From Friends With Benefits To Newlyweds

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nichol9515 - Day ago
Oh I appreciate a coordinating look!
Julian Scarmato
Julian Scarmato - Day ago
there sooooooooo cute together and their relationship seems so healthy ! i love what he said about the letting her do her thing so she could come back to him fully
???? - 3 days ago
He looks like JB
Kimberly Kardashian
Kimberly Kardashian - 4 days ago
Shan is so intriguingly beautiful 😍
Whodaasiangirl - 4 days ago
Oh man I teared up.
TheRoi's - 5 days ago
I like their fashion sense, what’s their instagrams I want to see their page
Claudia Cortés
Claudia Cortés - 5 days ago
Is he that guy from the X factor that flirted with Demi?
Tosin Oyejola
Tosin Oyejola - 6 days ago
She's so beautiful, what???
ivonne andrade
ivonne andrade - 7 days ago
Ummm y’all didn’t peep that stomach grumble at 7:01😳
Katie McDaniel
Katie McDaniel - 8 days ago
These two are drippy as hell I love it
Genesis Escalante
Genesis Escalante - 12 days ago
Isn’t she the girl that was saying open relationships are good?
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent. - 12 days ago
I hope they don't make it.
Seo Yuna's
Seo Yuna's - 12 days ago
0:09 lmaoooooooo
Hugo Travassos
Hugo Travassos - 13 days ago
Christine Cartagena
Christine Cartagena - 13 days ago
This is not gonna last
Flow Thinks
Flow Thinks - 13 days ago
She's gorgeous!
She’s on a polyamorous video
Nasiim Mohomed
Nasiim Mohomed - 16 days ago
She is the black lady gaga!
A Gold
A Gold - 17 days ago
Welp I wish them Almagest best ... but I she is wayyy more into him than he is to her. Their definition of love is willing to let the other person go if they find something “better” instead of making yourself better for the other person so that there is no one else. This will be interesting.
Malfunctioning Universe
Malfunctioning Universe - 18 days ago
This guy really looks like Chris brown omg
Black Knight Fool
Black Knight Fool - 21 day ago
Niwa Sam
Niwa Sam - 22 days ago
Damn this open my eyes wtf
Darian Hugo
Darian Hugo - 22 days ago
This was so damn beautiful and being able to see a vulnerability in a man we so often are told isn’t okay. What an amazing connection to have and definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things 💛
Markk Winburn
Markk Winburn - 22 days ago
Dam she fine af🤪
The greatest Ever
The greatest Ever - 22 days ago
They have a weird relationship going on. A open relationship But you claim your in luv hmmmm
Oh My GOD. Showing this video means that really ugly / average / weasel looking guys everywhere are going to think they ALSO have a chance with any goddess that they see. WHAT on Earth was she thinking ? She is a GODDESS. A flaming 10. He is a turd. A 4 on his best day. I give it a year tops. And it also proves that she is REALLY messed up in the head.
TheSnowFoxParty - 23 days ago
From Fwb to newlyweds...yeah I feel this can only work if you are attractive and the guy actually likes you :/
Andrew Cumberbatch
Andrew Cumberbatch - 24 days ago
Need a love button for this
Jessica Townsend
Jessica Townsend - 25 days ago
This video is beautiful. I can feel the love they have for each other ❤️❤️❤️
Azaria Zulu
Azaria Zulu - 27 days ago
Jared and Shannon! Awwww 😍 I love you both!
Nene - 29 days ago
She reminds me of Liza Koshy in some ways
benja303 - Month ago
Me and you we been a fit. Friends with benefit
Ella H
Ella H - Month ago
shannon and jarreeedddd 💛
NVD G - Month ago
I wanna have a relationship like this one
Elena Coutinho-Taylor
Elena Coutinho-Taylor - Month ago
[insert video definition of ideal friends with benefits here]
Saoirse Cotter
Saoirse Cotter - Month ago
was trying to figure out where i’d seen her before. turns out she’s that girl from the amy ordman video
Misslaeti - Month ago
This is nasty ! She wanted him to put a ring on it and all that, but she can't even keep her knees together... 😦 Hopefully he won't end up with serious STDs because of her 🤢 ew
Lexi Maurello
Lexi Maurello - Month ago
Sooooo cute !!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Sara B.
