Scaring Stephen Sharer Driving Lamborghini Surprise for The First Time!! (Sis vs Bro Challenge)

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Stephen Sharer
Stephen Sharer - 4 months ago
Sharers would you let Grace drive your car?!
Shahoor’s Life
Shahoor’s Life - 21 hour ago
No because I don’t live near you and she doesn’t know how to drive here
TayTay Vlogs
TayTay Vlogs - Day ago
I like you vids
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 5 days ago
Yes I will
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 5 days ago
@Alisa Vargas hdbud
Anthony Robertson
Anthony Robertson - 7 days ago
Stephen Sharer of cause
Ryan Kanev
Ryan Kanev - 13 hours ago
Brody Harris
Brody Harris - 22 hours ago
the reason why it is jurky it only has a single clutch transmission and the huracan is smoother because of the dual clutch transmission
Seaver Diaz
Seaver Diaz - Day ago
TayTay Vlogs
TayTay Vlogs - Day ago
TayTay Vlogs
TayTay Vlogs - Day ago
Saahil The pro
Saahil The pro - 2 days ago
Name it speede
Jovita Bernardino
Jovita Bernardino - 2 days ago
Maybe bluegini
Mick North
Mick North - 2 days ago
Speedy Grace blue.
Sonja Develekova
Sonja Develekova - 2 days ago
Grace gene
Nayyara Ishtiak
Nayyara Ishtiak - 3 days ago
Is the name
Nayyara Ishtiak
Nayyara Ishtiak - 3 days ago
juandre venter
juandre venter - 3 days ago
Subra Mani
Subra Mani - 3 days ago
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns - 3 days ago
Kamrul Hassan
Kamrul Hassan - 4 days ago
Grace.,s. Car
moeed javed
moeed javed - 5 days ago
Blue ghini
Nana Suryana
Nana Suryana - 5 days ago
You Should Name It CoolGhini
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 5 days ago
Comment down below yes if your brother is annoying mine is
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 5 days ago
Guys you're green one is green shera Guinea why can't this won't be there again genie speed
Elizabeth Kuany
Elizabeth Kuany - 5 days ago
nice prank on Stephen at the end of the video
Elizabeth Kuany
Elizabeth Kuany - 5 days ago
Marian Donaline
Marian Donaline - 5 days ago
yeah. bekos. she. is. awesome. all. of. the. sharer. fam. is. awesome. I. love. you. sharer. fam. is. awesome
Salim Alkinani
Salim Alkinani - 6 days ago
Chasity Ford
Chasity Ford - 6 days ago
Blueberry Grace
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper - 7 days ago
Alliyanna Cerda
Alliyanna Cerda - 7 days ago
The. Name. Solde. Be sonic. Like if. You. Agre
Manny Cato
Manny Cato - 8 days ago
Blue shere
martrell allen
martrell allen - 9 days ago
martrell allen
martrell allen - 9 days ago
Blue Tsocooo
jaycob Acosta
jaycob Acosta - 9 days ago
M Denim
M Denim - 9 days ago
Hi Stephen share Jahlil can you please give me a shout out
Cyndi Lim Xin Yi
Cyndi Lim Xin Yi - 9 days ago
AustinNotSoPC - 9 days ago
ether car
AustinNotSoPC - 9 days ago
No but I will let you because you have a way b
Gabby Hall
Gabby Hall - 9 days ago
Who is speedy
Manish Gurung
Manish Gurung - 9 days ago
zahid sarwar
zahid sarwar - 10 days ago
barkath ulla khan
barkath ulla khan - 10 days ago
You can name it grace lambo
Callum Linstead
Callum Linstead - 10 days ago
Yes I do you have a name for the blue Lamborghini the flash Lamborghini
Shanice Defendini
Shanice Defendini - 10 days ago
Vinancio Calungsod
Vinancio Calungsod - 10 days ago
smelly Elly
smelly Elly - 10 days ago
You should name it blue raspberry
Eli Kabakoff
Eli Kabakoff - 11 days ago
You should call it Thunder Gini
Noah Cole
Noah Cole - 11 days ago
Michael Meza
Michael Meza - 11 days ago
Blue jays
Susan Torres
Susan Torres - 11 days ago
I think blue barry
Megan Gerdes
Megan Gerdes - 12 days ago
Blue genie
Antonio Felix
Antonio Felix - 12 days ago
imhisbabi06 - 12 days ago
Marissa Gregory
Marissa Gregory - 12 days ago
I Zhu
Minion Boy
Minion Boy - 13 days ago
Grace Gini
Anup Subba
Anup Subba - 13 days ago
Call it the grace gaini
William Navarro
William Navarro - 15 days ago
Race the labos
Braydin Watts
Braydin Watts - 15 days ago
The gracelambo
Ernst Vos
Ernst Vos - 16 days ago
Shere the love lambernie
Jodie Brs
Jodie Brs - 16 days ago
My favourite colour
Logan Vinson
Logan Vinson - 16 days ago
Cameron Fox
Cameron Fox - 17 days ago
Kimberly Washington
Kimberly Washington - 17 days ago
Grace Lamborghini
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