molly, and the guys. Such a fun team!
Gregory Macdonald
Gregory Macdonald - Month ago
Chris salting the garbage at 12:34 is just what I needed
Gemma Barnett
Gemma Barnett - Month ago
I am the 13th meatball
sea green
sea green - Month ago
Carla is definitely a pothead.
Kirk Nicholson
Kirk Nicholson - Month ago
For the fans I am so sorry I am so much dumber after seeing this video. Blindfolded while drunk out of my mind I can make a better sauce and much better meatballs
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