Sara B. - Month ago
“I can’t wait to grow old with you” 😭😭
Raina Vizcarra
Raina Vizcarra - Month ago
Her mind is beautiful 💛 so smart and wise. Love this episode!!
Shatteredteacup - Month ago
I love her outfit
Stitch, The Poet
Stitch, The Poet - Month ago
how do you spell the word she said, errus love?
MatrixBoi P.P
MatrixBoi P.P - Month ago
So thoting through her 20s, than saying you’re in a open relationship so it’s okay to cheat, and than getting married and saying you’re in a monogamous marriage🤣. This dude ain’t going to be only sleeping with this old thot for the rest of his life.
camelio10 - Month ago
Not buying it for 1 second. None of this looks romantic to me. They talk passionately about each other. It's just meh. There is a clear difference with the videos of other couples on this channel
camelio10 - Month ago
Always the beta type males that accept being in these type of relationships. I am yet to see a manly guy be open to letting his girl get smashed in by other men
Xoxooxoxox xx
Xoxooxoxox xx - 16 days ago
confident men***
Donni Zammit
Donni Zammit - Month ago
Honestly you guys look like Naveen and Layla from Winx club 😂😂😂😂
Crae BW
Crae BW - Month ago
Moral of the story : bone your friends
Deborah Tulloch
Deborah Tulloch - Month ago
Those pants are life 😍
Merry Song
Merry Song - Month ago
Shans hair is gorgeous
Kamaya Waddell
Kamaya Waddell - Month ago
Love it 😍. Love you guys. Congratulations!
chriskie07 - Month ago
Damnnnnn. That was deep. 👏 Makes me think about my own kind of relationships
wesley roberts
wesley roberts - Month ago
5 years.
T. Mab
T. Mab - Month ago
This is awesome... I love your story the both of you congratulations on your matrimony and I Pray God continues to fill your relationship with love, passion and happiness.
jcsmooth70 - Month ago
6:38 what she says here is soooo valuable! I've been trying to explain this to so many people I've dated and they just don't get it. Everyday challenges are not always the sum of your experiences. Sometimes you face new people and new challenges and you need to meet that person where they are at. Expectations to me are the biggest relationship killer nowadays.
Charlie Moon
Charlie Moon - Month ago
What is the point of the headphones?!?! Like their both gonna watch this later on YouTube smh lol
Nishat Ahmed
Nishat Ahmed - Month ago
i love how they understand each other’s feelings and were matured enough to let each other experience their unfinished parts
im so glad they are together and i hope they act as an example that this is the kind of sacrifice people need in order to find something pure
Harambe - Month ago
His memory is awful😂
NigelTheWeirD_o - Month ago
Damn this beautiful
Danielle love
Danielle love - Month ago
I'm crying 😳
Tom Savoy
Tom Savoy - Month ago
Are they the polyamorous couple here on YT? If so, I'm happy if they are happy. This just isn't for me. If my wife was polyamorous BEFORE meeting me then what is to stop her from converting back? Love? Lol. No thanks but kudos to them👍 Do what works for you.
Nasya Carter
Nasya Carter - Month ago
Why is she soooo freaking gorgeous!!!!
S W - Month ago
I feel bad for this guy. This headcase seems to run him in circles. She is the one that wants a open relationship, she overanalyzes and dramatizes with her would be one long melodrama!
Lydia Moon
Lydia Moon - 2 months ago
Can we talk about their outfits for a sec🥵🥵
M BEEZY - 2 months ago
These people are nuttts!!!
iSuavemente - 2 months ago
SIMPIN' AIN'T EASY.......!!!
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington - 2 months ago
This is why your man can't have female friends!
JananaDi - 2 months ago
6:32 YES. “We’re tracing, almost. We’re not creating new art... we’re just tracing what we’ve known all these years.”
So pivotal. I’m in an LDR and it’s also my first relationship ever. And so it’s so hard to not “trace old art” because my idea of love is only what I’ve seen in the movies or stories from people I know. All I’ve ever seen in relationships are highlight reels, none of the nitty gritty, vulnerable moments.
Thank you for this Jubilee, Shan, and Jared!
Knightryder K
Knightryder K - 2 months ago
You literally found your soulmate
Nori Casillas
Nori Casillas - 2 months ago
I love Shan boody and her channel!
