Paul Hoff-
Paul Hoff- - 7 days ago
Magic couldnt control Lavar. Side effect of HIV I guess
Bio Mechanoid
Bio Mechanoid - 29 days ago
Shut your mouth f**** molly
Bio Mechanoid
Bio Mechanoid - 29 days ago
This show wouldn't be shit without Lebron. Every show has a segment on him. Lol
alpha2301 R
alpha2301 R - Month ago
Max predicted Danny Green going to the lakers
Luis Torres
Luis Torres - Month ago
3:46 I love how Steven A just goes straight for the jugular and asks Magic a question we would all love to hear LOL
Rick velas
Rick velas - 2 months ago
And it all came true...they called him
Payback or what...kawai to clippers lol
Lakers all day tho 💯
Henrys Chaves
Henrys Chaves - 2 months ago
Like if magic is savage af
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe - 2 months ago
FOX Sports is punching the air rn
Omar Vazquez
Omar Vazquez - 3 months ago
Who tf is Molly and why in every video shes in shes got some kinda attitude or talkin over people. Smh
Kid U trash
Kid U trash - 3 months ago
They got AD 😂😂
Justin p
Justin p - 3 months ago
And that’s why Lonzo is gone everyone’s sick of Lebron playing daddy
marcus larwa
marcus larwa - 3 months ago
So they trade Ball
Svz_ - 3 months ago
Then Zo got traded
Boogie City
Boogie City - 3 months ago
Magic.knew the whole time🤭😏
Ards cification
Ards cification - 3 months ago
Whats great would be if they take magic back as a coach
aMazing Keith
aMazing Keith - 3 months ago
Molly so annoying 😂
Oakee Dokee
Oakee Dokee - 3 months ago
Molly is horrible.
TechMyLifeVideo - 3 months ago
Sorry Molly, you’re not good at this.
job kazi
job kazi - 3 months ago
Away from basketball. Magic dressing is just how you match a tie-shirt-suit. I find it funny seeing someone in a black shirt and a black tie!
PL3 _
PL3 _ - 3 months ago
Yo kuz what we doing tonight
AustrianCitizen - 3 months ago
How can you not love Magic
Rudy Roo
Rudy Roo - 3 months ago
Everybody on magic johnsons nuts but forgot he left the lakers organization and the laker players to that looked up to him and trusted in him and he just bounces like that .. no respect for magic
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Magic smile worth millions
ThreeCreators - 3 months ago
Yeah honestly the lakers looked very good up until Christmas. Then injuries took over. I truly don’t believe they need anybody else. I see this lakers team healthy and maturing making a great one as far as anyone else can go!
David Moreno
David Moreno - 3 months ago
If Kawhi made a call to the lakers and said he wants in, but get rid of LBJ would the lakers do it??? 🤷‍♂️
Blision - 3 months ago
lmao got me dead 5:45
finger guns
Dappdaddy666 - 3 months ago
...I don’t like Molly anyone she’s smelling herself yo✔️...
Dappdaddy666 - 3 months ago
...LeBron is the GOAT period 👍🏿💯✔️👑...
Paul Nathan Delubio
Paul Nathan Delubio - 3 months ago
Molly thinks she knows a lot about basketball as well. STFU!
Dr. V
Dr. V - 3 months ago
RevBman7 - 3 months ago
Trade him and wake up the league. NBA players are becoming too powerful. The movement was necessary at first, but now these dudes need to get shaken up a bit. Send him to the Pelicans if he wanted AD in LA so bad 😂😂😂😂😂
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem - 3 months ago
If Lebron gets a squad, he might get to 4 rings before curry.
leem loak
leem loak - 3 months ago
zubot made a mistake
Jereece Brown
Jereece Brown - 3 months ago

Magic: I love you... That's my man.
Alen Isak
Alen Isak - 3 months ago
Game recognize game 😲🤣
Vasisht Vasan
Vasisht Vasan - 3 months ago
You just know you've done something right in life when a guy like Magic Johnson says nice things bout you on National TV.
JensNadus - 3 months ago
So delusional.. How the mighty have fallen..
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe - 3 months ago
They said LeBron losses: He was injured
They said he doesnt care about teammates: Mentors all the young guys and is super involved
They say he dislikes being coached: Has shown nothing but support for Frank Vogel
They say he’s always influencing front office moves: Has been silent and not tried to make the Lakers do anything
What more do you want?
Regular YouTuber
Regular YouTuber - 3 months ago
Meanwhile Skip is arguing with Shannon about Pascal Siakam being better that Kawhi Leonard
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang - 3 months ago
There’s “specka-lation” about KD, there’s specka-lation i quit because I just want weekends
蕭晢蒝 - 3 months ago
Didn't get PG13 last year is totally Magic's fault, trading useless Ingram is all he had to do!
蕭晢蒝 - 3 months ago
Most of the Lakers fan are Kobe fans,they are just too stupid and blind,yelling about trade Lebron all the time just because of hating Lebron is more important than doing what's right.And keep saying that Ingram Ball Kuzma are going to be stars,that's not gonna happen man,just keep dreaming,pathetic Lakers fan,God .
MeTRoiDs - 3 months ago
Its gonna be so sad if lebron doesnt get a chip anymore
Peter Smith
Peter Smith - 3 months ago
NBA finals still talking about lebron
Ben N
Ben N - 3 months ago
This molly person has no business being in this discussion
Ben N
Ben N - 3 months ago
They should get rid of him. Nobody wants to play with him anymore..
Al ex
Al ex - 3 months ago
magic is genius
Zorc - 3 months ago
poor molly didn't get her 2nd question.
Doctor MindBenDa
Doctor MindBenDa - 3 months ago
Dumbass Magic
Pons Ferrata
Pons Ferrata - 3 months ago
fuck Magic!
BIG PIN - 3 months ago
Max disgust me bruh he use to be a knicks fan then band wagon as a laker fan Smh
Curtis Kechego
Curtis Kechego - 3 months ago
Kawhi will NOT go to the damn Lakers!! LMFAO! You are REALLY dumb if you think that! That's the very LAST thing he would do! Think about it.. Like why the fuck would Kawhi want ANYTHING to do with helping LeBron James solidify his Legacy as The Greatest Player in Modern Day Basketball. Kawhi said it himself, That he wants to see his name on those lists of the top 10 Greatest Players Ever! That would hurt Kawhi's spot on those lists if he were to team up with Sell-Out Stars like LeBron Lames and Kevin Durcan't, who leave as soon as the going gets tough and it gets too hard for them to win.. So they go to a team filled with other Super Stars that they know will help them win a Championship! Kawhi isn't about that Pussy SHIT!!! So stop dreaming!!!
jpin0002 jpin0002
jpin0002 jpin0002 - 3 months ago
Lebron is straight toxic cancer. We didn't forget about his whole career. Fuck lebron. I guarantee they are a better team without him... Trade him for AD and let zion embarrass him.
Griffin Stead
Griffin Stead - 3 months ago
I don’t have cable
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris - 3 months ago
Kawhi probably isn't leaving the raptors, he'd be my number 1 pick, but Anthony Davis is probably gonna be a laker and kyrie gonna give it another go. I'd go hardest for Davis and klay.
mike67006700 - 3 months ago
The Lakers were stupid to bring in Lebron and if they were smart they would trade him. And Magic Johnson is no GM.
John Amadi
John Amadi - 3 months ago
kawhi isnt going anywhere are these guys out of their damn minds
Cody - 3 months ago
Get molly off
Jonathan Roche
Jonathan Roche - 3 months ago
Magic is such a good businessman, my God
Incredible World
Incredible World - 3 months ago
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