'Preacher' Stars Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga & Cast Join Us LIVE | SDCC 2019 | Entertainment Weekly

Shamine Pascual
Shamine Pascual - 14 hours ago
I'm gonna miss this show love every character and I don't want the story to end!!
waalex11 - Month ago
I hope I'll be as satisfied with their ending...
HumanCredential - Month ago
I mean...love this show but I think Legion is the “craziest”. Haha!
Mel C
Mel C - Month ago
Holy... Ruth is so fckn hot!
CJ - 2 months ago
Dom, Ruth, Mark, Joe and everyone apart of this show should be so proud to make this absolute gem of a tv show. I’m gonna miss it so much.
Sychlo Killent
Sychlo Killent - 2 months ago
Damn, the crazy agent woman seems so different in real life. SMH.
🌼Maya🌼 - Month ago
It's almost as if she was pretending to be a different person, with a different name in a fictional place.
Sychlo Killent
Sychlo Killent - Month ago
@Zakary Walczak Because I feel cheated
Zakary Walczak
Zakary Walczak - Month ago
Sychlo Killent why SMH?
Misty Ziggy
Misty Ziggy - 2 months ago
My bbs WHY!?! END IT 😭
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