MountainsOfBeauty - 2 months ago
Im so happy for them
Sheila Fitzgerald
Sheila Fitzgerald - 2 months ago
I love them as a couple omgosh
MN Vlogs
MN Vlogs - 2 months ago
This is so good
Lisa - 2 months ago
That's real love. Not trying to control someone but genuinely wanting their happiness. "I want what is best for you, even if it's not with me" kinda thing.
Huynherful - 2 months ago
If you look at her YouTube, they already broken up.
gee ma
gee ma - 2 months ago
No they didn't lol
Bryan W. Pegado
Bryan W. Pegado - 2 months ago
Min 4:55 - Good safe bro. XD
LifeSpiller79 - 2 months ago
Reminds me of the love my wife and I have for each other. After 19 years of marriage, the love is still inseparable!
Beloved Bee
Beloved Bee - Month ago
So awesome.
Miskah Katswera
Miskah Katswera - 2 months ago
They are all pretty..... I ship them all the way
Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth Cruz - 2 months ago
This was so sweet. Especially in today’s time, I feel like this is more relatable than the typical straight fwd type of love/relationship. Sometimes it’s complex, but what is beautiful about this is that they chose one another after taking the time to date others. I can def relate with this.
bby m
bby m - 2 months ago
Is that the same guy? He looks different than I remember must be the hair
Aleksandra - 2 months ago
She’s B E A U T I F U L
elven mckay
elven mckay - 2 months ago
This is what you call an older woman running the show. Be wary of women like these young men.
Alwaysnelson tacos
Alwaysnelson tacos - 2 months ago
He reminds me of Lil skies
Mickie Nix
Mickie Nix - 2 months ago
You've definitely encouraged me to be more vulnerable and live deeper. Thank you for that.
Tanasha Dawkins
Tanasha Dawkins - 2 months ago
The stupidity of some of the ignorant uneducated commenters makes me want to drag every single of yall for even attempting to say negative but mostly grossly inaccurate things about Shan (side note its always the women that gets the worst of it huh?). But instead im gonna take that same energy and put into supporting her new book and her channel and her relationship. Get help, i beg.
Sarah - 2 months ago
lol she was on Steve Harvey show talking about being in an open relationship and how great it is
sImplyCha - 2 months ago
Though I don't desire to be with someone who is still able to have sex with other people... I got really emotional watching this... I honestly really get uneasy when i hear anything about this couple. I read somewhere that they are not in an open relationship anymore is that true? There is something so pure about their love... So gentle, so sweet... so free
Walter - 2 months ago
what is her @ ???
Cara Schueler
Cara Schueler - 2 months ago
I think this will end up in divorce honestly.
Sanarya Ayad
Sanarya Ayad - 2 months ago
It's so weird cause i've been used to thinking that if you don't have a whole entire monogamous relationship with love and all it won't work at all and u have to back off and not go back but seeing people exploring everything else but also managing to stay in love is just so beautiful. Love is limitless
Hadassah_ __
Hadassah_ __ - 2 months ago
veronica chasie
veronica chasie - 2 months ago
Anyone thinks he looks like Tae from 'Tae and Lou ' ?
Growing Poet
Growing Poet - 2 months ago
I started my longest and most precious relationship based on what me and him thought would be a one night stand or a friends with benefits thing. I knew where things would go seeing him when I did, but took the chance to spend a night with him. Now, he is the man I love most dear and I dont think I could love anyone like I love him.
alaia moore
alaia moore - 2 months ago
I love her hair omg
Aaron D
Aaron D - 2 months ago
It feels like they don't even like the idea of their relationship being open though. I could be wrong, but am I alone in that? Like Shan was saying she wanted him to solidify his feelings for her by proposing especially because other people weren't taking their open relationship seriously.
Aaron D
Aaron D - 2 months ago
I don't know why but I feel like the editing in this is kinda confusing. Sometimes I don't know when they can hear each other and when they can't.
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz - 2 months ago
She reminds me of the girl with the ruby from flushed away... they’re both hot so
Leila M
Leila M - 2 months ago
This is so beautiful man
Miss Shaneice
Miss Shaneice - 2 months ago
i love this story. it's good to see both parties explain their feelings for one another.
Emma Barton
Emma Barton - 2 months ago
They’re such a beautiful couple
Robin Girardin
Robin Girardin - 2 months ago
Thanks for reminding me that I'm single
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